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A Valentine’s Day Moment from Red Creek, Kansas By Randi Alexander

It’s almost the big day (Valentine’s Day, not Superbowl Sunday!) and I have a new book out! A Wedding in Red Creek is my third book in Rori and Jackson’s saga in the series The Sons of Dusty Walker.

I hope you enjoy this little bit of romance as Rori and Jackson celebrate Valentine’s Day just weeks before their wedding.

A Wedding in Red Creek by Randi Alexander

That evening at just a little past five, Rori pulled up to their new house. Jackson’s work truck sat on the brick driveway, but not the contractor’s truck. She was only a few minutes late, wasn’t she? They couldn’t have finished the punch list already. Rori scrambled out of her work van and walked through the open overhead garage door and into the big mud room/pantry they’d added to the design.

She set her bag, the one she’d filled with her gifts for Jackson, on the granite counter then headed across the room. Her high-top tennies, jeans, and a hooded U of KC sweatshirt covered her Cyber Wise T-shirt, which all covered her slinky new underthings. Wouldn’t her cowboy be surprised?

Grinning, she stepped into the kitchen. The lights were dimmed, and soft country music played from the built-in speakers. “Jackson?” She smelled it then, something so delicious, her empty stomach growled loudly. That wasn’t the scent of pizza.

From the dining room, Jackson walked into the kitchen. His white and red flannel shirt was buttoned to his neck, and he’d somehow tied on a white bowtie with red hearts. “Happy Valentine’s Day, darlin’.” His hair looked shaggy, like he’d just run his hands through it instead of combing it. His dark blue eyes stared at her like he couldn’t get enough.

Light danced on the wall of the dining room as if candles were the only source of illumination.

“What did you do?” She tried to look past him, but he shook his finger at her.

“Uh uh. Appetizers first.” He gestured deeper into the kitchen, and she moved that direction. At the big island—which was no longer ‘too round’—a bottle of white wine rested in a silver ice bucket, and a platter of fascinating-looking appetizers sat on a hotplate.

He wrapped his arm around her and together they wandered toward the island.

“No contractor?” She couldn’t hide the excitement in her voice.

“Nope.” He pulled out a tall chair, one she recognized as being from Dusty’s house.

“No punch list?” She slid onto the chair and tugged off her sweatshirt, hanging it on the back of the chair.

He unscrewed the cap from the wine and poured a couple glasses. “Nope. I did that this afternoon, but I would appreciate your walking the house with me…tomorrow in the daylight…just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”

“And tonight? Since we’re here alone?” She accepted the glass he handed her.

“It’s Valentine’s Day, Rori.” He shook his head. “Did you forget?”

He made her laugh. Always and forever. “I’ll never forget this day.” Glancing out the wall of doors that opened onto the front patio, with its outdoor kitchen and pool house, she spotted the dozen red and white candles. “Oh, Jackson. You’re so amazing.” A blossom of heat, the choke of emotion, set her eyes watering and her heart skittering.

He cleared his throat. “You’re the amazing one, Rori.” He took her hand in his and pressed the back of hers to his chest over his heart. “I was hollowed out for so long, I didn’t think anything could fill me. Then I met you.” He kissed her fingers and drew an unsteady breath. “You’ve given me everything I’ll ever need, and more than I deserve. Your love and faith and trust are my salvation, and the answer to every prayer I’ve ever sent up.”

“Jackson.” It came out a whisper as a tear ran down her cheek. “How can you be so wonderful?” This man, frustrating, complicated, and wild, was her whole life. She didn’t need anything else as long as she had him. If she could, she’d take two years off from her business just to make their ‘getting to know each other’ period more intense, and the focus of every minute of her life.

“You went quiet there, Rori.” He stared into her eyes. “You know how nervous that makes me.”

She laughed, imagining herself following him around twenty-four hours a day for two years, and making the poor cowboy crazy. “Just thinking of the days ahead, and how much fun we’re going to have.” Her stomach rumbled loudly again.

Jackson smirked. “We need to keep your strength up for all that fun.” He gestured to the appetizers. “Lou taught me how to make these.”

“What? Really?” They smelled so yummy. Jackson was a good cook, but wow, this was the next level.

“In the oven…” He walked around the island to the double-ovens in the wall. “I’ve made you a seafood strata.”

“You did?” She loved seafood, and it wasn’t easy to come by in the middle of Kansas.

“I borrowed a table from the big house and the dining room is set.” He leaned his elbows on the island across from her. “Dessert is waiting upstairs in the bathroom off our bedroom.”

She glanced at the ceiling. “In that big sexy whirlpool tub?”

“Uh huh. And more candles up there, some bath salts, and a few towels stolen from Dad’s house.”

“You thought of everything.” Rori sipped her wine. “And funny, I had a feeling tonight would evolve into something a little sexier than just the punch list.”

He straightened and narrowed his eyes. “You did?” He shook his head. “I don’t think so.” Reaching over, he picked up a flaky appetizer and held it out to her. She took a bite, then he popped the rest of it in his mouth and chewed. “I think this big ol’ cowboy had you completely bamboozled.”

Laughing, she nearly choked on the delicious tidbit. “You do, huh?” After a sip of wine, she licked her lips and tugged the shoulder of her T-shirt off to the side, revealing the lacy red strap of the naughty two-piece baby-doll she wore. “Here’s proof that I knew what you were up to.”

His mouth dropped open and his eyes darkened. “Aw, darlin’. Let me see it all.” He came around the island.

Holding out a hand, she smiled softly. “Not so fast.” She picked up an appetizer. “How about one piece of clothing at a time with each course of this fabulous feast you prepared for me.” She ate the pastry-crusted scallop that had just the right hint of bacon in it.

“Deal.” He turned off the appetizer hot plate. “Hors d’oeuvres are no longer available.” He hooked one finger under the bottom of her T-shirt and lifted, bending sideways to peek.

Grasping his hand, she shook her head. “Hors d’oeuvres are only shoe-worthy.” She spun her chair, holding her foot out to him, tugging up the leg of her jeans to show him her laced-up shoe.

He frowned. “Two shoes and two socks, or it’s no deal.”

Rori pointed to the hot plate. “One more of those exquisite babies, and you’re on.”

With a chuckle, Jackson moved the appetizers closer to her, and got busy removing her shoe. “You drive a hard bargain, Rori.”

Leaning down, she cupped his cheeks and kissed him. “You’ll be driving a hard bargain, cowboy, once you see the naughty piece of silk I’ve got on under all these clothes.”

Tossing her shoes and socks aside, he stood quickly and picked her up in his arms. “Next course, coming right up.” He kissed her as he toted her into the dining room, then set her on the borrowed chair. “And darlin’, you’d better plan on eating fast.”

She blinked at him. “Are you changing the rules? Are we going to be getting naughty in our new house before the wedding night?”

He shook his head as he ran his finger over the strip of red silk at her shoulder. “Uh uh. That’s a rule set in stone.” He kissed her shoulder, nibbling softly. “But when we get back to the apartment…there will be no rules.” Jackson kissed her, his lips, his tongue possessing her mouth.

Rori’s heart soared. Whatever she’d done in her life to deserve this perfect man, she would be giving thanks for the rest of her days.


A Wedding in Red Creek is available now!



Have a lovely, romantic weekend – and enjoy that big old football game, too!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

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Ready for Four Times the Romance? The Sons of Dusty Walker Are Waiting For You! by Randi Alexander

The four books in The Sons of Dusty Walker Series are available now, and man are they hot!

The Sons of Dusty Walker, erotic romance series

Book 1, Dylan, was written by Jodi Redford

Book 2, Jackson, I got to write!

Book 3, Killian, was written by Desiree Holt

Book 4, Rogue, is the creation of Sable Hunter

Here’s the book blurb for the series:

“Four Brothers, One Tainted Legacy, and a Wild, Wild Ride. Will They Survive It?”

When Dusty Walker’s untimely death brings his four sons to Red Creek, Kansas, they are in for more of a shock than just losing their father. None of them knew about the others. Nor did they expect to hear the strange terms of their father’s will. They might share last names, and even a special belt buckle, but they also share a lot of resentment. Dylan is struggling to follow his dream of being a country musician and dealing with yet another shock from the woman who suddenly came back into his life. Jackson’s life is on the rodeo circuit and doesn’t include any permanent arrangements, including a woman. Killian dreams of owning a ranch where he can raise Appaloosa horses, and he doesn’t plan to do it in Nowhere, USA. Rogue doesn’t know what to do with the naked woman in his bed nor the direction his life seems to be taking. He’s a loner, pure and simple. But if the brothers want their share of the half-billion dollar estate, they have to follow the terms of the will…one week in Red Creek running the business and getting to know each other. None of them can begin to predict how drastically their lives are about to change.


The hero of my story, Jackson, is based very loosely on my friend, Jackson Young. He makes up his own words, and says he’s not into computers and online stuff, but in reality, he’s very smart about those things. But I gave my character, Jackson Walker, a few of Jackson’s real-life traits…exaggerated quite a bit.

For his love interest, Ms. Rori Hughes is pretty much the opposite of Jackson. She’s a computer engineer, her parents are teachers, and you’ll never find a made-up word leaving her lips. Unfortunately, she’s got a bad taste on those lips for rodeo cowboys, and darned if Jackson Walker isn’t a bronc rider!

You can imagine the sparks flying, the heat building, and the denial of strong emotions clenching at both of them. Pick up Jackson’s story today and get yourself some hot cowboy romancetizing! (Yep, I made up that word myself!)

erotic romance, cowboys

Book Blurb for Jackson: The Sons of Dusty Walker:

When rodeo bronc rider Jackson Walker’s father passes away, he’s shocked to find he’s not the only son of Dusty Walker. His dad had three other families at compass points around the country. When a stipulation in Dusty’s will requires him to live in his dad’s house and work at his company for one week, Jackson heads to Red Creek, Kansas to get it over with, so he can get the hell back to his regularly scheduled life.

Computer engineer Rori Hughes needs to solidify her position in Dusty’s company, but the only one of his four sons available is Jackson, and Rori has a mighty low opinion of rodeo cowboys. Finding inconsistencies in the computer files, Rori and Jackson work together to solve the mystery, but their constant contact fires a red-hot desire that burns wild between them.

Spending their days at Dusty’s opulent lakeside home, and their nights together making love, they both ignore the warning signs that point to their attraction becoming more than merely sexual. Jackson’s time in Red Creek is coming to an end, but can he follow his original plan and leave town, breaking away from smart, beautiful, sexy Rori?

Excerpt From Jackson: The Sons of Dusty Walker:

Rori let go of all her restraint too, her lips taking what she wanted from Jackson, her tongue doing its own exploration of his mouth. How was it that he tasted like spices and sex all at the same time?

She pulled back and slid her fingers to the button at his chest. “I’m ready to see what I’m gettin’ myself into.” Unbuttoning each one slowly, she trailed her fingertips along his chest, loving the few hairs that curled around her fingers on her path downward.

Tugging his shirt from his jeans, she slid it back, down his big arms, and let him toss it aside. Defined pecs, nice six-pack abs, and a narrow, tight waist. “Yummy.” She leaned forward and kissed the spot next to one of his tight, flat nipples.

He growled. “My turn to unwrap my dessert.” Jackson pulled the bottom of her shirt up, she lifted her arms, and he dragged the thing off and threw it. His breath left him in a rush as he stared at the red lace demi-bra that showed more of her breasts than it covered. “Beautiful.” He cupped the sides of her breasts and ran his thumbs across the tight points of her nipples.

Rori’s eyes rolled back for a few seconds and sweet chills shimmied across her skin. Licking her lips, she looked into his eyes as she reached for his belt buckle. It took a few seconds to unhook it, then she flipped open the button on his jeans and slowly dragged his zipper down.

His eyes turned a darker blue and his breath came faster, moving his chest up and down in a primal rhythm that matched her breathing.

Pressing her fingers to the bulge at his open zipper, Rori felt a power fill her, the ability to make this strong, irresistible man desire her this much could become very addictive. “You’re hard.”

His lips curved upward as his hands slid down her sides to her waistband. “And I bet you’re soft.” Jackson poked the tip of his tongue between his front teeth. “And I bet you’re sweet and wet.”

Between her legs, she became just that, wet and hot and aching with the need to be touched by him, tasted until she came for him. “Guess you’ll just have to find out.” Wherever this uncharacteristic boldness came from, she’d make it work for her. And him.

He unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, then with the speed of a cobra, he picked her up in his arms and deposited her on the bed, catching one of her feet as she bounced up. “What’s with these shoes, darlin’?”

Her red, high-top, canvas tennies always gave guys pause. “The rubber soles.” She watched as he unlaced her. “They don’t conduct any static electricity.”

Lifting one brow, he glanced at her face, then back to her foot. “Practical, yet quirky.” He pulled off her shoe, revealing her striped socks. “I wouldn’t have expected anything less.” He peeled off her socks and gazed at the coat of pink polish she’d slapped on her toenails this afternoon before heading over to his office.

She’d been called weird before, so his assessment of her wasn’t any kind of a shock. Rori was also tall, so even cowgirl boots sometimes made her inches taller than men she wanted to flirt with. But with Jackson, she could wear stilettos and still be eye-to-eye with him.

With his gaze locked with hers, he kissed each one of her toes.

And she giggled.

He laughed, made quick work of her other shoe and sock, then got down to business, pulling off her jeans and throwing them across the room.

The matching red lace panties felt soaked and warm between her legs. They grew even wetter as his gaze traveled along her legs to fasten on the spot where she needed his lips. “You’re beautiful, Rori. Desirable, sexy, smart, funny, interesting.” His gaze shot to her eyes. “After I taste you and make you scream my name…”

Her hips jerked up and her vision flickered between darkness and light as sparks ignited in her belly.

“Then I’m going to try to figure out if you’re as perfect as you seem to be.” He slid his hands up her thighs and grasped her panties, pulling them down slowly. “Oh god, yes.” His voice quavered.

She’d spent a good hour in the shower this afternoon, buffing and shaving.

“So pretty. Bare naked and dripping honey to lure me in.” He tossed her panties in a different direction than her jeans, toed off his boots, then knelt between her legs, staring at her pussy.

Unable to stop it, her hips circled slowly, little movements that pumped up her desire, her uncontrollable need for him. Only him. Nothing, no one else, ever mattered the way he did right this second.

Jackson eased her legs open and lay between them, on his side, his soft hair brushing her thigh, his firm lips kissing his way up, slowly, staring at her, teasing as he moved closer.

“Your scent, patchouli, right?”

“Uh…” She didn’t remember which body scrub she’d used today, didn’t give a damn if she ever did, as long as he kept drawing closer, closer. Then he was there, his lips on her, touching and kissing every inch of her, down lower, lower, then up to the top of her mound where his tongue flicked inside to find her tight little bud.

She jerked and cried out.

“Easy, darlin’.” He kissed lower again, then spread her legs even further and stared at the quivering lips between her thighs. “If I thought you were beautiful before, holy hell, you’re like breath for a drowning man.”

So poetic, so sensual. She almost hated for him to stop talking, but she needed more from him. Letting out a little whine, she tipped her hips up toward him.

“Ah, let me guess. Telling me without words to get busy?”


Get your copy of all four books at Amazon:
Have a hot evening!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
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