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Christmas! Vegas-style–Em Petrova

I’m not really a big fan of early Christmas displays. Like most, I get annoyed with sifting through Christmas decorations in the store to get to the Halloween costumes. But this year I’m going through a divorce (yawn) and reinventing myself. I’m looking at Christmas in a whole new light–twinkle lights, that is!


What’s better than twinkle lights and mistletoe? How about cowboys, a dirt arena and all the Christmas you can handle—Vegas-style?


With my latest cowboy book, A Cowboy for Christmas, I wanted to bring Vegas and the National Finals Rodeo right to your living room (or office, break room or bed—ooooh la).


Dusty Waite is trying to become a legend just like his father and brother before him by winning the title–and the big gold buckle–for bronc riding. He’s got the grit and the numbers on the scoreboard—at least he did until his plans are derailed by one little vixen named Avalee Byrd.


Avalee is happy to work with the new face of Rawhide foods, Dusty Waite. But soon she realizes she’s in over her head with this celebrity cowboy. Actually, her boots might be over her head, but that’s something you can read about–ahem–later.


I was so excited for you to read my book that I actually bumped up the release date a whole WEEK. So on November 21, you can have Dusty in your Kindle! After all, a cowboy can’t do anything naughty if he’s just sitting on the hard drive. Read on for a sneak peek of the steaming hot chemistry between Avalee and Dusty!


The minute Avalee spotted the dark brown cattleman-style hat, she craned to see the man wearing it. He stood off to the side of the arena, shifting from boot to boot.

Nerves. And no wonder. He was about to climb onto the back of a horse that’s job was to buck him onto his ass. Or head. Bronc riding was dangerous business, and Dusty had a lot on the line.

His name was announced. He gave his hands a fast flick as if dispensing the nerves through his fingertips. Avalee strained harder to see, wanting a glimpse of his face. This was an important moment in his life, and she wanted to witness the feelings that came with it.

Turned out she didn’t need to. She looked up at the big screen and there he was—the Everest of men. Coal-black beard that gave her very dirty thoughts of how it would feel as he dragged his jaw up her inner thigh to her soaking center.

Shuddering, she clasped her hands. At that moment, he looked up into the camera and gave a devilish wink and a crooked grin guaranteed to steal every woman’s heart in the arena—and more than a few men’s too.

He hooked a leg over the yellow bars corralling the horse he was about to ride.

“Dusty Waite is on Luck’s Side. His time to beat is 76. Dusty’s at the top of his game and is on track to follow in his father’s and brother’s footsteps,” the announcer called.

Avalee’s heart beat in her throat as she watched him adjust his grip, rope looped around his hand in a way that seemed more dangerous if he were to be thrown off. She scooted to the edge of her seat.

“This is the horse everybody wants to ride, folks. If he gets this horse during the finals, there’s no doubt he will win it all. I didn’t say ‘can win it all’. I said will.

The horse jostled the sides of the pen. Dusty shoved his hat down farther and gave a nod.

Avalee leaped to her feet as the horse rushed out kicking. The crowd cheered. More people around her stood too, but her gaze was riveted on the man being flung about in the saddle. The animal whirled and kicked. Five times…six. She lost count.

Dusty’s arm flailed in perfect counterbalance to the horse’s wild movements. The buzzer sounded and then he leaped out of the saddle and landed on his feet. When he tossed his hat into the air, the crowd went nuts.

Avalee bounced with the rest of the crowd, caught in the moment. The rush of seeing Dusty’s strong body, so in control…

He did a double-fist punch into the air, and grinned just as the camera zoomed in on his handsome face. He seemed to be looking in another direction. She moved her attention from the big screen to look at the real deal in the arena.

A shiver ran down her spine and raised the hairs on her arms. He seemed to be…no. He wouldn’t be looking at her.

Still, it looked as though… She raised a hand and waved. Immediately he waved back.

Heart racing, she plopped into her seat again. How had he picked her out of the crowd? She was sitting with the wives and girlfriends—and she was sure one woman was an exotic dancer or maybe even a prostitute. She had no idea how Dusty noticed her in this crush of fans and chaos.

She watched him swagger all the way back to the sidelines. He vanished through a door, and she found herself on her feet, apologizing her way out of the row. She took the steps quickly, down, down. And started searching the shadows for where he may have disappeared.

An arm snagged her around the middle. She opened her mouth to scream, but the breath was punched from her lungs as her chest struck a wall of flesh. Black eyes flitted into her vision a split second before a hard mouth crushed over hers.

Her body reacted to Dusty’s scent, his flavors. She had no control over her arms that looped around his neck or her fingers that gripped his shoulder. His rough knuckle beneath her chin tipped her head to the side, angling her for the first plunge of his tongue.

A ragged cry left her as he swept the interior of her mouth. He wrapped an arm around her, hitching her fully against his big body. He smelled of leather, horse and man. Still in his chaps, his erection seemed pronounced between the cutout, but she realized that was all Dusty. Pure virile male.



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Em Petrova

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Uses for Whipped Cream–okay, stop it with your dirty minds!

By Em Petrova

Mmm. Whipped cream. Who can think of any food more suited to the day of love, Valentine’s Day? Hearing the word inspires images of a hunk lapping a bit off my forefinger, his hard, errr…muscles glimmering in the firelight. But who knew there were so many alternate uses for the creamy confection? After a little research, here’s what I found.

 photo whippedcream_zpsd3229f27.jpg

A Dairy Creamer: Use a dollop of whipped cream in your coffee. I think I’ll have to try that!

To Cool the Roof of Your Mouth: First, I have no idea why I would ever need to do this. Because sitting on the beach, I might say, “Gawd, the roof of my mouth feels sooo hot.” Or (*giggles*) after a particularly rough oral session with your guy, you might need to cool the heat created from friction?

Makeup Remover: That’s right. Sounds a little odd, but hey, we’ve used eggs, avocados and oatmeal to beautify our bodies, right? Rinse your face with warm water, apply the whipped cream, and rinse.

Hair Conditioner: Massage whipped topping into your hair. Leave for 30 minutes (or until all the cats in the neighborhood are yowling outside your window), then rinse and shampoo. Use this once a week.

To Shave: Oooh, this sounds fun. Wet your skin before applying whipped cream. The cream will moisturize and smooth. And squirting it on your nether-regions would definitely get your mate interested!

As a Facial: Hell with it. Just smear your entire body in whipped cream, then stretch across the dining room table and call yourself dessert.

Read on for a sexy excerpt from SLICK RIDER, now available from Loose Id

 photo EM_SlickRider_coverin_zps6e4e71f6.jpg

The need to own Lilly stole Juss’s control. With an urgent shove, he filled Lilly’s tight, sweet body. His balls nestled against her flesh, and for a dizzying minute he thought he’d lose it.

Fighting the urge to come, he began to move. Pink roses bloomed in her cheeks as he slid out of her pussy. Juss couldn’t stop looking at her. The beauty of her features was amplified tenfold tonight. Every time she met his gaze, he was reminded of their early moments together when he believed her interesting to look at but not beautiful.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Damn, could he really watch her walk away after tonight?

The answer was a mind-stealing no. He wasn’t going to get her out of her system. Hell no, he wasn’t going to let her get away from him. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

Heart soaring with the joy of this decision, he thrust back into her core. Her body hugged him tight, and he groaned.

“I can’t get enough. Can’t get deep enough. Hook your legs around me, Whiskey.”

She did, and the angle allowed him to slip another precious fraction deeper. She squeezed her eyes shut and cried out. As he drove into her, he imagined a whole life between them, stretching on for happy eternity.

The knot in his groin tightened. Heat washed over him—an unquenchable need that would never go away.

He clutched her ass and filled her pussy again and again. When her pulsations began, his tenuous hold on control snapped.

Pistoning his hips, he plunged to her core. Jets of cum spurted from him. His long groan made her wild cry seem tame. He pounded her, wanting to reach her center—her soul.

His release went on for so long he’d need an IV to replace electrolytes when he was finished.

Gathering her to his chest, he kissed her. All the passion and love he felt for her poured from him. She let her hands rove over his back and ass then back up to cup his jaw.

Juss pulled back and dove into her gaze, searching each other while their heart rates slowed.

He eased out of Lilly’s snug embrace, rolled to her side, and quickly discarded the condom in the nearby garbage can.

She flung an arm over her eyes, chest working. He stared at her for a second before realizing she was in tears.

Leaning over her, he placed a palm on her soft belly right over the navel ring he loved. “Oh, Whiskey, what is it?”

She shook her head, not uncovering her face. He gently grasped her forearm and tried to budge it. She refused. He drew her against his chest. She remained stiff in his hold.

“Did I hurt you?”

”No,” she squeaked.

Confusion settled within him. Didn’t she know what she meant to him? He brushed his lips over her forehead, cheek, jaw. He’d kiss her eyelids if she’d move her arm. Tenderness rushed in his veins.

“You feel so damn good in my arms, Lilly. I want you to stay here all night—”

“That’s the problem!” She exploded out of his hold and jumped off the bed as if it were on fire. Her hair tumbled from its pinnings and swirled around her bare shoulders. His gut clenched when he took in her wild-eyed expression.

Redness mottled her face and neck, and her eyes glistened with tears.

He climbed off the bed and circled it. She backed up, cutting a hand through the air. His concern morphed into fear. She was going to run before he had a chance to say what was in his heart.

Buy SLICK RIDER on Amazon

Em Petrova
~hardworking heroes—in bed and out~

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I’m always a little unconventional. So while the other amazing authors here are giving some insight into their writing and lives, I’m going to present a game to kick things off!

A little game I like to call MATCH THAT MAN-JUNK. Yes, I’m absolutely serious! And I know your eyes are dipping downward to peek at the great game pieces, so don’t try to pretend you’re reading!

Here are the rules:

Match the face with the junk. In the comments section, post your guesses. For example: face 1 and junk 5

Those commenters with the correct matches will be randomly drawn for winner’s choice of my backlist. Below is my backlist, just to further torment you with sexiness.


Photobucket  junk #2              Photobucket junk #10


Photobucket                                Photobucket

junk #9                                                                                                                                      junk #8


Photobucket      junk #6             Photobucket       junk #5

Photobucketjunk #4


Photobucket                                                    Photobucket

junk #3                                                                                                               junk #1



Photobucket  face#9           Photobucket   face #8


face #7


Photobucket     face #6            Photobucket   face #1


Photobucket  face #3                Photobucket   face #4


Photobucket         face #2          Photobucket   face #5


Thanks for playing MATCH THAT JUNK! Good luck!

Em Petrova

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