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Are we ready for Valentine’s Day!?

Happy New Year to everyone!

And wow, Jan 6 is here, and last night was the premiere of Downton Abbey’s Season 4 on PBS! If you haven’t gotten hooked, start with Season 1! If you like it, I guarantee you won’t be able to stop until you’ve gobbled up the entire series!

What I love about the series is the romance. It’s a period piece, sort of like Upstairs, Downstairs, where you have the lives of Downton Abbey’s owners and the lives of the servants. The series starts right at the time the Titanic sinks, goes through WW I, and on into the twenties. My favorite budding romance is between Bates, the earl’s valet, and Anna, a lady’s maid. But there are so many romances I felt invested in, the earl’s daughter and the chauffeur (egads!), and of course, the earl’s daughter and the heir to the earldom (no, this isn’t her brother!). But I also loved the touch of history that you could, how the first world war basically saw the breaking down of the barriers between the classes. Workers were no longer content to stay in their places. They wanted, and demanded, more. I read Ken Follet’s Fall of Giants, which is about the same period in history. Basically that war saw the fall of the ruling classes in Europe. The world landscape changed. But throughout it all, there were still great romances! I can’t wait for Downton Abbey, Season 4, has in store for us. It was certainly a great beginning last night!

  photo LVS250_zpsa9171934.jpg

And speaking of romance, the stores are already filled with Valentine’s candy. And that’s what I’m here to talk about, my new Valentine’s anthology, with stories by me, Pamela Fryer, Haley Whitehall, Raine English, Lois Winston, and Melinda Curtis. Let me give you a little blurb and a taste of my contribution to Love, Valentine Style. It’s called Be My Other Valentine. You can read longer excerpts on my 12/29 Blog and my website.

Five years ago, Grace was given a sacred duty by a woman dying of cancer: Every Valentine’s Day, Grace must deliver a special cake to a girl named Valentine, addressed from the girl’s mother in heaven. But this year, Grace’s van gives up the ghost before she delivers her cargo.

His daughter Valentine is all Brian has left of his wife, but he’s forgotten the cake Valentine receives every year, and they’ve moved to a new house with no way to contact the baker who follows his wife’s wishes.

In their quest to fulfill a dying woman’s last request, can Grace and Brian find their own Valentine?

He reached over to open the door. “It’s cold, get in.” When she hesitated, he added, “If your car won’t start, you won’t be able to turn on the heater.” He smiled and patted the seat next to him. “And I have seat warmers.”

“Oh God, you’re evil. I’ll put the cake on the floor behind the passenger seat. It won’t slide as much when you’re driving.”

He kept the engine running and pushed the buttons for both seat warmers. Her van was visible around the corner, and they would see when the tow truck arrived.

Settling beside him, she asked, “So I’ve been dying to know if your daughter likes the cakes.”

He smiled. Valentine was the light of his life. “She adores them.”

“Which one did she like best?”

He supposed it was like a painter or a musician or a writer asking if you liked their latest work. Her cakes were an art form. “The lamb. Or maybe that was just my favorite. Because Valentine was very partial to the pink and red ladybug.” There’d also been an amazing butterfly, its wings topped with colored fruit jellies arranged to look like a pink monarch, and a Finding Nemo fish, which had been pink instead of orange and accented with red stripes instead of black. “You’re very talented.”

Even in the shadows of the car, he recognized her blush. “Thank you. Valentine? For her birthday? I didn’t realize that was actually her name. Her mother didn’t say.”

His mood immediately spiraled. He hadn’t known what Marilyn planned until she’d done it. And when he’d seen the credit card bill later, he almost choked. But she was gone by then, and over the years, he’d realized what she’d given Valentine was worth every penny. In fact, it probably wasn’t enough. This woman—he hadn’t even asked her name—had already provided far more than the money Marilyn had paid her. A childhood’s worth of cakes, a mother lode of love. Why would she go to such lengths for a woman she didn’t know and a child who hadn’t even been born when she made the deal?

“Who are you?” he finally asked.

Love, Valentine Style is available exclusively on Amazon.

So, have you seen Downton Abbey? Are you hooked? Or do you wonder what all the fuss is about?

Oh, almost forgot! Get your free copy of She’s Gotta Be Mine in ebook! Enjoy! Kindle, Kindle UK , BN, iBooks, iBooks AU, iBooks UK, Kobo, Smashwords, All Romance, Coffee Time.

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Where To Have Kinky Sex With a Hot Cowboy

So many choices! There’s always the bed. It doesn’t have to be vanilla sex on a mattress – you can kink it up with a length of rope, a blindfold, or a nice leather paddle. How about the couch? Lots of possibilities there. Bending over across the arm, or how about upside down with the back of the couch for support?

These are things that run through my mind on a daily basis. Not necessarily for personal use (hee hee) but mostly for work. When I write my stories, I like to find unique places, positions, and situations where my couples can get kinky and wild.

In Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas, the first book in the series, I found a wet, slippery spot where my hero and heroine had some unconventional lovin’. Working on a hunch, Gigi fed Boone’s kinky fetish in the bathtub. In the second book, Dallas sets aside his very conservative, private attitude and gives Kira the kinky sex she needs. Check out the excerpt below to see what that bad boy Dallas has planned for Kira.

Give me some ideas for my books. What is your fantasy kink position or situation or location? And who would be with you when you got all wild and naughty?

Cowboy Jackpot Valentine 360x540

BOOK BLURB: A fortuitous spin of a Las Vegas roulette wheel links New York accountant Kira Morrow and rodeo bareback rider Dallas Burns. The heat that has flared between them since their first meeting threatens to burn out of control as they share sinful nights and hot days. As their mutual distrust resurfaces, the flames quickly die. Only when Kira walks out of his life forever does Dallas realize he needs to stop letting past hurts prevent him from opening his heart to love. Is it too late to repair the damage he’s done and reclaim the heart of the woman he’s fallen for?

EXCERPT: “What’s the hurry, cowboy?”

Dallas turned to find Kira, naked except for the chain and locket, coming out of the suite’s other bathroom.

“Sweetheart.” Relief flowed through him, followed by an explosion of lust.

“I never got what I wanted last night.” She ran her hands from her hips to her breasts and tweaked her nipples. “Let me suck you, cowboy.”

His hands went numb as desire pulled all his blood to one spot. His boots dropped to the floor. “Yeah, okay.” Had dumber words ever been spoken?

“Remember at the strip club?” She ran a finger down the middle of her body to where the golden locket lay nestled in her short hairs. “Remember I said I wanted to taste you? Take your cum?”

He’d been thinking of nothing else all night. He nodded.

“I need you.” She crooked her finger at him. “And I’m in charge tonight.”

“It’s morning.” He bit back a smile.

“Whatever.” She walked to the wall of windows and pressed her back against it. “Bring that big, oversized, shiny belt buckle over here and let me have some fun.”

“Kira.” Her ass pressed against the glass. They were on the top floor, but people may still be able to see her. Was this her kinky side coming out? He kinda liked it. “Are you sure you can handle such a big buckle?” He walked toward her.

“Dallas.” She knelt and reached for him, grabbing his jeans pocket and pulling him to her. “I’m damn sure.” In seconds she had his jeans down around his ankles and stroked his hard cock through his underwear.

“I’m not sure.” He glanced out the window, wondering if people were looking. If anyone had a telescope. If…

She freed his cock and took the head into her hot, wet mouth.

Caution flew from his brain. Blasts of tiny spikes shot along his cock, into his balls, gathering at the base of his spine. He stomped down the urge to let go immediately. She was good.

Licking his slit, she sucked his head and worked her teeth gently against that spot on the bottom of his head where any touch drove him mad. Her heat nearly set him off.

Her fingers caressed his thighs as she sucked him in further, along the roof of her mouth and down to her throat.

“Kira, sweetheart.”

She took him fully down her throat, the tightness around his head pulsing heat along his shaft.

Easing back, she kept the suction so tight he could imagine her taking the cum right out of his balls.

He ran his hand along her hair, impossibly soft against his rough palm. “Sweetheart. You’re making me weak.”

Looking up at him, she performed a dozen quick, deep strokes.

Quivers shot up his spine, rattling his brain, turning everything wobbly.

Using her fist, she found the spot behind his balls and massaged.

“Shit, shit, shit.” The combination of her deep throat and her touch nearly made him shoot. “Stop.”

She froze with his staff halfway in her mouth.

He pulled back, sliding out his cock. The pop of the suction releasing rattled heat through him. “I need to be inside your pussy.” Reaching into the pocket of his jeans, he pulled out a condom packet then kicked away his pants.

She reached her arms up toward him, a sweet, sexy smile on her lips. “You want me?”

He slid his hands under her arms and lifted her. “Goddamnit, I want you bad.”

Running her hands along his arms, she kissed him. “I can be bad.”

“I know you can, sweetheart.” A wild notion took him by surprise, and he went with it. Pressing her bare back against the window, he lifted her arms above her head. “But guess what? Sometimes a cowboy’s gotta go bad, too.” He tore open the packet with his teeth and rolled on the condom with one hand.


Find Cowboy Jackpot: Valentine’s Day in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon, and in paperback at Createspace and Amazon.
Hope your week is kinky!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
-Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas is available in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon, and in paperback at Createspace and Amazon.
-Turn Up the Heat, Chase and Seduction, and Her Cowboy Stud are available at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon
-Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon and in paperback from Createspace and at Amazon
-Cowboy Lust is available in paperback and Kindle format at Amazon

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