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Seducing a Werewolf for Dummies

In preparation for my next release, Dreams of the Wolf (The Gray Pack 4), which is coming out August 15, I decided to ask the four newest females of The Gray Pack for some guidance about landing a werewolf mate. They’ve each just been through it, so surely they can direct the single ladies of the world right?

I asked each of them the same question,

How does the average single woman find and seduce a werewolf male?

Caroline Trainor from Fire of the Wolf, The Gray Pack 1…

I suppose you could set your house on fire. I mean, that’s how I managed to meet Devin and Damon. They are firefighters by day, wolves by night, so when my apartment building caught fire they actually rescued me. Outside of lighting a match, I would recommend hanging out near fire houses, country western bars, and restaurants that make a good steak. The boys love a good cut of beef, and they adore dancing-well with me anyways.

Tina Jameson from Reflections of the Wolf, The Gray Pack 2…

Don’t bathe. Werewolves have this weird scent thing going on. That’s how Liam said he “knew” I was his mate. His sniffer picked up on it first. Of course, if you go too long without a shower it’s more likely that you will only attract flies, so instead I’ll say hang out at a lake and in the woods. Get really familiar with the outdoors because they love going for a long run through the trees. Oh, and watch out for poachers!

Shandi Martin from Legacy of the Wolf, The Gray Pack 3…

Ha! Good question! I’m not exactly sure how I landed Rafe and Ryley. I asked for a demonstration from the fire department for my kindergarten students, and the next thing I know I’m in the midst of a pack of wolves having the best sex of my life and more orgasms than I can count. Those boys are phenomenal lovers! Their stamina knows no limits, and they have this thing about tastes and scents, plus all those muscles….sigh….wait what was the question?

KJ Whetstone from Dreams of the Wolf, The Gray Pack 4…

Uh…Lori…I AM a werewolf. Why would I help someone seduce one? Okay, well if you really want an answer the best advice I have is to keep an open mind. Werewolves have feelings and insecurities too, and if they trust you enough to share their true nature with you, then you damn sure better respect it. I got lucky with Thomas, because he already knew about werewolves when we met. Now, if it would have been that easy to explain why I got to have two mates…

Well, there you have it…sort of! The ladies have spoken, now pack a picnic and hit the lake, slip on your dancing boots, or light a match! Whichever you choose as your seduction technique, just be sure to keep an open mind, and pick up Dreams of the Wolf on August 15, 2013 at Siren-Bookstrand!

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As always, Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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He got all Alpha on me!

I want to take you on a trip with me. We’re turning the clock back about 18 months ago to the day when I woke up in the middle of the night with a strong Alpha male character’s voice in my head telling me this story about how he met his mate. Yes, I said mate. This Alpha male was Devin Gray who happens to be a werewolf.

Now, for me there is something ridiculously sexy about werewolves because they are over the top masculine. Hard bodies, strong spirit and super human sexual skills, how can you pass that up? Anyways, back to my story…

The Gray Pack Book 1

The Gray Pack Book 1

Devin introduced his twin brother Damon to me, and then I met their match; a human named Caroline. Now, there’s a girl who was lost and looking for a way around the bend! The three of them wouldn’t let me stop until I had finished their story which became the first book in The Gray Pack series, Fire of the Wolf.

The Gray Pack Book 2

The Gray Pack Book 2

Even before I finished writing FOTW, the twin’s cousin and Beta wolf, Liam Gray had grabbed my attention. Between him and his human mate Tina I thought their story would never find a happily ever after. Tina ran Liam around the block, up the street, down the lane, and back before love trapped her in its embrace. Their story became the second book in The Gray Pack Series, Reflections of the Wolf.

The Gray Pack Book 3

The Gray Pack Book 3

Beta wolf brothers Rafe and Ryley Whetstone were adopted into the Gray Pack, but that didn’t stop them from having a profound similarity to their adopted family members. They craved stability in their lives and had a plan that didn’t include falling in love with a human who couldn’t give them what they desired most. Their past came back in a big way and triggered a realization that family can mean many things to many people. Embracing their match, they shared their story in the third book in The Gray Pack Series, Legacy of the Wolf.

The werewolves of The Gray Pack hold a very special place in my heart, and I’m excited to share that the fourth book in the series is releasing August 15, 2013!

Dreams of the Wolf follows KJ Whetstone as she sets out on a mission to rescue the family she knows, and find acceptance from the family she has never met. Protecting, assisting, and loving her along the way are Thomas Jameson, and a mysterious stranger from the midst of an enemy pack. Trust is broken, pain burns bright, but ultimately they have to fight to keep the love they’ve built. I hope you’ll catch up with all of The Gray Pack, so that you’re ready to learn the Dreams of the Wolf….

Adult Excerpt

The way Thomas was licking his full lips, and Bryson’s green eyes had darkened to nearly black made her shiver. “Well then get on with it! Show me what I’ve been waiting for boys!”

Their laughter was drowned out by her moans and soft growls, as Thomas kissed her senseless while pinching and pulling at her nipples, and Bryson started a slow descent back down her body to her dripping pussy. When he firmly put his hands on her inner thighs and forced them wide apart, she gasped and then squealed when his thumbs drew her puffy labia open to his view.

“Pretty in pink aren’t you peaches. You smell like candy.” Bryson said just before he flicked his tongue into her folds.

She might have screamed, but she wasn’t sure, in her head she could only hear the racing of her heart, and the rush of blood in her ears. The moment Bryson’s tongue slid up to stroke over her tiny clit, she arched off of the bed. Thomas pressed her back down, and moved from kissing her lips, to sucking at her nipples again. He alternated between her breasts, pinching one, then nipping the other, all while Bryson licked at her cunt.

A tsunami of sensation was building in her belly, and it’s center was between her quivering thighs. Bryson blew on her hot skin, and then chuckled when she growled at him. “That’s it peaches, come for me. Let me taste your sweet juice.”

It broke over her, blocking out the rest of his words, and everything else that might have happened around her. All she knew, was that her body exploded in an orgasm unlike anything she had ever been able to accomplish with her own fingers. Her pussy muscles clenched and unclenched inside of her so hard that she could feel her abs tightening with the motion. When she managed to pry her eyelids open again, it was to find Bryson with his chin resting on her public bone and her cream all over his lips, while Thomas sat above them, grinning at them both.

“Holy shit.” She whispered.

“That was fucking incredible.” Thomas said, and she giggled.

“You should have felt it from this end.” She said playfully, and Bryson slapped her thigh gently.

“Oh we will, love. No doubt about that!”

Bryson moved to tug his jeans off, exposing his thick long erection to her curious gaze. For the first time since meeting him she let her eyes run over his form unabashedly. He was gorgeous, built of muscle and sinew, and rock hard form head to toe. Her fingers itched to run over every dip and curve, but more than anything she wanted to get her hand wrapped around the length of him.

The two men moved without any conversation, switching spots so that Thomas was at the foot of the bed. He dropped to his knees and tugged her down until her butt rested on the edge of the mattress and her legs hung over his shoulders. Eye level with her flooded cunt, he winked up at her. “My turn little one. I’m going to stretch you a little before I take you, I don’t want to hurt you.”

She nodded, and then looked for Bryson. He was lounging next to her, with his body curved slightly around her head. His cock was within reach now, and she didn’t hesitate to reach for him. “Whoa, getting brave now, peaches?”

His taunt hit its mark, because she narrowed her eyes at him, and tugged him closer. Just as she licked his tip, Thomas licked her pussy, and she jumped. “Easy! I don’t want to lose a chunk of me because Tommy-boy is playing with your girlie bits!”

KJ started giggling, “Girlie bits?”

“Really, Bry? You have to make her laugh now? I didn’t tell jokes while you were eating her pussy, did I?” Thomas said, his hot breath on her wetness making her shiver.

“Sorry man, but I have to protect myself.”

KJ licked at Bryson’s cockhead again, “I think I can handle it, but then again, I get lock jaw occasionally…”

The look on Bryson’s face was priceless, and Thomas let out a loud laugh, “She’s kidding, Bry! Now, fuck her face!”

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As always Live, Love and Laugh like today is your only chance!~Lori

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Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes?

Hey smut lovers! Today I want to talk about Anatomy. I promise this won’t be like your high-school science class. I want to get to the nitty gritty about what parts of the male anatomy are the sexiest. (In other words-please excuse this gratuitous post featuring scantily clad hot men!

We all know that women are drawn to the perfect chest…..

15576009_s (2)

And sculpted abs….



But many women are also turned on by sexy eyes…

14042608_s (2)


8233562_s (2)

Gluteus Maximus

4161211_s (2)

Even belly buttons are a trigger for some.

10380332_s (2)

The sexiest part of a man’s body for me is the shoulders. I love a broad back that gives me a place to rest my head when I’m holding him from behind. I love that broad shoulders lead to strong arms that wrap me into the soothing shelter of his body.

17926590_s (2)      16306353_s (2)


As with real women, the heroines in my books are drawn to their heroes various features. In Fire of the Wolf, Caroline had a thing for Devin and Damon’s dimples. In Reflections of the Wolf, Tina loved Liam’s strong forearms and hands. Shandi from Legacy of the Wolf, couldn’t seem to stop thinking about Rafe and Ryley’s blue eyes. They distracted her many times throughout that book. In Sidney’s Triple Shot, Sidney was struck dumb by her three men’s rock hard pecks and abs.

So tell me now, which parts and pieces make you melt?

As always, Live Laugh and Love like today is your only chance! ~Lori



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