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The Vacation of My Dreams

I haven’t had a ‘real’ vacation this summer. We’ve driven to a few local places for a night or two away, but to me, a vacation is a week away at an exotic location.

Pink watches the Disney parade

We’ve done Disney World in Orlando a few times when the little ones were smaller and still entranced by princesses and pirates. We’ve rented cottages on lakes and learned to pontoon, fish, and swim without touching the weedy bottom. (Yes, I’m a weed-o-phobe!) We’ve visited relatives, spent time on the family farm, and ridden our bikes on state trails.

I need more! I need a dream vacation. What would that be, though? The thought of hauling the family to Europe just doesn’t seem appealing. That’ll be something Kick and I will do one day, just the two of us, when we’re feeling especially romantic. France, Ireland, Italy. I could spend a month touring those fascinating countries.

Can’t vacation without the right hat!

I think the perfect family vacation would have a beach, lots of swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. It would have lots of interesting places to hike and explore. It would have long, shady stretches of bike paths for us to get our 20 miles in each day. Horseback rides across a lovely green landscape is a necessity. And interesting food, an exotic atmosphere, as well as fascinating people.

It sounds like…Hawaii. Kick and I watch Hawaii 5-0 whenever we get the chance because of the beautiful scenery. (Okay, for me, Alex O’Loughlin is a big draw, too.) I can imagine us renting a little shack on a secluded beach for a month and just soaking in everything the island offers. Some day, it’ll happen!

That’s my dream. I’d love to hear yours. What’s your idea of the perfect vacation?

Happy Monday!
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