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Chasing the sun

First things first, thank you Layna for covering for me on the 23rd, feel better real soon Mia, congratulations Tari Lynn, and welcome new followers! It’s gonna take a moment to get to know you all. 😉

And hi, my name is Dita, and I’m not the silent partner, I’ve been on the road, traveling the west coast of Thailand. The sun is in short supply but great demand this time of year up here (Scandinavia), so we travel in search of it as often as we can. Plus the world may be cruel and crazy, but it’s also full of beauty and wonder and I grab every chance of seeing it, warts and all!

Spot the differences, or should I say similarities, if you can find any. Last week (sorry for the blotches, taken in water):

 photo KohTachai_zps6e0f855c.jpg

This week:

 photo After_zpsc98d9762.jpg

It’s been snowing ever since we returned so there’s no going out without seven layers of clothing and Hubby, who’s been mucho macho about removing everything by hand, is eyeing some heavy-duty snow blowers. No wonder, we’re jet-lagged and travel-worn and I’m having serious trouble getting my game on, but I find it a good tired, a happy tired where your head swims with all you’ve seen and heard, smelled, touched and tasted.

I don’t think a writer’s mind ever vacations. Without even noticing, you’re always on a hunting and gathering expedition, taking in the world with all your senses and tucking things away for later use. Some new/renewed sights and sensations gathered along the way:

Sand fine as flour, white as talc

A tangerine sun setting over azure waters

Stars by the thousands (Living in a city, you never really get to see them.)

Fish in every color you care to imagine (I found Nemo!)

Sea snakes and baby sharks

Sharing your toilet with ants, spiders and mosquitoes, and feeling you’re the intruder (Obviously their turf and trail until someone built a toilet on it.)

Locust concertos, as if conducted. Crescendo, furioso, diminuendo.

Curry. Red, yellow and green. Chili, lemongrass and kaffir lime. (Yummy and oh so hot.)

Beer (which I rarely drink). There’s not always water to be had but there’s always, always, beer. Seriously. (No, the kids didn’t have beer, they had colas in a pinch, but the recipe was so artificially syrupy I chose beer.)

Fruit, the way it’s supposed to taste (Papaya so ripe it smells like barf but tastes like sugary butter. Hmm-mmm.)

Jellyfish burns (Have managed to avoid them all my life. Well, they got me now.)

The silence of the sea, interrupted by fish nibbling on coral (You can totally hear it. You can! I have footage!! Recordings!!!)

Falling asleep to the crashing waves

A police boat in the middle of a field, tossed way inland by the tsunami of 2004

The smell of puke mixing with engine fumes, and seventy more minutes to go (Makes even the strongest stomach roil.)

The salty breeze. Balm to the skin, balm to the soul.

Holding on for dear life in the back of a pickup truck going 55 mph/90 kmh. Your ride.

Tropical thunderstorms. There’s rain and then there’s Rain.

One of my Hydroterra Shandals dying on me at a Really Bad Moment

Sweating up a mountainside. “Madam follow trail.” (Madam couldn’t see a trail, only a barely there path in the jungle. The view was totally worth the grime and climb.)

And a myriad other things waiting to be digested. I wish I could report I had some awesome holiday sex, but no such luck this time around, we traveled with kids in tow 24/7, and you bet it was frustrating having my hot man from the cold parade his half-naked self around me all day long. It was a tease of a two weeks, but we’re home now and uh oh look a the word count, I’m tiring you all out, aren’t I?

Travel heightens your capability for and sense of wonder because you’re removed from the common and comfortable and taken Elsewhere where they do things differently. The farther removed from your everyday existence the better, methinks. But more on that on my blog later today, if and when I get my thoughts in order. By the 23rd, I should have gotten my smut on. And you can take that any way you like because that’s what you’ll do anyway. 😉

Until then, have a sexcellent carnival weekend, 69ers!

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Turning Fantasy into Fiction with Krystal Brookes

I am a real geek. I thought I should get that out of the the way first. I love going to conventions and meting the actors from Star Trek, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica etc. I help out at the conventions doing all sorts of jobs including keeping queues at photoshoots moving, sitting beside guests and assisting them as they sign autographs, general dogsbody, and helping out with the catering for guests and crew. They are always very busy but ultimately fun weekends.

Through the conventions circuit I have witnessed a number of reactions to meeting an idol.
1. Catatonia – these people just stare at their idol adoringly and are unable to form a coherent sentence or sometimes even meet the celebrity’s eye. I always wonder how much they kick themselves afterwards or if they remember it as a blissful moment.
2. Effusiveness – “I love your work,” “I’m your biggest fan,” “you’re my favourite Star Trek Captain.” the last one was exactly what I said to Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway in Star Trek Voyager) the first time I met her. I still cringe at that. Usually these people end up in tears either in front of the guest or just after they leave their presence.
3. The clever questioner – The person who thinks they are asking a really novel question – “How long did it take to put on all the make up?” “Do you not think your character and Chakotay should have got together?” “Will the show ever get a movie made for it?” When you sit with a guest you hear the same questions asked all day. The mark of a good actor is that they don’t look as if it’s the hundredth time that day they’ve been asked that.
4. The person who really spends too much time thinking about these things. “In episode 21 of season three, when you beamed down onto that alien planet and lost your communicator badge, why did the crew not search for you using biometric technology?” Gah! Cos it’s a TV show?

There are of course a number of other rewactions but these are my favourite. But these reactions are caused by fantasies, whether they be fantasies of what you will say when you eventually meet your idol, or fantasies about what will happen in the aftermath. As someone with an over-active imagination, I usually get as far as driving them back to my place and stripping their clothes off half-way up the stairs.

It was these fantasies which fuelled the writing of Fan Girl and the Geek. I like to call it my fantasy autobiography. What if I did meet my idol, or even someone from a show I love and we got on really well? Would I go for it, seduce them, play hard to get? What would you do? Photobucket

Sadly, I suspect I will never know. But at least I got to live out my fantasies through the eyes of my heroine Shona Ross.

Fan Girl and the Geek will be available from from 27th September 2012.

Rhett Williams, the hunky captain on the TV show Starship Einstein, is coming to a convention in the UK, and Shona Ross is determined to meet him. Having spent years dreaming about the handsome actor, she nurtures dreams of becoming more than just a fan.

When Rhett does not live up to expectations and leaves Shona despondent, Daniel Adams, the geeky kid from the show, befriends her. Only he’s no longer a geeky kid. In fact, her attraction to him is almost interplanetary. Can Shona get over her infatuation, forget about Daniel’s weak role, and see the man for what he is now?


“This is the life.” Shona held onto the rail at the deep end of the pool, and kicked her legs leisurely. They had the pool to themselves, and the night air was warm. The stars shone clearly in the black sky above the rural resort.
There was a splash at her side as Kirsten took off for another couple of lengths of the pool. Honestly, the girl was incapable of just relaxing and enjoying the water. If Shona had been willing, they would now be engaged in a long race to see who could swim fifty lengths the fastest.

She didn’t bother to look when there was another splash at her side. She assumed Kirsten had come back to tell her something. “What time is the opening party, anyway?”

“Nine o’clock.” The deep American voice startled her and caused her to let go of the railing. Luckily she was still kicking her legs and was able to adjust herself to tread water.

“I’m sorry,” he said taking her hand and guiding it back to the railing. “I didn’t mean to startle you.” She looked up into a pair of dark, velvety brown eyes, which looked concerned but had a glimpse of mischief in them.

“It’s OK. Thanks.”

“I’m Daniel.”

“I know. Umm, I mean, nice to meet you. I’m Shona.”

“You’re Scottish.”



“Not always. Scotland can be pretty wet and cold most of the year.”

“So I’ve heard, though I’ve never been. Are you an attendee at the convention?”

“No, I’m crewing.”

His gaze flicked down towards her breasts and back up to her face. Her cleavage was very obvious in her swimming costume, and she grimaced internally. He was used to Hollywood women who were flawless and all a size zero. She had an ample butt and a couple of love handles.

She noticed Kirsten slipping out of the pool and giving her a little wave as she disappeared into the hotel, wrapped in a towel.

“I hope we get the chance to talk at some point over the weekend.”

“That would be nice. Anyway, I’d best go and get ready for the party. It takes ages to dry my hair.”

She needed to get away from his intense gaze. It was making her heart flip in a way that it hadn’t for a long time.

“I’d better do a few laps. I’ve been eating rubbish for two days. I’ll be like Man Mountain if I’m not careful.”

This time she allowed her own gaze to flick over his perfectly formed pecs and the flat, ripped stomach that he was patting.

“Is that a lame attempt to get me to tell you that you’re not fat?” she teased. “I thought it was only women who fished for compliments.”

Daniel threw his head back and laughed. “Am I so transparent?” he asked, the gleam back in his eye.

“I’m afraid so.”

“It’s nice to meet someone at one of these conventions who doesn’t want to just flatter my ego.”

“Sorry, the Scots just don’t do flattery and ego massage.”

“In that case, I look forward to visiting.”

“You can always stay on my couch.” What was she saying? She’d just invited this actor to come and stay with her. Even though he’d never take her up on the offer in a million years, it was still a bit forward. “I’m sorry,” she spluttered. “I meant…”

“I’m sure your couch would be much preferable to a bed in a faceless hotel chain,” he grinned.

“Well it’s an open invitation to anyone who was in the cast of Starship Einstein.”

“I’ll be sure to spread the word,” he grinned.

“Hotel Ross is now open.”

He laughed again.

“It was lovely meeting you, Shona.”

“It was nice to meet you too, Daniel. I hope you enjoy the convention.”

“This one certainly has its appeals.” His gaze held hers, and she was unable to tear her gaze away from him. “Well,” he said, clearly feeling a little uncomfortable, “I’d best…” He pointed at the pool, and she smiled and nodded, then watched as he swam away.

Surely he wasn’t interested in her. But he’d made all the right overtures. Anyway, he lived in Los Angeles. It was silly even to think about such things.

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Where The Road Leads Me

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock PhotosPhotos purchased from/Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

Originally I called this post Where The Toad Leads Me…but people were confused..

Where the toad leads me…lol….that has to do with a GPS pic I saw and the photo had a frog instead of a car. Someone must have made it as a joke but it would be fun if the GPS had more icon options instead of the boring car…Something to liven up the GPS…

I’ve never been on a road trip. No, I’m not kidding..Ok maybe I should say I’ve never been the one to drive and go on a road trip. I remember as a kid going on road trips but have never actually taken one myself. This summer I decided to go on one with a friend of mine. We’ve both been working really hard and not doing much travel so this was the perfect time to get away.

We decided that were going to stay in the province and just take a trip a few hours away from us to a beautiful provincial park. We are actually leaving in a few days to take our first road trip together.

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos
Photos purchased from/Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

I suck when it comes to directions. I’m more of a visual driver and I tend to like to know where I am going, but this time we are going blind..Well I will have my trusty GPS handy so if we get lost we can find our place. See this spot we are going to doesn’t have an addy. You get coordinates that you have to follow.

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos
Photos purchased from/Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

I’m actually looking forward to this time away and getting to spend a few days with my friend. We promised we will not be working and just enjoy the time. Do some sightseeing and relax.

Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos
Photos purchased from/Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

I will say that I dream of one day getting in the car and driving across Canada. From one end to the next. I always joke that one day I will just get into the car and drive where the road takes me. Will I ever do it? Not sure, but it would be fun to do.

Being an author you tend to get lost in the craziness of work and forget to take time for yourself. Time flies away and the days run like there is no tomorrow. Some days I don’t even know what day of the week it is because I’m so swamped with work.

This little trip away will be nice and I’m really looking forward to it.

Have you guys ever taken a road trip? Where have you gone?

Have you ever just gotten in the car and drove wherever?

stay naughty,

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