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My Favourite TV Shows

Ooh, there are so many to mention! New ones keep coming out all the time 🙂 But here’s a list of some shows I’ve considered among my favourites for a while…


I’m sure fans of the show won’t need any explanation whatsoever as to why I’m such a fan of this show. I’ve been gripped from the very first episode, and whatever happens, I’ll watch it until they *sob* end it. It’s had its ups and downs, but I think what keeps people watching, despite this, is the development of the characters. The relationship between the brothers, the battles they have, physical, mental, emotional. They’re also pretty damn sexy, it has to be said 😉 And, just in case you’re wondering, I’m a Sam girl. But I wouldn’t say no to either. Or both 😉

The Vampire Diaries

It almost feels blasphemous to say this, but I actually think this show has had some better storylines than Supernatural. There haven’t been many episodes about nothing in particular, or ones where they’ve veered off the main plot. This has made me laugh, gasp and cry more than the aforementioned show, but despite this it’s my second favourite. I think it is because the relationships in this show aren’t quite as intense, as changeable. Probably because there are more “main” characters in this show so it’s impossible to explore them all at length. Also, because there are more characters, there’s more chance of there being some that I don’t like – and this is definitely the case. But, what can I say? I’m hooked on the plot, the drama, the delectable Damon Salvatore… and yes, I would refuse Stefan. He does nothing for me!

Strike Back

A bit of a departure from all my other favourites, which are paranormal-style shows, Strike Back is a contemporary, military-type drama. It has two main stars, two military guys, one British, one American. They’re part of an elite group who basically travel around the world finding and defeating terrorists and preventing them from carrying out their evil plans. I love this show for many reasons – the high drama, the plot, the intrigue, the smattering of humour, the fact this kind of stuff really happens, the relationships between the main characters, and the male stars and their bulging muscles. Despite the seriousness of the storyline, it’s a really fun show, and both Michael Stonebridge and Damien Scott are gorgeous in their own way. I like both, but am most definitely a Stonebridge girl.

True Blood

In a way, I feel like I shouldn’t include this in the list because I really felt the show lost its way in the last season. However, I still found myself watching each episode and enjoyed all the other seasons, so I’ll give it a chance to buck up in the next season. True Blood is a very highly-sexed show, really, which is part of its appeal. Of course, it’s also incredibly violent, which it kind of needs to be given the subject matter. In this, I like the characters, their journeys, their relationships and the action. Again, I don’t love all of the characters in this (even the ones you’re supposed to like!), but it doesn’t matter too much. There are enough likeable ones to hold the show. Quite a lot of hot guys, too. I’m a sucker (*snigger* pardon the pun) for some Eric Northman, and I also like Sam Merlotte. But it’s Mr. Skarsgard that made it into my top ten hot guys.

On the topic of my top ten – you might want to check it out here: – you’ll probably work out some of my other favourite shows and films from that list alone… 😉

With that, I shall leave you to peruse the sexy men. Speaking of which, I wrote about one in my latest book… 😉


A French AffairSydney Tyler is renting a barn conversion in Northern France, planning to spend the fortnight getting some words down on her novel. Unfortunately, construction work in the other half of the building puts an end to her peace and quiet. Genuinely upset that the builders are going to disturb her, the property’s handsome English owner, Harry Bay, offers to make it up to her. He’s a little flirtatious, and after spotting his wedding ring, Sydney keeps him at arm’s length. Sexy as he is, she has no intention of getting involved with a married man. But when Sydney learns the truth about Harry, will their mutual attraction spur them on to work through their emotional baggage and make this more than just a French affair?

More info, excerpt and buy links:


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