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I’m giving you exhibitionism, voyeurism, MMF, BDSM, and more for $0.99!

My newest release is an adventure in fantasy, sexual submission, and exhibitionism with a side of MMF action thrown in for fun! Watching Sin is the first in a series of short stories and novella’s that will explore the kink occurring at a private fetish party. No kink is too perverted, and everyone embraces the YOLO attitude at the Lusty Fantasies parties, so come on it, check your baggage at the door, and join us…

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Watching Sin

A Fetish & Fantasy Short Story

By: Lori King

After fifteen years as a bland housewife, Alana is ready to shake up her life by fulfilling her darkest fantasy. She wants to be watched. Her exhibitionist streak is ready to break free, and she knows exactly whom she wants for her voyeur.

Doug would give his wife, Alana, the moon if she asked, so he’s more than willing to participate in a public threesome at a fetish party if it makes her kinky wishes come true. His business partner and best friend, Killian is the wild card in their plan.

A businessman first, and a trained Dominant second, Killian never gets tied down to one submissive. He’s a lover with commitment issues, but he doesn’t hesitate to help fulfill Doug and Alana’s fantasies. Once the fantasy is set in motion, the three players must decide if watching sin is enough…

Warning: Adult Themes-For Mature Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. M/M/F, graphic language, consensual BDSM, public sex, HFN. Short story Approx. 14,200 words.

It’s only $0.99 at…

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Still not convinced? Read an excerpt….

Killian couldn’t believe his luck. For months he had rocked a hard-on for Alana and Doug. From the first time they attended one of his Lusty Fantasies parties, he’d always known they were destined to be his, and he was a patient man. He waited, and watched, easing them along the path he wanted them to walk until they were right here, right now.

With Doug sucking his wife’s tits a few feet in front of him, Killian tipped his glass, emptying the remaining half-inch of whiskey into his mouth and swallowing the burn. It was fortification for the control he was struggling to maintain.  Right now, he wanted nothing more than to call the two of them to his side and force them both to their knees in front of him. After dipping his finger into Alana’s juicy pussy at dinner, he knew she would be more than willing, but how would Doug react? Would he fly off the handle if Killian shoved his cock in his face and told him to suck it?

One way or another, tonight they were going to find out. He was tired of waiting, and watching Alana with her wide eyes, and Doug with his flushed cheeks, as they explored their exhibitionist sides. It was time to up the ante, and expose their submissive nature, too.

Doug had tossed Alana’s bra completely aside so he could play with her tits. The long line of her spine and the sexy curve of her ass beckoned Killian, but he held his place and directed Doug to spin her around again.

His first view of her luscious breasts made his mouth water and his balls draw up tight. She had melon-sized tits with fat nipples that would look amazing pierced. They were a dusky rose color, with areolas the size of a half-dollar. Doug’s hands cupped her and she arched her back, pushing her breasts out to Killian.

It took everything he had to resist the offering.

They were drawing the attention of some of the other guests, but Killian knew that no one would interrupt or distract the two putting on the show. If nothing else, this group was a safe haven for exploration. Everyone here had indulged in a fetish or fantasy at one time or another. A private invitation was necessary to gain access, and upon stepping through the front door, each guest was required to sign a waiver and confidentiality agreement before they were allowed to join the party.

He wanted to protect his friends, but he was also protecting himself. One day soon he would sit atop the Fortune 500 list, and he’d be damned if a scandal would keep him from it.

Alana moaned and drew his attention back to the show. Doug was on his knees, pulling her panties over her hips, exposing her slit. Killian was pleased to see her bald pussy was dripping with need, and he rubbed at his own cock, mimicking Doug’s touch on her body.

The man seemed to know his wife’s body well as he suckled and nipped at various points on her inner thighs and down to the back of her knees. Wearing just the garter belt and hose now, Alana looked magnificent. Her plump lips were parted, and her firm tits lifted and fell with the increase in her breathing. She was a goddess among commoners, standing proudly before them displaying the passion filling her soul.

Satisfaction ripped through Killian when Doug looked over his shoulder at him, and then paused as though waiting for direction. Meeting Doug’s dark gaze, Killian licked his lips just to see the other man’s reaction. As expected, Doug’s own tongue duplicated the action signaling his growing desire. His submissive nature was shining like an aura around him, and Killian jumped at the chance to take control.

“Taste her.”


Thanks for taking a peek inside this fantasy with me!

As always, Live, Laugh, & Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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Acting Out a Fantasy

We all have our sexual fantasies. We may not seek out a place like Paolo’s Playhouse to act them out, but we may close our eyes and imagine… In Playing for Real, Paolo arranges for Julianne to experience one of her fantasies for real.


Paolo dropped a kiss onto one of her bare shoulders. His lips brushed her ear. “Do you trust me, Julianne?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That makes me very happy.” He ran his hands along her arms, stretching them out over her head and crossing her wrists. He quickly tied off the ropes and she rested her head, that familiar calm already starting to flow over her.

Paolo moved to the end of the bed and positioned her so that her legs were wide spread, her knees on the edge of the mattress. Her feet hung off the end. So did her ass. He started stroking her bottom and she braced herself for another spanking.

Instead, she should have braced for his words.

“I have invited another man here tonight. He will be here soon.”

She thought she must have heard him wrong. “What?” She struggled to move, but he held her hips and she could only raise her head to look at him, but of course with the blindfold on it was useless.

“You heard me.” He dipped his fingers between her thighs and she quivered. “A stranger will be fucking you tonight.”

“But…but you said no other men.” That had been a hard limit for both of them. Fidelity.

He took his hands off her ass, rounded the bed and leaned over until she felt his breath on her cheek. He stroked her hair, guiding her head back to the mattress to lie between her outstretched arms. “This is different. This is not cheating. I have invited him here.”

“No,” she croaked, her heart beating a rapid tattoo.

“Yes,” he whispered, his lips brushing her ear, his thumb brushing the curve of her breast. “He will be here in a few minutes.”


“You gave your consent, remember? For me to do whatever I want.” He tweaked her nipple. “And I want to watch you being fucked by another man.”

“No!” She swallowed. “No, you can’t do that.” But as her heart thudded, her body trembled and her sex tingled.

“I can,” he said, his voice low and dark. “Unless you want to use your safe word?”

She gasped. Was this a fantasy or real? This was role playing, right? He’d be playing the role of a stranger, wouldn’t he? Surely he wasn’t really bringing in another man. A chill ran over her skin. But wasn’t that one of the things that brought her here to the Playhouse to begin with? Sex with a stranger? He knew that was one of her fantasies. He’d played it out with her the first time.

“But…but…” She couldn’t think. Couldn’t find the words.

“You know why, don’t you?” He nibbled on her ear while he waited for her to make her decision. “You know why I am letting another man put his hands on you.” He pressed his hand on her back, dragged it down her body until his palm rested between her legs. “I know you have stranger fantasies. You have dreamed of being possessed by a stranger. Have you not?”

She swallowed. Nodded. Still couldn’t say a word.

“But that is not why I have arranged this,” he whispered. He gripped her sex. “It is because this is my body to do with however I want. Yes?”

She nodded again, whimpered. Her pussy clenched beneath his hand.

He slid a finger, maybe two inside, slipping easily into her wet core. “This body is mine to lend to anyone I want to. It is mine to give away if I so desire.”

Julianne moaned. The thought that he would share her with another man shouldn’t have her sex gushing. Still, she didn’t really believe he would do it.

“We do not have much time, Julianne.” He pressed the tip of his finger against her G-spot and she shuddered. “Do you want to use your safe word?”

She closed her eyes beneath the blindfold. He’d asked her to trust him and she did. She shook her head.

“Good. He would have been so disappointed.” Paolo dropped a kiss to her lips, then got off the bed. “He has seen you often. He thinks you are beautiful. He has wanted to touch your soft skin for weeks.”

Julianne shivered. She didn’t know what to think. What to believe.

“Maybe you have seen him before. Maybe you will see him again after tonight. In a store. A restaurant. Walking down the street. Maybe he will hire you to decorate his home or his business. You will never know who he is. But he will know. He will know what your naked body looks like. He will know what it feels like to bury himself deep in your tight heat.”

She groaned, shifted a little on the mattress. Her legs were already tired from holding their position.

“Do not worry. I will not leave you alone with him. Remember, I want to watch. I will even tell him what to do to you.”

Playing for Real is book #5 in the Paolo’s Playhouse series, but can be read as a standalone. It’s available now!


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Voicing Your Sexual Desires

Recently I was part of a group discussion on what women want from their partners that they aren’t getting. There were the expected answers….time, attention, Domination, submission, oral sex….but then there were some unusual ones. One woman wants her husband to role play, another wants to try knife play, while another just wants to try anything other than the missionary position.  This got my mind whirring.

Why is it so difficult to voice the desires we have? We spend hours sharing our dreams, wishes, and plans for the future, but when our man is pulling our clothes off, we suddenly get shy and embarrassed. What happens in that instant to take a woman out of the fog of sexual desire and make her afraid to share her secret needs?

Society is slowly opening up to alternate sexual preferences like BDSM, furry fandom, and even plural relationships, so it would seem that we should be more relaxed about communicating those secret fantasies with our partner(s). In reality, the opposite is true.

The women I spoke with were afraid of judgment from their significant other. Afraid that there would be shame and humiliation at admitting a desire to try something “kinky” and new.  And the internet is full of people who are hiding their innermost sexual desires in their real life, but carry on a double life as a kinkster or phreak after the kiddies are in bed and their partner is otherwise occupied.

In my newest book, Dreams of the Wolf, my heroine is torn between the reality that she has met her mates, and giving up her dream of independent freedom. She is inexperienced, but finds pleasure in the experience of her partners who aren’t afraid to explore her boundaries. My question to you, is how successful have you been at voicing your sexual needs to your partner?

After you answer that, take a moment to preorder Dreams of the Wolf!

Releasing August 15th! Preorder Now!

Releasing August 15th!
Preorder Now!



“Pretty in pink aren’t you, peaches? You smell like candy,” Bryson said just before he flicked his tongue into her folds.

She might have screamed, but she wasn’t sure, in her head she could only hear the racing of her heart, and the rush of blood in her ears. The moment Bryson’s tongue slid up to stroke over her tiny clit, she arched off of the bed. Thomas pressed her back down, and moved from kissing her lips, to sucking at her nipples again. He alternated between her breasts, pinching one, then nipping the other, all while Bryson licked at her cunt.

A tsunami of sensation was building in her belly, and its center was between her quivering thighs. Bryson blew on her hot skin, and then chuckled when she growled at him. “That’s it, peaches, come for me. Let me taste your sweet juice.”

It broke over her, blocking out the rest of his words, and everything else that might have happened around her. All she knew was that her body exploded in an orgasm unlike anything she had ever been able to accomplish with her own fingers. Her pussy muscles clenched and unclenched inside of her so hard that she could feel her abs tightening with the motion. When she managed to pry her eyelids open again, it was to find Bryson with his chin resting on her pubic bone and her cream all over his lips, while Thomas sat above them, grinning at them both.

“Holy shit,” she whispered.

“That was fucking incredible,” Thomas said, and she giggled.

“You should have felt it from this end,” she said playfully, and Bryson slapped her thigh gently.

“Oh we will, love. No doubt about that!”

Bryson moved to tug his jeans off, exposing his thick long erection to her curious gaze. For the first time since meeting him she let her eyes run over his form unabashedly. He was gorgeous, built of muscle and sinew, and rock hard from head to toe. Her fingers itched to run over every dip and curve, but more than anything she wanted to get her hand wrapped around the length of him.

The two men moved without any conversation, switching spots so that Thomas was at the foot of the bed. He dropped to his knees and tugged her down until her butt rested on the edge of the mattress and her legs hung over his shoulders. Eye level with her flooded cunt, he winked up at her. “My turn, little one. I’m going to stretch you a little before I take you, I don’t want to hurt you.”

She nodded, and then looked for Bryson. He was lounging next to her, with his body curved slightly around her head. His cock was within reach now, and she didn’t hesitate to reach for him. “Whoa, getting brave now, peaches?”

His taunt hit its mark because she narrowed her eyes at him, and tugged him closer. Just as she licked his tip, Thomas licked her pussy, and she jumped. “Easy! I don’t want to lose a chunk of me because Tommy-boy is playing with your girlie bits!”

KJ started giggling, “Girlie bits?”

“Really, Bry? You have to make her laugh now? I didn’t tell jokes while you were eating her pussy, did I?” Thomas said, his hot breath on her wetness making her shiver.

“Sorry man, but I have to protect myself.”

KJ licked at Bryson’s cockhead again. “I think I can handle it, but then again, I get lockjaw occasionally…”

The look on Bryson’s face was priceless, and Thomas let out a loud laugh. “She’s kidding, Bry! Now, fuck her face!”

KJ’s stomach clenched at Thomas’s dirty command. Did he realize how much his tone of voice turned her on? She wanted to do whatever would make him happy when he spoke like that, and she turned her attention back to the task at hand. Bryson’s precum was salty, and slightly musky, but it wasn’t bad. She found herself going back to trace that little line around his head with her tongue. He seemed to be enjoying it, as he pressed his cock closer to her and threaded his fingers into her blonde hair.

“Suck on it, peaches. Gently, now…”

She took it into her mouth, carefully covering her teeth with her lips, and applied a little bit of suction. His growls of pleasure encouraged her to keep going, and she took it as far as possible, choking slightly when he pressed against her tonsils.

“Don’t force it, love. Take what you can, but don’t push yourself. Just having you touch me is good enough for me. Fuck that’s beautiful.” Bryson’s head was thrown back, and his hips rocked gently as he did in fact fuck her face. It was empowering to realize that she could bring this enormous man to his knees with her mouth alone.

Thomas took that moment to slip his finger into her depths, and she gasped. The only fingers that had ever been inside of her were her own, and the feeling of being touched was more erotic than she could have fantasized.

“You like that, little one? Your greedy pussy is sucking my finger in, maybe you need more than one?” He pushed another finger into her tight passage, and she felt her body clamp down on him as she groaned around the mouthful of cock she had. If his fingers felt this magnificent how was it going to feel to be full of his cock?

As always, Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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