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Bling Giveaway! Rhonda Lee Carver

I’m feeling a little sentimental this evening. Okay…I’ll admit it…I’m in tears. My daughter went to her first homecoming dance tonight. I walked her into the school, took pictures, and watched her walk away. I felt like I was reliving the first day of school  when she started kindergarten. No worries, I held my tears back on that monumental day, and today, until I reached the car. I wonder why I’m a blubbering fool? I also found myself teary-eyed when I wrote Resisting Pressure (Book 5, Rhinestone Cowgirls). I love these sisters. Each Stones is loosely created based on my dearest friends–minus details here and there. I wouldn’t give away any secrets. Resisting Pressure, Violet and Keefer, is an amazing story of life and love after baggage–or with baggage.  I hope you’ll love their story as much as I did writing it.


Who doesn’t love bling? In celebration of the release of Resisting Pressure, I’m having a 3-day bling giveaway. I want to adorn you with these beauties, so here’s what you must do…

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Here’s a treat for you. A short excerpt:

He turned and watched Violet slip from the cowboy boots. “So again, tell me how you ended up with boots. What happened to the heels?” He thought this should be good.

She grinned. “I ran into Edie in the bathroom and she said she liked my heels. So I exchanged them for her boots.”

He rubbed his jaw, his beard rasped loudly. “Do you do this often? Exchange something if someone likes what you have on?”

“Never before with a stranger, except for my sisters of course. Growing up was pretty cool having three sisters with awesome style. We traded all of the time. So tell me, did you know that Edie is…”

“With Buck? I thought it was pretty obvious. You didn’t?”

“Totally missed it. Until she told me.”

“You didn’t see the looks they shared?”

“No. I was oblivious. She was very appreciative for the heels and I was glad I made her smile. She even kissed me.”

“Yeah—huh?” He turned rock solid in a  flash. “She kissed you?”

“She did. In the bathroom. On the cheek. As a thank you for the heels.”

Innocent kiss or not, his cock responded like a jackhammer. He needed to take a breather or he was going to spew even before he got his jeans off. He was going to have sex with Violet Stone. Granted, it wasn’t what he was expecting, a one night rumble, but she had a sinful body with curves that deserved a man’s attention. Hair that hung long, he could only imagine how the silken curtain would feel against his bare skin. Goosebumps popped out over his flesh with the mere thought.

Tonight he would sink his body deep into hers and find a release that had been building since the first time he’d laid eyes on her.

He’d have to wrap his brain around the fact that their acquaintance went no further than tonight. He could handle that, he had no choice. He knew all too well how women like Violet could be, or what they needed. She didn’t want a man that was on a new path, finding his way. She wanted someone who was established, had money to buy her things. Hell, he couldn’t deny that she deserved a man that treated her like a princess, but he was juggling a lot at the moment.

He pushed the dismal thoughts from his brain. Now was not the time for thinking. He had a beautiful woman standing before him.

She sashayed across the room until they were close, her tongue sweeping out along her lips, making his gut tighten.  “I’ve been wanting your kiss.” Her voice had a tiny quake in it and he could see by the trembling in her bottom lip how nervous she was. They both knew they were on the precipice of something great that was about to happen.

“You can have as many as you want,” he told her in a voice that expressed the unsettling of his nerves. “I have to admit I’m feeling guilty.”

“For what?”

“For the first time in my life, I’m feeling guilty for having a one night stand.” He admitted easily. “Are you sure—”

She touched his mouth with the tip of her fingers and then slid them to his jaw. “No words are needed. I know you aren’t a womanizer and you should know that I don’t normally jump into things. Tonight, I want us to enjoy each other, enjoy this unexplained lure drawing us together.”




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Sweet Revenge Cowgirl Style–Rhonda Lee Carver

Friends, family and I decided to say farewell to summer in a BIG way. We rented a cabin by the lake for the weekend. Girls got the cabin and boys popped up tents. After an evening of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, the girls went back to the cabin. As we all started to drift to sleep, I heard footsteps and the bathroom light came on. Ten seconds later a loud scream came with someone running through the cabin. We all jumped up, scared and wondering what in the hell just happened. My cousin was screaming, “Snake! Snake! There’s a snake in the bathroom!” A few of us, the braver ones, tiptoed to the bathroom door (as if the snake was an intruder of the human sort). Sure enough, there was a snake by the toilet. However, this was of the rubber kind and not real. We knew immediately this was the doing of mischief men. We stayed up half the night plotting and planning revenge…especially for my cousin who had peed herself when she jumped off the toilet.

Early in the morning, the men were heading down to the lake with their fishing poles. They were chatting quietly about the weather, coffee, and of course, the joke they’d played on the ladies. There were five of them, big, brawny men who had no clue they were about to face revenge. Up ahead on the trail one of them spotted something in the weeds. As they got closer they stumbled upon a dead body. Screams were heard (yes, screams), shouts and cursing. I stumbled out of the woods, my clothes covered in blood (ketchup) with my butcher knife held high in the air, yelling, “Who’s next!” Three ran and the other two, pale-faced, were up against the tree clinging like molasses.

Once the “dead body” rose up, laughing, and I joined her in hysterics, they realized what had happened. Trust me, we have it recorded so they’ll never forget how we got the best of them.

Resisting Pressure (Book 5, Rhinestone Cowgirls) is available for pre-order!

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Blurb: After one memorable night with a cowboy, Violet Stone has tried her best to forget rodeo star, Keefer Lane. His chiseled jaw, strong arms and sex appeal remain in her dreams, but some things aren’t meant to be. They’re both from different worlds—wanting different things. As a nurse, she’s dedicated her life to helping people survive and he’s a bull-riding, adrenaline junkie who puts his life on the line every time he steps into the arena.

Months later, she runs into him and the tension remains. His arrogance hasn’t curtailed. He believes he can flash a dimpled smile and the world falls at his feet, but she isn’t one of his buckle bunnies. In regular Stone fashion, she angrily teaches him a lesson with a flash of her own ‘assets’, but eventually the tables turn and she gets a large dose of her own medicine…cowboy-style.

As Keefer embarks on a new life outside of the rodeo circuit, he isn’t sure about much except for one thing—Violet. He has a hankering to touch, taste, feel her again, but she’s playing hard to get. His charm might catch her attention, but that doesn’t mean she’ll land back in his bed, although he’s waiting with open arms.

He’s heard tales about the Stone women. They’re nothin’ but trouble, but he’s always enjoyed a challenge. He’s stayed atop a bucking bull for eight seconds, but nothing has prepared him for the ride he’s in for with Violet. He’s ready for the most dangerous ‘ride’ of his life. This time he’s holding onto the rope and never letting go.


He reached around her, dragging her off her feet. She gave a slight squeal and then laughed. He carried her into the other room and laid her in the middle of the comforter. He stood at the edge, his body hard, wrapping his fingers around his sex and pumping the length. Her belly quivered and she couldn’t keep her legs still or her toes from curling. She wanted him…now!

“Lift your arms, sweetheart, high above your head.”

Not sure where this headed, she did as requested, lifting her arms, stretching them until the tips of her fingers touched the headboard. Her breasts thrusts forward, her nipples tight and tingly. “You’re so damn sexy,” he said on a rough exhale of breath.

“Come here, cowboy.”

He lowered himself next to her and droplets of water from his damp hair splashed onto her sensitive breast. He kissed her neck, licking a heated trail over her flesh. She lifted her chin to the side, giving him better access to the spots where she craved his touch.

“Mmm…taste like sugar too.” He murmured against her skin while extending each nipple, tugging and rolling the pearl. “I bet you could almost come with me sucking these.” He blew on one nipple.

She arched her back, wanting more of this magical pleasure. “Yes.”

“How much do you like this, sweetheart?”


“Tell me, baby. I need to hear.” He continued sweet torture with his fingers on her breasts.

“I can’t get enough of your touch.”

“I could do this all  night,” his voice quaked.

“I think I would melt away.”

He chuckled. “And I’d lap you up.”




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Sex and tell…by Rhonda Lee Carver

Recently, I posted a question to my Rowdy Readers Street Team. “What do women think while they are performing felatio?”

The conversation turned so interesting I had to share (with their permission of course). Here’s what a few had to say…

“will he ever get off already”

“It depends on what “inning” we are in. 1st or bottom of the 9th.”

“Depending on my mood, sometimes I want to tease him and make it go on a long time and others I just want to get it done.”

“Ok, so I’m being encouraged to add my MALE opinion from the other side. First it’s been a little while for me, but it’s good to see that there’s still some enthusiasm out there for the craft. Coming from a male point of view, I think receiving “felatio” is obviously an amazing physical pleasure, but I think there is also an unbelievable emotional high associated with it… I mean, it’s gotta be physically exhausting for you ladies (just check out your comments), yet you still do it. And, for a guy, it really does make us appreciate the relationship more. I guarantee it”

“I’ve always been surprised at just how much goes into giving fellatio. I’m worrying about my muscles aching, not choking, (I once got sick and heaved during the act. ugh), whether I’m biting him, whether I’ve hit the “spot,” and how much he’s enjoying it as a whole. I don’t really enjoy doing it but as was pointed out, it’s for the relationship and because I love him.”

“I also think that it’s a skill that most women are afraid to do. We worry that we’ll hurt them or we think it’s gross. That said, once tried, it can end up in disaster like me choking and getting sick. Thank god Coach is an understanding man!”

“I was asked what I think of (during the -lingus) and I would say I think of two main things… 1) geometric shapes, i.e. figure 8’s, circles, counter clockwise, etc, and (2) watching to see what’s working and what’s not, because I believe in reciprocity…”

“I love to make it last as long as possible and tease and play with him to let him have the time of his life!! I hope this doesn’t make me look bad to anyone but for me it’s something that I enjoy doing so it’s never a bad thing.”

“Mine loves it when I squeeze his balls. He says it heightens the sensation. It’s hard to get right so start slowly. And I should clarify my stance, I don’t like the action of doing it but I do like doing it since it’s so pleasuring to him. There is a power trip there that’s too good to be missed girls. T**** is right, reciprocity is the key.”

“I feel like I’m giving away nuclear secrets but you don’t have to gag yourself. Use a lot of hand action (both in tandem together is even better) and just work with as much as you can without the gag reflex kicking in. The sensitive area is around the head anyway. The key thing is to just relax. Just trying to help.”

What are your thoughts on this?

Since felatio is the subject, here’s an unedited scene where Ruby and Jobe, Secret Pressure, are getting down…literally.


pre-order link:

His cock sprang upward, pointing at the ceiling. Her eyes were on him, caressing him without even touching his body. He responded with a groan, a bead of cum pearling at the slit of his head. She saw it too and she leaned forward, rolling the tip of her tongue over the cream then licked her lips. It was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. But she didn’t stop there. She wrapped her slender fingers around his shaft, moving in perfect rhythm, pumping him. His breathing turned ragged as the crescendo built, passion igniting. She slid her mouth over him, until she couldn’t take anymore.

Her cheeks caved, eyes glossy, as she sucked on him. The sucking action of a woman who aimed to please.

Her lips were lovely. Warm, moist, with just the right amount of pressure. He rolled his hips, and she didn’t reject, in fact, she urged him by planting her hands on his ass. He increased the thrusts, digging his fingers in her hair and a deep moan vibrated the tip of his cock.

Swearing under his breath, he wanted to spurt in her mouth, but he wanted something else so much more.

He gently pushed her back, she released her hold on him and sank into the cushion, spreading her legs ever so slightly so that he got a wonderful view of the small triangle shape at the apex of her thighs.

He lowered to his knees, spreading her knees wider, enough for the size of his body. One corner of her mouth curved into a smile, full of mischief, full of promise. Partially resting against her, balancing on his knees, their naked bodies pressed together. He rubbed his cock against her, proving to her how much he wanted her. A whimper fell from her lips and it was almost his undoing. Everything about her, this, was so right and yet so wrong.






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Storms tweak creativity!

Spring is here. With the warm weather comes storms. I used to hide under the covers when a storm brewed, but over the last few years I’ve embraced the thunder, flashes of lightening, the torrential downpours, and the heavy winds. However, I don’t like the damages caused by bad weather. Last night we had a severe thunderstorm sweep through our area. It came through fast and furious, shaking the house and sending tree branches to the ground. The rain came down at a side angle and the animals scurried for cover. And what were we doing? Cooking dinner. The hubby was outside grilling and I was in the kitchen making sides. It took twice as long considering the electric flashed on and off a dozen times. Oh, and the kids were playing Monopoly. We have a basement and at any moment we could have slipped downstairs, but living where we do, we’ve gotten used to Mother Nature’s mood changes. This morning, everything is a bright green, flowers are blooming and a fresh rain scent lingers in the air. The sun is filtering through the clouds. Nothing is more motivating for me, which is perfect because I’m starting book 4 of Rhinestone Cowgirls, Secret Pressure. The relationship between Ruby and Jobe are as wild and crazy as last night’s storm…just as the rest of the Stone women and their cowboys.

Below is a picture from my office window. Isn’t it beautiful?


If you haven’t read this series yet, I hope you’ll check it out.baner







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