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Bald Cowboy–Rhonda Lee Carver

Hi y’all. One of my dear friends married her best friend, a cowboy from Texas, a few months back. They are so happy they make me happy. One evening we were sitting around with burgers and hot dogs on the grill and we got into a discussion whether he should shave his head bald or not. Yes, he is balding, but he doesn’t do the comb-over. He has been wrangling the idea to shave or not to shave for a few months now. So, I made him a bet. If I made a shot in the hoop he would shave. If I didn’t he wouldn’t shave. He agreed. Let me just say, I’m horrible at basketball. Whether it’s because I’m only 5’2, or just don’t have the skill, I suck. He was grinning ear to ear because he believed he had this. And guess what? The ball spun around the rim twice then went in. I won!

He shaved and two days later my friend told me, “Every where my hubby goes he’s being flirted with. He was even asked out while he was at the coffee shop. Women love baldies.” LOL.

So, what do you think? Should a man shave his head or not? Or does it matter if he’s a cowboy…?

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Well, so be it! She walked onto the dock, the wood planks creaking under her feet.

She wouldn’t let him deter her from enjoying herself. In fact, she’d show him!

Reaching for the hem of her shirt, she dragged the tank over her head and dropped it . Next came her shorts. Her nipples budded and she wanted to believe that it was caused by the breeze, but the moisture building between her legs couldn’t be ignored–couldn’t be stopped. There was something sensual about standing there, partially naked, with a handsome stranger, a cowboy, watching her. His hand came up and scraped his jaw, and the horse pranced from foot to foot. Did the mare sense his irritation…or tension?

Was Dade growing hard?

Her core pulsated and her skin warmed. She had only meant to prove a point, but instead she’d tapped into a fiery awareness inside of her body. Her nipples were now throbbing and pressing against the lace of her bra.

Not sure what had come over her, she had no choice but to follow through, and pretty much needed cooled off. Stepping to the edge of the dock she jumped in.

A second later she surfaced, squealing. “Holy fuck!” The water was frigid. Apparently, she hadn’t thought this idea through carefully enough. Swimming to the ladder, she climbed the rungs and raced to her clothes, quickly pulling them on. Scanning the field where Dade had been, she didn’t see him. Disappointment slithered through her. He was now gone. But in time she’d see him again.

Three more days and The Lawman’s Promise (Book 2, Buttermilk Valley) is releasing!



“MOVE ONE MUSCLE and I’ll splatter your baby maker all over that fake Picasso painting hanging on the wall behind your head.”

Blake McKenzie held the shotgun steady on the naked man sprawled out on the messy bed. It was so quiet in the motel room, a pin hitting the floor would have been heard.  Empty beer bottles were scattered around the small area and the scent of smoke was strong in the air, making Blake want to gag.

The girl shifted on the bed, pink colored her cheeks as she pulled her shirt closed in order to hide her bare chest. “Blake, what are you doing here?”

“You’re a minor and your mother has been worried sick about you.” Blake didn’t take her gaze off the boy who was now sweating profusely and huddled up close to the headboard as if it was his lifeline. “So I’m asking you the same question.”

“Hey, she is here because she wants to be,” the man, Jonathon, finally muttered.

“Do the math, Einstein,” Blake said. “Twenty minus sixteen equals illegal. Not only are you lacking in brains by giving a juvenile alcohol, but messing with an underage child has serious consequences. You’re looking at some time behind bars.”

Monica shifted, making herself the wall between the shotgun and her boyfriend. “I love him. I’m going to marry him,” she wailed.

“Honey, you don’t want to marry this boy. I promise you.” Blake lowered her gun a mere inch so she could look at her best friend’s daughter. “Isn’t it time you told her the truth, Jonathon?” He sat there, his bottom lip quivering and tears rolling down his cheeks. “Let me do the honors since it seems the cat’s got your tongue. Monica, he has another girlfriend and she’s pregnant by him.”


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FREE BOOK: Rhonda Lee Carver

A friend, we’ll call her Dee, called me, saying, “I need you help!” So, I scurried over to her place, finding her on the couch, legs propped high in the air. She told me, “I waxed.”

Something you should know about my friend–she recently divorced and decided to go from hair-down-there to bare.

Apparently, as she was slathering on the wax, her doorbell rang. She grabbed a robe and rushed to find out who was outside. The UPS man. She received the shipment of something she’d been waiting on. Minutes later, she remembered she still had wax on a very important part of her body. However, the wax had gotten cold and hard. Her vagina sealed shut. She started to panic and pulled and tugged, but the wax wouldn’t give an inch.

Here’s where I come in…

I ran hot water in the tub. My assumption was that the water would melt the wax. Hahahahahaha. Boy was I wrong! She got stuck to the bottom of the tub.

In comes friend two. We’ll call her Joyce. After she helped me pull Dee from the tub, which wasn’t easy, we contemplated our next move. Joyce had worked in a salon for a few years so we figured she’d know what we should do. But, she didn’t have a solution, except giggling behind her hand and suggesting we drink a glass of wine. Dee was all for the alcohol.

In comes the third friend. We’ll call her Sandy. She is a nurse. She shook her head and was speechless. Dee was in pain, her lips were glued together and she slightly suspected she would never use those parts again. Now, she’s on her second glass of wine, muttering, ‘I needed wax for dummies.”

Finally, I grabbed a bottle of olive oil, handed it over and told Dee to apply liberally. And guess what? It worked! The hair still remained, but she decided she’d stick with a razor.

Have any horror stories with wax?

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Secret Pressure, Book 4 of Rhinestone Cowgirls is available for pre-order. Releasing July 29th.

Here is an excerpt:

Their bodies were close—so close his body heat warmed her. She should step back, but every feminine urge screamed for her to stay right there, accept the gift of passion. The bulge rubbing her stomach made her look down. He was naked! Awareness trickled through her and desire pooled into her loins. “Jobe…” his name fell from her lips, an invitation to put his erection to good use.

He gathered her into his arms, clutching her against the warmth of his warm, broad chest. She could stay right here forever, close to him, hearing the beat of his heart. He carried her effortlessly to the couch and placed her on the leather cushion. She kept her gaze steady on him, watching him as he stood above her, thankful that the moon offered some light so she could admire him.

All logic told her she should push him away, run like hell, but a bigger part of her liked knowing he was ready for her. She reached for his hand and kissed his knuckles, inhaling his fresh soap scent and a trace of leather. How could she ever deny herself the one man who promised such pleasure?


She looked up through the veil of her lashes, moistening her dry lips. “Please, Jobe,” she urged. “No thinking. Just feeling.”

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Sex and tell…by Rhonda Lee Carver

Recently, I posted a question to my Rowdy Readers Street Team. “What do women think while they are performing felatio?”

The conversation turned so interesting I had to share (with their permission of course). Here’s what a few had to say…

“will he ever get off already”

“It depends on what “inning” we are in. 1st or bottom of the 9th.”

“Depending on my mood, sometimes I want to tease him and make it go on a long time and others I just want to get it done.”

“Ok, so I’m being encouraged to add my MALE opinion from the other side. First it’s been a little while for me, but it’s good to see that there’s still some enthusiasm out there for the craft. Coming from a male point of view, I think receiving “felatio” is obviously an amazing physical pleasure, but I think there is also an unbelievable emotional high associated with it… I mean, it’s gotta be physically exhausting for you ladies (just check out your comments), yet you still do it. And, for a guy, it really does make us appreciate the relationship more. I guarantee it”

“I’ve always been surprised at just how much goes into giving fellatio. I’m worrying about my muscles aching, not choking, (I once got sick and heaved during the act. ugh), whether I’m biting him, whether I’ve hit the “spot,” and how much he’s enjoying it as a whole. I don’t really enjoy doing it but as was pointed out, it’s for the relationship and because I love him.”

“I also think that it’s a skill that most women are afraid to do. We worry that we’ll hurt them or we think it’s gross. That said, once tried, it can end up in disaster like me choking and getting sick. Thank god Coach is an understanding man!”

“I was asked what I think of (during the -lingus) and I would say I think of two main things… 1) geometric shapes, i.e. figure 8’s, circles, counter clockwise, etc, and (2) watching to see what’s working and what’s not, because I believe in reciprocity…”

“I love to make it last as long as possible and tease and play with him to let him have the time of his life!! I hope this doesn’t make me look bad to anyone but for me it’s something that I enjoy doing so it’s never a bad thing.”

“Mine loves it when I squeeze his balls. He says it heightens the sensation. It’s hard to get right so start slowly. And I should clarify my stance, I don’t like the action of doing it but I do like doing it since it’s so pleasuring to him. There is a power trip there that’s too good to be missed girls. T**** is right, reciprocity is the key.”

“I feel like I’m giving away nuclear secrets but you don’t have to gag yourself. Use a lot of hand action (both in tandem together is even better) and just work with as much as you can without the gag reflex kicking in. The sensitive area is around the head anyway. The key thing is to just relax. Just trying to help.”

What are your thoughts on this?

Since felatio is the subject, here’s an unedited scene where Ruby and Jobe, Secret Pressure, are getting down…literally.


pre-order link:

His cock sprang upward, pointing at the ceiling. Her eyes were on him, caressing him without even touching his body. He responded with a groan, a bead of cum pearling at the slit of his head. She saw it too and she leaned forward, rolling the tip of her tongue over the cream then licked her lips. It was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. But she didn’t stop there. She wrapped her slender fingers around his shaft, moving in perfect rhythm, pumping him. His breathing turned ragged as the crescendo built, passion igniting. She slid her mouth over him, until she couldn’t take anymore.

Her cheeks caved, eyes glossy, as she sucked on him. The sucking action of a woman who aimed to please.

Her lips were lovely. Warm, moist, with just the right amount of pressure. He rolled his hips, and she didn’t reject, in fact, she urged him by planting her hands on his ass. He increased the thrusts, digging his fingers in her hair and a deep moan vibrated the tip of his cock.

Swearing under his breath, he wanted to spurt in her mouth, but he wanted something else so much more.

He gently pushed her back, she released her hold on him and sank into the cushion, spreading her legs ever so slightly so that he got a wonderful view of the small triangle shape at the apex of her thighs.

He lowered to his knees, spreading her knees wider, enough for the size of his body. One corner of her mouth curved into a smile, full of mischief, full of promise. Partially resting against her, balancing on his knees, their naked bodies pressed together. He rubbed his cock against her, proving to her how much he wanted her. A whimper fell from her lips and it was almost his undoing. Everything about her, this, was so right and yet so wrong.






Rhonda’s Rowdy Readers Street Team


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New Release!!! Leather For Two!!!

Here’s a question…

If you inherited a crap load of $ from an ex-boyfriend, would  you accept it?

Now, let’s switch up the scenario. If you received the money from an ex who was recently murdered and had suspiciously left you a note giving you special instructions…what would you do? Run the hell away to some remote island, richer? Or, stick around, follow the instructions, even if it lands you into the hands of danger?

Rena Rose is faced with a challenge of a lifetime. What will she do? Will she do the right thing, or the naughty thing?

Leather For Two is available at Amazon!

Want to win a $5 GC? Drop over on my blog and enter the Rafflecopter.



Brotherhood or love. Blaze can’t have both.

Rena Rose belongs to Diesel, the leader of the Wings of Steel Motorcycle Club.  However, her heart secretly belongs to Blaze Donavon, Diesel’s right hand man and friend.

One night, when boundaries slip, Blaze professes his feelings to Rena in a heated moment of passion. They break the rules of the club, and what is so wrong feels so right. They both realize there is little hope for them being together. Blaze lives and breathes MC. And Rena wants out.

Diesel can’t keep his fly zipped, and when Blaze finds his friend with another woman, all hell breaks loose and Blaze’s secret love for Rena is exposed in a violent twist of fate.  Diesel is dangerous and Blaze would do anything to keep Rena safe, even if staying away from her is the only way.

Now, three years after leaving the club, Rena is working as a first grade teacher and life is stable, comfortable, exactly how she wants to keep it.

But her life is about to be thrown a curve ball.

Blaze shows up at her door with horrific news…Diesel is dead—murdered in cold blood.  But bad news isn’t the only thing on Blaze’s mind.  Feelings resurface as they face evil. Is the real enemy an outsider, or an internal tug of war within Rena?

Thrown into a web of lies and deceit, Rena and Blaze scramble to find the secret to Diesel’s murder. With Agent Peterson of the Federal A.T.F. breathing down their necks, the pressure continues to rise, as well as the heat between Rena and Blaze.

The only problem…. who else is watching them? And will Blaze make the right choice—brotherhood or love?


“We’re still not done.”

I sighed and plopped back down. “There’s more?”

He swallowed. “Come to the memorial tomorrow and I’ll give you the envelope.”

“I-I can’t. I’m working. Not only that, but I’m sure I’m no longer welcome. I could be walking into a disaster.”

“No one hates you. Except maybe me.” He snorted.

My breath held. “Is that true?”

“Maybe a little,” he answered.

“Then why would you want me to come to the memorial?”

“Because I want to see that sexy ass,” he growled the words.

My cheeks burned. Blaze never did own a filter. “Now you’re making fun of me.” I looked at him through the veil of my lashes. He was still handsome—mysteriously so.

“Honey, I’d never make fun of something as sweet as your ass. I did notice it’s as tight as ever, even in the nun outfit.”

“This isn’t a nun’s outfit!”

“Have you missed me at all, sweetheart?”

My stomach did a triple flip. I slid my clammy palms down the skirt. I could lie, but then again, I couldn’t. “I’ve thought about you, us, many times.”

“You sent the cards,” he said. “Didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did.”


“Because I wanted to wish you a happy birthday.” My heart skipped.

“Damn, Bambi. I didn’t think it was you. Hell, I’d hoped.” He blew out a breath through his tight lips. He left the couch and dropped to his knees in front of me—bringing back memories of another time. I didn’t resist as he pressed my body into the cushion, caging me with his iron-hard length. Springs popped as he leaned closer. I inhaled his scent and my head spun. I pulled away but I couldn’t go far. My body ached for him.

“I can’t allow you to do this to me.”

“What, sweetheart?” he whispered.

“Make me lose all sanity. I don’t want this again.”

“Your eyes tell me something very different,” he whispered. His breath swept across my cheek. “I think you want me to take you to places you’ve never been.”

“My eyes are telling you to fuc—”

He pressed his finger against my lips. “Tsk, tsk, schoolteacher. What vile language you have.” His eyes sparkled. “Don’t make me put you over my knee and spank you.” His words held promise and my toes curled. The thought of his hand on my bare ass did pleasant and naughty things to my secret places.

I could only stare. My eyes filled with tears and my body awakened from years of being in a comatose state. His talent of disorienting me never ceased to amaze me. Why could no man erupt such a powerful force within me as Blaze could? I understood the influence he had on me, my body. He could drag me down a heated path of uncertainty and I’d go willingly.

He threaded his fingers into my hair and the clip snapped, a lot like the unlocking of the gates guarding my heart. The locks fell to my shoulders and across his tanned arm. I noticed the tattoo of a cross wound in ivy. I looked closer and my mouth fell open. “Blaze, my name, it’s in the tattoo.” My heart beat so loud it vibrated my eardrums.

“Yes. I got it after you left. Two of my favorite things. You and faith.”

I couldn’t hold my emotion any longer.

“Aww, now. Don’t cry, baby. If I see tears, I’ll have to lick them away, one by one, and I don’t think I could stop there. I’ve been dreaming of tasting all of you.”

I jerked and tried closing my legs, but he stayed between them. He moved deeper, spreading my hips wider. His belt buckle rubbed my inner thighs, exploding a burning need in my core. I pushed the heel of my hands into his chest. I wanted to be angry. I wanted to fight the urgency within me—the driving desire pushing me to let myself fall into him. The boundaries were slipping. “I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want to give in.” The cloud of desire welcomed me, enclosing me in its warmth and comfort.

“Remember when I told you how I wanted to sink myself deep into you? To hear you call my name. I wanted you to rip your nails into my skin and mark your territory, just as you marked my soul with your sweet love. I’ve thought about it over and over—thought about the things I could have done differently. And now, I’m lost. I’m brainwashed in your fucking heat, Rena. I want to ease this torture in my body.”

The moment turned tense. “I’m sure you’ve had plenty of help easing the strain behind your zipper.” I hated my bitter words that sounded like jealousy. I was jealous. I hated knowing another woman touched him, brought him pleasure. I squeezed my hands into fists, dragging the leather material of his cut between my fingers.

“I’m glad to see you’re still green-eyed with jealousy.” He winked.

“You’re a pig!” I pounded his chest, but not hard. Not enough to send him backward. I didn’t want him going anywhere.

He grabbed my wrists and held them easily in one hand, tight against his chest. He lowered his face so close that our noses touched. “There’s nothing to keep us apart now. You know why I came. And you’re glad I’m here.”

“What do you want?” The words slipped through my trembling lips. Would he kiss me?

“The same thing you want. What is that, baby? Say it…”

“I’ve always been weak when it came to you. My body wants your touch, but my mind is screaming that this can’t happen. I can’t go back.”

He dropped his free hand to my knee and slowly moved his fingers along the quivering flesh between our bodies. My crease throbbed and an irrefutable craving built inside of me. I knew it had always been there and he only disturbed it from the cave—uncovered it like a hidden treasure chest that I’d buried long ago. His fingers moved to the elastic of my panties, rolling the wide pad of a finger along the seam. I knew I should make him stop. He would if I asked, but for the life of me, I wanted more. I wanted him inside of me. “Do you like this, sweetheart?”

“Yessss!” I relaxed my muscles. Parts of me stirred alive. Fire lapped at my veins. I opened my knees wider, gyrating the apex of my thighs against the bulge in his jeans. Tingles moved at the pace of thick molasses through my secret parts until spasms took over. His finger continued creating havoc on the pearl nested in my pussy lips. A tremor scorched through my muscles and I squeezed my legs around his sides while deep moans slipped from my lips. I tucked my face into his shoulder as heat washed over my skin.

“Before long I will have you in my bed. Wet and pleading for me to put out the fire consuming your intoxicating body. But it won’t happen now, not until your mind and body are on the same page. I want more than a fuck.”

“That’ll never happen,” I whispered, but doubt remained. I looked at him, knowing I had no control when it came to him.

He smirked. His gaze held mine for a good three seconds, then he stood and adjusted his bulging fly. The evidence of his desire made my body tremble. My pussy lips shuddered and moisture flooded my panties, again.

“I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want. You’ll have to ask.” His confidence never wavered.

My blood boiled. “I won’t see you again.” I looked up at him, hoping he couldn’t see the feelings burrowed in my body that ached for him.

“That’s your choice. The memorial is tomorrow at six.” He strolled toward the door. “I think you’re curious enough to be there. There has to be some of the old Rena left in that prim and proper body of yours.” He brought his hand to his nose and inhaled deeply, a playful smile covering his lips.

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Heat up with Saint Valentine!

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is named after the 3rd Century Catholic priest, Saint Valentine? He so believed in love and romance that he risked his life to marry couples. Therefore, he gained the reputation as a legendary Cupid. Sure, the story of Saint Valentine has been molded, shaped, tweaked and admired into a tale that outweighs fact, but one thing we can’t deny, he did indeed die for his belief in love.

Hopefully, all of you are experiencing love and romance daily. But why not make VDay 2015 the best yet? VDay doesn’t have to cost a fortune, because love is free. Traditionally, VDay was celebrated by making handmade cards plastered with hearts, flowers and love notes then giving them to those we admire. Try your hand at crafting a card. Contemporary VDay is celebrated with dinner, gifts of champagne, chocolate and roses. And lots of proposals!  Why not prepare a romantic dinner at home? A single red rose packs a huge romantic statement.

What are your plans for VDay? Or do you have a special VDay story to share? I’d love to hear. Comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win a FREE book of mine, your choice. One winner will be chosen randomly. 

By chance, have you seen my newest cowboy? Pre-order him today for ONLY 99 cents!!!! Now who can tell me you wouldn’t want this luscious cowboy for a Valentine.CowboyParadise2500

“Ben, something’s in my pants.”

He dropped the basket to the ground. “What is it?”

“I don’t know, but…ouch!” She froze. “It stung me!” Afraid if she moved an inch either direction whatever it was would sting her again. “I think it’s a bee.”

“What does the sting feel like?”

“Are you serious? A sting! Like someone shot a staple into my butt.” Tears came to her eyes.

“Drop your pants, Cara.” He was beside her in a flash.

The back of her thigh started to throb in pain but she continued to stare at him in confusion. “I’m not dropping my pants.” She was mortified.

“If it’s a wasp, it’ll sting you again,” he warned.

Fear washed over her, but not from the wasp. If she pulled down her pants he would see her panties, not the pretty, lace ones she wore once upon a time. Not the panties she believed a man like Ben would wish to see on a woman. Cara’s panties certainly wouldn’t be found in a sexy lingerie shop. These were the comfy panties, as she liked to call them, she started wearing when James continually told her how fat she was getting. They didn’t cover up enough for her liking.

Had she gone mad?

And why did she care one hoot what underwear she was wearing? If Ben didn’t like them then so what!

She smiled. Wow…she was getting the aggressive thing down. Diedre would be pleased.

“Do you need some help?” he asked.

She smacked his hand away. “No. I’ll do it, but you have to turn your head.”

“Cara, we don’t have time for this. Is it not processing that you could be stung again? This is for emergency reasons only.” The sincerity in his expression made it easier to do what she knew must be done.

Unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans, he was polite enough to keep his gaze on her face as she slowly slid the denim down her hips and thighs, slipping them to her knees. All of James’s cruel and degrading verbal assaults crawled through her mind as she stood there, partially naked. James had been the only man who’d seen her without clothes. And he’d never liked what he saw.

“Where did it sting you, sweetheart?” His gentle voice soothed her—a little.

“On my thigh, the back.”

“Turn and let me take a look.” His gaze slipped past her chest, her stomach and she crossed her arms over her chest, vulnerability easing through her.  “If it’s a bee sting you could still have the stinger in your skin, which could cause infection. We can’t let that happen. You’re in Nirvana and that bee just wanted a little taste of honey.”

How did he do that? How did he make everything seem okay? How did he make her fears seem ridiculous? Because in actuality, they were silly. She was being silly. James was gone and she was moving on. The internal scars were fading.

Reluctantly, she turned and closed her eyes. His breath rushed from his lungs and she jerked. Then he was quiet for the longest time. Was he silently gawking at her large butt or her huge thighs? She had never claimed to be a supermodel and had never wanted to be. She read in a magazine that men liked juicy behinds.Of course, what did juicy mean? Seconds turned into a minute. She started to turn back but he stopped her with a hand on her waist.  “What is it, Ben?”

“It’s definitely a bee sting, darlin’.” His voice was smooth as silk.

“Then get it out fast. This is awkward standing here with my pants down around my ankles.”

“Well, sweetheart, there’s a problem.”

Wanna own Ben? Here’s the buy link…






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PRESSURE RISING–Another Rhinestone Cowgirl–is coming in January! Hot excerpt!!!!

After Christmas, when all of the lights come down, all of the bling disappears, I feel a sense of an end. December is a month of non-stop activity. I barely have time to catch my breath before I’m on the go again. Once presents are opened and family members have gone home, we’re left to reflect. The adrenaline starts to lower. Life starts to settle again. But…It’s time to start thinking of the new year–2015. New stories come alive, bouncing around inside of my head. Heroes and heroines whispering sweet nothings in my ear. I’m excited for this upcoming year and the books in store. More cowboys…possibly a few more bad-ass heroes. An accident or two, or three! And of course, saucy heroines to keep the men in line. This is the best gift ever–new beginnings!

What will you set for your goals? Any hopes and dreams? For some it’s a new TBR list.

On January 7th, 2015, Pressure Rising will be available! Pre-order 


He glanced at her, his unsmiling mouth still looked delectable. “So, you want to do this here?” His gaze locked with hers before crawling over her chest, waist, legs. She was stripped of any bit of clothing, as well as the wall of anger she erected years ago. His tongue swept across his bottom lip. Did he imagine he was licking her?

She squeezed her hands together until her knuckles popped. Was he doing this to unsettle her? If so, he was doing a good job.

Her hormones raced through her body, teasing her nerve endings and begging for a touch from one tall, sexy cowboy with twinkling eyes. She hadn’t realized before how much she liked cowboys.

“Is that a yes?” he asked.

She nodded, sending her hair along her cheek and she pushed it back behind her ear. Up until now, she thought she could handle seeing DJ without his jeans, but areas of her body were awakened, sensitive spots quivered. “I’ll turn my head while you pull your pants down.” She twisted on barefoot. Never in a million years did she think those words would come from her—especially toward DJ Walters.

His deep chuckle pierced the air and pricked her nipples. She licked her lips as everything she’d ever held true about herself crumbled into little pieces at her feet. Years without sex hadn’t dampened the desire.

“I’m about as decent as I can get with my jeans pulled down to my knees.” His thick voice lifted the hairs on her neck.

She turned and found him lying face down on the couch. He’d left his blue and black striped boxers pulled up. She was grateful that he couldn’t see her face considering the stinging in her cheeks told her they were as red as a strawberry.

He looked up at her and one corner of his mouth tugged upward. She wondered if he ever fully smiled? Either way, the quirked smile tugged at the strings between her heart and the apex of her thighs. She rejected the need to clamp her knees together.

“What are you waiting for, sweetheart? You wanted to do this, remember?” His words were completely erotic, and she wasn’t immune. Amusement lit his eyes.

She took in a deep breath and willed her body to stop acting like a teenager. She was a grown woman with a job to do. There wasn’t a big deal about changing his bandage. She’d seen a man’s ass before—even his. But somehow not only seeing it, but touching it too made a helluva difference. Her fingers trembled.

Get this over with.

Crossing the room, she took a seat on the cushion next to his hip. She was met with a strong smell of spice soap and it teased her nostrils. Heat shot through her loins and she became lightheaded.

“How about I manage this alone?” He shifted on the cushion.

“I can do this, in my own time. It’s not like you have someplace to be,” she said firmly. Her body shuddered, matching the seesawing of her voice.

He sighed and it vibrated the cushion. Not exactly the best thing for her sensitive core. After gathering the first aid kit, she dug out what she needed with her shaky fingers.  The oxygen seemed depleted as she forced air through her nose. “I’m going to touch your waist and slip down the elastic band of your boxers.”

DJ swung his gaze around again and met hers over his broad shoulder. “Are you seriously going to narrate this?”

She gave her head a shake. “I’m nervous.” She couldn’t hide the obvious.

“Don’t worry. I won’t bite. I might get a little turned on and this position might get uncomfortable, but that’s as far as I’ll let it go.”

Her gasp snapped the air.

“Take it as a compliment, darlin’.”

She couldn’t tell if he was joking because his face was buried in the pillow.

What was wrong with her? Why was she allowing him to mess with her mind?

Lowering his boxers, the backs of her knuckles skimmed his warm, smooth skin still dewy from the bath. The flesh below his underwear was much paler compared to the rest. And the man had a rock hard bum, perfectly shaped. Of course he would, considering he was in the saddle a lot.

Grabbing the end of the bandage she knew this wouldn’t be easy, so she counted to three inside of her head and gave it one fast tug.

“Yeowl!” His butt tightened.

“I did it as quickly as I could.” She stifled a laugh. The wound was red, but it was healing nicely. “Looks good.” Realizing what she’d said, she cleared her throat. “I’m talking about the stiches…the wound is nice…the area around it is nice too…I mean…no sign of infection.”

She’d just slaughtered any chance of handling this like an uninterested, grown woman.

UNDER PRESSURE! Book 1, Rhinestone Cowgirls.


Find me at:






Amazon Author Page:

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Name a Hero!!!

Naming a character can sometimes be difficult. When it comes to a name, you want one that says something about the character. Imagine scrolling through romance novels, looking for the perfect one and coming upon a hot, sexy cover. Your interest is piqued. You click on the link, read the blurb and this is what you find…

“The lights were low, candles were lit and soft music flowed. A whimper slipped from Jezebel’s moist lips as                               Pee Wee moved in to kiss her…”

No offense to any men named Pee Wee, but the name draws a reader out…waaaaaaaay out.

Let’s try this again, shall we?

“The lights were low, candles were lit and soft music flowed. A whimper slipped from Jezebel’s moist lips as                               Rogan moved in to kiss her…”

Big difference, huh? I get a visual that makes me want to read all about Rogan…and possibly lick him too.

So, I need your help. What do you think my next hero should be named? He’s a military man and, of course, bad-ass.

Comment with a sexy, powerful name and you’re entered to win an ecopy of my newest release, Under The Mistletoe. Good luck!




Alex wants more from Santa than a lump of coal…
Dreading the holiday, Alex is grumpy and down on her luck. Another year alone–another year that her parents will needle her about her single status. Stopping in Vegas for a little fun before she’s forced to face her family solo, she hopes for a big win but didn’t expect it to be wrapped in worn jeans, flannel and a cowboy hat.
Jax is having a bad day. A bad month. But when he wins big his holiday cheer improves. And who better to celebrate with than the lovely lady who caught his eye at the slot machine.
Alex isn’t looking for a holiday romance, but she does have a solution to her problems. Jax would make a perfect boyfriend—even if she must pay him. Money well spent to keep her parents off of her back for the week.
Santa has a plan. The gift Alex and Jax find other the tree is more than cash for services.

Pressure Rising (Book 2, Rhinestone Cowgirls)


Releasing January 7, 2014


Buy link:

Carrying a shotgun lands her into trouble…and under the spell of a cowboy

Pearl learned the hard way that DJ is a poison that needs to be eradicated from her neighboring land. Although she hates him with a passion, killing him isn’t part of her plan. When the shotgun fires and DJ is wounded, she wishes she left the gun at home.

DJ has a pain in his butt—literally. Thanks to Pearl with her poor shooting skills and temper. He knew all along that she had it out for him, but shooting him in his backside was a little too close for comfort. When she shows up on his doorstep— after prodding from her family—apologizing and offering to ‘nurse’ him back to health, he can’t help but imagine all of the opportunities at his fingertips. His sweetest revenge would be to prove that she has feelings for him, and with a little of his country-boy charm, she might lose the emotional barriers and stop treating him like the devil’s spawn.

One touch and Pearl is hooked. Changing the bandage on DJ’s nice, tight buns starts a fervor within her that leads her down a delicious path—and straight into DJ’s strong, awaiting arms. She realizes shutting him out isn’t as easy as building another wall of protection. He’s in her blood and she’s addicted. And her cowboy is determined to unlock all of her closed doors.

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Riding….er, writing cowboys!

This has been one crazy busy month. I have a lot going on that I want to share.

First, my holiday novella, Under The Mistletoe, is up for pre-order at Amazon. Release date is December 4th. Just in time for Christmas. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed writing Alex and Jax’s story. It begins in Vegas, a place with lots of shiny lights and miraculous wonder, a place that reminds me a lot of Christmas. A few months ago I was looking into a Vegas vacation and fell in love with one of the hotels I came across. After perusing pics of one of the suites, I knew I had to write a story in Vegas and include hot scenes in a big, soaking tub. Well…a month later…Under The Mistletoe is born.

Tis the season for cowboys…and giveaways!

I want to give away (2) Two cowboy keychains to (2) lucky winners. All you have to do is comment below. Good luck!


Alex was a perfect woman. Pert breasts. Lovely, slender hips. Long, toned legs that went for miles. A perfect fit in his arms.Under_The_Mistletoe

He held his breath. What was he getting into?

Focus on bringing her pleasure because tonight is all we have.

He followed the slender curve of her shoulder with his mouth, licking as he went along, He kissed the sleek bend, along the arch of her neck, inhaling her scent that made him woozy. “Do you like that, darlin’? Me kissing your neck?”

“Yes, yes!” Her fingers rubbed the back of his neck, tangling in the ends of his hair. He imagined her doing the same when he licked her pussy.

Continue reading

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Soap Operas, Smut, and Sisterhood!

You know what my favorite part of writing is? Well, other than the hot bi guys who share and the whole falling in love and living happily ever after part. I love, love, love getting to write a cast of characters. You might be wondering what I mean by a ‘cast of characters.’ Well, I am referring to the supporting people in the story. It’s kind of like a soap opera (cheesy comparison, I know)—there’s one couple (in my case, grouping) you focus on, but there are a whole host of characters surrounding them. And you can’t help but eat these people all up—even though, in the scheme of things, they’re not really the reason you’re watching the show in the first place.

Now I know most consider these people to be ‘secondary characters.’ But for me, they’re not. These people are essential—to the story and the other characters. See, we don’t live in a world where it is all about us and our significant others. We have families and friends. And while we often want to strangle them (or at least, I do), we love them. We want them to be a part of our lives. So how could I write a book where there were no relationships outside the ménage? I couldn’t. And frankly, I wouldn’t.

That being said, I don’t write non-sexual relationships because I have to. No, I find great pleasure in writing relationships that I would love to have myself. For example, in my Sweet Serenity series, there are three women who have the kind of friendship I would have given anything to have growing up. Jaycee, Katie-Anne, and Shannon have been friends through thick and thin for as long as they can remember. And nothing and no one could tear them apart. To me, that’s a true gift. In The Doms of Kinky, Kansas, there is a social circle that I find fascinating. Now, I haven’t had time to reveal the inner complexities of this group’s relationship to everyone. Yet. After all, I have only written one book in that series. But still, these people have a deep, rich history. It’s not like they just magically showed up in Kinky and Poof! they’re friends. No, these people are with the people they care about. They came to town to be with these people, not just to move to a place where BDSM and ménage relationships run rampant. I find that level of commitment and unity in a friendship to be a true treasure.

As you can imagine, my next release Their Luscious Dream (Love in Luscious, KS #2) is no different. I have a huge cast of characters. Probably the biggest group yet. But it isn’t about the size. It’s about the selfless, unconditional, generous love they share with each other—all of them. They don’t say that Love knows no boundaries in Luscious for nothing. Everyone (yes, everyone) cares about everyone else. It doesn’t matter if its the sexy beasts who run The Luscious Lady (yeah, you know who I’m talking about…Sam, Brett, and Ethan), the hippie lady living in a tent in the park, the incense-loving man who drives the vintage VW bus as a cab, or the full-grown flower children that run the Paisley House. They all have an emotional connection. Even the boho trio who own and operate Nature’s Garden get in on the love. (No, not that kind of love, you naughty, naughty man or wicked, wicked woman!)

Of course, like in Serenity, I have a soft spot for three women in particular in Luscious. Now don’t get me wrong. These three are nothing like Jaycee, Katie-Anne, and Shannon. They aren’t supposed to be. No, these three are sisters. But they’re not just any sisters. They’re the sisters I would have wanted had I not been an only child. They are smart and sassy, smart-mouthed and perverted. They pick and prod at each other. They joke and play pranks—like in this scene from Their Luscious Dream:

“Excuse me, Tate,” Haven said, her voice sounding as smooth as melted butter and as sweet as candy. “Can I have this?” When her best friend nodded, she grabbed Harper’s made-from-scratch muffin off his plate and threw it at Athena’s head.

Athena bent sideways, effectively dodging the projectile whole grain bread, then laughed her ass off. Harper and Haven joined in, and half of the damned café clapped as though they were at the opera rather than in a café with deviant workers.

And they’re completely, totally, utterly honest with each other—brutally so. They’ve been known to call each other on their bullshit a lot. Like here in Their Luscious Dream:

“Peckerface,” Athena muttered, using Haven’s favorite insult when someone pissed her off.

“Hey, that’s my word,” Haven grumbled as she stole a banana from Tate’s plate. Her best friend didn’t even bat an eyelash at her theft. “And you can’t call Jagger that. He’s my brother, and I love him.”

Harper snorted. “Didn’t you call him a peckerfaced fucknugget last week?”

“He called me a name first,” Haven defended before biting into the banana in her hand.

“Yeah, he called you Haven Moon Kelley,” Harper countered before snagging Haven’s banana and taking a bite of her own.

Grinning, Haven waved her hand dismissively. “Don’t get technical, sis. Haven Moon Kelley is a name.”

Harper threw her hands up in a dramatic display of exasperation. “It’s your name!”

Haven attempted to take back her banana. But Harper dodged her.

For all their posturing, bickering, and blustering, these three would go to the end of the world for each other. They have each others’ back. Like in this teeny-tiny snippet (if you would call it that) from Their Luscious Dream:

 A hush rippled through the room. All eyes turned on Athena, who paled visibly. “I, uh, don’t know how to say this.”

“Say what?” Haven bent at the waist and propped her elbows on the stainless steel countertop. “You killed someone, and you need us to hide the body. If so, we’re going to need some supplies.” She hummed. “Wonder if Maverick keeps a wood chipper at The Catch All.”

In all honesty, I can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy for their sisterhood. I wish I had that kind of relationship. But since I wasn’t blessed with sisters, I have found that living vicariously through these three has been the most beautiful (and hilarious) non-bedroom, non-sexual-love experience of my writing life—to date. I just hope that the people who read this book will feel a kinship with these three, too. And if not them, someone else. After all, I’m a character driven writer. And as a character writer, I want everyone to love the characters as much as I do. Okay, that might not be possible because I’m a bit…attached to them. LOL. But if one person out there cares for the characters even a tenth as much as I do, then I’ve done my job right.

So now that I’ve teased you, scroll down a little bit, and you’ll get a bigger and better glimpse into the world of Athena, Harper, and Haven!

Until next time…

Love and cherries,


p.s. I’m running a contest in honor of the release of Their Luscious Dream on Monday, August 12th! For more information, follow this link: a Rafflecopter giveaway. By the way, one of the ways to earn an entry through Rafflecopter is to leave a comment here! 🙂


*** Now let’s get to the good part…Their Luscious Dream! ***

Their Luscious Dream (Love in Luscious, KS 2) photo TheirLusciousDream_Full_zps4b8f8d80.jpg



Athena Xanthopoulos is on a mission. She’s moved to Luscious, Kansas to reconnect with the parents she doesn’t remember and meet the siblings she’d only dreamed of having. But she didn’t count on finding men like Sam Carrington, Ethan Bartlett, and Brett Monroe.

Sam, Ethan, and Brett love each other, and they’re committed to their marriage. Yet still, they dream of a family that includes a wife and children. Only they believe their dream is just that—a dream.

Then Athena walks in.

Now the men who’d felt their dream was out of reach see babies in the mysterious blonde’s eyes. And the woman who’s lived life as an outsider yearns to belong.

But Athena’s conservative childhood tells her what she craves is wrong. Can the men convince her sharing isn’t wrong but oh-so-deliciously right? Or will she hold onto what she knows, dashing the men’s dreams and dooming herself to a lifetime without the men she’s grown to love?

NOTE: This book is not stand-alone. To find out how the dream began for Sam, Brett, and Ethan check out Luscious Beginnings (MMM).

Special 69 Shades of Smut Excerpt

Athena whirled around. “You’re like a dog with a bone.”

“What’s with all this animal talk?” Harper asked as she returned from delivering food to one of the tables. “I hear one of you yapping about cats in heat and the other blabbering about dogs with bones. I don’t get it.”

“You don’t have to get it.” Haven tugged on her sister’s recently dyed hair. “I never get your crazy hair, so we’re even.” Letting go of the rainbow-colored strands, she winked. “I have to get back to work anyway. I would really hate to burn my buns.”

“I’ll burn your buns.” Athena’s lips tipped up into a smile. “With a hot baking sheet to the butt.”

Like Athena had hoped, her sarcasm didn’t fall on deaf ears.

“Excuse me, Tate,” Haven said, her voice sounding as smooth as melted butter and as sweet as candy. “Can I have this?” When her best friend nodded, she grabbed Harper’s made-from-scratch muffin off his plate and threw it at Athena’s head.

Athena bent sideways, effectively dodging the projectile whole grain bread, then laughed her ass off. Harper and Haven joined in, and half of the damned café clapped as though they were at the opera rather than in a café with deviant workers.

Only one person didn’t seem amused in any way, shape, or form—her brother, Jagger Blue Star Kelley. He was scowling at them from his counter on the opposite side of the serving area. As usual, Mr. Stick Up His Ass had his eyes trained on her. Not that that was surprising. He didn’t hide his distaste for her or her antics. “Get to work,” he barked.

Athena knew he was talking to her, not Harper or Haven. And he made it known to everyone in the dining room when he turned to the two sisters he’d grown up with and said in a much softer voice, “You, too.”

Athena didn’t flinch at his obvious snub. She didn’t even acknowledge him. She spun on her heel and headed to the sink where she washed her hands with water that was painfully hot. When she was done, she wiped her reddened hands and got back to work.

A short time later, Harper and Haven returned to her side. Both of them patted on her back, the strikes gentle and surprisingly soothing, and she sighed.

“Ignore Jagger. He’s such a douchenozzle sometimes,” Haven said.

Harper was far more defensive of their older brother. “He just doesn’t know you. Once he does, he’ll warm up to you. He’ll love you. Like we do.”

Guilt speared Athena in the chest. She should tell them who she was. She should—right here, right now, this very second. She even opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

Harper touched her chin then helped her shut her mouth. “It’s okay. We know. You don’t like him any more than he likes you.”

Wasn’t that the truth? She couldn’t stand Jagger. He treated her like crap. Every day, he tried to fire her for one reason or another. And every night at closing, he bitched at her for something she’d done. She was doing this wrong. Or she was doing that wrong. No matter what, she was in the wrong.

“Peckerface,” Athena muttered, using Haven’s favorite insult when someone pissed her off.

“Hey, that’s my word,” Haven grumbled as she stole a banana from Tate’s plate. Her best friend didn’t even bat an eyelash at her theft. “And you can’t call Jagger that. He’s my brother, and I love him.”

Harper snorted. “Didn’t you call him a peckerfaced fucknugget last week?”

“He called me a name first,” Haven defended before biting into the banana in her hand.

“Yeah, he called you Haven Moon Kelley,” Harper countered before snagging Haven’s banana and taking a bite of her own.

Grinning, Haven waved her hand dismissively. “Don’t get technical, sis. Haven Moon Kelley is a name.”

Harper threw her hands up in a dramatic display of exasperation. “It’s your name!”


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Declarations of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“I’m a sucker for romance.” I think that’s my favorite line from a movie (“The Goodbye Girl”) because it’s so true. I love all types of romance novels; sweet, spicy, sizzling, and down right dirty. I don’t know about about you, but after the steamy sexual tension and the hot, sweaty sex, I’m a sucker for those declarations of love.

There will be enough articles and blog posts about Valentine’s Day, about the history and the ways to spend it with your loved one, I thought I’d just share some declarations of love for you to sigh over.

Brendan and Ashley from Silken Canvas:

“You’re more than my inspiration,” he went on, his voice soft and sincere. “You’ve brought balance to my life. You’ve brought love. I want you in my life. Not because of my career. Because I love you.”

He loved her?

“I love you too,” she whispered. Now the words came so easily, she didn’t know why she’d waited so long. “I never stopped loving you.”

Jarrod and Hanna from Chains of Desire:

He kissed her soft hair. “Can you sit up now?” She nodded. As soon as they sat up, he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her softly.  “I love you, Hanna, my brave little slave. I love you with my heart as well as my body.”

She gasped. “I didn’t think we were allowed to love each other.”

“Love doesn’t listen to rules.” He gathered her close. “I know I don’t deserve it, but I hope someday I will earn your love.”

“I do love you, Jarrod. I just never let myself believe it was possible.” She took his hands and kissed them. “I’m sorry. I’m so lucky to have you as my Master. If I can please you by keeping your house and being ready to pleasure you, I will do it willingly. You’re right. It’s all I know.” Tears glittered in her eyes. “I don’t want another Master. I don’t want another life.”

Alan and Caroline from Sunrise (in Jewels of the Nile II):

“I’m not going to stay here without you. And I’m not content to take the tiny bits of time you allow me.” He drops his hands from my shoulders and I shiver. “I love you, Caroline. I need you in my life. In my heart. I want you to come with me when I go on tour again next month. We’re going to Europe. To Paris. London. Rome. You can bring your easel. You can paint while I’m playing, and when I’m not, we can walk together along the Champs de Elysses. Through the Coliseum. I can show you the neighborhood where I grew up.” – Alan

I kiss him tenderly. I soak in his warmth and I’m not cold anymore. As our lips slide against each other, the heat builds again. My skin quickly catches fire. Can I need him again so quickly? Can I love him?

The truth hits me as I realize I’ve loved him for months. I’ll need him for the rest of my life. …I lean over him and brush my lips across his. “I love you.” – Caroline

Ben and Piper in Flaunt It:

She crossed her arms in front of her and rubbed her skin as if she was suddenly cold. The look of anguish on her face was enough to make him want to walk away from her right now, just so she wouldn’t look so sad. “Why should I say yes?” she asked, lifting her chin with the challenge. “Why should I change my whole life because of you?”

“Because I love you, dammit,” he shouted. She’d already rejected him, it couldn’t possibly hurt any more than it already did to speak the words he’d been reluctant to say out loud. The words he’d been certain would send her running. “Because my life is so much better when you’re a part of it.” She just stared at him, not saying a word. His heart raced, his body chilled. He lowered his voice to a whisper. “I love you, Piper.”

Oh shit, those were tears were streaming down her face. But she didn’t run away from him like he’d been afraid she would. Instead, she rushed up to him and wrapped her arms around him. “Well, it took you long enough to say so.”

“What?” He wasn’t sure he understood what was going on, but he gathered her close, soaking up her warmth. This time he might never let her go.

“Don’t you get it? I love you too much to be just another girl.” She stepped back just far enough to swipe at her tears. “I wasn’t sure how you felt about me. I couldn’t stay with you if you didn’t love me. I couldn’t move in with you if you didn’t feel the same way about me that I felt about you.”

Ben stood there like a fool, with his mouth half open, while he tried to find the words to tell her how he felt. Finally he just croaked out, “You love me?”

“Don’t look so surprised.” She tilted her head to study him. “Why do you look so surprised?”

“You could have any guy you want.”

“I don’t want just any guy, you ass. I want you.”

I hope you enjoyed these little declarations of love. I hope you sighed and smiled and want to read more. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I hope yours includes a declaration of love.

And some hot sweaty sex.


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