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I Think I Might Be Having an Affair with Benedict Cumberbatch

Hi everyone,

On Location 1fLast month I posted about sexy characters, including the delectable version of Sherlock Holmes played by the even more delectable Benedict Cumberbatch. Well, I think I may have started something, sparked something in my insane subconscious, because ever since then, I’ve been having dreams about him.

Not particularly dirty dreams (sadly), which is surprising given the sort of filth I write, but dreams about us going off solving cases together (he has the Sherlock look in my sleeping world), stopping for the occasional canoodle in dark corners and alleyways and the like. I can testify to the fact that that curly black mop is very soft and is lovely to play with, and that he smells very nice. You know, in my dreams, where all this shit is made up. Damn.

I had yet another dream this weekend, and I woke up and told my other half I thought I might be having an affair. He asked who with, and when I told him Benedict Cumberbatch, he shrugged. It seems that Benedict is so cool that most blokes wouldn’t mind their girlfriends having an affair with him. In fact, they’d probably be kinda jealous… that they weren’t the ones having the affair with him.

Lovely, lovely Benedict, appealing to men and women of all ages and sexualities, I applaud you. Also, when you next step into my slumbering brain, do you think we could have sex, please? You know, purely for research purposes… 😉 Maybe you could even bring your buddy Tom Hiddleston with you. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it?

Happy Reading!

Lucy x


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Letters to a War ZoneWhen lonely insurance broker, Bailey, gets himself a new hobby, he ends up exchanging letters with a war zone. But he’s not expecting what happens next…

Bailey Hodgkiss is lonely and dissatisfied with his boring life as an insurance broker. In an attempt to insert some variety, he signs up to a website to write to serving soldiers. He’s put in touch with Corporal Nick Rock, and over the course of a couple of letters, the two of them strike up a friendship. They begin to divulge their secrets, including their preference for men.

Nick encourages Bailey to add more interests to his life. As a result, Bailey picks up his forgotten hobby, photography, and quickly decides to team it up with his other preferred interest, travel.

Booking a holiday to Rome is his biggest gesture towards a more exciting existence, and he eagerly looks forward to the trip. That is, until Nick says he’s coming home on leave, and it looks as though their respective trips will prevent them from meeting in person. Is there enough of a spark between them to push them to meet, or will their relationship remain on paper only?

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Gratuitous Pics of Men and a Giveaway!

So I just walked through the door at 11pm after watching my oldest son in his debut stage performance. That’s right, he’s in his first year of junior high and he scored a speaking part in the school musical. Now, when I say speaking part, I mean that in the most literal way. He spoke a grand total of 9 words. However, he had a blast, and he’s been bitten by the theatre bug. I look forward to many more performances in the future.

What does all of that have to do with you? Absolutely nothing, except that I totally spaced writing a blog post for today’s slot! My blonde moment is your gain, because I’m sharing my two favorite things…..

SEXY MEN     AND     PRIZES!!!!!!!

First, feast your eyes….

10380332_s (2)12073356_s (2)17534763_s (2)

Then, leave me a comment with your name and email address.

Two lucky winners will receive an ecopy of any book off of my backlist!

It’s that simple! Oh, and do me a favor and share it!

Tweet it, FB it, heck tumble it on your Instagram if it makes you happy! Just share the love!

Contest ends at midnight 11/25/13.



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Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes?

Hey smut lovers! Today I want to talk about Anatomy. I promise this won’t be like your high-school science class. I want to get to the nitty gritty about what parts of the male anatomy are the sexiest. (In other words-please excuse this gratuitous post featuring scantily clad hot men!

We all know that women are drawn to the perfect chest…..

15576009_s (2)

And sculpted abs….



But many women are also turned on by sexy eyes…

14042608_s (2)


8233562_s (2)

Gluteus Maximus

4161211_s (2)

Even belly buttons are a trigger for some.

10380332_s (2)

The sexiest part of a man’s body for me is the shoulders. I love a broad back that gives me a place to rest my head when I’m holding him from behind. I love that broad shoulders lead to strong arms that wrap me into the soothing shelter of his body.

17926590_s (2)      16306353_s (2)


As with real women, the heroines in my books are drawn to their heroes various features. In Fire of the Wolf, Caroline had a thing for Devin and Damon’s dimples. In Reflections of the Wolf, Tina loved Liam’s strong forearms and hands. Shandi from Legacy of the Wolf, couldn’t seem to stop thinking about Rafe and Ryley’s blue eyes. They distracted her many times throughout that book. In Sidney’s Triple Shot, Sidney was struck dumb by her three men’s rock hard pecks and abs.

So tell me now, which parts and pieces make you melt?

As always, Live Laugh and Love like today is your only chance! ~Lori



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Good Sports ;)

So, March is over and I have the lucky date of giving you a post on April Fool’s!  My mom was always doing silly things on April Fool’s and I’ll miss that this year. But on we go, right?

I’ve been trying to think what to do for April Fool’s on the blog but I have nothing. Sorry. But I’m still going to give you something yummylicious to contemplate, to drool over, to die for….to crave. Apple pie! Hah, got ya. Yep, my apple pie recipe. I made two over this Easter weekend. One for my dad’s 90th birthday and one for Easter Dinner. I hope you enjoy it and aren’t too upset with only getting a pie recipe. However, I do encourage you to hang around just a little bit longer after the pie.

Apple Pie

1 recipe pastry for a 9 inch double crust pie

1/2 cup unsalted butter

3 tablespoons all-purpose flour

1/4 cup water

1/2 cup white sugar

1/2 cup packed brown sugar

8 apples – peeled, cored and sliced


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C).
  2. Have a two crust pastry ready. Either your home made or store bought. If you want to get fancy, have lattice work ready.
  3. Melt the butter in a saucepan. Stir in flour to form a paste then add water and sugars. If you want to put a dash of cinnamon in it, sprinkle into the mixture
  4. Bring to a boil, stirring. Reduce temperature and let simmer a minute or two.
  5. Fill bottom crust with apples, mounded slightly.
  6. Either  1 – Cover with a lattice work crust and gently pour sugar mixture over the crust. OR  2 – pour it over the apples and add top crust. Careful the mixture doesn’t run off.
  7. Brush top crust with egg white wash.
  8. Bake 15 minutes in the preheated oven. Reduce the temperature to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Continue baking for 35 to 45 minutes, until apples are soft and crust is golden.

Are you still here?

Because, I am going to give you some smut too! Oh yeah, what’s a blog without smut right? So here you go, a little bit of spoofy, smuty, smexy fun. Have you heard of the Fondled and Gobbled books? Well, I’m proud to be in the second volume with my story Keep ’em Coming. A great group of authors that I have the pleasure to be a member of wrote these great books. We’re the Cabal of Hotness and plan to corrupt the world, one reader at at time. So get corrupted already! Three more books are coming out over the next little while. But for now, here’s a little bit about the first two.

Fondled and Gobbled: Someone Had to Do It

The perfect man—with the imperfect cock and oral skills. The Dom who isn’t a dom, and the man who proves it to him. The alien with dessert-flavored semen and three cocks. The older man (a kajillionaire with a penthouse in Seattle…) who has limitless ability to come all night with his naïve little virgin. goingbackforseconds_msrA woman on a diet who craves a feast of meat and finds herself five Broadshaft Brothers who can deliver.

If you’re looking for the perfect romance with the perfect hero and heroine, this isn’t it! This is a series of spoofs, parodies, just-for-fun lighthearted take-offs. It’s for all us longtime, hard-core romance readers who can laugh at the clichés, purple prose and “suspend your disbelief” plot devices that haunt our beloved favorite genre.

Fondled and Gobbled: Going Back for Seconds

The virgin whose carefully planned hymen removal doesn’t work out the way all the romance novels told her it would. A busty broad doing what she can to get over her penis anxiety—assisted by a cadre of male strippers. A not-so-bright (and not so “big”) alien who comes to claim his life mate, and the Earth girl who wants to be claimed at all costs. A cursed, mute shapeshifter who needs to pop his cherry with his unsuspecting fated mate.

If you’re looking for the perfect romance with the perfect hero and heroine, this isn’t it! This is a series of spoofs, parodies, just-for-fun lighthearted take-offs. It’s for all us longtime, hard-core romance readers who can laugh at the clichés, purple prose and “suspend your disbelief” plot devices that haunt our beloved favorite genre.

Excerpt from Keep ’em Coming

She was hornier than a two-peckered toad watching these hotties strip, bump and grind onstage all night. Now she was going to be up close and personal. See those penises full on and hopefully the banana hammock would fall off. Ravyn stumbled up the stage steps, her toe catching on the lip. She tried to catch herself before catapulting onto her belly. Fuck she was clumsy! She hit the stage like a train wreck. Arms flung out in front, sliding down the runway into Mack’s legs, nearly knocking him off his feet.

Rolling onto her back, she looked up at him. Past the muscular thighs, and zeroed in on his bulging package that loomed over her. She licked her lips and lay there like a dumb ass.

Coming Soon!




Now since you’ve all been such good sports for my spoofiness on April Fool’s. Here’s some REAL eye candy. Ellora’s Cave Cavemen.

cavemen not fuzzy

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I’m always a little unconventional. So while the other amazing authors here are giving some insight into their writing and lives, I’m going to present a game to kick things off!

A little game I like to call MATCH THAT MAN-JUNK. Yes, I’m absolutely serious! And I know your eyes are dipping downward to peek at the great game pieces, so don’t try to pretend you’re reading!

Here are the rules:

Match the face with the junk. In the comments section, post your guesses. For example: face 1 and junk 5

Those commenters with the correct matches will be randomly drawn for winner’s choice of my backlist. Below is my backlist, just to further torment you with sexiness.


Photobucket  junk #2              Photobucket junk #10


Photobucket                                Photobucket

junk #9                                                                                                                                      junk #8


Photobucket      junk #6             Photobucket       junk #5

Photobucketjunk #4


Photobucket                                                    Photobucket

junk #3                                                                                                               junk #1



Photobucket  face#9           Photobucket   face #8


face #7


Photobucket     face #6            Photobucket   face #1


Photobucket  face #3                Photobucket   face #4


Photobucket         face #2          Photobucket   face #5


Thanks for playing MATCH THAT JUNK! Good luck!

Em Petrova

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One Fiery Night

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Hard Ridin’



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