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Sexy New Year’s Resolutions!

I have to say, I’m not really a “make a new year’s resolution” kinda gal. Frankly, I don’t manage to keep any I make, so I don’t bother anymore. Especially because mine usually involve not eating potato chips. It just doesn’t fly.

However, it occured to me that keeping sexy new year’s resolutions could be very fun indeed. And even if one makes a mistake, try, try again, as they say!

So what would my recommendations be for a sexy resolution? Well, read on!


1) Kiss more! Read a few romance/erotic romance novels and I’d bet you’d find reams dedicated to kissing! Tender pecks, deep kisses that stir your soul, kisses of longing and pain and ecstacy. There’s a reason we write this stuff. Kissing is good! And think where it could lead…

2) Tell your partner you love him/her, at least once a day. I don’t know about you, but I never tire of hearing this sentiment, and could hear it in a multitude of different ways, and wouldn’t grow bored of hearing it. It’s important to hear it, but also to say it. We want to be on the giving and receiving end of this one.

3) Try something different. Okay, maybe we don’t all have a sex swing in our living rooms. Perhaps when we hear the word “Dom”, we just picture that Italian guy we went to high school with. Maybe we don’t all live in the fast and sexy lane. That doesn’t mean we can’t mix it up here and there. There’s nothing that quite puts the light in a man’s eyes as suggesting you visit the sex toy shop together. Try it. You might like it.

4) And most obviously, pick up a romance or erotica novel. You’d be surprised at how well reading one of these books can spice up your life. One of my readers told me she read one of my books with her husband and he thanked her for it later! Let your fave romance author take you to some new places, or discover a new author or two this year! And then go ahead and try to recreate some of those steamy scenes!

I’d like to wish you all a very healthy and happy new year, and also wish to say a big thank you to the group of people that is 69 Shades of Smut. It’s been a terrific year, and I’ve been so privileged to share it with you all.



Rosanna Leo

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My fave Xmas specials…and a giveaway!

Hi 69ers!

Yes, we’re talking holidays, and for me at this time of year, that means Christmas. As a child, as silly and uneducational as it might sound, a big part of celebrating the holiday was catching certain Xmas specials on TV. And who among us doesn’t get all nostalgic when we hear that Charlie Brown Xmas music? Right?

Well, I watched a couple in the 70’s that still hold a special spot in my heart. Some are hard to find now. First among these is “The Christmas Messenger (1975)” starring Richard Chamberlain. In this one, Richard played a myterious man who comes to Victorian London to spread the message of Xmas to a young man. At the end, Richard turns out to be an angel. I loved this show. It made me bawl!

The Christmas Messenger Cartoon Picture


Another one I enjoyed, and that invariably made me cry into my egg nog, was “The Happy Prince (1974)”. This was a cartoon starring Christopher Plummer. It is based on an Oscar Wilde children’s story, and gets me every time. Read the book if you get the chance. The story of love and friendship between a golden statue and a swallow is about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read.

The happy prince

Did you watch any Xmas specials that no longer run on TV? Do you miss them? I know I’d love to see these ones again, or find a copy somewhere.

To help celebrate the season today, I’m doing a giveaway of one of my backlist. Simply comment and tell me which holiday specials meant the most to you!

I’ll pick a winner by end of day today.

Happy holidays!

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A feast for the senses!

Hi friends of the 69 Shades of Smut!

Well, its that time of year again. American Thanksgiving was recently celebrated and I’m still seeing posts on Facebook about how full everyone is. Here in Canada, we had Thanksgiving a month ago, and I still can’t handle the thought of turkey for a while.

Admit it, as much as we moan and complain about those annual holidays that make us feel like gluttons, it is satisfying indulging the senses for a spell. There’s nothing better than walking into a house where a turkey has been slowly roasting all day, and catching a delightful whiff of all those trimmings.

We’re pretty lucky to be able to enjoy that.

And let’s face it, there’s something absolutely sensuous about eating and drinking delicious foods. It engages all our senses: we touch the food, smell it, hear it roasting or crackling or simmering, we see it come to a boil or thickening in the pot. And of course, we taste it, swallowing it down, remembering its unique flavor. Sounds an awful lot like lovemaking to me!

I wanted to capture some of that feeling in my paranormal romance The Selkie.   In my book, selkies are sensual creatures, driven by smell and taste. I describe their unique sensibility and liken them to cats. They can smell a fragrance, that sense of smell transfers to their tastebuds, and they can suddenly taste. An intriguing thought, when standing in front of an aroused individual!

Has there ever been a smell that has driven you wild? I know I have some. My favorite has to be cocoa butter. I smell it and am immediately transported to a sandy beach. I can almost feel the water lapping at my toes. Is there a sound or taste that has remained in your memoryback, conjuring delicious images? I’d love to know. Is it the flavor of sweet wine, or perhaps the feel of leather? What sense memories stimulate you?

While you’re pondering this, I’ve leave you with a little snippet from The Selkie. Hopefully my selkie man will engage your senses!


This was supposed to be her year. However, after losing her job and discovering her fiancé cheating, Maggie Collins has her doubts. When her grandmother dies, she hits rock bottom. Maggie travels to her grandmother’s home in Orkney, Scotland to sort through her gran’s things, only to discover the old woman has left her a seal pelt as her inheritance. She also learns that others are after the pelt.
To add to her frustration, Maggie’s dreams are filled with luscious images of a long-haired man, images that draw her to the magical beaches in Orkney. Although she’s lost her trust in men, this dream man inspires her with a lust she’s never known before.
Calan Kirk has also been dreaming. Dreaming of Maggie, the mortal woman who arouses him as no other woman ever has. Meeting her in the flesh when she arrives in Orkney is nothing short of spontaneous sexual combustion. But she is a human, and not to be trusted. He needs the seal pelt, not a red-haired temptress.
As a thief ransacks Maggie’s grandmother’s house, Maggie and Calan are thrust together. They must search for the animal skin, a mythical relic which once found, will either bring them together or rip them apart forever.

The woman addressed only Calan, as if in a stupor. “What would you like, handsome? Please tell me it’s forty-year-old blondes with a couple of kiddies at home.”

He merely grinned, as if he got that response from women all the time. “A bottle of red wine, please, pet. Oh, and a shrimp plate, the buttered scallops, the lobster pasta, and the oyster special.” He turned to Maggie. “What’ll you have, love?”

She couldn’t stop her eyes from popping. “None of that was for me?”

He leaned over and whispered, grinning lasciviously. “I did warn you about selkie appetites.”

She tried to ignore the luscious ripple of sexual promise that wobbled through her core.

A short time later, Maggie was polishing off her lunch-sized portion of fish and chips, watching as her strange companion swallowed back the last oyster with gusto. He’d eaten all of it, every last morsel, although he’d tried to share a great deal of it with her. And he’d ordered two more bottles of red wine, too. She’d had a glass. He’d had the rest. And he was as sober as a novice on her first day at the convent.

“Do you always eat like this?”

Calan laughed. “I’ll share something with you. Selkie folk are sensualists. We live to feel, Maggie. We live to touch, to smell, to taste.” He leaned over and gave her a kiss so redolent of buttered shrimp that she almost thought she was at Red Lobster. “And we like to eat, mostly shellfish, but I’d take a good burger any day.”

She couldn’t help laughing at his enthusiasm. It was as infectious as his kisses.

“And,” he continued, “I do have a weakness for fine red wines. And one of the perks of being selkie is that it takes a lot to get me drunk.”

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Interview with cover model and author Justin Whitfield!

Well. When our friend Sky Robinson asked me to take on the arduous (wink wink) task of interviewing the very sexy Justin Whitfield, did I say no?

Hell, no!

Justin is not only an Ellora’s Cave model and “caveman”, he is a family man, entrepeneur, former exotic dancer, bar owner and now, with co-author Taylor Cole, he is the author of a very titillating book entitled “Take It Off.” This book is based on Justin’s and Taylor’s experiences as dancers and packs a punch. It’s already garnered some great reviews on Goodreads, so I couldn’t wait to talk to Justin about it.  Join me as I interview him!

Rosanna: Justin, firstly can you tell us a bit about your sexy book? And please don’t be shy.

Justin: My friend and co author Taylor Cole is from Dallas and I live in Houston. We started in the LaBare clubs together but after my divorce, I moved to Houston to work. When we would meet up for roadshows or just visiting, we would share our stories and just laugh our asses off. We had been wanting to write a book for years so when I first heard of the movie Magic Mike and saw the trailer and that it was portraying club male strippers as cool, I knew that we had to get this book finished. We actually wrote it all ourselves and it was finished before we saw the movie. The movie is a mirror-image to our lives and this book takes you where the movie could not. The stories are hilarious and that is what takes everyone by surprise! There is a lot of sex too!

Rosanna: How did you get into modeling, and how did you get into romance modeling specifically?

Justin: I had previously done fitness modeling  and playgirl but 7 years ago, Elloras cave and I had set up a meeting at my bar between them and my LaBare friends. I was accepted then but couldn’t find the time away from my bar.  (80 hour weeks ) Fast forward to 6 months ago, we get a book deal and they ask for my photos. I get approved and now get to fulfill a bucket list item and be on romance covers. I’m very excited about that.

Rosanna: You work for Ellora’s Cave. What is the best part of your job?

Justin: The staff. They are the nicest people! Also, the traveling and Elloras Cave really takes good care of us.

Rosanna: As an exotic dancer, did you ever have a “Whoa!” moment with a lady? Did a patron ever push the envelope too far? How did you handle it?

Justin: yes, many times! From girls trying to pull my underwear down to cutting my full backs off during a table dance. I’ve been yanked off stage as well. You just gotta hold your temper and play it off.

The biggest tho was when I had a lapdance for this really hot 19-20 year old. I sat her down and start my dance. Her face is basically in my crotch  area. Without ANY NOTICE, she grabs my cock and puts it in her mouth. No prior notice or even flirting. Just grabs it and starts. I immediately pull back and am surprised at her. I stopped the dance and said I had to go. She was embarrassed to say the least.

Rosanna: Do you have a favorite cover you’ve posed for? What did you pose as?

Justin: I’ve only been on one so far. “Feels like the first time” by ciana stone. I look forward to doing more. We have a photoshoot scheduled in December so I am getting in better shape and tanning. Lol.

Rosanna: What do you think is the hottest moment in your book?

Justin: there are soo many. Many women like the holy grail story. About twins at the same time…

Rosanna: Okay…fluff time. I know you’re taken, Justin, but let’s pretend for a moment. Let’s say you’re single and you have a date with a special woman. What are you going to do to ensure she has a good time and that she never forgets you?

Justin: I would take her to banana bend. We get to go boating, jet ski, off road and swim. Just have fun and see if she can hang with me. If I were close to a beach, that would be my first choice. Nothing like ending the date on the sandy beach alone with just us to keep each other company.

Rosanna: What do you consider to be your best physical feature? Why?

Justin: i used to be a top national level bodybuilder, so I have round muscle bellies and small joints and waist. I look more muscular than I really am! Lol!

Also, I cannot grow any hair on my torso. Very soft skin.

Rosanna: Are there any other books in the works? Can you give us a sneak peek?

Justin: part two is almost finished!

Quick Answer Questions

Sex or chocolate? Sex

Sexiest actress ever? Monica belucci

On a beach or in front of a roaring fireplace? Beach

Night-time or morning? I can appreciate Both now.

Boxers or briefs? Boxers

Fave position (wink, wink)? 69

Thanks so much to Justin for being a tremendous sport and fun interviewee. Congrats on your delicious book and we wish you many sales!

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Naughty librarian or sweaty cowboy? Which do you prefer?

Hi everyone.

Today I wanted to blog about sexy stereotypes. You know the ones I’m talking about. Anyone who’s read even one romance novel is bound to have encountered one or two. And why not? These delectable cliches still get my heart pounding from time to time.

Consider the naughty librarian. Visualize her if you can. Her hair up in a bun, ready to fall down if she chooses. The pearls at her neck that seem to smack more of sex than demureness. The conservative blouse, easily unbuttoned.

And then, for those who prefer a bit of masculine temptation, we have the cowboy. He’s probably sweaty…in fact, that ought to be a must. He may not be wearing a shirt. Perhaps he’s holding a lassoo…ready to tie something, or someone, up?

And romance/erotic literature abounds with so many more of these luscious archetypes. The tortured vampire. The innocent ingenue. The authoritative policeman/fireman/take your pick of men in uniform. The affable rake.

Why are we drawn to these characters time and again? Do they reveal a little about us that we weren’t aware of? Or do they put a fine point on all our fantasies, a dose of sweet nostalgia? I know my dreams have been colored by these icons many a night.

I think we enjoy their stories because they offer us the lure of the familiar, while still tickling our sexy bone. It’s sort of like curling up before a roaring fire. You feel warm inside just thinking about them.

Do you have a stock character that you enjoy reading about? Is there a book that has offered you an interesting take on one of these familiar roles? Share it with us!

I’m off to the library!



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Is hell sexy?


As we take part in the season of Halloween, I always find myself thinking not only of trick-or-treating, but of Heaven and Hell. All Souls Day is right around the corner, and yes I know this because I was once a good Catholic girl. Do you ever wonder what lies beyond? Some people say that we are currently living our hell on earth, but is it possible hell exists? I’m sure Dante had some opinions.

Is hell really a fire and brimstone kinda place, or is it an outlet for humanity’s baser desires? A place where anything goes. Where sins are welcome and encouraged. And would we want to give into those sins once there, forever mired in a cesspool of carnality? Would it be delicious or terrifying?

I’ve touched on this topic in my paranormal romance Sweet Hell. In this novel, the Greek god Dionysus is forced to take a journey to hell with my heroine Josie. And Josie is quiet surprised by what she sees there. All is not fire and brimstone, but is it any less horrifying? And can they escape it once there?

Read on, and tell me…do you think hell could be a sexy place?


Dionysus, Greek god of wine and theater, is the world’s original playboy. But
lately, he has been restless, moody, and he knows something is wrong. His
carefree and bacchanal lifestyle is starting to feel like one long string of
meaningless, sexual escapades. Even worse, he is suddenly aroused by the idea of
marriage. And to top it all off, Josie Marino, the mouthy, disheveled, and
eternally annoying woman who serves him coffee at the local bakery, sets him on

Josie, a Toronto baker of Italian heritage, is not looking for
love or lust. Especially not with Dionysus Iros, the most aggravating, demanding
customer she’d ever had to serve. With his rippling muscles and sexy, knowing
eyes, he’s obviously trouble with a capital T. Unfortunately, he’s also the star
of her every X-rated dream. She’s known players like Dionysus before, and one of
them almost got the better of her. Josie determines she will not fall for his
considerable physical charms, come hell or high water.

But Dionysus turns
strangely protective when a sinister character arrives at Josie’s bakery, and
they can no longer deny their unwanted feelings for one another. They are forced
to embark on a bizarre, sexually-charged journey to hell itself, which threatens
to either change them for the better, or destroy them.


It took about fifteen minutes for them to reach it. With each passing moment, Josie felt her heart speeding up. Up close, the mansion seemed even bigger, with various wings that seemed to stretch off into different directions. It seemed to her the house not only must have north, south, east, and west wings, but also some wings going in directions that hadn’t been invented yet.

It was shockingly ornate, reminiscent of the grand country estates her parents had brought her to on her first trip to Europe years ago. This place was even more stately, each detail meant to impress and intimidate, yet it was oddly welcoming at the same time. With its scrolled railings, pretty balconies, and Gothic peaks, it reminded her of a fairy-tale castle from her girlish dreams. The sort of place in which she’d always wanted to live. Surrounded as it was by a sprawling English garden, it was too heavenly to be hell.

“I can’t wait to see inside,” she said under her breath, realizing she meant every word. It was the sort of home she could spend weeks exploring.

“Soon enough,” Dionysus said quietly, the annoying smile still playing on his full lips.

Josie stared up at the massive building as they walked up the ostentatious, circular front steps. On each deep step was a marble statue. Or rather, a set of statues. All depicted in the nude. All of them frozen, as if caught in the midst of blatant sexual acts.

She gulped.

The first statue was of a man, his head thrown back in ecstasy, standing before a kneeling woman whose mouth was quite occupied. The next statue depicted a couple leaning up against the marble handrail, the man taking the woman from behind. Josie stared. The fingers digging into the woman’s hips seemed so lifelike, as did the expression of euphoria on her face, it was as if the couple had been turned to stone while in the middle of the act.

Sex, Medusa-style.

With each step, the marble acts of copulation grew more lurid, more imaginative. Some involved groups so large she and Dionysus had to step around them.

As much as it made her nervous about their destination, she couldn’t deny it was also turning her on. Her heart was beating more quickly now. There was a thin bead of sweat on her upper lip. She was squeezing Dionysus’s hand so hard she worried she might break it. And she found she was eager to see each coming statue. Wanted to see all those marble limbs and various appendages, entwined forever.

They finally reached the top step, and she breathed a sigh of relief at being able to look away from the weird statuary. She turned to him. “What is this place?”

His brow was furrowed. He almost looked sorry for her. “Remember the illusion. Each level of hell is designed to make you want to stay there. To linger and forget. To ensnare and distract. This level, The Sinners, is no different. It appeals to the most base of appetites. Most people get caught here. Why do you think the house is so big? It grows with its new additions. Wings are added. Floors are created. It will make you want to stay, too, Josie.”


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Be afraid…be very afraid.


In discussing blog themes for the month, we 69rs couldn’t help but talk about Hallowe’en and all the scary stuff surrounding it. I realized I just had to talk a little today about the things that scare me. I love frightening movies and books, and probably read or saw hundreds of them before I was 20 years old.

I think all the horror books affected me.

In a way it’s refreshing to discuss this because as an erotic romance author, scary sights don’t often come into play in my work. Unless you’re talking men who are so delicious it’s practically scary. 😉

You might think that the things that frighten me most are the horrible notions that scare everyone: illnesses of  family members, painful accidents that could happen in everyday life. Of course, those things terrify me too.

But what really gives me the chills? (lowers voice to whisper level) ZOMBIES.

There. I’ve said it. Zombies. Now, I totally get that these creatures of the night are unreal. Of course, I know it. But there is no thought that scares me more than the notion of being chased by a zombie. Being the only normal person left in a world full of flesh-eating monsters. I can’t go to zombie walks. No way! I’ll have nightmares for weeks. I can’t watch any more zombie movies. I won’t sleep. Even Sean of the Dead freaked me right out! I caught 5 minutes once of The Walking Dead on TV, and have never recovered. I can’t even venture into haunted house attractions at theme parks. The idea that some carnie with strips of flesh hanging off his face might touch me drives me insane with fear…okay, even being touched by a carnie whose flesh is intact is still a mite off-putting.

File:Zombies 79201360.jpg

But what is it with the zombies anyway? Is it that they are soulless entities who recognize neither friend nor family member? Is it their raw, insatiable hunger that leads them to destroy anything they ever held dear? Is it just the inevitable bad breath? It can’t be good.

For me, I believe it’s the fact that a zombie will never stop coming for you. You can run. He’ll follow, even if he’s dragging his bloody leg behind him. You can beg for mercy. He won’t listen. He has one goal…to sink his rotting teeth into your juicy brain, until you are just like him.

So, on that pleasant thought, I wish you a super Hallowe’en! And if you’re trick-or-treating on the evening of the 31st, don’t pay any attention to that grey, stalking form behind you. No need to run.

I’m sure it’s nothing bad.

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Moving to menage….2 legs too many?

Hello everyone. Thanks to Benjamin Russell, who allowed me his slot today, after I had a little snafu with my scheduling this week. I can only blame it on my fall cold- darn sinuses messed me up! So, thanks Benjamin!

I come to you today with my writer’s tail between my legs. I have a dilemma. Maybe you can help me resolve it.

All my books have involved heterosexual couples who end up in a committed relationship, but as we all know, there are different strokes for different folks out there. I’ve recently toyed with the idea of writing a M/F/M menage novel. In fact, my fellow Smutters have given me some terrific ideas in a chat we had not long ago. I’ve read several menage stories and have enjoyed them immensely. So, of course, my intention was to just write a menage story! It would be fresh and new for me, and would likely rev the old creative engines!

Right? Well, sort of.

After having tackled couple love stories, I figured adding another person to the mix would be no big deal. Was I wrong? You bet your sweet flogger, I was!

It’s not the physical aspect that confounds me. After all, it’s pretty clear that certain appendages can only go in certain places when you have a threesome. And I wasn’t planning on involving any alien life forms who might have extra arms or noses or heads.

It’s the emotion involved. Add an extra man to the mix and suddenly you have a whole new dynamic. There is potential for jealousy unless those 2 guys are ultra-secure with the menage. You’ve got a woman who could be really worried about pleasing both her men. And the men I was considering are brothers…wow- there’s another possible issue right there! Not all menage readers enjoy reading about siblings, even though I know there will be no touchie-feelie between these brothers for obvious reasons.

Writing menage is not the lark I assumed it might be. I have a new respect for menage authors. As Paige Tyler told me, you have to make sure you’re not fighting the story, or that the story is not fighting you. Sage advice!

So, I put it to you readers out there. What do you look for in a menage book? What sorts of emotions do you want to feel? What turns you on, or off, in a menage story? Please share…and maybe one of these days, my randy brothers will live to see the light of day!

In the mean time, I’ll leave you with a blurb from one of my 2-person books! We’ll see if that third gets added any time soon.

Rosanna Leo

Up In Flames:

Juliet Baker is not looking forward to coming home after six months. Yes, the fiery brunette wants to make a go of turning her parents’ farmhouse into a B&B. She’s just not looking forward to seeing the place where they died. To make things worse, she knows she’ll finally have to face her cheating, firefighter ex-boyfriend.Luckily, her sister has found Jules a boarder. Easy money, right? Not when she realizes the boarder is Captain Shane Gaskill. Not only is Shane a firefighter, he’s the town’s hot new fire captain.Jules is determined to hate all firefighters. After all, the men of that precious brotherhood protected her cheating ex. Shane, however, proves he’s different from the start. He’s protective and kind, and she can’t stop looking at his smoking, Viking-hot body. She learns, though, that Shane isn’t so willing to love again either. He’s been hurt, too. They both fight the sexual chemistry, and resulting tenderness, between them. But when a stalker begins to target Jules, they realize they can’t fight their desire forever.

As the threats escalate, Shane and Jules are thrown together. The resulting passion overwhelms them. But are they willing to trust each other and surrender to the flames of love?

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The perfect lover…if only you can get him to stay.

Hello smutty folks!

Well, anyone who knows me a little, or who has picked up one of my books, will realize that I have a thing for the men of mythology. I mean, not that I have a problem with plumbers or dentists or accountants, especially the sexy ones, but when I fantasize I like to envision those larger-than-life dudes. The Greek gods. The vampires. The selkies.

Ever read the myths pertaining to selkie folk? Perhaps. There are even a few interesting books and movies out there dealing with the topic. However, most that I’ve seen are distinctly YA. This confuses me because in reading the myths from Scotland and Ireland, well, let’s just say the whole selkie appeal is drenched in sexuality.

For those who don’t know, selkie folk are supposed to be related to the Fae in some way. They are shape shifters, and can assume the form of a seal in water. However, selkie men and women can remove their pelts and assume human form as well. The old myths are full of stories of mortals stumbling upon a discarded selkie skin on the beach.

Now here’s the fun part. If you find a selkie skin, that selkie is obliged to pleasure you. Selkies are reputed to be astounding, indefatigable lovers!  In fact, they say if a mortal woman is unsatisfied with her love life, she can also cry 7 tears into the sea for a immortal selkie man. He will find her and love her as no mortal man can. BUT…and here’s the big but…the selkie will stay with you, unless he finds his skin. If he does, he will return to his beloved sea, never to be seen again.

There are countless tales of lovelorn human women and men, who stare out into the sea day after heartbreaking day, hoping for a glimpse of the selkie lover who abandoned them.

I made these myths the basis of my new novel The Selkie, an erotic paranormal set on the magical beaches of Orkney, Scotland. Read on for a little taste, and let me know if you might like to have a selkie lover of your own!


This was supposed to be her year. However, after losing her job and discovering her fiancé cheating, Maggie Collins has her doubts. When her grandmother dies, she hits rock bottom. Maggie travels to her grandmother’s home in Orkney, Scotland to sort through her gran’s things, only to discover the old woman has left her a seal pelt as her inheritance. She also learns that others are after the pelt.

To add to her frustration, Maggie’s dreams are filled with luscious images of a long-haired man, images that draw her to the magical beaches in Orkney. Although she’s lost her trust in men, this dream man inspires her with a lust she’s never known before.

Calan Kirk has also been dreaming. Dreaming of Maggie, the mortal woman who arouses him as no other woman ever has. Meeting her in the flesh when she arrives in Orkney is nothing short of spontaneous sexual combustion. But she is a human, and not to be trusted. He needs the seal pelt, not a red-haired temptress.

As a thief ransacks Maggie’s grandmother’s house, Maggie and Calan are thrust together. They must search for the animal skin, a mythical relic which once found, will either bring them together or rip them apart forever.


She was attempting to stand on her wobbly legs, only to fall back down on her bottom, when she heard the sound of splashing water. Thinking it was her seal, Maggie turned to look.

Her breath caught in her throat. It wasn’t the animal at all.

It was a man. He was rising out of the waves, walking toward her. She froze. He was nude, utterly nude, and was staring at her with overflowing intimacy. As if they’d had, God help her, relations.

And she realized, with sudden panic, they’d had! In her dreams. He was the seal-man from all her sex dreams.

No. Impossible.

Her first instinct was to call for help, but there was no one near. And then she realized with frightening awareness that she didn’t want any help anyway. Glued to her spot, she couldn’t help but drink him in.

He was beautiful, if unnervingly wet and naked. He had long, shiny, brown hair that hung down past his shoulders. His face could have belonged on an ad for expensive cologne, and he had a body to match. Sculpted shoulders gave way to arms corded in muscle. His defined chest was blanketed by a smattering of sparse, brown hair that led tantalizingly to his rock-hard abs.

Maggie held her breath as her gaze traveled lower on his body, taking in trim calves and thighs a quarterback would envy. And, she noted with simultaneous hunger and horror, his penis was the biggest she’d ever had the pleasure of seeing. It was thick and long and glistening with the droplets of water that yet cascaded over his body. And it seemed to be reaching for her. She gulped, and forced herself to look back up at his face.

There was a faint glow about his skin, a shimmery aura. Dismissing it as a trick of the moonlight, she shook her head.

He was almost upon her, and his full lips were taut in a teasing grin. Maybe he was a surfer who’d lost not only his board, but his shorts in the waves. She knew she should be frantic, but wasn’t. There was something in his brown eyes that was so familiar, so soothing, even as they swept over her own body with lustful appreciation.

He stopped in front of her, and stood boldly, unashamed of his glorious nakedness. She managed to spit out one hushed word. “You.”

“You,” was his equally awed reply.

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Rosanna Leo: meet the new Smuttie (or is that Smut-tress?) + a giveaway!

Well, hello there, my new friends. I’m the new girl and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Firstly, I must thank Benjamin for kindly allowing me his spot today. Benjamin, I heard you were a sweetheart. Now I just know it for myself.

I am so pleased to be one of the new members of 69 Shades. It wasn’t all that long ago that I was reading great books by these wonderful authors and wondering if I might ever be published. The publishing gods smiled on me and my first book came out this past April. The second in May. My third just launched and my fourth is coming Sept. 3. Whew! It’s been quite a year.

I figured the best way to introduce myself is to introduce you to my work. A little teaser, if you will. After all, here at 69 Shades of Smut, teasing is what we do best. I hope I don’t disappoint.

Please read on for a tempting morsel from my first book, For the Love of a God.  And don’t forget to say hello and leave a comment. Next week, I’ll draw a name and one lucky commentor will win a copy of For the Love of a God.

Please be gentle with me.

Rosanna Leo


Conservator Maia Douglas is an expert on ancient Greece and its mythology. She would never tell anyone at the museum where she works, but she’s always had a secret crush on the mythical Eryx, Greek god of love. There is nothing she loves more than to tend to her favorite statue of him, and her nighttime dreams are filled with luscious images of Eryx making love to her.

One day, the peace at Maia’s beloved museum is shattered when a new director arrives. A man who looks exactly like her image of Eryx. As Maia watches, he manages to upset her ordered museum world, at the same time he inflames her with unwanted desire.

Maia does not know that her new boss is actually the god Eryx, disguised as a mortal so he may work in antiquities. Although he is the god of love, he has forsaken his sexual nature because of a curse that has killed any woman he’s dared to love. Though he fights it, Eryx is drawn to Maia with a force he’s never experienced in a thousand years. But can he convince her of his true identity? And can he protect her from a vengeful goddess who seeks her destruction?


He reached around for her zipper again to drag it south, but only got about another half inch down before he noticed her face. She tried to hide her look of uncertainty from him, but failed miserably. “Maia, what’s wrong? If you don’t you want to do this…”

“I do.” She opened and closed her mouth a few times, feeling so inadequate before his golden, manly beauty. “It’s just—oh God, here comes my stupid insecurity. You’re so goddamn perfect. Why would you want me?”

His eyes widened and he blinked at her a few times. His brow creased in an expression of great tenderness. “You have no idea how beautiful you are, do you?”

Her eyes suddenly misted, big fat wuss that she was.

His mouth set in a tight line. He grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bedroom. Once there, he wheeled a gold-leaf cheval mirror out of the corner and stood her in front of it. Still overwhelmingly naked, he stood behind her and looked at her in the reflection. Slowly, he ran his hands up and down her bare arms. “I’m going to show you how very beautiful you are.”

Finally, he finished with the damn zipper, easing it down the curve of her buttocks. Then he peeled the dress off her body and let it slip to the floor, and helped her step out of it. Maia didn’t want to look at her near-nude reflection, but Eric would brook no opposition. He made her look at herself. In nothing but her silk panties and heels, she felt über-exposed, but he was drinking in the sight of her in the mirror.

Just when she thought he might finish with this weird experiment, he helped her take her shoes off and set them aside. And then he hooked his fingers in her panties, still looking at her in the mirror. “Watch,” he whispered.

Oh-so-slowly, Eric pulled the undies down over her hips, smiling slightly as he did so. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight. Especially when she saw how his eyes focused on her pubic area. His lips had parted, and she saw her own chest heaving in the reflection.

Once the panties were off her, he stood still behind her. His large hands came up to fondle her breasts, and she sucked in air at the sensation. “Look how sexy you are,” he breathed. “Your cheeks are flushed. And I can already see the moisture between your legs, right there on your delicious thighs.”

“Please,” she begged, turning away from the mirror.

Gently, but forcefully, Eric spun her around. And made her look. And she did.

“Now,” he whispered. “I want you to watch this. And see how truly gorgeous you are.”

As his hand roved in the direction of her female heat, Maia wanted to cry. But she didn’t know if it was from shame or from the incredible lust he’d aroused in her. He was making her watch, for God’s sake! Who did that?

And yet, it was breathtaking to see.

He touched her with one finger, and she saw her face redden. He slid two fingers back and forth across her wet seam, and she watched her lips part on a shattered breath. He reached two fingers into her, seeking refuge in her warm body, and she watched as her pupils dilated.

And then he stroked. Stroked. Stroked.

Her knees were starting to buckle. She was already starting to come. Only then did he permit himself a little nibble, closing his teeth on the back of her neck. Staring at her in the mirror.

Maia cried out, and he removed his hand, delaying her release. Seeing the sense of tremendous loss shadow her features, he grinned at her. “Now. Look in the mirror, and tell me what you see.”

With a little less hesitation, she did. And took in the sight there. Her hair was in slight disarray. There was a bead of sweat on her upper lip and a pink flush to her chest. Her eyes were wide and so dark. Haunted, but needing more of him. Hungry.

“What do you see, Maia?”

“I’m … I’m beautiful.”

Only then did Eric roll the mirror away. He then rejoined her before the bed and gathered her in his arms. Holding her. Caressing her. After a moment, he pulled away and smiled down at her. “I’ll tell you what else you are.” He raised the fingers which had so recently been in her wet pussy and sucked on them, then licked his lips. “You’re fucking delicious.”

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