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Party With Randi Alexander in Las Vegas this June! #romancenovelconvention

Jimmy Thomas, Romance Novel Convention

Jimmy Thomas

I’m so excited to attend the Romance Novel Convention in June. Not only will Jimmy Thomas be there, but a star from my favorite soap opera, Sean Kanan of The Bold and The Beautiful, will be attending, too! (There might be a little bit of stalking going along with my fangirl moments!

Sean Kanan of The Bold and The Beautiful

Sean Kanan


Harrah’s Hotel and Casino is one of my favorites, it’s Mardi-Gras themed, and is right in the middle of all the action.

Harrah's Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, Romance Novel Convention

Harrah’s Las Vegas

I hope you can join me for some fun on the strip! Click HERE to find out more!

Remember – What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas!
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Where in the world did 2012 go?

WOW! I seriously cannot be alone, in wondering where the year went. As we begin to say farewell to an unforgettable year for many reasons–personal, professional, and international news wise–I think the one thing we that makes us an incredible species, is how we continue to push ourselves forward.

2012 proved to be an extremely trying year for myself professionally and artistically. Right when I was ready to give up and running out of options of what to do next, the universe decided to grace me with a few opportunities. I’m grateful for having a patient family, who allow me the ‘alone’ time I need for writing. I’m over the moon, in having found a publisher who believes in what I do. And most of all, I’m forever indebted to the friends I’ve made along the way on this journey. The key to anything we do in life is never to give up. If you fail the first time, pick yourself up, and try again. I read a really interesting interview with everyone’s favorite cover model Jimmy Thomas, which kinda sorta inspired this post. Check it out here.

In 2013–so far–I am committed to bringing you my readers, the very best that I can give you. That’s not my only New Year’s resolution, but it’s one I thought you’d want to hear. Be sure to check out my debut release in March, A Gift From Fate, as well as Hardened Desire will also be out in April. While both are paranormal shorts, I assure you, I’m working on a very special and hot historical romance series for regency fans everywhere.

Do you have any resolutions? Quit smoking, run a marathon, go back to school? I’d love to hear from ya. And keep in mind, no resolution is too small, and every effort counts. So if one of your goals is to hit the gym six days a week, and you only make it four times, don’t beat yourself up. Shit happens for a reason, but if at least keep working on it, things are bound to work out.


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What Would You Like To Ask These Sexy Men?

Jimmy Thomas

Theo Theodoridis

Brooks Johnson

We will be inviting cover models to guest on 69 Shades of Smut, and ask them to answer interview questions. We have a few questions already, but we’d like your help.

We want to come up with a huge list of questions relating to everything from personal grooming to smutty bedroom kinks, and let the model answer any of the questions they choose.

Here are a few to get you started:

photo shoot

  • What goes through your mind during the photo shoots?
  • Do you have a favorite cover?
  • Do you recall your first shoot?  Were you nervous?
  • How many photos are taken during a typical photo shoot? Out of that number, how many actually pass the muster and are deemed a usable image?
  • Is there a particular outfit or prop that had unexpected consequences?
  • What do you prefer, studio photo sessions or going on location, and why?
  • What’s the most unique photo shoot you can remember?
  • Is there a cover or concept you’d like to portray that you haven’t yet accomplished?
  • Why did you choose the romance genre?
  • Do you ever become aroused while in a photo shoot? It seems to me, with the lack of attire and body part proximity, it might be a given on occasion…
  • Have you ever dated someone you met while on a photo shoot?


  • What genre of books do you read?
  • Do you get the same ridiculous inappropriate questions/comments from people (fans, friends, family, etc) that we erotic romance authors get? You know the questions we’re talking about, things like “Do you do all the sexual stuff your characters do in your books?”… I guess the equivalent for a cover model would be “Do you get to ‘do’ all those models?”


  • As a little boy, what did you want to be when you grew up? A cowboy? An astronaut?
  • Was modeling something you pursued or did someone point you in that direction?
  • What does your family think about your work?
  • Boxers, briefs or commando?
  • What kinds of foods do you eat and how often do you have to exercise?
  • Are you straight or gay?
  • Married, in a relationship?
  • Dom or sub?
  • Have you ever been compared to Fabio?
  • If you wrote an autobiography, what would the title be?
  • What’s an average Saturday night like for you?
  • Describe your perfect date.
  • Sports or reality TV?
  • Shaving or waxing?
  • Any funny stories about being recognized in real life?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years? How about 25 years?

Now it’s your turn! Tell us which cover models you’d like us to invite for a smutty interview, and what questions would you like to ask?

Remember, every comment you leave gives you another chance to win one of 14 ebooks we’re giving away Sunday!

Thank you!
All the authors of 69 Shades

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