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His Safe Keeping by Tina Bass

Hello and thank you to everyone taking the time to read this. My name is Tina Bass. I live in small town Virginia, and I’ve lived here in the same small town for the majority of my adult life. I’m a normal, every-day, all-the-time mom. I have three beautiful children that are mostly grown and are trying to find their own place in life, ready to follow their own dreams. I also have extended family, including some honorary grandkids that I adore. Finally, I have a best friend of twenty plus years that lives close enough that I could walk to her house, but why in the world would I do that when I can drive there in less time.
Small town life isn’t for everyone, but it works for me. We’re situated pretty well, with some larger cities less than an hour away. Love that, because I love to go vintage shopping! Not to mention, clearance racks and sales and yard sales, oh my—one of my favorite things to do! Similar to in my books, I also enjoy climbing into the cab of a big ole’ pickup truck and going muddin.’
I came into writing in my forties, and I have been lucky that my very first book has been published and is now available to the public in e-book and paperback form. I have my publishing company, Beau Coup Publishing, to thank for that. I write romance, with a little twist, and ending in a happily-ever-after. That’s my go-to genre, so it’s what I write, and it makes me happy. My first book, His Safe Keeping, is only the first in the Safe Series. Amazon carries e-book and paperback, while Barnes and Noble only has the paperback version for right now. Here’s how to get it:
From Amazon:
From Barnes and Noble:
His Safe Keeping

His Safe Keeping

And, the Blurb:
Krista Avery moved to Mt. Eve, Virginia, enticed there by a research doctor. Trying to build a life for herself after an event in her past, she is a woman battling a blood disorder and memories she never dealt with. Returning home from the hospital after an experimental treatment, a dizzy spell forces her to pull over.
Lawson “Kade” McKaden is a State Trooper, returning home after a transport to a Federal Prison. After a stint in the Air Force and a satisfying career, he is leaving uniforms behind for the life of a rancher. A car on the side of the road calls to his sense of responsibility and the woman inside calls to his heart.
An escaped rapist/serial killer is hunting her. She was his first. Can they beat back the demons? Will Krista have to face her past alone, or is she Kade’s for… His Safe Keeping?

Excerpt #One:
Kade & Krista: “Fine. But, just so you know, if I fall off and break something, there will be no nakedness, until said something in no longer br—…” She began, and then squealed as big hands grabbed her by the waist and yanked her back off the horse, and when her feet touched the ground, she mumbled, “Broken.”
“Not goin’ to be no nakedness around here. Nakedness yeah, no nakedness, fuck no!” Kade stated. Excerpt #Two:
“It hurts,” she cried out as he stood there and did… nothing. No, not exactly nothing. He cursed every curse word he had ever heard as well as some he made up there on the spot. Krista. His Krista! His beautiful, strong, amazing Krista cried out in pain and he stood by and couldn’t do a fuckin’ thing to comfort her or to take that pain away from her. He couldn’t do one damn thing. He paced some more and cursed some more but in the end, there was not a single thing he could do. For the past hour, she had gone from dizziness, to nausea, and to pain. The last twenty minutes she had tried to be brave, she tried to be strong and she tried not to let him see. He knew what she was trying to do, for him.

Now, a little more about me.
I love books! I have read all kinds of books, but as I stated earlier, my go-to genre is romance. I love to read romance, and it doesn’t matter if it’s human, shifter, or vampire, but I prefer human. I read them all. But, to share something that may surprise a few…. I wasn’t a reader AT ALL. I read the bios of other authors, especially the ones that I’m an avid reader of, and the theme is usually that they have always been a reader from childhood. Not me! I didn’t like to read when I was in school, and later when I was in college, I still didn’t like to read. Reading to me has always been a chore…. Until a few years ago.
I mentioned earlier that my best friend lives in the same town. Well, she’s a reader. Every time I would go to her house, she had a book in her hands and book shelves that were spilling over, and I knew that she had read all of the books on those overflowing shelves. Didn’t interest me in the least. My children were small and I didn’t have the time or the inclination. But, my friend decided one Christmas, about 15 years ago, to give me copies of some of her favorite books. I thanked her (you know, the obligatory thank you), but they sat on my shelves that contained some old-school books and a lot of pictures of the kids. They sat there for years, gathering dust. Yep, years!
About four or five years after that Christmas, my kids had gotten up in age to the point where they would go outside for hours, playing with the neighborhood children. It was a Saturday, and I was trying to decide what to do with myself. I glanced through DVD’s that I had seen before, and music that I wasn’t in the mood for. Then my gaze fell on the books, so I chose one at random and sat down to try and read. Well, that was it!!! The story in the book caught me from the very beginning. It was futuristic and had a kick ass female and it was a love story and suspenseful and wow! It wasn’t the first in the series, but now I had to read them all. And, I didn’t want to read them out of order, but from the first written to the last! I haunted the book stores and Amazon and my local library until I was able to start at the beginning. I was hooked! I asked my friend why she hadn’t told me about this reading thing and she laughed and simply said, “I did.”
Yep, I blame my friend, hahahaha. And, I thank her (not obligatorily this time!)! After reading all of the series of those first books, I began to inhale everything I could get my hands on. I didn’t know yet what my genre was, and wouldn’t put any book down after beginning it, but would finish it, no matter what. After many books read and getting my first kindle, I realized that romance was my favorite. Especially romance that ended with that happily-ever-after like the Disney movies I watched with my kids. So, that’s it. That is how I got started reading that evolved into writing. It was also the same friend that encouraged me to write after I decided to jot down a couple of paragraphs of ideas and characters that had begun to scream in my head, realizing that they had always been there and I just hadn’t been listening. The rest brings me to now. I write as often as I can and the characters and stories in my head are always there. I live with them all day, every day, and I’m loving every minute of it!
Since my children are now “almost” grown, I have the time and the energy to pursue my passion. Writing. Yes, I did come into writing a little later than most authors, but it’s been a fabulous ride. If there are any of you reading this that have stories in your head or paintings that you see…. Do it. Write them down, paint, draw, but get them out. To quote the famous brand Nike, “Just Do It.” Take a chance, because you never know. I truly hope that I can give someone something interesting to do on a Saturday when you can’t find a good movie to watch and all your music has been listened to. Happy Reading!!
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