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Writing and Battery Usage

Hubby said, “I can tell when you’re writing the sex scenes. We go through a lot of batteries.”

Um, yep, it’s true. Writing sex scenes has an added benefit for me. I get really *warm* when I’m in the middle of a smutty scene.

Some authors say they can write bedroom scenes without getting emotionally involved. I can’t imagine how unfulfilling that would be. Jeez, half the time I’m writing I’m all tingly and juiced up. I love it!


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And that’s where the battery usage comes in. I know, Too Much Information, right? But I’m usually writing at home alone during the day, so finding Kick and dragging him into a private corner is just not an option. I have to find a substitute!

When I’m reading sexy romances written by other authors, I love it when I get that same feeling. The “OhMyGosh – ICan’tWait” steals over me and woop-woop, there I go!

This snippet is where I stopped writing yesterday. Right in the middle of the scene, I was imagining what would come next. It promised to be so dang sexy, I had to stop ’cause ICan’tWait happened again.

This is from my work in progress, a male/male erotic romance Hot Springs Temptation, Book 1 of the Temptation Ranch Series. (It’s unedited, of course.)

Brace paced the kitchen, his bare feet slapping along the hardwood floor. The scavenger hunt started three hours ago. It was ten already. Where the hell was he?

A tapping at the door sent his heart racing. Ethan. Brace walked into the mudroom and opened the door. “Hey.”

He stepped inside. “Sorry I’m late. I couldn’t leave the thing tonight.”

Brace nodded. “I’m not sure how much time we have. Zeke’s probably right behind you.”

Ethan caught his gaze and smiled. “I just saw your brother and Wyatt riding off.”

At the same moment that Brace’s sense of urgency lifted, his belly tightened with desire. Ethan, in a T-shirt and shorts, had never looked sexier. He seemed to fit into the house too damn well.

He looked past Brace. “Give me a tour? I’ve been staring at this cowboy mansion wondering what it looked like inside.”

“Sure. C’mon in.” He pointed down. “Shoes off, though. Darla’d kill me if we got dirt on her floors.”

“Brace.” Ethan toed off his flip flops. “I want to thank you for stocking the cabins—my cabin—with food.”

A flash of heat warmed his chest and he nodded. “Welcome.”

He stepped closer and set his palm on Brace’s arm.

Where he touched, tingling started and spread.

“I know you did it for me.” He stared into Brace’s eyes, his hazel irises sparkling in the bright kitchen light. “It meant a lot that you did that. That you thought of me.” His voice came out choked.

Brace put his hands on Ethan’s arms, wanting to pull him close, to silence him with a kiss. But the need to connect with him grew too strong. “I think of you. Probably too often.”

A slow smile tugged at Ethan’s lips. “I got under your skin, huh?”

“Damn.” Why couldn’t he resist? He pulled him in, spread his legs on each side of Ethan’s and pressed his hard cock against the tent in the counselor’s shorts. When his lips touched Ethan’s, every nerve in his body fired a live round.

Ethan’s tongue met his for a teasing lap.

Brace sucked and Ethan’s barbell dragged over their joined lips. He played with the jewelry, tasting and flicking it. The memory if the ball pressing into his cock slit made his hips jerk and a spurt of pre-cum moisten his head.

Ethan slowed the kiss. “Tour first? Then hot, amazing sex?”

All Brace’s air sucked out of his lungs. Yeah, he’d be sliding his cock into this man’s anus, pumping until they both went crazy and came like thoroughbreds.

The counselor grinned and rubbed his cock across Brace’s hips. “I can see by the look in your eyes you may not agree with my agenda.”

One side of his mouth quirked. “Whatever you want, hotshot.” He stepped back and glanced around the kitchen. “Self explanatory?”

“Uh huh. Big enough for a dozen people.”

“Yup. We do it big here.”

Ethan’s eyes dropped to the bulge behind his fly. “That’s for damn sure.”

He grinned, but when Ethan clicked his tongue barbell against his teeth, a shiver of lust rambled through him. “C’mon. We’re gonna need to make this fast.”

“Yes, it’ll be fast. When I get you naked, I want it hard and fast. I wanna feel you all the way inside me, pumping that big cock into my ass like you have to fuck me or die.”

“Jesus Christ.” Brace grabbed him from behind, pulling him tight, his cock jerking as he pressed against Ethan’s hard, round ass. “You want the fucking tour or not?”

Ethan reached back and gripped Brace’s ass cheeks and tugged him closer. “I want the fucking tour. Then I want a fucking.” He released him, turned to face him, and backed away. “But I want to build the sexual tension between us.”

“Damn near to bursting right now, Ethan.”

He grinned. “I know.” He turned and walked into the dining room.

Brace followed.

“Holy shit, this is awesome.” He trailed his fingers along the rustic wood table that could seat twenty-four. Looking down, he wiggled his toes into the huge antique rug that covered most of the floor. “This has got to be the most amazing Native American piece I’ve ever seen.”

“Commissioned by my grandfather to fit the room.”

Ethan turned slowly looking in each of the glass-front dark wood cabinets and at the paintings hanging on the dark paneling. “It’s like out of a movie.”

Brace shrugged. “It’s always been home.” He flinched. Damn. He hadn’t been thinking about the counselor’s rough history with his own home.

His hazel eyes caught Brace’s. “You’re lucky.” He pointed to the portraits of Brace’s parents. “Are those your folks?”

He nodded, not wanting to spoil the sensual mood by bringing up their deaths.

“Zeke told me.” That’s all Ethan said before he walked into the next room.

Relief flowed through him as he caught up to the counselor.

“Fancy.” Ethan caressed the soft leather on one of the couches.

“Formal. Hardly ever used any more.”

He stepped onto the hearth of the huge stone fireplace, the opening was nearly as tall as he was. “You could roast a whole cow in here.”

Brace laughed. “Haven’t tried it, but it probably could be done.”

“There’s no TV.” He walked to each of the full-length portraits across the room. “These must be grandparents.”

“Yeah.” His grandfather stood in full cowboy gear, his horse beside him. His grandmother smiled calmly in her floor-length dress. “They built the place.”

Ethan glanced back and forth between his grandfather’s face and Brace’s. “You’re the spit and image.”

He nodded, a wave of nostalgia taking over as he recalled learning to ride with the help of his grandfather.

Ethan’s footsteps padded toward him on the carpet. “When do you get your portrait painted?”

Brace shrugged. “Hell, it’s about thirty years too soon to think of that.”

The counselor stared into his eyes. “Do you want kids?”

Brace jerked back and frowned. He’d been relieved when Ethan hadn’t wanted to talk about his parents’ deaths. Now he wanted to dive into his personal life head first?

Ethan shook his head. “I’m not trying to pry. It’s just that…” He gestured around him. “After you and Zeke are gone, will there be anyone to take over?”

He huffed out a long breath. “I don’t think about it much.” Actually, he did. More than he cared to admit to himself.

“Okay. New subject. Where’s your man cave?”

He nodded his head toward the back of the house and led Ethan to his office.

As Ethan stepped into the room, he pointed toward the big television. “There it is. Where rodeo magic happens.”

Brace chuckled. “Baseball’s my sport.”

“Oh yeah?” Ethan wandered through the office, examining paintings that hung on the dark wood walls, making an attempt to lift Brace’s grandfather’s giant desk, then finally sitting in his leather swivel chair. “I can feel the power in this room.”

Brace shook his head. “The power to work sixteen hour days, seven days a week.” The thought made him tired and he sat on the arm of the couch. “No vacations. No holidays. Just work.” He sounded pathetic, even to himself.

Leaning forward in the chair, Ethan set his palms on the desk, just as Brace had done a hundred times. The site was oddly stirring. “Why don’t you have a foreman?”

He dropped his head. His brother, Zeke, had harassed him about that for years after their parents died. He’d finally told him the truth. Zeke had laughed at first, thinking Brace was joking. He’d been serious. Brace felt responsible for his parents’ death. No amount of talking it out with Zeke had changed his mind, so his brother had dropped the subject.

“I need to work the land myself. It’s something I felt I had to do after we lost our parents.” It was his self-inflicted punishment. His penance.

The desk chair squeaked softly and Ethan stalked slowly toward him. “I’d like to talk about it sometime. If you want.” He stopped right in front of Brace, the counselor’s knees bumping into Brace’s. “But right now…” He licked his lips. “I need to taste every inch of you.”

Brace looked past Ethan to his office door. No one was in the house, but Zeke could come in any time. A wicked burst of Dom overtook him and he wanted to possess this man, needed to show him how fucking turned on he was, how he’d make his body rattle with his orgasms.

“Close the door, boy.”


I need to know that I’m not the only one. Do you ever get *warm* while reading (or writing) sex scenes? Which ones are your favorites?

Have a smutty, sexy day!
Randi “Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
Turn Up the Heat, Chase and Seduction, and Her Cowboy Stud are available at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon
Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon
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Cowboy Lust is available in paperback and Kindle format at Amazon

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Learning Something New and Naughty Every Day!

In the evening after the house quiets down, my hubby, Kick, and I sit in our comfy chairs in the living room and play dueling media. No, it’s not anything naughty. I fire up my laptop and he powers up his Kindle Fire.

We talk about things we’ve discussed during the day and each of us searches for answers on Google. It’s a lot of fun and we get into some interesting subjects.

I’m working on a male/male series of books – starring cowboys, of course – and I’m reading a number of great erotic romances to learn more about the genre.

While in the middle of one of the books, I ran across a new word. Frot. I asked Kick if he’d ever heard of it. He hadn’t, so we began our dueling Googling.

I think we both came up with the answer at the same time because I sucked in a surprised breath at the same moment he let out a startled, “Huh?”

From the Urban Dictionary*: A sexy act between two men that involves them being naked, and rubbing their penises together. It can involve one’s hand, trying to bring the two together for pleasure, but isn’t always a necessity in the act.

He read that the word ‘frot’ is a slang term shortened from the word frottage, derived from the French verb frotter, which means ‘to rub’.**

Of course, some of the online sites had photos and instructional drawings as well, but we really didn’t need to see them. The description of frot is more than enough to put accurate visuals into our heads. True?

The next morning, I cracked my knuckles (figuratively) and got to work writing my first frot. Here’s the scene from my work in progress, Hot Springs Temptation, Book 1 of the Temptation Springs Ranch series. Hopefully it’ll put a sexy visual into your mind.

Photo from

Unedited excerpt: Brace wrapped his hand around the back of Ethan’s neck. Their eyes locked in the bright moonlight. “I shouldn’t.”

The moving water of the hot spring caressed Ethan from his belly down to his toes, sliding over his erect penis inside his trunks like a lover’s hand.

The cowboy tugged Ethan closer and pressed their lips together.

Ethan’s response nearly shot him over the edge. He opened his mouth, welcoming the invasion of Brace’s tongue. And it was an invasion. Their tongues parried as his cowboy licked and sucked, bit and teased. They found every inch of each other’s mouths, the tasting desperate, the passion exploding.

Brace kept one hand on Ethan’s neck, the other slid down his hip and into the waistband of his trunks. Cupping his ass cheek, Brace squeezed and drew him closer.

Ethan needed to feel everything, every inch of his cowboy. His hands traced the bulging muscles at his shoulders, the rocks that bulged as biceps, chest muscles covered in the slick, soft water, and abs that were created from hard work.

Brace ended the kiss and pulled back. “Fuck.”

The curse was all Ethan needed to hear. Tugging the front of Brace’s boxer briefs from his hard rod, he slid the underwear down over the corded muscles of his thighs. Ethan nipped at Brace’s lower lip as he wrapped a hand around his huge, pulsing cock.

The cowboy’s body shuddered and a feral moan escaped his lips.

Sliding his hand along the slick length, Ethan closed his eyes, picturing the perfect cock he held in his hands. Thick, it would stretch his jaw when he sucked it, open his anus wide when he took it in his ass. Both images made that hot spot in his lower back tense with need.

Wrapping his hand around the head, he explored the ridge with his fingertips. The man’s cock was a handful, and just getting that big head into his sphincter would be enough to make him come like a geyser.

Brace’s hands fumbled at the string on the front of Ethan’s trunks then jerked as he tore the damn thing in two. “Sorry.”

Ethan smiled. Always courteous, always the gentleman. “Fucking rip the trunks off me if you want, cowboy.”

Looking into his eyes, Brace slipped his hand into the front of Ethan’s trunks and grabbed his shaft.

The sky swam above him as rivers of heat flowed from his cock to his balls. Using one hand, he tugged at his trunks while Brace use his free hand to help haul the waistband from him. The fabric slid down Ethan’s legs and pooled around his ankles, rubbing softly as the slowly moving water brushed against them.

Against Ethan’s palm, a spurt of slick pre-cum pulsed from Brace’s slit. He rubbed in circles around the big knob, using his thumb to tease the sensitive spot on bottom of the ridge.

Brace sucked in a breath and slid a rough hand up and down Ethan’s erection. Where his calluses rubbed, Ethan’s flesh tweaked with intense pleasure. Staring into Brace’s eyes, he watched the cowboy’s eyes narrow, heard his breath hitch as Ethan changed the motion of his hand to exactly match Brace’s motion on his staff.

With a hand on his ass, Brace tugged him closer until their cocks touched. The instant explosion of pleasure raced up his spine, and only a firm command to his brain kept him from shooting his load.

Brace’s big hand grabbed both their cocks and pressed them together.

Ethan did the same with his hand on the other side of their joined shafts, creating a slick channel.

The mineral-rich spring water made a natural lubricant, and the cowboy jerked his hips up, rubbing himself along Ethan’s cock, inside the tight tube of their hands.

Ethan fell into the opposite rhythm, sliding their cocks across each other’s in long, smooth glides, across their palms and fingers in hard, tight pleasure.

Brace used his free hand to make palm circles on the top of their shafts, the extra friction sending pulses of manic pleasure blasting through his staff, tightening his balls as a flare of heat burned up his spine. “Can’t stop it…” he cried as the orgasm overtook him.

Ethan grabbed Brace’s hair and pulled him in for a kiss more demanding than he’d ever dared take from a dominant. His mind exploded like beebees from a shotgun, wild and hot, scattering through his body in extreme flares of pleasure.

Cum, damn near hotter than the steaming water, shot from his sack and scorched through his cock in exquisite pulses. His muscles shook as his brain flooded with white noise and he sucked Brace’s tongue into his mouth.

The cowboy tensed and rammed his cock harder against Ethan’s. In his hand, the cowboy’s staff hardened and swelled even larger, hotter.

Brace twined his tongue around Ethan’s and cried out, a sound of pleasure and pain as he came hard and wild.

Ethan’s brain stutter stepped into another quick orgasm before the first had finished, the tingles from the earth-moving blast raced through his body as his balls pumped furiously, squeezing out another hot rope of cum.

Sharing fast breaths, they slowed the kiss and pulled back.

Ethan slid his hand from Brace’s hair, down to his neck where his pulse throbbed strong and rapid. Looking down, he watched as their cum mixed together and moved off in the light current of the spring.


Whew! That got me a little warm just copying and pasting it! 😉

What smutty term have you learned that you’d love to share with us? I’m always searching for something new to try…um, I mean, try out in my books! *giggle*

Hope you learn something new and naughty today!
Randi “Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
Turn Up the Heat, Chase and Seduction, and Her Cowboy Stud are available at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon
Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon
and in paperback from Createspace and at Amazon
Cowboy Lust is available in paperback and Kindle format at Amazon
*Urban Dictionary: Frot
**Wikipedia: Frot

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