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Free Ebook to Celebrate New Release


In Too Deep was just released at the beginning of this week. It is the second half of “In Deep Water.” These two stories start with two women just trying to cool off on a hot summer day in Texas. They have no idea how hot things are going to get for them.

Blurb for In Too Deep

On the banks of the Trinity River, Sadie Pepperman is looking for a chance to escape the demands of her in-laws. With her husband’s dead, they want her to marry her brother-in-law so they can take control of her farm.

Suddenly, the peace of the day is shattered when her best friend steps too far into the river. Rushing to save her, Sadie meets a handsome stranger that ignites her dormant lust. She sees her friend rescued by a steamship and backs away from Logan Jansen, only to turn her ankle.

The agonizing pain leaves Sadie with the inability to walk. Needing help, she offers Logan a place to stay if he’ll help with the chores on her farm. With his agreement, Sadie adds another problem to her list. Now, not only does she have to worry about how to bring her crops in from the field and run her farm alone but she also has to fight her attraction to Logan.

Can Sadie end her in-laws’ interference in her life,

run her farm alone,

and give love another chance?


Right now, you can download “In Deep Water” for free from Smashword by using the code LD34L


Blurb for “In Deep Water”

Skinny-dipping to cool off in the Trinity River couldn’t cause any problem…could it?
Wading into the water, Carolyn Evans takes one step too far and finds herself neck¬deep in the river and fighting for her life.

After saving Carolyn from drowning, Zack Goodman is trapped in an awkward situation when they’re both rescued by a steamboat and hauled on deck.

Naked and embarrassed, Carolyn is quick to save them from humiliation and claims they are married.

Will Zack release her from her claim of matrimony? Or will he teach her once words are spoken…they are not so easily retracted?

Purchase In Too Deep at

Smashword –
Amazon –

Have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy my books,


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Hot Cowboy Menage Boxed Set!

You can now get all the books in my bestselling THE BUCKLE BUNNIES SERIES in a complete Boxed Set at a fantastic price!

It’s all about hot, hunky rodeo riders and the women who can’t get enough of them! There are three books, including two m/f/m ménages and one f/f/m. They were originally released individually in ebook, and were so wildly popular, I decided to release them in a complete set. It’s available at Amazon, B&N and ARe!

Buckle Bunnies Series Volume Boxed Set


This ride lasts a lot longer than eight seconds!

Barrel rider Daisy Hollins has run into bronc riders Sawyer Jones and Beau Monroe quite a few times on the rodeo circuit. She’s flirted with both of them, but things have never gone any further than that. Before an event, they’re all too focused on the competition, and afterward, they’re usually too sore and tired to do anything but fall into bed.

When she runs into the two hot cowboys in the hotel bar at the Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas, however, there’s a different vibe in the air. When the flirting starts this time, it doesn’t stop, and Daisy goes upstairs with both of them for a completely different kind of rodeo ride.



She’s not going to sleep with either of them, unless she sleeps with both of them!

When two hot rodeo riders walk into Dallas O’Shea’s bar, she can’t help but notice them. Steer ropers Mack Carter and Ked Everett have set their sights on her, too, regardless of the fact that she’s going to be mixing drinks until closing. Any other time, she would have jumped at the chance to rope herself a hot stud like Mack or Ked – what woman didn’t like a pair of cowboy boots under her bed now and then?

When closing time comes around, both men are still there. She can’t choose between the two cowboys, so she tells them she won’t sleep with either of them, unless she sleeps with both of them. She doesn’t think they’ll take her up on the offer – they look like they’d rather shoot each other before bedding her together. But they surprise her by agreeing – on one condition. Afterward, Dallas has to honestly tell them who was better in bed. Two hunky cowboys, each motivated to please her like she’s never been pleased before? How can a woman lose in a situation like this?

For Dallas, it’s going to be a night like she’s never had, and for Mack and Ked, the night ends with the cowboys getting a chance to demonstrate two of their greatest talents – roping and riding. Yeehaw!



This night is going to change the meaning of best friends forever!

When Shawna Barton’s best friend and barrel racer Britt Miles comes to town, she can’t wait to have a girls’ night out. The two haven’t seen each other in years and the usually shy, reserved Shawna loves hearing about her friend’s exploits, especially her most recent sexual encounter with handsome bull rider Clay Winters.

Things take a sexy turn after they run into the man himself a little while later. When he asks them to go dancing, the two women can’t refuse and before Shawna knows it, she forgets about her inhibitions and is out there bumping and grinding on the floor with Britt and Clay.

The night gets even more interesting when Clay suggests they take their little threesome back to his place for the kind of ride only a cowboy knows how to give a girl – or in this case, two of them!


Read an excerpt from each book here!


Buy it at Amazon

Buy it at Barnes & Noble

Buy it at All Romance eBooks



Hunky Heroes, Kickbutt Heroines, Unforgettable Romance

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I’ve spent the last three days creating a Facebook page for Randi Alexander Books. It was fun, and I learned a lot more than I ever wanted to know about Facebook. But I’m exhausted. I deserve a little sexy lovin’ today. In the form of an excerpt, of course.

Double Her Fantasy is doing very well at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon, and I have some wonderful reviews that I love reading. I appreciate each of you taking the time and effort to leave those reviews. They always make me smile and give thanks for the opportunity I’ve been given to write.

Okay, enough of my mushy stuff, let’s get on with the smut!

Blurb of Double Her Fantasy: At a comic book convention, artist Megan Shore is thrilled to meet action movie hunk Garret McGatlin. Usually reclusive, Megan flirts with the leading man of her sexual fantasies. He invites her to his suite for a drink, but when she arrives, his rancher brother Trey opens the door and unleashes Megan’s cowboy fantasy. Both men pour on the charm, and she can’t decide which of them she desires more.

The McGatlin brothers have shared women, but none of them were like Megan, irresistible and perfect for both of them. Working together, they execute a potent seduction. During a hot, amazing week, the three-way relationship becomes emotionally charged. When they’re thrown into the media spotlight, Megan fears the exposure will trigger a past threat. Garrett and Trey need to prove they can keep Megan safe as well as happy and satisfied in their arms.

DoubleHerFantasy 360x577

Excerpt from Double Her Fantasy: Trey stepped closer, hooking his hand around the nape of her neck. “I’ve wanted you since the first moment I saw you, Megan. Stepping out of that elevator. Now that I’ve gotten to know you, my craving for you is insatiable.”

A hot spot formed where his fingers pressed at the back of her neck, and her head bobbled slightly as the beginning of a spontaneous orgasm made her woozy and weak in the knees.

Garret stepped close and took her arm. “Are you okay?”

“Too much testosterone.”

He laughed and pulled her against him. “We’ll hold you up, baby.”

Trey’s chest touched her back, his cock fitting into the cleft of her ass.

She gave in to temptation, dropped her head back on his shoulder, and pressed her palms to his thighs.

He wrapped an arm around her belly. “Sweetheart, I’ve got you.”

He did, and she loved every inch of flesh that sealed them together. Hot and firm, his hard muscles ramped up the climax that threatened to overtake her, promising to send her to nirvana.

Sneaking his free hand between them, he unhooked her bra. She sighed, knowing what would come next.

Garret pulled the bra away and dropped it. “Holy fuck. You’re incredible.”

Trey looked over her shoulder. “Yeah, amazing.” He cupped his hands under her breasts.

Their stares, their touches, sent moisture flooding her slit. Her mouth watered, wanting them, wanting more. She let a soft moan escape.

Garret grinned and bent, taking her nipple in his mouth. “Is this what you want, baby?”

Electric charges raced from her breast to her cunt. “Yes.” Trey’s big hands held her breasts, offering them to his brother. A tiny cry escaped her throat at the sensual decadence.

He switched to her other breast and nibbled, his teeth creating waves of chills that flowed through her chest. Kissing her between her breasts, he looked up at her, his eyes dark, deliciously erotic. His lips tasted lower, down her belly until he knelt.

“Oh, God.” Her breath caught and her hips bucked.

“Easy, sweetheart,” Trey murmured in her ear. His fingers slid over her nipples, still wet from his brother’s mouth.

“Can’t. So close.”

“Slow down,” Garret murmured. “You want this to last don’t you?”

No. She wanted to come. Wanted to release the pressure building in her core, in her head, in her breasts.

Trey stopped teasing her nipples and her belly did a flip.

“Mmm,” she complained.

“Megan,” the cowboy said hot and low in her ear. “You’re gonna enjoy this.” He took her earlobe into his mouth and nibbled.

“Baby.” Garret’s voice demanded her attention.

She looked down as he took her thong in his white teeth, locked glances with her, and slowly eased the red satin down her thighs.


Double Her Fantasy is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance Ebooks

Other big news! I’m starting a Street Team. If you’re interested in finding out more about Randi’s Wranglers, jump over to my website or contact me with any questions.

“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
Facebook Fan Page

My Books – read the first chapters and find buy links:
Chase and Seduction
Double Her Fantasy
Cowboy 6 Pack
Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas
Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day
Cowboy Jackpot: St. Patrick’s Day
Her Cowboy Stud
Turn Up the Heat
Cowboy Bad Boys
Cowboy Lust
Free Read! A Gentleman and a Cowboy is available at Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, Diesel Ebook Store, Barnes and Noble

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Six Full-length Cowboy Books Only 99 Cents for a Limited Time! #CowboyRomance #WesternRomance

Look what Sable Hunter, Donna Michaels, Myla Jackson, Paige Tyler, Melissa Schroeder, and I did! We combined the first stories of one of our sexy cowboy series into an awesome boxed set for you.  Six Smokin’ Hot Cowboy Novels by Six of Today’s Hottest Cowboy Authors. And right now, it’s only $.99 on Amazon.

Final Cowboy Six Pack #11 (small) copy

Don’t you just want to help that lonely cowboy with his saddle?

Uh, sorry, I got distracted there…

Here are the book blurbs:



Hell Yeah! Series, Book 1

Sable Hunter

Aron McCoy has sworn off women – except for sex. When Libby Fontaine arrives at Aron’s Tebow Ranch, she is determined to cram a lifetime of living into a few short months. The doctor has told her she can’t count on her remission from leukemia being a permanent one. Their attraction to one another is instantaneous and overwhelming. But when Aron finds out Libby is innocent – he backs off. He has nothing to offer a girl who deserves white lace and promises. Then Aron catches Libby pleasuring herself in his stock tank and hears her cry out his name – and the heat is on.



Cowboy Jackpot Series, Book 1

Randi Alexander

Award Winning Novella. A lucky first kiss in front of a Las Vegas slot machine pays off big for bull rider Boone Hancock and college student Gigi Colberg-Staub. An intense attraction develops, they spend a hot night in each other’s arms, but a mistaken communication sends Gigi storming out of Boone’s life. He recognizes his deep feelings for her, but is it too late to win her back?



Harland County Series, Book 1

Donna Michaels

Unruly cowboys and the women who tame them. Widower and software CEO, Cole McCall fills his days with computer codes and his free time working the family’s cattle ranch. Blaming himself for his wife’s death, he’s become hard and bitter. When L.A. cop Jordan Masters Ryan, his visiting former neighbor, sets out to delete the firewall around his heart, he discovers there’s no protection against the Jordan virus. Though she understands his pain and reawakens his soul, will it be enough for Cole to overcome his past and embrace their fated hearts?



The Buckle Bunnies Series, Book 1

Paige Tyler

This ride lasts a lot longer than eight seconds.

Barrel rider Daisy Hollins has run into bronc riders Sawyer Jones and Beau Monroe quite a few times on the rodeo circuit. She’s flirted with them, but things have never gone any further than that. However, when she runs into the two hot cowboys in the hotel bar at the Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas, there’s a different vibe in the air. When the flirting starts this time, it doesn’t stop, and Daisy goes upstairs with both of them for a completely different kind of rodeo ride.



Ugly Stick Saloon Series, Book 1

Myla Jackson

Kendall’s 21, legal and ready to be more than friends with cowboy Ed Judson. To get his attention, she asks him to show her what makes a cowboy hot. Ed promised Kendall’s brother he’d keep an eye on his little sister. Ed’s certain Sex Education lessons aren’t what big brother had in mind. He struggles to keep his word, while giving Kendall what she wants—Sex Ed.



The Sweet Shop Series, Book 1

Melissa Schroeder

Linda Wheeler is back in her little hometown after leaving Dallas flat broke. Her only choice is to work on the dude ranch she co-owns with her old crush Nicodemus McCabe. Nic had always tried to ignore his attraction to Linda but it is getting harder by the minute. Fudge and shared erotic dreams dissolve the barriers, but will they be able to take a chance on love or will old prejudices and fears cause them to lose everything?


Available now on Amazon. We hope you love our cowboys as much as we do!

“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
-Free Read! A Gentleman and a Cowboy is available at Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance Ebooks, Diesel Ebook Store, Barnes and Noble
-Cowboy Jackpot: St. Patrick’s Day is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.
-Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
-Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in paperback at Createspace, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
-Double Her Fantasy, Turn Up the Heat, and Her Cowboy Stud are available at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble
-Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords, Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback from Createspace and Amazon
-Cowboy Lust is available in paperback and digital format at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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I Like a Cowboy With a Slow Hand

In my brand new release, Dallas is taking his sweet time with Kira, but she’s ready for the waiting to be over, and the hot sex to begin. (Aren’t we all like that?) Oh, believe me when I tell you there is plenty of hot, wild lovin’ going on later in the book, but the first time they’re together, Dallas is slow and easy, getting to know every inch of his beautiful redhead.

That’s one thing I like about cowboys – at least the cowboys that I write. They like to see their woman enjoying herself. Especially in bed. They have a sexy, thorough way of making her lose control and scream in ecstasy.

It may be the long, lonely hours out riding the range that make them want to savor every second their lips are on their lady. It could be the wild eight-second ride on a bucking bronc that makes a cowboy need to take their loving slow and sweet. Or it could be the dangerous moments when a sheriff or Texas Ranger risks their lives that gives them an appreciation for the intensity of seduction.

When you dream about rustling up a cowboy for yourself, what’s his job? Ranch owner? Rodeo bull fighter? Lawman? Professional country line dancer? (I just threw that one in there to see if you were listening! LOL)

Cowboy Jackpot Valentine 360x540

BOOK BLURB: A fortuitous spin of a Las Vegas roulette wheel links New York accountant Kira Morrow and rodeo bareback rider Dallas Burns. The heat that has flared between them since their first meeting threatens to burn out of control as they share sinful nights and hot days. As their mutual distrust resurfaces, the flames quickly die. Only when Kira walks out of his life forever does Dallas realize he needs to stop letting past hurts prevent him from opening his heart to love. Is it too late to repair the damage he’s done and reclaim the heart of the woman he’s fallen for?

Want to read a the beginning of this scene? I’ve posted the first half of the scene at Wild and Wicked Cowboys Blog. Head over there and read the sexy way Dallas gets Kira into this position!

EXCERPT: Kira’s brain fuzzed and dimmed. Her sexy cowboy with his head between her legs had already stoked her so high and hot, she could come with his next lick. She’d never experienced anything as tender and sensual as Dallas’s seduction.

Lying on her side, she looked down and forced her eyes open. The dimming in her head was due to the sun dropping below the mountains, but the fuzzing was all him.

His dark head lay on her thigh, his short hair soft against her skin. His hands on her legs held her where he wanted her as his lips created magic that pulsed in her core and flooded her pussy.

“God, you taste good.” His muffled voice reached her as he sucked her swollen folds into his mouth.

Reaching down with one hand, Kira tunneled her fingers through his hair. Her breathing sped and her hips and ass tightened. Tingles of pleasure raced through her belly and climbed her spine to batter at the precarious control she held over her looming orgasm.

He shifted and his tongue plunged into her slit, fucking her in a slow rhythm that started her shaking.

“Dallas, I’m close.”

“Sweetheart, hang on. I haven’t eaten my fill yet.”

She dropped her head back and concentrated on holding off, centering her thoughts on his talented mouth.

Placing hot, open-mouthed kisses on her pussy lips, he touched her everywhere he could reach. Her thighs, her mound, then, finally, her clit. His lips sucked her bud, gently at first, then he nipped it between his teeth and set his tongue fluttering quickly, ingenious little flicks that sent a bolt of heat racing up her spine to blow her control to pieces and send her spinning wildly into a manic orgasm.

He held her bucking hips as she left her body and twisted through waves of pleasure so intense, she couldn’t catch her breath. Darkness engulfed her, punctuated by lightning streaks of delight as his tongue worked faster, sending her deeper.

Another orgasm ricocheted through her, making her scream with bliss. She reached complete weightlessness and slowly descended, returning to her body, regaining her brain function, and quivering down low where Dallas softly kissed her and lapped up her juices.

“Sweetheart. Nothing has ever been so right.”

“So good,” she managed to pant. Twin orgasms that shook her, body and soul. Could she survive the orgasms he’d give her with his cock pounding deep into her?

He lifted her leg, left the bed, and within seconds spooned himself behind her, holding her tight, kissing her ear, her neck, and whispering gentle words. His cock lay hard and hot against her ass.

“Dallas.” She forced open her eyes to see the spectacular colors of the sunset over the twinkling lights of Vegas. “You were brilliant.”

He chuckled, and the vibration worked its way into her. “Glad I pleased you, ma’am.” He nibbled her shoulder. “Twice, if my accounting is correct.”

A lazy smile curved her mouth and she turned to look at him.

In the evocative lighting, his eyes shone, dark and passionate.

He kissed her, filling her with the taste of beer and whiskey combined with his natural spiciness and the lingering taste of her own juices. His scent invaded her and she breathed deeply of musky male.

Her nipples puckered and a chill raced along her spine. She wanted more. Wanted all of him, inside her, on top of her, taking her, taking what he wanted from her.

“Kira.” He whispered the words against her lips. “Let me make love to you.”


You’ll find Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon, and in paperback at Createspace and Amazon.

Good luck finding your dream cowboy!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
-Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day is available in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon, and in paperback at Createspace and Amazon.
-Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas is available in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon, and in paperback at Createspace and Amazon.
-Turn Up the Heat, Chase and Seduction, and Her Cowboy Stud are available at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon
-Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon and in paperback from Createspace and at Amazon
-Cowboy Lust is available in paperback and Kindle format at Amazon

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