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Ryan Taylor-he’s sexy as hell and a soft-spoken sweetheart


I had the pleasure of meeting this sexy South African at Romanticon in Ohio and let me tell you ladies, he is as sweet as he is sexy, and that’s saying a lot. I mean look at the man. He’s not only a model, but also a talented jewlery designer, and I’ll hook you up with a picture of his work and links to his site after he answers a few questions for us and lets us drool over him just a little bit.

Alright, let’s get to the interview.

What do you prefer, studio photo sessions or going on location, and why? Location is always more fun , it’s like going on  a small  exploring adventure – looking for that great spot.

What genre of books do you read? Mostly autobiographies and motivational

What is the most seductive thing a woman has ever done for you? Opened a beer with her teeth or what was left of them and passed it seductively over – that got me fired up…

What would you rather be doing other than modeling? Honestly I have never seen myself as a model..its a fun addition to life but I’m doing what I have always wanted and that is to turn great ideas into something tangible , something  real.

If you could write a book and place yourself on the cover what would the book be about? The book would be titled ‘Your Vision Under Lock and Key’ meaning have a dream and go do it – keep that vision real and secure all the way to the end..

Have you ever dated a woman older than you? Yep, looking back my relationships have always been with older woman.

Hmmmm. Not sure that I can open a beer with my teeth, but after this I might try…

Here’s a shot of some of the armo bands Ryan designs and makes, and links to his website and Facebook pages. Say hi, leave him a comment and he’ll stop by and respond if he can today.


His accessories are mostly based on ancient Roman times and that there are a ton of new additions coming real soon  – as in rings, necklaces, bags, caps, wallets etc . Its the start of an entire range of just accessories.

Check them out at:

Website :

Facebook :

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