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Playing for Real by Natasha Moore

Paolo Mancini is one of my favorite heroes. I mean, who doesn’t love a charming guy with a sexy Italian accent? Paolo is a dominant who craves a “real” D/s relationship, not only one that happen in sex clubs like his Playhouse. How can he help the new woman in his life to push out of her comfort zone without pushing her away for good? It was fun to write a vulnerable, dominant guy. I think so often we think of those strong, alphas as confident and all-in-the-know, when they’re not as in control of their emotions as they would like.

Playing for Real is book #5 in the Paolo’s Playhouse series. I’ll share an excerpt with you.

Paolo Mancini’s needs are simple: a committed relationship with a submissive who will let him love and care for her. But after a long, heartbreaking string of relationship failures, he’s beginning to think the perfect woman for him simply doesn’t exist.

When Julianne Barnes steps into his playhouse for one night of bondage sex, she blows him away with her beauty, sass and bravery. She could be the one…if she will allow him to show her how to weave bondage and submission into her life. And hopefully, into his.

Julianne keeps her craving for soft ropes, dark blindfolds, and strong fingers apart from “real life”, where this successful businesswoman doesn’t need anyone telling her what to do. Yet Paolo’s lyrical, steel-under-silk voice affects her body in ways that make her want to offer up her soul.

Slowly, delicately, Paolo tantalizes her closer to the idea that fantasy and reality can live as one. But to convince her it’s safe to open the last compartment protecting her emotions, he’ll have to expose his greatest vulnerability. His heart.

Warning: Features a petulant sub looking to live out her fantasies and a sexy Dom looking for love of the forever kind. Contains an intense sex-with-a-stranger fantasy, ropes, chains and a spanking. Or two. Or more.


Paolo knew his aftercare. He gathered Julianne in his arms and held her for a while to give her a chance to catch her breath and come down. In all honesty, he needed some time for his racing heartbeat to get back to normal as well. Her silky hair brushed his face when she buried her face in the crook of his neck. The sweet scent of her desire surrounded him, invaded his senses and kicked up his own arousal. As she snuggled against him, her bottom was a tempting weight on his groin.

Eventually, he groaned and eased her off his lap. Then he got up and brought her back a cup of water. He worked hard to stay outwardly calm and strong as a Dom should, but inside he was shaking. He needed some time alone to replay what had happened, but he couldn’t do it until he brought her back to her place safely.

“I will help you dress.”

She looked up at him, her gaze still a little glassy, but he knew she was rapidly recovering from her dive into sub space. “What?”

Instead of answering, he crossed the room, picked up her clothes and shoes and brought them over to her. “Let me help you.”

She gripped the white cup on her hands. “I don’t understand. We’re done?”

The man in him wanted to gather her in his arms and keep her there all night long. The dominant knew better. “Yes,” he said, keeping his voice low, steady. “We are done for tonight.”

Julianne set the cup down on the floor by her feet. “But what about you?”

He sat down on the cushion beside her. “Julianne, every session will not include sexual intercourse. Tonight I wanted you to get used to the feel of the chains and my hands on your body. And to allow me to learn your responses and your needs.”

“Well, I need to take care of this for you.” She placed her hand over his rock hard erection. “We don’t have to fuck. I can…”

He grasped her wrist, wrapped his fingers tightly around it, stopping her before he actually gave in to temptation and let her fall to her knees and take care of his aching need. “I am in charge here, or have you forgotten?”

“No, sir.”

He felt a small burst of pride at the way she lowered her eyes and let her fingers go limp. Paolo lifted her hand to his lips and kissed her fingertips. “Thank you for your desire to obey me, even when you may not understand why. That pleases me more than you know.”

He could tell she was uneasy. His biggest struggle was going to be to train her to submit without thinking it to death. To obey without hesitation. To respond without worrying why.

The ironic part was that she had been getting there tonight. Losing that control she so desperately wanted to cling to with both hands.

But he’d lost control too. Forgot all about what he was supposed to be teaching her. Forgot about everything but the softness of her skin and the sound of her sighs. He thought of nothing but the sweet way she responded to his touch, the possessiveness that crawled inside him. The primitive instinct to claim her as his.

Nothing else had mattered.

Playing for Real is available now. And if you want to catch up on the first 4 stories (all stories are stand-alone):
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