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Welcome Our Four Newest Members!


The first to join the Smutters this month is Lori King. She’ll be posting on the 8th and 23rd of every month. We’re thrilled to have Lori with us! Here’s her website link.

kallypso masters

The next to join the blog was Kallypso Masters. She’ll post on the 27 each month starting in June. Kallypso is an exciting new addition to our smutty group. Here’s Kallypso’s website link.


Sable Hunter joined us next, and Hell-Yeah! we’re glad to have her with us. She’ll be taking the 31st date to blog. Here’s her website link.

Lucy_Felthouse (2)

Last, but not least, we have Lucy Felthouse joining the Smutters. Lucy is a fun and fabulous addition to the group. Here’s her website link.

A huge, 69 Shades welcome to each of you, and we’re all looking forward to getting to know you (and your smutty side) very soon!

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