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Sneek Peek

I apologize for being missing for the past month. My hubby and I were traveling around Florida and Georgia, visiting friends and family, and escaping the cold that hung around western New York since last November. If I’d been more organized, I would have scheduled posts ahead of time, but then, I’ve never claimed to be organized.

I’ve also been busy working on edits for my September Samhain release, The Cottage Next Door. It’s not smutty in the least, but emotional and romantic, but of course, there’s sex because realistically, grown-up relationships usually include sex.

Because I’m sure that, like me, our readers like some variety in their reading and love romances of all kinds, I’m giving you the first peek at this second-chance-at-love beach romance:

Sylvie waited on the deck while Hunter let Riley into his cottage and got him some water. She felt lighthearted and scared to death at the same time.

Maybe it would have been easier to jump his bones last night in the dark. They could have said they were overcome by passion. By the spur-of-the-moment need. But now…this was thought out. Planned. Agreed to.

They were going to have sex. No strings attached and with an end clearly in sight.

Hunter joined her at the door to her cottage. She avoided his eyes as she opened the door. He followed her in and closed the door behind him. The small cottage seemed to shrink down to miniscule. Hunter wasn’t huge, but he took up a lot of space in the little living room. A buzz of nervous anticipation danced along her skin.

He was a stranger. He had Fletcher’s stamp of approval, but that didn’t mean she felt all that comfortable about taking off her clothes in front of him. She wasn’t as young as she used to be. And no other man but Matt had seen her naked.

Hunter tipped her chin up with one finger. She hadn’t realized she’d been staring at the floor.

“Okay, now it’s my turn to ask you if you’re all right. Are you changing your mind? Do you want to go a little slower? I could take you out for lunch and—”

Sylvie forced out a laugh and grabbed his forearms. “No. God, no. We don’t need to go out on a date. That’s not what this is about, right?”

He studied her for a moment. “You look like you’re having second thoughts to me.”

“No. I’m so horny I can hardly think straight. That’s not the problem. I want to have sex. With you. I’m just nervous.” She chewed on her lower lip for a moment and then admitted, “I feel like this is the first time for me. I know it’s dumb, but I’ve never had sex with anyone but Matt, and I don’t know how to do it with anyone else.”

“I think we all probably do it the same way,” he said softly. He was most likely trying not to laugh at her.

“I know. I’m being silly.”

“I have a confession to make.”


“I’ve never had sex with anyone but Jenny.”

“Really?” She couldn’t stop the hint of skepticism from sliding into her voice.

“Yeah, I know. Guys are supposed to have had sex with lots of women, but I wasn’t that way. Jenny was my high school sweetheart. My only love. I didn’t want anyone else.” He swept her wispy hair back from her face. His hand was warm on her cheek. “Until you.”

She shivered. “So here we are, almost like a couple of virgins.”

“I don’t know if I’d go that far.” He brushed his lips over hers, oh so slowly. “I’ve learned a few things since high school.”

Her lips tingled. So did the rest of her body. “That’s good to know.”

She couldn’t believe they were really going to do this. For all her fantasizing, reality was a little scarier than she thought it would be. She did feel like a virgin in Hunter’s arms. No matter how much she wanted this, she wasn’t sure how to proceed. Did he want to take charge? Did he like to take it fast? Slow?

“Hey.” Hunter pulled back to look her in the eye. “You tensed up. Are you okay?”

She nodded. Smiled at his concern. “Virgin nerves.”

He chuckled softly. “No expectations. We can take things slow.”

“Slow,” she repeated. Why was she a little disappointed? What had she expected, that he would take her hard and fast because he couldn’t help himself? Matt had been in love with her and they’d never had sex that way.

Hunter ran his lips along her jaw and over her throat. “Your skin is so soft,” he murmured. His hands rested on her hips, heavy and warm, but he didn’t move them over her body. His lips were all that were moving. He didn’t slip his fingers beneath her shirt to feel her bare skin. He didn’t slide a palm up to cup her breast. She ached with the longing for him to do just that. Her breasts felt heavy. Her nipples prickled.

He wasn’t rushing her. Sylvie supposed she should be grateful for his consideration, but she’d wanted this for days. Nights. She grabbed his arms, right below the edge of the short sleeves. The hard, warm skin nearly burned her hands. She curled her fingers into his flesh, holding on tight when her knees began to tremble.

God, she needed this so badly. To feel like a desirable woman again. To slake this need with a hot, hard man.

The Cottage Next Door releases September 16th and I’ll be back to share the beautiful cover as soon as I can!

Playing for Real
Her Royal Masquerade
Her Royal Bodyguard

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Safe Sex and Magical Condoms

If you’ve read any of my books, you might have noticed that I rarely leave out the mention of birth control, particularly prior to the first love scene. There are two reasons for this. One, I think it adds a necessary realism. Yeah, I know I’m creating a fantasy with my books, but when it comes to most of my characters, safe sex is something they do take into consideration before tripping the mattress fantastic. So it makes sense for them to address it. My second reason for including it is because I feel a certain responsibility when it comes to my writing. Yes, my books are meant for adult readers, but I’m fully aware that there are probably plenty of readers under the age of eighteen who read my books too. Hey, I remember sneaking my dog-eared copy of Bertrice Small’s Skye O’Malley into my tenth grade history class and trying to pass it off as research. Side note: If you’re reading this, Mrs. Hadley, that really was for research. Really.

When it comes down to it, regardless of the age of my reader, I’d like to think my characters are someone you can relate to. As women–and for those men out there reading this too–we’ve all been faced with choices when it comes to sex. Why wouldn’t these same issues pop up in our fictional worlds? Even if that world happens to be on a planet light years away from Earth, or populated with hunky werewolves. But I’m curious what y’all think. Does it matter to you if safe sex is or isn’t used by your favorite characters? Does it ruin the fantasy or draw you out of the story in any way? Inquiring minds want to know!

And because I’d be remiss in not pimping my upcoming release a bit, here’s a little teaser scene from Lover Enraptured featuring a magical condom. Because who says safe sex can’t be fun AND sexy. 😉

Pre order from Samhain Amazon B&N

Exclusive excerpt:

If this was all that she could have of Jerrick, would it be enough?

He leaned over her, the personification of a lifetime of longing wrapped up in an achingly beautiful package. And she had her answer.

No force on Aurion would give her the strength to walk away from this moment. Away from him. Her heart, her body, they’d always belonged to him. There was no fighting her destiny. She cupped his face, stroking the beloved planes of his cheekbones with reverence.

He sipped at her lips, his thighs coaxing hers wider. “I want to feel you wet and clasping tight around me. I promise I’ll weave the sheath before I come.”

It took a moment to grasp his meaning. “You can make a magical condom?” The notion almost made her giggle.

He grinned. “One of the perks of being a Maddoc.”

His shaft furrowed along her slit, splendidly fat and rigid, and she sighed in pleasure. Well hello there, second big perk of being a Maddoc fae.

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Voluptuous – Sneak Peak


When you read this post, I will be on the road, driving my parents up from Florida to New York State for the summer. I thought I’d share a little teaser for my next release, Voluptuous, coming September 6th from Ellora’s Cave.


When Meredith is stood up by another blind date, she hooks up with sexy coworker Sam at the local bar. She’s drooled over Sam for months, but getting to know him better in a back booth makes her wish guys like him want to stick around.

Sam’s been attracted to Meredith’s lush curves, bright-green eyes and throaty laugh ever since he met her. Sharing drinks, bad-date stories and sexy innuendo makes him like her even more. But her lousy one-night stands have convinced her she’s not worth a second glance. Spankings and a little bondage just might help the voluptuous Meredith understand that not only can they share adventurous sex and pizza at midnight, but a future together as well.


Delightful shivers danced along her skin and she leaned in close, placed her hand on his shoulder. “Okay. What are we doing here?”
He leaned in even closer. “Getting to know each other a little better?”
The scent of spicy musk reached her over the smells of booze and perfume, and she took a big whiff. “Are you hitting on me, Sam?”
“I’d hoped the hitting on was mutual.”
It was hard to resist a guy who made her laugh. Especially a hot guy who made her laugh and squirm on her seat. But from prior experience, she knew a hot guy like Sam wouldn’t want her for more than a one-night stand. “We have to see each other at work.” Life could get awkward fast.
“I know.” He glanced over his shoulder. “Those guys are leaving. Want to grab that booth?”
He laughed, grabbed her arm and snagged the back booth before anyone else noticed it was free. She scooted onto the bench seat and instead of taking the seat on the opposite side of the table, Sam slid in beside her. Between the two of them—one big and tall, one big and wide—they took up most of the space.
“I hope you don’t mind,” Sam said softly. “We can talk without shouting across the table and besides, now I can do this without drawing too much attention.” He placed his hand on her knee, then began to slide it slowly up her bare thigh until he reached the edge of her dress. Her pussy quivered in anticipation and he wasn’t even close to her center.
Two could play that game. Meredith put her hand on his thigh. It was so hot and hard. But his leg was covered by fabric and that was so not fair.
Her mind was whirling with the implications of what was happening here tonight. She’d been stood up by one guy but now was getting up close and personal with a coworker. A totally hot coworker who at this moment was sneaking his fingers underneath her dress. She slid her hand up at little closer to his groin.
“It’s your turn,” she said, her voice a little breathless.
His slow slide up her thigh stopped and he gently squeezed her flesh. “My turn?”
She settled in closer, shoulders touching, thighs rubbing, hands a little hungry for more. “For another bad-date story. Surely there was someone worse than the greedy woman who just wanted you to buy her food for the next week.”
Sam smiled and resumed his voyage beneath her dress. The waves of arousal swimming through her system grew larger and more insistent. She was glad she hadn’t worn a tight dress. The waitress came and they ordered another round of drinks. This would have to be her last one, and then she’d have to get some food in her stomach. Her head was whirling slightly but it was more from the man beside her and the intimate way he was touching her.
Meredith shifted in the much more comfortable seat, dropping her leg slightly to give him better access. She barely worried about what he thought about her fleshy thigh. The liquor had apparently done a good job of lowering her inhibitions.
“There was the woman who took her cat with us on our date,” he said. “The furry thing was curled up in her lap the entire time. She petted it and talked to it for the entire drive down the coast. I might as well have been their chauffeur. ”
“Maybe she was afraid you were going to try to get in her lap and she wanted protection.” She laughed louder when the thought hit her. “Ha! She was petting her pussy so you couldn’t.”
Sam joined in her laughter. His fingers had made it to the edge of her panties. Any worries she had about her thick thighs went flying from her mind when he skimmed a finger down the wet center.

Voluptuous is available for pre-order if you don’t want to forget.

Silken Canvas – available now
Voluptuous – coming Sept 6th
Playing for Real – coming March 18, 2014

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Heading for the Beach!

When you read this on May 14th, I’ll be on my way from western New York to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We’re pulling a travel trailer, heading for a campground right on the beach. I’m so looking forward to burying my toes in the sand and relaxing to the sound of the surf. And if I’m lucky, checking out some hunks, all wet from the waves.

So this is a quick post to give you some release dates I have coming up. 🙂

Voluptuous will be released from Ellora’s Cave on September 6th.

Silken Canvas is available now in e-book version, but will be out in print on November 5th.

Playing for Real, book #5 in the Paolo’s Playhouse series will be released from Samhain on March 18, 2014.

We plan to be back home before my next scheduled blog date, May 28th and I’ll have some pictures to share then. Until then, have a great couple weeks!


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Playing for Real – a new Paolo’s Playhouse story

I’m thrilled to announce I just contracted book #5 in my Paolo’s Playhouse series with Samhain. The four Paolo’s Playhouse stories feature different couples at a crossroads in their relationship and what happens they book a playroom at Paolo’s Playhouse, an exclusive fantasy sex club. In book #4, Plaything, Paolo and Julianne meet for the first time and I had requests from readers – and from my editor – for a longer story with Paolo and Julianne. I was happy to give it to them.



Playing for Real starts after they meet at the Playhouse and gives them a hot and emotional ride to their happy ending. Here is a rough blurb so you have a taste of the story to come:

Dominant Paolo Mancini wants to settle down into a committed relationship with a submissive he can love and care for. After a failed marriage and a string of short-term relationships, he’s pretty much given up on finding the perfect woman. Then Julianne Barnes comes to his playhouse for one night of bondage sex and she blows him away with her beauty and sass and bravery. He thinks he may have found the sub he’s been looking for. He yearns to show her how to weave bondage and submission into her life, and hopefully into his.

Julianne has always fantasized about soft ropes and dark blindfolds and strong fingers wrapped around her wrists. But just because she craves bondage doesn’t mean she wants to submit to a man in her “real” life. She’s a successful businesswoman and can take care of herself. But Paolo is so sexy, so seductive, she quickly finds herself under his spell. Soon, just hearing his lyrical voice, that silky tone with the steel beneath, makes her sex clench and her soul submit.

But while Julianne tries to keep her time with the sexy Italian separate from the rest of her life, Paolo is determined to show her, through play sessions and dinner dates, that he’s playing for real.

I’m looking forward to sharing the cover and release date as soon as they become available. I love these characters and I think  the scenes in this book are some of the hottest I’ve ever written. I can’t wait to share 🙂




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Silken Canvas print available for pre-order!

I’m babysitting my four month old grandson today, so am a little late posting. Multi-tasking is the name of the game today.

My erotic romance, Silken Canvas, has been available as a download since December 25th. It will be out in print November 5th. I’m thrilled it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon.

I love pre-order, don’t you? Love when I open my Kindle and discover a new book there. It’s like a fun little gift, something I’ve often forgotten all about. Something I’ve been eagerly looking forward to and I pre-ordered it so I wouldn’t forget.



He can work with her body…as long as he doesn’t touch her heart.

Brendan Cole burst onto the art scene in a blaze, creating erotic works of art from beautiful women. Recently, though, reviews suggest that his brilliance is burning out. He knows what’s missing—inspiration. He lost it the day his ex-lover and muse, Ashley Mancuso, walked out on him.

Together, they can once again create the erotic images that will silence the critics forever.

When Ashley runs into Brendan at an art gallery, their attraction is as hot as ever. Though she swore to never again take second place to his art, she finds herself agreeing to an impromptu photo shoot. Once in front of his lens, five long years of suppressing her kinky side melts away—and shakes her resolve to keep it strictly business.

One spellbinding session after another makes it impossible to resist talking of fantasies and long-buried desires. But once the images hit the gallery walls, all the fears and insecurities that drove them apart create a rift wide enough for danger to find its way in…

Warning: Contains a sexy, tortured artist, his gorgeous muse, and a string of pearls that creates one very erotic BDSM fantasy.

Silken Canvas got 4 stars from RT. “Moore has given readers of erotica something to enjoy. With sizzling characters and an actual plot, she has crafted a story that both entertains and thrills.”
I can’t wait to hold one of these books in my hand and stroke the gorgeous cover. 🙂 So if you want your own print copy of Silken Canvas, you can pre-order it now so you won’t forget. Or you could download the e-book right now if  you can’t wait.


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Me, Myself, & I – 1st Person in Erotic Romance

Some readers love it. Some readers hate it. I’m talking about first person point of view. It seems to be one thing that readers can get quite vocal about. I’ve heard people say they will never read it. For me, it’s never mattered. I grew up on Mary Stewart’s gothic romances and Phyllis A. Whitney’s mysteries, so reading a book told in first person never bothered me at all.

Erotic romance adds another layer to the discussion. Too intimate. Too voyeuristic. Those are a couple of the arguments I’ve heard against first person point of view in erotic romance. And again, to me, it doesn’t matter. In fact, intimate? Voyeuristic? I mean, what’s wrong with that?

I’ve written two short novellas told in first person, present tense. Sunrise, found in the Jewels of the Nile II Caveman anthology from Ellora’s Cave, won the Passionate Plum for best erotic novella, so thankfully, there are readers who don’t mind, perhaps even embrace, a sexy and emotional story told in first person.




Caroline has been meeting Alan at the lake, at sunset, for months. The hot sex they’ve been enjoying started out mindless and anonymous, just the way she wanted it. Little by little, however, they’ve gotten to know and care for each other. Caroline fears the changes in their relationship she can’t seem to prevent.

Alan wants Caroline in his life. He sets out to seduce her with his voice, his hands, his body. He’s no longer satisfied with sex in the shadows and he wants more. Can he make Caroline feel the same?


He sits on the bench and pulls me between his legs. The light is at my back. I can see him, but I know I’m in the shadows. The way I like it. It seems much longer than six weeks that he’s been away.

“You cut your hair.” I comb my fingers through his short, dark strands.

He shrugs and pulls the clip from my hair. The heavy weight settles over my shoulders and down my back. The breeze picks up the golden strands and blows them across my face. He gathers my hair in his hands and pulls my head to him. His kiss is hard, bruising, punishing even. I know why and wish I could give him what he wants.

At first his lips are dry, but as we kiss they quickly moisten and we slip and slide against each other. Our whole mouths are soon involved. Tongues. Teeth. Taste. No one else kisses me the way he does. As if he would devour me if he could. As if my taste is the only thing that can sustain him through the days to come.

Or is that the way I kiss him?

I lick his lips with my tongue, drinking him in. I’ve been thirsting for weeks.

“God, how I’ve missed you,” he says. His cultured, British accent slides over me. He clutches my shoulders. “Come home with me tonight.”

I try to pull away, but he doesn’t let me go. He slides one hand through my hair and holds onto the back of my head. His firm grip forces me to look him in the face as I fight against the panic scrambling in my stomach. A slight smile lifts his lips as he lowers his other hand to the back of my bare thigh. A delightful curl of arousal replaces the panic. I shift between his legs, moving closer to him, my hands resting on his legs. The cooling grass tickles my bare feet.

His eyes seem to darken as he slides his hand up beneath my pareo to cup the cheek of my bare ass. The breeze coming off the lake follows his hand along my skin, blowing against the wet flesh between my legs. I vaguely wonder if anyone, like those teenagers over there, can see my bare curves, but I don’t care enough to stop him or move out of the light or do anything but press into his hand.

His fingers play with my ass for a moment, teasing me with their nearness to that sensitive spot between my legs. I rock my hips, trying to get him closer, although he doesn’t need a reminder that I want those fingers deep inside me. He knows. But he’s not happy with me now.

Still pinning me with his gaze, he begins to stroke my ass with his long, calloused fingers and I melt as I always do, relaxing into the erotic caress. When the slap comes, I jump. I gasp and stare at him, but his expression hasn’t changed. We’ve tried nearly every sexual position imaginable, but he’s never spanked me before. The sharp sound seems loud in the quiet surrounding us. He gives me couple more gentle strokes before the next slap. Harder this time.

I shouldn’t like it, but illicit excitement dances along my skin. Does he mean it as a punishment, a harsh reminder that he wants to take our relationship to a new level and I won’t agree? Punishment or not, the quick slaps are incredibly arousing. He spanks me again. And again.

I can’t stop myself from bending over, tucking my face into the crook of his neck, pressing my ass harder into his hand. Moisture runs down my leg and my heart races as he spanks me again and again. His other hand is still buried in my hair, holding my head against his shoulder.

We’re both panting. My ass is on fire. My whole body burns for him. My pussy’s throbbing and I’m so close I can almost feel the first waves of an orgasm.

But as if he can tell I’m that close, the slaps begin to lessen. His hand strokes me again, lightly, gently. My skin prickles with the burn and I almost beg him to continue. But I won’t beg.

The second story, See Me from Samhain, came to me in first person, the same as Sunrise. I really couldn’t write it any other way. In See Me, I actually tried. I re-wrote the entire story in third person but it just wasn’t the same. This is an intimate look into one woman’s mind and how she’s affected by a stranger.




These days, Lydia is feeling increasingly restless, and tired of being invisible. No one at work notices the nose-to-the-grindstone colleague dressed in business drab. Her neighbors don’t even know her name.

No one knows she burns off her frustration by dancing to her favorite music, alone in her apartment. No one knows her closet is a wardrobe divided: monochrome and flats by day, silk and stilettos by night. No one knows her secret ritual has slowly evolved into private stripping…then dancing naked on her tiny balcony, daring someone—anyone—to notice.

Then, at the apartment across the way, the curtains move.

Wes can’t believe what he’s been missing by working the night shift. He is drawn to the amazing woman whose every sensual move makes his body ache. And when she catches him watching, the evening explodes into an erotic fantasy. Afterward, though, she confesses she’s not all she seems. No way is this fiery siren as boring and unlovable as she claims.

And no way is he going to let her go without convincing her she is brave, beautiful…and the face he wants to see every morning.


I can’t remember when I first started stripping to the music, but I remember clearly the night I first pulled open the curtains before I began to take off my clothes. It was only a couple weeks ago, on my birthday, and I had been yearning, somehow, to connect with other people.

I’d still been timid fourteen days ago. That night, I’d drawn open the heavy curtain, but left the thin sheers closed. My heart had pounded against my ribs as I stripped down to my fancy black satin underwear to the rhythm of a salsa beat. I’d nervously stayed in the shadows that night, but I could have just as well been under a spotlight. It hadn’t mattered. There’d been no sliver of light to betray the movement of a curtain. Nobody saw me.

Day by day, I grew bolder.

Tonight, I step up to the curtains and yank them open without a second thought. Darkness has fallen. The lights are still on behind me. If anyone looks out, will they see more than my silhouette behind the sheers? Can they see the red silk that hugs my body? The heels that make me stand tall and thrust my breasts out?

I can’t see out into the darkness and at this moment, I really don’t care.

The throaty cry of the saxophone sends shivers up my spine and I slowly unknot the sash at my waist. I slide the narrow strip of silk through my fingers as the dress gradually parts. Although I know no one sees me, I imagine someone’s dark eyes staring at me out of the shadows. He’s looking at my cleavage laid bare by the parting red silk. The dress slides open and my nipples prickle as the fabric glides across their sensitive tips.

Can he see them, this imaginary man watching me? Can he see my nipples tighten and poke against the fabric as it catches on their tips? In my mind he can see it all. I spread my arms wide and the dress floats to each side, revealing my pushed-up breasts, my exposed stomach, my barely-there panties, my long bare legs.

I’m still moving my hips to the beat of the music. Still feeding off the heavy bass and the soaring brass. When I roll my shoulders, the open dress falls back. It can’t slide too far down my body because the tight sleeves halt the fall of the fabric. The sensual sway of the melody, like the sway of the dress, feeds the need building inside me.

The need to move. The need to be seen.

I can almost feel his eyes on me, this imaginary voyeur. His hungry gaze lingers on my tight nipples peeking up above the bra, then sweeps down my body, zeroing in on the spot between my legs. Can he tell I’m wet? Are my panties darker between my legs? My hand drifts down and I cup my sex, sliding my palm along the damp silk. I press tightly against my pussy and feel the heat on my hand.

The dress is in the way now. I need to be free. I grab the edge of one sleeve and tug, dragging it down my arm until I finally pull it off. My skin is sweaty and the last sleeve sticks, clinging as if it doesn’t want to let go, as if it wants to keep me bound in the red silk forever

But soon I’m free and I begin to strut around the room to the beat of the music, the dress hanging from my hand, sweeping the floor behind me.

Is he watching? Does he see me? I toss away the dress and tear open the sheers. My reflection stares back at me in the wide expanse of glass, my eyes wide, my bra and panties dark against my pale skin. Is anyone out there?

See me! I want to scream. I dare you to see me!

I open the sliding glass door as far as it will go, then step into the opening. A slight breeze brushes against my sweat-slicked skin. The sax is crying through the speakers. I grab onto the door jamb and the edge of the door, arch my back and toss my head as the saxophone hits the high note. My body is crying too. For a touch. For a taste.

I brush my fingers lightly up my arm, across my shoulder, tickling the skin and sending shivers of awareness raining along the surface. I catch the bra strap with my finger and slide it off my shoulder. Then I do the same with the other side. The straps brush against my upper arms like the tips of teasing fingers. I leave the bra in place for a moment while I cup my breasts in my hands and roughly tease my aching nipples with my thumbs and forefingers. Flames of arousal lick my skin and I struggle not to tear the bra off my body. Instead, I focus on the music, match my movements with the sensual rhythm of the blues and continue to move.

The vocals burn into my brain as the music steers my body. Lyrics of longing and loss, of need and sorrow, of searching and wandering. I sway to the music there in the doorway of my tiny balcony, in full view of anyone else craving more than this solitary existence.

Or am I the only one?

I reach behind me slowly and unhook the bra as I imagine that nameless, faceless lover watching my performance. His mouth waters. His palms itch. His cock aches with need. He can’t take his eyes off of me. He thinks I’m doing this show just for him.

Since he’s invisible too, I don’t have to tell him, as the bra slides off my arms and hits the floor, that I’m doing it for myself. It’s the only thing that makes me feel alive. My pussy twitches in expectation. I’ve had enough teasing. Enough yearning.

I step out onto the tiny balcony and lean back against the cool glass. The curtains of all the apartments facing me are still drawn tight. My eyes drift shut and I can feel the fingers stroking my skin. I sway slightly from side to side in time with the music, then sweep my hands up over my stomach and gather my breasts in my palms. They seem to swell beneath the kneading strokes. My nipples are even needier than before and I almost cry out when the fingers pull and pinch them.

My pussy throbs, need pulsing through my body in time with the drum beat that anchors the melody in the background. I drop my head back against the glass, hitting the large plastic clasp that holds my hair up. I reluctantly let go of my breasts, reach up and release my hair. My dark curls swirl around my shoulders. I drop the clip to the floor and open my eyes in time to see it bounce and slide through a space in the narrow, black, wrought iron railing.

As I glance up from where my hair clip disappeared, I notice the light is on now in the apartment directly across the courtyard from mine. I freeze when I think I see the curtain move slightly. But I realize I don’t really care if someone actually is watching. In fact, my heart races and my body becomes even more alive at the thought that someone might be. The curtains don’t move again, if they ever had to begin with.

How about you? Do you like the intimate view first person gives you? Or will you never read anything in first person? Or will you read it all as long as the story appeals to you?


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