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Reincarnation Tales with Jasmine Haynes

If you had a past life, who would you want to have been? I mean, if people do really get reincarnated over and over, then some brave soul(s) out there had to be Da Vinci or Abraham Lincoln or JFK. And gosh, someone had to be Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper, or Lizzie Borden. Hmm, I wonder if you’re really bad in one life, do you come back really bad in the next life? Or is the slate wiped clean and you get to start over again and do better the next time around? Ugh, what if you were the Black Dahlia? What a way to die. As for me, I don’t think I’d want to have been someone famous or infamous. I wouldn’t have wanted to be a slave or a peasant either. Just a minor nobleman with enough money to support myself and my family in a fairly decent life style. I wouldn’t have wanted to do anything that got me beheaded or sent to the gallows. And hopefully I didn’t die of the Black Death either, though, considering how much of the European population was wiped out, changes are good I probably did! So, tell me who you were!

Of course, as I’ve been telling everyone, I find reincarnation fascinating. So I’ve finally written my reincarnation story. Parts of it belong to me, like the fear of snakes and one of the past lives Livie finds out about. And the regression was mine, too. With that said, here’s the blurb for Twisted by Love, Reincarnation Tales, Book 1, (copyright 2012 Jasmine Haynes, cover by Rae Monet).

Twisted by Love

A love that spans lifetimes, an evil that has followed them through the ages…

Bern Daniels doesn’t believe in ghosts, UFOs, or reincarnation, but when he sees Livie Scott, it’s as if he’s known her forever. Now he can’t get her out of his mind. He wants her in his bed and in his life. For keeps. He’s even starting to believe they’ve lived past lives together.

Will jealousy out of the past come back to destroy their future?

Livie is unaccountably drawn to the tall, dark stranger. He literally sweeps her off her feet. And she’s oh so willing to let him. But her sister Toni is planted firmly in her path to happiness. Livie has been forced to choose between a man and Toni before; is she destined to play the same twisted game with her sister over and over?

Livie and Bern soon discover there are shadows lurking from their past, past lives that is, which threaten everything they believe in, everything they want. And even their lives.

For an excerpt of Twisted By Love, Reincarnation Tales Book 1. Please pop over to my blog.  The story is available now on Kindle, Nook, All Romance, and Smashwords. And on my blog I’m doing a free read of Kinky Neighbors Two, so don’t miss that!

Beauty or the Bitch is free, for those who haven’t read it, at Kindle and other major e-tailers. She’s Gotta Be Mine by Jennifer Skully (me!) is once again free on Amazon.

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Twisted by Love unveiling…

Last time I gave readers a taste of my new reincarnation series with an excerpt of Twisted by Love. This time I’m unveiling the sexy new cover for the book. If you’ll remember, I mentioned that my own personal reincarnation experience involved being bitten by snakes (yuk!), and I used that for my heroine in the book, too. What the heck, they do say write what you know!  So here’s my cover by the fabulous Rae Monet, who did the covers for my West Coast series, the Prescott Twins, and Take Your Pleasure.

Cover art is so important. That’s what we see first, what pulls us in, gets us to read the back of the book or the description on an ebook site. I wanted something very special for this cover. I wanted to give readers a sense of the setting, a creepy old house (yes, there’s a creepy old house in the book!). Now personally I think the woman and the snake are kinda sexy. I wanted to grab readers with an image of a snake entwining a woman. And lo and behold, Rae found the perfect photo. Of course, the book is the antithesis, because the snake represents something frightening, but that’s why I think the cover works, since the story is about facing fears, overcoming them, and actually embracing them.

Twisted by Love

So tell me what you think? Does it grab you, horrify you, make you want to get the book and read it!? The house in the book doesn’t look anything like the house on the cover, does that bother readers? As you can tell, I’m very curious about reactions. I hope to have Twisted By Love out in August.

I don’t want to miss telling you what my heroine’s favorite drink is! Because it’s also my favorite (go figure why I’d use it in a book!). A champagne cocktail. Drop a sugar cube in the bottom of a champagne flute, add a teaspoon of Angostura bitters, then fill the glass with champagne. Be careful, though, the sugar will make the champagne foam quickly, so pour very slowly. Another hint, no need to use a really expensive champagne. The bitters and sugar mask the flavor so it’s actually best to use something more moderately priced. LOL, can you tell I was a thrifty accountant in my former life!?

While we’re at it, I’ll unveil the cover for Kinky Neighbors: Cat and Logan’s Just Desserts (or Kinky Neighbors Two, if you like). Readers have been asking what happened to the Mitchells and the Harts after their naughty little foursome in Kinky Neighbors. Find out in this short sequel! I wanted something that typified Cat Mitchell. And I felt the sly look on this model’s face was perfect. Rae Monet did the sequel cover, and Rosemary Gunn did the original book cover. I love them both! This one should also be ready sometime in August. Hmm, which to revise first, Twisted by Love or Kinky Neighbors Two?

Kinky Neighbors TwoPhotobucket

An announcement! I’ve just signed a new two-book contract with Berkley Heat. The books will be in the same vein as The Principal’s Office, with a little bit of spanking and bondage (I call it bondage lite!). Readers can expect to see those books starting in the latter half of 2013.

And a little bit of promo! July brings us Smashwords summer/winter sale! You can try Dead to the Max and Double The Pleasure for free! Go to my Smashwords page:, and enter the code SSWIN at checkout. She’s Gotta Be Mine by Jennifer Skully (me!) is free on (until they see that it’s back to regular price on iTunes!). Beauty or the Bitch, a contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast (with a twist!) is also free on I always enjoyed this story because Beauty and the Beast was my favorite fairy tale. I’m blogging about the Max Starr series over at I hope you’ll stop by! I also hope you’ll drop by my radio interview with Ande Lyon of Bring Back Desire After Dark It will air Wed, 8/1, at 11 PM EST. I could blab on, but I’ll stop now!

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A little reincarnation, please…

I’m always nervous when I give readers a taste of a new book, especially when I’ve only finished the rough draft and haven’t even edited yet. Every book is a like a baby and the first time you let her go on her own is terrifying, but here goes! Twisted by Love is the first book of my new Reincarnation Tales, so first I have to preface my excerpt with a bit of explanation about where the idea came from.

I’ve always loved reincarnation stories. The Reincarnation of Peter Proud by Max Erlich was my first taste of it. Loved that book! Then there was Dead Again. Great movie! Hmm, it’s been a while, maybe I better watch that tonight! In romance fiction, I’ve always thought that reincarnation has great possibilities: the love that never dies, everlasting love, finding each other in the next life, and of course, the villain that follows you through many lives. As a child, I had recurring dreams about snakes biting me. My sister was always in the dreams, too, either throwing snakes at me or standing by and watching as they struck. They were terrifying. My mom tells the story of having to mime picking snakes out of my bed before I’d go back to sleep. These recurring dreams followed me into adulthood. Where did they come from? The snake is a universal symbol, of course, right from Adam and Eve. But I always wondered if maybe my dreams meant something more, something specific and personal to me. So I took the plunge and did regression hypnosis. Okay, yes, now you’re all are thinking I’m crazy! Maybe I am. But here’s my regression tale:

I’m a little boy on a summer day sitting on a dock with my feet in the river. I can even see the neatly pressed pleat of my red shorts. It’s such a pretty day with the sun streaming through the trees. My sister is playing over by the big willow. She’s supposed to be watching me, but she doesn’t want to be here with me. I can’t walk. There’s something wrong with my legs. My sister thinks she gets treated like a servant, always having to do things for me. She thinks Mama likes me better. But today I don’t care because it’s not hot and muggy like usual. But then I see the snakes swimming through the water. They swarm around my legs. They start biting me, but I can’t feel anything. And I can’t move. I scream for my sister, Mama, anyone. But no one comes. And they keep biting. Then I’m gone.

After I did the regression, the dreams miraculously stopped. Was it true? Was that me? Was that why I had dreams of snakes, because in a previous life I was bitten and died? Too many questions, no answers, but I found it compelling that the dreams, though not the same as the regression, had many parallels. And they stopped so suddenly, in conjunction with the hypnosis.

So there’s my tale, and I’ve finally written my reincarnation story. Here’s a brief unedited excerpt of

Twisted by Love.
Reincarnation Tales Book 1
Copyright 2012 Jasmine Haynes

He saw her out of the corner of his eye as he crossed the lobby, his mind on his morning meeting with Richardson. She was just a flash in his periphery, and his first thought was that he hadn’t seen her in ages, and Jesus, what was she doing here, of all places? Her name was right there on the tip of his tongue, yet the moment he turned, ready to call out to her, the name vanished. It was like a dream you suddenly awoke from, where one moment you were completely convinced it was real, and in the next, the details begin to fade. He realized he didn’t know the woman at all.

Her mahogany hair curled like fine strands of silk and swayed across her back as she walked at a fast clip, her high heels tapping on the marble floor. Her tailored business suit fit snugly to her hips, outlining her trim curves. In profile, her eyelashes were long and lush, the color of her eyes dark but indeterminate. She didn’t smile, didn’t look at anyone, not even him, though he’d stopped to watch her.

No, he didn’t know her, her fine-boned features unfamiliar. Yet he still felt that original smack of recognition. But the name…the name was gone, not even a hint of its rhythm or the letter it began with.

She joined the throng in front of the bank of elevators, shuffled forward as the middle car arrived, and filed inside amidst the dense crowd. She turned to face front, meeting his eyes—though he could have imagined that—just as the doors closed on her.

He couldn’t say how long he stood in the lobby, a rock in the middle of a stream of office workers, struck by the sense that he knew her. Perhaps she’d had surgery, changed her nose or altered her delicate jaw line. Something…he couldn’t put his finger on it, because really, she wasn’t familiar at all. At least not in looks.

Someone jostled his arm, and he shook himself. Five minutes later, as he entered his office, he wondered where the hell those fanciful notions had come from. He put her out of his mind.

But then he saw her again…

I hope you enjoyed this little excerpt of my upcoming release, Twisted by Love. I’ll probably have it ready sometime in August. So, if you dare, let’s talk about reincarnation, and if you’ve ever experienced déjà vu.

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