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She was BOUND TO SURRENDER by Natasha Moore

Recently I re-released one of my favorite erotic romance novellas. Bound to Surrender was originally published as Smoke and Mirrors and I thought I’d share a couple great reviews this story got back then. And then give you a little taste of it today with a hot excerpt.

Love is nothing but an illusion. Heiress Gabriella Winslow learned that lesson years ago when her magician boyfriend abandoned her, sick and alone, hundreds of miles from home. In the years that followed, she’s tried to forget him and the erotic bondage games they used to play. But the life she’s made for herself since then still leaves her restless and yearning for something more.

Now a successful illusionist, Alexander Black has returned to settle an old score. And to seduce Gabriella. With a blindfold and handcuffs and blood red roses, he entices his former lover and magician’s assistant back to his Las Vegas penthouse. If all goes according to plan, she’ll surrender to him before she discovers everything isn’t as it seems.


“…Ms. Moore creates scenes that are as spine-tinglingly erotic as they are romantic, and I definitely felt the heat level rise in the room as I read. I Joyfully Recommend Smoke and Mirrors. It’s an enchanting, entertaining reunion romance filled with lust, love, and inventive uses for scarves. Simply magic!”
— Shayna, Joyfully Reviewed

“…Smoke and Mirrors is an erotic foray into obsession, bondage and exhibitionism. The setting, a limo and a magician’s lair, along and the rags-to-riches premise are interesting backdrops for this quick erotic adventure.”
— Vee, Night Owl Reviews


She shifted in her seat again, this time because her shoulders were getting stiff. Where were they going anyway? She had no way of knowing the time, but her internal clock told her they’d been driving longer than necessary to get to anywhere Aaron would want to take her in the L.A. area. A ripple of panic wormed its way under her skin.

What did she really know about him? He worked closely with her father and that meant he trusted Aaron. She knew he liked Italian food, action movies and the missionary position. Or so she thought. If he guessed she liked to be tied up, maybe he thought she liked to be hurt too. Maybe he thought she liked to be scared.

She’d never been into pain. She certainly didn’t like being afraid. She just enjoyed the feeling of being tied. Of letting go. Allowing the anticipation to build always made her super hot, super aroused. When she was bound, she had to let someone else, for a little while, take care of her needs.

Gaby threw her head from side to side, wanting desperately to see where she was. She didn’t like being scared. She’d always trusted Alex and he’d never hurt her. Unless you counted her heart.

But whose control was she under right now? That Foster had seemed like a nice guy, but he was under orders from Aaron. Or was he? Was it possible his orders were coming from someone else? While she got all aroused by the blindfold and the cuffs, was the actual intent to stop her from escaping? She gasped.

Her father had been worried about her this afternoon and she’d just blown him off. Had there been a real reason he’d been afraid for her? It would be so like him to keep a threat from her.

Was it possible after all these years, after all the reminders that she was the lone heir to the Winslow fortune and had to be careful, could she have cheerfully stepped right into a trap?

A tiny whimper escaped her lips. Her heart slammed into her chest. She struggled against her bindings, even though she knew it was useless. She whipped her head around, rubbing it against the back of the seat, trying desperately to loosen the blindfold. Her shoulders ached as she tried desperately to pull her hands free from the cuffs. Panic shot through her system and she bounced on the seat, her frustration overwhelming her.

As she twisted in her seat, she lost her balance and flopped over on her side. She cried out in frustration and slid off the seat onto the floor of the limo. She rested her head on the seat for a moment, her breath coming in ragged gasps. It was useless. All the struggling had gotten her was sore wrists and sweaty skin.

She took a deep, shaky breath and pushed herself back onto the soft leather seat. Okay, so there was nothing she could do right now. She’d just have to keep her wits about her. Conserve her strength. Be ready for any development. She could tell her skirt had ridden up around her hips, but she had no way to tug it back down. Her kidnapper would have a close up view of her black lace panties when he opened the door.

She felt a sudden change in the air, now charged with tension. The air seemed to move in the darkness around her. When she felt the seat beside her shift, panic scrambled in the stomach. She screamed and lunged away.

A strong arm wrapped around her shoulders and pulled her against a hard, hot body. At the same time, a long-fingered hand slapped over her mouth. The hand and the familiar, musky scent of arousal identified her assailant as surely as if she didn’t have the blindfold on.


“I always did enjoy watching you struggle,” he said, his lips brushing her ear. His deep voice rumbled through her body. She growled and he snatched his hand away from her mouth as if he could tell she was about to chomp into his flesh.

“You bastard!” She tried to pull away from him, but he held her fast against him.

“Gabriella. Gabriella,” he admonished. “Such words coming out of that refined mouth.”

“Fuck you!”

His chuckle was deep and dark. “Oh no. That’s your job.”

An image of her riding his thick cock, cries of passion ringing in the air, popped into her mind. “In your dreams,” she snapped, and hoped he didn’t hear the slight tremor in her voice.

His lips brushed her cheek. “You have no idea how often you haunt my dreams.”

She was shocked he’d make an admission like that. She wished she could see him, wished she could read the expression on that handsome face. But then, he’d always been good at hiding what he was thinking, so what good would it do? “Why are you doing this, Alex?”

He eased away from her slightly and ran his hand along her bare arm. Shivers followed his fingers along her skin. “I remember your fondness for certain illusions. The cuffs, the blindfold, the scarves.” He paused. “The cage.”

“I never liked the cage.”

He cupped her chin. “Of course you did.” He slid his fingers along her throat, stroking her from chin to chest. “Anticipation, princess. Nothing’s sweeter than anticipation.”

He dropped his fingers and skimmed them across the neckline of her dress, tracing the swells of her breasts. Shivers she hadn’t felt in years ran across her skin. While she knew she shouldn’t be thrilled to feel his hands on her now, she’d dreamed of this night too often to put up a fight.

Oh how well she remembered the expert touch of his fingers along her skin. He could always conjure up the sweetest sensations in her body. Like always, her pulse began to race. Moisture soaked her panties and trickled down her thigh.

He dove his hand beneath the neckline of her dress and cupped one of her breasts. She gasped as he squeezed her flesh and scraped his thumbnail across her sensitive nipple, just as she’d imagined a moment ago. “Ah yes. The one part of you I prefer unbound.”

Gaby dropped her head back onto the seat. The music wove through the air around them. The sensations had never been this strong. Ever.

Alex’s lips slid along her throat, smooth and wet. She moaned and yearned to wrap her arms around him, clasp him to her…

Or better yet, push him away.

But she couldn’t do anything but gasp when he nipped her skin with his teeth. “That’s my girl,” he murmured just loud enough to be heard over the music. “It’s been too long since I’ve had my mouth on you.”

He tugged the shoulders of the dress down, freeing her breasts and binding her arms even tighter. Then he crushed his lips to hers. The smooth, familiar taste of Alex burst upon her tongue and sent flames roaring through her body. Her mind may know the reasons she should resist him, but her body remembered all the reasons why she shouldn’t.

You can download Bound to Surrender now:


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Great Reviews for Her Royal Masquerade

HerRoyalMasquerade_300x200-AReMy newest release, Her Royal Masquerade, is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, and iTunes. It’s gotten some great reviews I’m thrilled to share with you.

“I have read and loved Natasha Moore’s stories with curvy heroines. After reading this book with a non-curvy heroine I must say that this author knows women of all sizes and makes it an obvious pleasure to read about them. Mia Holmberg is a sweet heroine whom I couldn’t help but admire. … Vittorio is a prime example of a royal Alpha male used to getting his way in all things and I enjoyed watching his struggle when things were not going as he’d anticipated. I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series and felt as if the author were teasing me with the brief preview so now it’s a countdown!!”
~ Venus Cahill 4.5 stars

“Prince Vittorio and Mia suck you in from the first sentence and have you wanting to see how it can possibly work out for them to both end up happy. … Is happy for now enough? When the laws literally keep you from happily ever after, can you be content with a glimpse at true happiness? That is the big question for these two. I truly enjoyed the journey with these two. There is just something so special about both of them. … I truly hope y’all enjoy it as much as I have! :)”
~ Day Dreaming Book Reviews

And another sexy little excerpt:

He took her into the bedroom, opened the door to the balcony and brought her out into the night. A few lights from the neighboring towns still shone in the distance. The glow from the city was visible beyond the hills.

“This is my life. This is my prison,” he told her. Mia slid her arm around his waist and leaned against him, lending him her warmth and strength. He gestured to the lights before them. “These are my people. I have responsibilities to them. It is a duty I cannot escape.”

She gasped. “I would never ask you to give up your duty to your people.”

“I know.” Still, it was tempting, so tempting, to grasp this way to keep Mia beside him always. But Vittorio knew it would be incredibly selfish to abandon his people for a woman.
Even a woman as warm, as loving, as perfect as Mia.

He turned to bring her into his arms. After a long kiss, he opened her robe. Her eyes widened, but she didn’t stop him when he slid the robe from her body. He knew he shouldn’t use her this way. Shouldn’t use sex as a distraction.

But it was only when he was with Mia that he could pretend there was a part of his life that was his own.

She was silent as she helped him shed the clothing he’d thrown on when he hadn’t been able to sleep. His body was already hard and ready for her. He was always that way for her, but he wanted to make sure her body would be ready to take him.

Vittorio dropped to his knees before her and she gasped when he pushed her back up against the railing and spread her legs apart. He lifted one of her feet and brought it to his mouth. He loved the erotic noises she made when he kissed her ankles. He’d discovered that on the first night they’d spent together. So he nibbled on one ankle and then the other before he placed her feet flat on the floor of the balcony and then leaned in for another kind of kissing.

His mouth found her slick flesh and he flicked his tongue eagerly through her feminine folds. Mia gasped again when he spread her wide with his thumbs and found her tight little button of nerves. Her hands dove into his hair and her hips moved, bringing her core closer to his seeking mouth.

“You are so sweet,” he murmured. “I love your taste on my tongue.”


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5 Stars & Top Pick for Voluptuous!

voluptuous_msr (1)

Voluptuous, a Curve Appeal novella from Ellora’s Cave, releases on September 6th, a little over three weeks away. I woke up to one of those great reviews that make me grin like a fool. Voluptuous got 5 stars and a Night Owl Top Pick! It says in part:

“Natasha Moore knows exactly what a curvy girl wants! And this curvy gal wants more Natasha Moore stories!…The heat between these two fairly blazes off the pages and yet for me it was a deeper connection than just the physical that kept my eyes glued to the pages. I cannot say clearly enough just how much I loved this story. I know it is one that I will be reading over and over again.”
You can read the entire review here.

And here’s a little sneak peek at Voluptuous:

Sam got to his feet and helped her up. The momentum brought her into his arms and his lips found hers. She opened her mouth to the press of his tongue and he plunged into her. Meredith sucked on him, mimicking the way she’d like him to be riding her tongue.

He pulled her closer, his palm flat against her back. His hard cock pressed into her round stomach and she moaned into his mouth.

“Sam.” She wanted him now. Needed him now.

“I know, sweetheart.” He gently released her and took a step away. “Stay right there.” He circled around behind her and as soon as he began to tug her zipper down, her urgency fled as self-consciousness rushed in to take its place.

The lights were bright in the room. He’d be able to see her clearly. He might like her big boobs but she suddenly was not at all anxious for him to see the rest of her body. Her thick thighs were bad enough. Her heart pounded as she thought about her jiggly stomach, her enormous ass.

The zipper was halfway down. She brought up her hands to stop the bodice from falling. “Wait.”

“What’s the matter?” He drew the zipper down the rest of the way.

“Can’t we go into the bedroom first?” The bedroom was dark. They could keep the lights off. Most guys wanted to keep the lights off.

“Why?” There was an underlying warning in his voice, as if he knew what she was going to say and he wasn’t going to like it at all.

“Look at all those windows,” she said, improvising. “I’m not an exhibitionist, remember?”

“Sorry,” he said. “I can take care of that.”

He strode over to the bank of window and drew the blinds quickly, smoothly. Her heart sank, her hands still clutched the bodice of the dress to her chest.

Sam turned to her, triumph blazing in his eyes. “There.” He folded his arms over his impressive chest. “I’ll let you do the rest.”

She swallowed. “The rest?”

“Take off your dress. I want to see you now.”

She was frozen in place. Maybe she was being foolish. She knew she had to get undressed to have the sex she’d been looking forward to but maybe it was better to stop this now. Before she ruined everything between them. Before he saw her body and realized he didn’t want to touch her after all. Before they’d both be embarrassed and not be able to look at each other at work ever again.


“I have to go now,” she mumbled. “This was a mistake.” She struggled to zip the dress back up. Sam was beside her in an instant, wrapping his fingers around her wrists and stopping her from her task.

His expression was dark and serious. “A mistake? Are you saying everything we’ve done tonight, everything we’ve talked about tonight was a mistake? I’m a mistake?”

“No. No. You mean more to me than any other guy I’ve ever been with. And…”

“And what, sweetheart?”

“I don’t want to see the look on your face when you get a good look at me. At my body.”

“I said I didn’t want to hear you saying anything like that again. Remember?”

She nodded.

Sam grabbed the shoulders of her dress and yanked them down her arms. In an instant the dress fell to the floor. Meredith crossed her arms over her abdomen as she stood there in her bra and panties. Her face heated as he looked her over, his eyes shadowed. She knew what he saw.

“You are a beautiful woman and it makes me angry to hear you talk about yourself so negatively.” Then an evil grin spread across his face. “I think you need a spanking.”
Voluptuous releases Sept 6th and is available now for pre-order.


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When authors attack


Authors have been behaving badly lately, have you noticed? They’ve been caught creating fake online identities to praise themselves and trash others. Some have been busted for buying positive reviews for their books while one-starring and bad-mouthing the competition. One jilted author attacked an agent, IRL, and that is no laughing matter, that is plain scary.

Unfortunately, this sort of behavior is nothing new, and it certainly isn’t restricted to writers. Through the ages, politicians, reporters, artists, academics, companies, whole governments have deployed immoral and unethical tactics to promote themselves, demote others, conceal the truth, bend it or rewrite it. Words carry immense power, as anyone ever moved, enraged, galvanized or consoled by them will tell you. They are a vehicle for truth, lies, change and unrest. And rarely something you can overlook when they are aimed straight at you.

When my debut with Ellora’s Cave released, I had no idea what sort of reviews it would garner, if any. EC has a rating system for registered users. And what was the first rating Alex Rising received and fast? An anonymous two stars out of five, meaning, Could be better. No explanation as to what exactly Ms./Mr. Anonymous objected to. Fair enough, I thought. It wasn’t to their taste but hey, at least they gave it a try. Plus leaving a rating without elaborating is not very helpful to other readers, so maybe it wouldn’t hurt the book.

Sabotage, my friends screamed, but how would that work? It might discourage someone from buying my book but not make readers buy yours unless you had a sock puppet recommend, “For a great ménage, read Author X instead.” But I’m not going to lie. I felt bad that was all that stood there for the longest time until a reader voiced their opinion, then a review site, then more readers.

All I could hope for was that most readers felt like I do. I’ve disagreed with reviews so many times, I’ve stopped paying too much attention to them, unless all of them state the book is seriously flawed on some elemental level, e.g. so poorly edited it’s distracting. Taste is a subjective issue. Online reviews are for the most part someone’s personal opinion. But in the light of all that has been revealed lately, are professional, seemingly more objective sites and reviewers any more trustworthy than the anonymous rave or rant?

Bottom line: Do reviews matter? Do you trust them or question them? What influences your decision to buy a book, especially if it’s a new to you author? Is it the

(Sub-)Genre/Subject matter
Book length
Word of mouth/Recommendations
Other (what?)

A new to just about everyone author would love to know, so please have your say in comments.

P.S. If there is one thing I would like to ask of everyone posting reviews, it’s this: Pls pls pls no spoilers, m’kay? No. Spoilers. At least alert your fellow readers to the fact you’re about to dish out, m’kay? M’kay. Smexy Sunday. And thanks for playing.

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