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BDSM: The Truth v.s. Fiction, or does it even matter?

Catchy enough title, eh?

So, here’s the thing; I’m an erotic romance and erotica fan. As an avid reader, I look for plots that aren’t stale, covers that make me gawk, and over course hero’s that totally rock my world. But often I’m reminded of how fake some of these fictional situations are. Or, are they really fake? How does one really know.

Personally, I don’t give a rats @ss whether the situations are real or not. If it’s hot, and the reader is left wet, frustrated, and ready to go, why should it matter.

I have friends in the lifestyle, and as it stands what goes in one club, might be a faux pas in another. While there’s similar ground to all, I think it’s a matter of finding what works for you.

I try not to over analyze the reality of a book. I happen to think that sometimes authors/publishers stress too much on “It isn’t real?”, “Don’t expect your book to sell like FSoG”, or “The scenarios are unrealistic!”.  Porn is fake, and guess what, it still sells, and at a ridiculous rate.

Before I go, I recently received a reviewers copy for author Ann Mayburn’s Ivan’s Captive Submissive. If you’re looking for a new BDSM novel to read, you’ll need to add this book to your list when it releases in November. Check out my review here:, and if you subscribe to Hawt Reads & Dirty Talks blog, you’ll be in the loop of more recommended reads

Do you think about these things? Or, do you completely leave it to your imagination.

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