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Hmmm… Well you know me. I do like to talk about sex quite a bit – both in and out of my books. We’re no strangers to sex but sometimes people get a little embarrassed with even the notion. Why? Okay so I know I talk about kinky sex like bondage and voyeurism and perhaps flogging and handcuffs, not to mention sex clubs and “X’ crosses and Dom’s and sub’s but what’s wrong with that anyway? Okay so I write highly erotic books but I do enjoy passion in all things you know.

It’s funny when I get in a room full of people and they all kind of look at me funny as if they really want to ask me questions but are terrified of the answers. I make no bones about the fact of what I write and the research I do and you know this wicked girl likes to leave them hanging and wanting more – so much more. Oh and this includes…sex in all tastes and flavors.
I recently attended a conference in Louisville for Fandomfest and I was on several panels and of course discussing all aspects of writing erotic fiction. It’s amazing what people want to think they do know in comparison. It’s always fun to give them a little shocker or five. But that’s just me. Truthfully I enjoy trying to show people that sex and passion is natural and beautiful, no matter what you’re into. I enjoy taking my characters and/or their situations out on a kinky ride of adventure, allowing them to live vicariously through aspects I would enjoy – yes I said it – I WOULD ENJOY. Oh don’t shoot the messenger. You know I truly enjoy being a little wild and wooly around the edges.

You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t like to experience a sexy ménage or perhaps engage in a taste of Hedonism. If it’s safe and sexy at the same time, what’s the harm? Whether you try something a little vanilla laced bit of kink with handcuffs and perhaps a snazzy flogger, or you go a little bit more extreme with allowing a true taste of BDSM into your life, it’s all a wonderful experience. Yes, do trust me on this. There are clubs specializing in every fantasy you can imagine no matter how dark or indulgent.

So I am writing more same sex pieces now and my guys are usually very down to earth and gritty as it gets. I also love writing about character flaws and all that goes with them so I thought I’d introduce you to one of my characters today – he’s my musician hero from Like a River. Dusty Walker is a handsome rugged man who wears his jeans worn and his hair long. An accomplished guitar player, he’s been in the music industry for longer than he cares to think about and enjoys a hard cold brew or two. He is in love with all things big guy related like scuba diving, fast cars and playing football with his buddies. He has a penchant for sex – just for the same sex but he’s down on his luck both with playing music and with a relationship.

See, he found his significant other in bed with someone else and this time it was a woman. You can imagine his heartbreak. So being the guy that he is he buried himself in a bottle for a few weeks hoping the solace would help. Sadly it simply almost ended his music career> He’s currently trying to jump start by seeking refuge helping out a friend in the beautiful countryside of Missoula Montana. Now, you can imagine that he does meet a sexy man in a honky tonk bar and sparks fly over drinks and sultry music.

He’s also a passionate soul who truly enjoys sharing good food and great times with friends and as you can imagine this includes having a cocktail or two. Dusty isn’t normally into fruity drinks either but he’s been known to indulge in a Stoplight or Electric Lemonade every once in while.

In his travel across the country playing for different bands, he happened upon a sizzling bar in the heart of Richmond Virginia where the drinks are plentiful, the men burly and the entertainment festive. The Flamingo Rustler (by the way an ongoing location in Dakotah Black’s books  – the PINKED series) is a happening spot ripe with lust and music and sin and fun. The snazzy ex marine bartender refused to take no for an answer and so he had a sip of his first Cranberry Cranium Crusher and was hooked. What’s in it? Let’s see…

Cranberry Cranium Crusher

2 oz cranberry vodka,

1 oz pomegranite liquor,

fill glass with cranberry juice

and a squeeze of fresh key lime juice

All served over ice

    It’s refreshing and perfect for the summer heat. The little fizzy action is now one of his favorites and I hope will be one of yours too. Enjoy and here’s a little taste of Like a River for you.


Dusty Walker’s country music career came to a screeching halt after the heart-wrenching breakup with the man he thought would be forever. Unfortunately his band was in jeopardy of losing their recording contract. Determined to help break Dusty’s writer’s block one of the band members suggested a change of scenery — cowboy country. Intrigued, Dusty booked a flight to Missoula Montana and was amazed at the sights and sounds of the stunning snow capped mountains. Hurting for money, fixing up the cabin nestled in the woods seemed like the perfect opportunity to boost his carpentry skills while penning several new songs. Hiding behind a new persona he worked hard to rebuild his career while his demons nipped at his heels.

Damon Shade was a smokejumper by trade. Wounded in Afghanistan he lost not only his innocence to the war but his pride as well. Anger burned within him and he couldn’t control his raging emotions as more than one secret threatened to derail everything he had left. When he met Dusty, he didn’t like the guy but little did he know they both held their past horrors at bay in an effort to begin a new life. As sparks flew and they began to open their hearts another tragedy intervened. Would their respective secrets stymy what was awakened in a secluded cabin in the woods?

I hope you enjoyed.

Kisses   xxx








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