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After You Watch the 50 Shades Movie…

If you want to indulge in some more stories of sexy emotion with a bit of kink, you can’t go wrong checking out books from the 69 Shades authors! Here are a few of mine that you might want to try.


Brendan grabbed her wrist with a hand that trembled slightly. He thought he’d done well not going totally crazy while he listened to her talk to her ex-boyfriend. Or maybe he wasn’t really an ex.
Like hell.
Brendan tugged her out of her chair and she stumbled as she came toward him, her soft body bumping against his.
Ashley might not want a future with him, but she was his right now. His to command. His to touch. “Let’s go. You’re here to work, remember?” He pulled her across the living room and into the studio, then slammed the door behind them. Ashley stopped in the middle of the floor and turned around to look at him. He recognized arousal mixed with the confusion on her face.
“No talking,” he snapped. “We’re working now.” The last thing he needed was to hear about Stuart. Why was she considering going back to him? Did those kisses last night mean nothing to her? Time to wipe that jerk out of her mind.
“Strip.” He leaned back against the table and hoped he looked more indifferent than he felt as he watched her. She stared at him for a moment, then licked her lips before she slowly stripped off her T-shirt and revealed her amazing breasts. God, they were gorgeous, full and firm, nipples tight and dark. His fingers curled so tightly into his palms they hurt. She bent over to pull her jeans off, revealing those long, shapely legs and plain white panties. He stared at her until she removed the panties too.
Brendan let her stand there after she was completely naked, looking a little uncomfortable, more than a little aroused. Good. He didn’t say a word as he contemplated today’s session.
His body hardened as he planned binding Ashley the way he’d always liked to. It had been way too long. No fanciful red ribbons today. No pop beads that could come apart with the slightest pressure. She wasn’t going to be able get away from him this time.
He strode to the storage closet in the corner. In his New York studio, he had more props, a brass bed and hooks and other gear. But there was plenty he could do with the supplies he had here.
Brendan grabbed a couple lengths of rope off a hook on the wall and turned to Ashley. He braced himself against the burst of emotions he could no longer ignore. The previous shoots had been foreplay. They’d all been leading up to this.
“Remember this rope?” He ran the coil along her arm and saw her shiver. “Soft. Black. It was your favorite. Or have you forgotten?”
“I haven’t forgotten,” she whispered, her eyes focused on the coil of rope looped in his hand.
“Good. Put your hands behind your back.”

You can check out Silken Canvas here.


Julianne stripped and knelt by the door of a different playroom than the one Paolo had brought her to before. While she took her clothes off, she couldn’t help but notice the large four-poster bed in the center of the room. The heavy rings attached to the posts. Her gaze now lowered to the floor, she heard Paolo open and close drawers, move around the room. The floor grew harder beneath her knees. Nervous anticipation made it difficult for her to be calm and prepare for their session.
She’d been foolish enough to Google “sensory play” when she got back to her apartment. It probably would have been better for her not to know what to expect. Hot. Cold. Hard. Soft. Pain. Pleasure. She had to believe there would be pleasure, otherwise she didn’t know if she could handle the idea of the rest.
“Deep breaths, Julianne,” Paolo called out, his voice sharp. She heard his sigh before his voice softened, smoothed into a seductive tone. “Remember, this is not the time to worry or think too much. This is the time to prepare to give yourself over to me.”
Julianne swallowed. Worry did push everything else out of her head. She’d forgotten his previous instruction about breathing. She closed her eyes and took long, deep breaths. Smooth jazz she hadn’t noticed before soothed her nerves further. What would be would be. When would she remember there was comfort in knowing that?
“Look at me, cara.”
She opened her eyes and lifted her gaze. Swept it up his black trousers to see that he’d taken his shirt off. Her mouth watered with the desire to taste his smooth olive skin but she kept her lips together. Her fingers itched with the yearning to run over his sculpted abs, but she didn’t move her hands from where they rested on her thighs.
Then she focused on the blindfold in his hand.
“What is your safe word?”
She swallowed. “Chardonnay.”
“You understand you only have to say your safe word and all play stops. You have that control. You understand this?”
“Good.” He circled behind her. “We have five senses. Sight is the one we use most often. The one we rely on above all others. I will be taking that sense away from you tonight so that you may more fully experience the rest. Scent. Touch. Taste. Sound. This is what we will focus on tonight.”
She nodded. She’d expected that. She already knew the comfort of the blindfold. She could relax into the darkness. Submitting was much harder in the light.
The blindfold was heavy leather but was lined with something soft against her skin. The darkness was complete. There was no quick burst of panic this time. Only a sigh of relief. He could do whatever he wanted to her now.
“Come.” He helped her to her feet and led her over to the bed. “Climb up and lie on your back.” As soon as she had, he quickly tied her spread-eagle on the mattress. His motions were efficient, not rough, but there were no extra strokes or arousing touches. No seductive words to soothe her. She heard him walk away.
Paolo had spoken often of the role anticipation played in their sessions. Was his body heating up as he thought about what would happen this evening? Did his cock tingle and swell as her sex did? Julianne’s heart raced and she couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her lips.
She hated the waiting. And he knew it.

You can check out Playing for Real here.


“Gabriella,” he murmured and captured her lips with his.
Soft and gentle at first, he brushed his lips against hers, teasing her with his taste, so intoxicating, so familiar. Gaby parted her lips for him, aching for his tongue to plunge into her mouth. But he didn’t do that right away. He swept his tongue along her lips, wetting them, making them slick. Making her yearn to drink him in.
Her body itched with restless need. She didn’t want sweet and gentle. She didn’t want anything close to emotional. She needed hard and hot and physical. And she needed it now.
Maybe he was psychic too, for just as she was about to reach up and pull him closer, he slid his hands down her arms and pinned her wrists to her sides, still sweeping his tongue back and forth across her lips.
Then he began to nibble.
First he nipped at her bottom lip, hard enough that she wondered if he drew blood. Then he ran his mouth along her jaw line, sucking and nipping until he reached the tender skin of her neck. She shivered with delight.
“You’re so delicious,” he murmured. “A rare treat for my taste buds.”
Gaby laughed out loud. “You’re so full of shit.”
Alex shook his head slowly. “Gabriella, we have to talk about that mouth of yours.”
“You like my mouth,” she said and ran her lips along his throat. “You love my mouth. The way it tastes. The things it does.”
He released her wrists then and grasped her shoulders, pulling her tight against him. His hard cock pressed into her stomach and a thrill of arousal ran through her. This time, when he took her mouth, he was no longer gentle, but the bruising kiss was just what she needed. He plunged his tongue inside and she had what she wanted at last. Her senses whirled as he circled the interior of her mouth, stroking the recesses, coaxing another groan from deep within her.
He ran his hands beneath her hair and brushed his fingers along her neck, drawing them along her throat, sending sparks of sensation shooting along her skin. She pressed her hips harder against him, the desire whirling stronger. The need building, concentrating between her legs. She clenched her bare pussy as tingles of arousal prickled the sensitive flesh.
Alex moaned and cupped her shoulders, sliding his thumbs beneath the neckline of her dress. She was certain he was going to pull the dress down as he had in the limo. Her skin was so heated, her breasts so swollen, her pussy so wet, she silently urged him to get the damn dress off her.
But he didn’t.
Instead he slowly slipped his fingers from under her dress and lifted his lips from hers. He swallowed and stared at her, his dark eyes unreadable. “I forgot. You didn’t want to have sex again.” He scooped her wineglass off the table with one graceful move. “How’s the Chardonnay? Shall I refill your glass?”

You can check out Bound to Surrender here.

Have you been looking forward to the 50 Shades movie? Are you watching it as part of your Valentine’s Day? Whether you are or not, the sexy 69 Shades books are here for you when you want another dose of sexy heroes and erotic romance!


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Hot Excerpt for a Hot Summer Day

It’s already 84 degrees in the shade at 10 am. I try not to complain because here in western NY we don’t get all that much hot weather. So…to go with the heat, how about a hot excerpt from one of my favorite (yes, don’t tell my other stories LOL) erotic romances, Silken Canvas.


She stared out at the skyline, the sun glinting off all the windows facing her. “The next session? More pearls?”
She was startled when his hand brushed her shoulder and pulled back on the single strand of pearls still hanging around her neck. “I have many more plans for you.” She froze as the beads tightened around her throat, keenly anticipating the heavy pressure. Then she felt the pull, heard a popping sound and the rope of beads broke apart.
Ashley whirled around and stared at the broken strand of beads in Brendan’s hand. She grabbed it and pulled it apart again. “Pop beads? These are pop beads?”
“Handy,” he said with a grin.
She laughed. “They look so real. I mean, I knew they weren’t real pearls, but I never would have guessed they were pop beads.”
“Time to drop the robe again.” He drew the fabric off her shoulders and she quickly untied the sash so he could strip it from her body.
“How many strands do you think it will take to cover your long, slender neck?” he asked. “Hold up your hair.” She raised her arms and lifted her hair high on her head. Would she ever get over the thrill of feeling exposed and vulnerable in this position?
Brendan ran a heated gaze over her before he wrapped a single strand of beads around her neck, pulling off several pearls at a time, until he closed it around her throat. It rested loosely against her collar bone. “Too loose. That won’t work,” he murmured. He shook his head and took off another bead or two before securing it again.
“That’s a little tight,” Ashley said. The pearls pressed against her throat, right below her larynx.
He cupped her cheek and caught her gaze. It took everything in her not to lean into him. “Does it hurt?” he asked.
“Not too much.”
“Then we’ll leave it for now. Let me know if it gets too painful.” He wrapped another strand tightly around her neck, riding above the first one. “I want to cover your throat from collar bone to jaw, stacking one strand of beads on top of another. They have to be tight enough to stay in place and not hang down on the one below it, understand?”
“Yeah, I get it.” She kept her hair off her neck and stood straight with her chin raised and tried not to think about the graze of his fingers along her jaw, across her throat. Or the brush of his jean-covered erection against her bottom. Or the promise of some delightful pain in this session.
The next row of beads pressed so tightly against her larynx that she could feel the pressure when she swallowed. Her expression must have changed because Brendan stopped with his hand on her throat. “Is it too much?”
“Not at all.” She swallowed again, then felt her face grow warm as memories overwhelmed her. “It’s not much different than the collars you used to put on me.” Or red ribbons. Or greedy snakes. “I…um…I always liked it when you put the collars on really tight.”
His eyes darkened. “I know.” He gently stroked her throat above the beads. “I’ve always known you liked a little pain with your pleasure. I was always happy to give it to you.”
They’d never really talked before about the way they’d often straddled the line between pain and pleasure. About her need for pain and his answering need to furnish it. It had just gradually become a part of their lives.
“I always liked the way you looked with a collar around your neck.” He ran the strand of pearls he was holding between his fingers. “Especially the ones with an ‘O’ ring in the front, so I could pull you to me when I wanted to do this.”
His lips brushed over hers before she had a chance to prepare for the onslaught of sensations, the burst of emotion. But almost before it started, the kiss was over. He stared at her, his jaw clenched. The strand of pearls in his hands broke.
“Sorry,” he said. It was a few more minutes before he finished collaring her. The multiple strands of beads forced her head high and she couldn’t comfortably lower her chin. “You can let your hair down now.” She dropped her arms and rolled her shoulders a couple times to stretch out the muscles.
Brendan took her hand and led her back over to the black velvet backdrop. “Stand here. I’m going to take some head shots.” He picked up his camera. “No talking now. I want a calm and content expression.” He lifted the camera, blocking his face. “I always loved the way you looked lying in our bed first thing in the morning, your hair spread out on the pillow, gazing at me with a small smile on your face. Yeah, like that.”
No fair to keep reminding her of those good times. She’d always loved the way he’d looked first thing in the morning too, propped up on his elbow, looking down on her with his own small smile.
Brendan took a few more pictures, then stopped and dropped the camera to his side. “That Stuart was a jerk. I can’t believe you hooked up with someone like him.” She opened her mouth to snap a quick retort, but he lifted his hand to stop her. “No talking.” He took another picture.
“I like the way your eyes are flashing now. There are a lot of people who’ll love that look—that flash of temper while you’re collared. They don’t want to dampen that spirit.” He approached her slowly. He was using that seductive tone of voice again and it was working. “How much more exciting to leash that strength, to harness that fire.” He took a few close-ups, his body so close she could hear him breathing. Didn’t he have a zoom on that camera?
As he took more pictures, his scent wound around her. She wanted to close her eyes and inhale him into her lungs, draw him into her pores. But she left her eyes open and saw when he slowly lowered the camera to his side and his gaze moved to her lips. She nervously darted her tongue out, wetting her lips. The memory of that hint of a kiss was fresh in her mind. The urge to lean into him was almost too much to resist.
Brendan gently cupped her face and ran his thumb softly along her bottom lip. He raised his gaze to meet hers and she shivered.
He stepped away. “Where’s your lipstick?”
She held back a sigh. She shouldn’t be disappointed he didn’t kiss her. Shouldn’t expect him to. Shouldn’t want him to. “In the pocket of the robe.”
He nodded. “Stay there.”
Out of the corner of her eye, she watched him pick up the robe and fish the lipstick and a hair clip out of the pocket. He set down the camera on top of the soft robe and turned to her, lipstick tube in one hand, hair clip in the other. His gaze scorched her as it ran over her body. He took a deep breath before he walked over to her.
“Hold this,” he said and gave her the lipstick. Then he leaned forward and gathered her hair in his hands. She closed her eyes as his fingers caressed her scalp. His warm chest brushed against her breasts and it made her shiver again. He played with her hair for a moment, dropping the strands and pulling them up again, clipping and unclipping and then clipping them up again until he was obviously satisfied with the way her curls looked piled on top of her head.
“You look so damn sexy,” he said with the charming voice again. He was driving her crazy, never knowing which Brendan was going to be talking to her next. Would it be the driven artist, who saw her as nothing but a piece of canvas? Or the seductive, commanding man who’d made her fall in love with him years ago?
“Give me the lipstick.”
Her fingers trembled slightly as she handed him the tube. She wet her lips again as their eyes held. She had to stay strong. Resist temptation. It should be easy. Except that he was so close, she could catch his unique scent. She could feel the heat from his body and from his breath along her cheek. She swallowed hard and felt the press of the beads against her throat.
Ashley parted her lips slightly and he slowly covered them with the deep red color. She closed her eyes. The smooth lipstick felt almost as erotic as the sweep of a tongue. A soft sigh escaped before she could pull it back.
Brendan took a step back and nodded. “Keep your lips parted like that. I like the way that looks.” He shoved the tube of lipstick into the pocket of his jeans and bent over to pick up the camera. She swallowed hard again as she took in the snug way his jeans cupped his butt, the graceful way his long fingers cradled the camera, the smooth way his body moved as he straightened and turned to face her. She’d almost think the admiring expression on his face was for her, but she knew it was only for the image she made.
This was Brendan. Graceful and charming. Dedicated and talented. Creative and sensual. Ambitious and demanding. She knew he didn’t consider the obsessed artist and the seductive charmer as two separate parts of his personality. It was all part of who he was. And the reason he could never give her what she needed.
As long as she remembered that, she could resist him. She had to.

Enjoy the heat 🙂


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Silken Canvas Giveaway

My erotic romance, Silken Canvas, is one of my favorite books (don’t tell my others, they might feel bad) Full of sensual imagery (when the hero is an erotic artist and the heroine is posing for him-how could it not?) and strong emotion (It’s also a reunion story, another favorite of mine) and really hot sex (ropes and pearls and more, oh my). And it has one of the most beautiful covers I’ve ever seen. I asked the art department to make it like a piece of erotic art and they delivered.


Brendan kept losing his focus as he shot pictures of the snakes slithering around Ashley’s body. He knew he should be seeing the whole picture. The lighting. The composition. The images he wanted to capture. The art he was creating.

Instead, he kept seeing the woman.

It could have had something to do with his tight jeans. He was so hard, it was damned uncomfortable to crouch down and get a good shot of the greedy snake trying for her center. He’d like to have his tongue there right now. He shifted to try to ease the pressure. Didn’t work.

He rose to his feet and zoomed in on her luscious lips. He swallowed, his mouth dry. He should be able to turn off his attraction to Ashley. Hell, he’d been attracted to most of his models. He’d even had sex with some of them despite what he’d told her. But when he had the camera in his hands, it had always been all about the art. The models ceased to be women and became his canvas.

So why did he find himself focusing on the pulse point at the base of Ashley’s pale throat? All he could think about was the way he’d pressed his lips there in the past and felt her pulse leap in response. He’d eagerly licked that tender spot, right there, where the green and gold snake appeared to slide over her body. He zoomed in on her throat, capturing the way the snake collared her.

“Lift your hair up. That’s right, stretch your arms high but keep your elbows back so I can get a clear shot of your throat. Can you feel the snake wrapped around your neck? Is his skin smooth or rough? Does his body ripple as he slithers along your throat? Does he nibble on your ear while he whispers those words of temptation you don’t want to hear?”


No, he didn’t want to hear her musical voice, the one he still heard in his sleep. “Shhh. I’ll be done soon. You can drop your arms. Clasp your hands behind your back.” He could tell she was tiring. He’d worked her hard and she’d complained very little. But he had to shake off this unsettling lack of concentration and finish the shoot.

He swung the camera around to capture her breast, the one the second snake was prepared to devour. Brendan swallowed as he zoomed in on the tight bud, on the fangs ready to bite into the tender flesh.

“How does it feel when he nibbles on your nipple? It’s all puckered and tight and tasty. Is it a sharp sting, an intense pain you wish would stop? Or is it the good kind of hurt that makes you feel alive? You know what I’m talking about. The kind of aching pleasure that leaves you begging for more.” He tried to ignore her breathy moans and clicked shot after shot, wishing his teeth were there, nibbling on her beaded nipple. He remembered the way she used to cry out when he scraped her sensitive flesh with his teeth, the way she’d clutch him close so he wouldn’t ever stop.

Why were all the details still so vivid, five years later? Why didn’t the women he’d had in between dull the memories? Why couldn’t he remember the taste of any skin other than Ashley’s? Any scent but hers?

He dropped to his knees in front of her. “Spread your legs.” A few more pictures. “He’s hungry for you. He wants to taste you. It’s like an ache inside him. He wants to lick your center. Tease that slick flesh until he sends you over the edge. And then he wants to lick you some more.” She moaned again and spread her legs wider. “Yeah, you want it too, don’t you? You want a tongue between your legs.” Brendan saw the glistening of moisture on her pretty flesh. “You want to stop the aching, don’t you? You want to give in to the need.” He got a couple more shots before the scent of her arousal nearly sent him over the edge.

He lunged to his feet, his cock throbbing so much he could hardly stand it. “We’re done.” He dropped the camera to the counter. She stood there, naked and crawling with hungry snakes that were touching her like he wanted to.

He wanted her more than he wanted his next breath. He almost reached out and touched her. Almost drew her into his arms. Almost plunged deep inside her so they could both relieve their aching need. The only thing holding him back was his stupid promise to her. It had to be her choice.

So Silken Canvas is available now in both ebook and print. And I happen to have a few of these gorgeous print books sitting on my bookshelf, doing nothing, waiting for someone to read them. So why not give a few copies away? Right? So comment below with what you think the sexiest kind of bondage equipment is. I’ll choose three random commenters – so be sure to leave your e-mail addy to so I can contact you with your mailing info. (And a really sexy idea may make it into another book!)

Oh, and if you want to get a heads up on my new releases and a chance for some mailing-list-only info – you can sign up here.

Playing for Real – Paolo’s Playhouse book #5 – available now
Her Royal Masquerade – available now
Her Royal Bodyguard – available now

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Heading for the Beach!

When you read this on May 14th, I’ll be on my way from western New York to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We’re pulling a travel trailer, heading for a campground right on the beach. I’m so looking forward to burying my toes in the sand and relaxing to the sound of the surf. And if I’m lucky, checking out some hunks, all wet from the waves.

So this is a quick post to give you some release dates I have coming up. 🙂

Voluptuous will be released from Ellora’s Cave on September 6th.

Silken Canvas is available now in e-book version, but will be out in print on November 5th.

Playing for Real, book #5 in the Paolo’s Playhouse series will be released from Samhain on March 18, 2014.

We plan to be back home before my next scheduled blog date, May 28th and I’ll have some pictures to share then. Until then, have a great couple weeks!


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Silken Canvas print available for pre-order!

I’m babysitting my four month old grandson today, so am a little late posting. Multi-tasking is the name of the game today.

My erotic romance, Silken Canvas, has been available as a download since December 25th. It will be out in print November 5th. I’m thrilled it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon.

I love pre-order, don’t you? Love when I open my Kindle and discover a new book there. It’s like a fun little gift, something I’ve often forgotten all about. Something I’ve been eagerly looking forward to and I pre-ordered it so I wouldn’t forget.



He can work with her body…as long as he doesn’t touch her heart.

Brendan Cole burst onto the art scene in a blaze, creating erotic works of art from beautiful women. Recently, though, reviews suggest that his brilliance is burning out. He knows what’s missing—inspiration. He lost it the day his ex-lover and muse, Ashley Mancuso, walked out on him.

Together, they can once again create the erotic images that will silence the critics forever.

When Ashley runs into Brendan at an art gallery, their attraction is as hot as ever. Though she swore to never again take second place to his art, she finds herself agreeing to an impromptu photo shoot. Once in front of his lens, five long years of suppressing her kinky side melts away—and shakes her resolve to keep it strictly business.

One spellbinding session after another makes it impossible to resist talking of fantasies and long-buried desires. But once the images hit the gallery walls, all the fears and insecurities that drove them apart create a rift wide enough for danger to find its way in…

Warning: Contains a sexy, tortured artist, his gorgeous muse, and a string of pearls that creates one very erotic BDSM fantasy.

Silken Canvas got 4 stars from RT. “Moore has given readers of erotica something to enjoy. With sizzling characters and an actual plot, she has crafted a story that both entertains and thrills.”
I can’t wait to hold one of these books in my hand and stroke the gorgeous cover. 🙂 So if you want your own print copy of Silken Canvas, you can pre-order it now so you won’t forget. Or you could download the e-book right now if  you can’t wait.


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