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Orgasm Denial: Yay or Nay?

Have I got your attention yet? *grins*

So as I stare at my current manuscript that I’m hoping to have finished at some point this year, I’ve reached at a point where I can safely say there’s gonna be some kinky things going on. I thought I would start with something a little fun like orgasm denial. I suspect there will be all kinds of things I need to consider and many other opportunities for naughty things to happen seeing as it’s a novel. I’m just hoping I meet the perfect balance for my readers.

What sort of things do you love about kinky books? I mean, what sort of activities totally have you at the edge of your seat, your knickers soaking, and wanting to go in search of your own action? Wax play, menages, anal? I want to know what turns your crank.

For me, I pretty much enjoy reading anything under the umbrella of BDSM-which is a pretty wide ass umbrella-but I’ve got me an open mind.

Now it’s your turn…fess up!

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