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Outdoors Is the Best Place to Canoodle

Did your grandparents call it cannodling, too? For those of you who do not know, that word means lovin’, which on 69 Shades of Smut translates to hot, wonderful, sex. My newest release has my hero and heroine outside in a warm, sunny pasture…and they happen to have a blanket.

Hmmm. What should they do? Yep, it’s time to canoodle!

Badge and a Saddle 2100

Badge and a Saddle – Heroes in the Saddle, Book 2


EXCERPT: They rode through a small woods and came out in a clearing next to the creek.

Mina wrapped her arms tighter around Rex, pressing her chest into his back. “This is beautiful.”

Rex stopped the horse, helped her down, and followed her to the creek bank. “I come here a lot. To think.” He sat on his heels and tossed a pebble into the clear water. “How about you? You mentioned your dad.”

Hadn’t he read her file? He must know everything there was to know about her. Was he just trying to make conversation? She squatted down next to him. “Mom died when I was born, and Dad and I lived close to the college where he worked. It was easy for me to choose academia as a career.”

Rex looked at her, his dark eyes softer, somehow. “But stars? Why did you choose that field?”

He’d opened up to her, now she wanted to let him into her life a little. “When I was old enough to understand that other kids had mommies, and I didn’t, Dad showed me a star through a huge university telescope. He’d purchased the naming rights through NASA and gave it the lovely tag, Iris O’Malley Cooper. My mother’s name.”

“That’s a great story.”

“It shaped the way I looked at the heavens. I think Dad hoped I’d follow in his footsteps, but the allure of all that mystery out there wasn’t something I could ignore.” She looked at the horizon, where sky met earth. How could she count the amazing things she’d seen, and those she had yet to discover?

“A lot like my job, but without the weaponry.”

Mina smiled. “Exactly. Once I talked Dad into getting me my own home telescope, I was a terror, begging him to bring home more books on astronomy, having him sneak me into classes that were ten years above my grade level, and even debating with professors on their theories.”

“Yeah, I can see you doing that.” He stood and offered her his hand. She took it and he helped her up. Rex stepped a little closer, running his hand up her arm. “You’re not the sort of woman who would disagree silently.” One corner of his perfect mouth curved up.

Everything inside her went gooey as she stared into his eyes and watched his gaze shift over her face, down to her chest, and back up. Just that flick of his gaze on her nipples tingled them into hard pebbles.

He ran his hand down her arm to her hand, then squeezed it in his. “You’ll have to show me that planet sometime.”

Warmth radiated from his touch all the way to her core, where it became a burning desire to kiss him again. Kiss him all over, hundreds of times. She swallowed. “Technically, it’s a star because they undergo nuclear reactions that burn hydrogen in their cores, whereas planets don’t.” Why in heaven had she said that?

He smiled, the transformation on his face turning him instantly into the most handsome, sexiest human she’d ever seen. “Mina.” He tugged her close, wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, and pulled her in for a kiss.

She sucked in a breath as his lips swept over hers, then his tongue teased one corner of her mouth. Her hands slid up his belly to his chest as she opened her mouth for him, inviting him in.

His hand pressed at the curve of her lower back, bringing her tight into contact with the hard length behind his zipper. He kissed like he was hungry, starving, ravenous. Tasting her, teasing and licking her lips, then sucking her tongue into his mouth. He groaned.

She wrapped her arms around his neck.

He slid one hand under her sweatshirt and tank top, up the bare skin of her belly and over her ribs to find her breast, no bra, just skin tingling for his touch.

“Aw, Doc.” He groaned the words against her lips. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

Chapter Seven

Rex knew he shouldn’t. He was the detective on her case, she was the woman in danger he should be protecting, not seducing. He wanted her though, and with both their lives hanging in mid-air, they needed the release of something this normal and human.

That’s what he told himself. It was not that he was fascinated by her, inspired by her strength and intelligence, and aroused by her resilience. No, none of that. He was just here for sex, and he’d keep telling himself that until he believed it.

His groin ached, his balls tightened, and the pulse of blood through his cock beat like the drums at a powwow.

She kissed him back, like she was looking to touch his soul. Soft and gentle, then taking the lead and stealing what she wanted from him. After long minutes, Rex’s knees shook, and the ground seemed to move under him.

He pulled back. “I brought a blanket.”

She licked her lips, panting, her eyes unfocused, and darker blue than he’d ever seen them. “Let’s use it. I want you to take me, Rex.” Mina brushed the fingers of one hand down the front of his jeans, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Her touch sent a flash flood of lust to his brain, her words echoed in his head until all he wanted to do was take her down and… “Shit.” He slapped his back pocket.

Her eyes opened wide. “Uh, you want me to spank you?”

He chuckled. “No. Left my wallet back at the house.”

She frowned.

“Wallet with a condom in it.” He hadn’t planned on this. Or maybe he’d left the condom behind so this wouldn’t happen.

“Oh.” She gave him a naughty smile. “Well, I know a few other ways we could—”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her with him toward Merle. “Doctor, you’re too wicked for me to resist.”


BOOK BLURB: He’s sworn to protect her, but will she get them both killed?

When the missing person he’s been searching for strolls right into his house, Detective Rex Tarrow’s investigation takes a wild U-turn. Astronomer Mina Cooper’s unexpected reappearance plunges the two of them deep into intrigue and murder, triggering a dangerous game of hide-and-seek.

Thrust together into hiding, they discover a powerful connection, and explore the surprising new emotions neither of them expected to experience. While Rex vigilantly guards their lives, Mina struggles with the secrets she has yet to disclose. Knowing that Rex will no longer trust her when he hears the truth, her foolish heart overrides her logical mind, convincing her to keep silent.

Through a violent encounter, Rex discovers no one can be trusted, not even the irresistible Dr. Mina. The information she withheld could have gotten them both killed, and Rex won’t listen to her reasons for lying. Can Mina convince him that she had no choice but to keep the truth from him, or is her deceit the death sentence to the loving relationship just starting to bloom between them?


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Hope you’ll get to enjoy some outdoor canoodling someday soon!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”


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