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Sexy Items for that Growling Tummy

I pondered long and hard over what I was going to do for my first blog post on 69 Shades of Smut. Could I come up with something smutty enough? Sexy enough? While I was shopping on Amazon I had an epiphany.


Seeing November is food month I figured we could all use a review of edible sexy stuff. And, no I’m not even going to mention edible underwear.


How many of you shop on Amazon and make sure to select the Super Saver Free Shipping items? Yep, I do too, even when shopping for sex toys and other fun stuff. So, every item listed here is a Super Saver Free Shipping item!

Classic Erotica Happy Penis Cream (Cherry Sucker flavored). I have to admit I haven’t tried this particular item, but there are eleven reviews, all but one are 3 stars or higher. It’s description: formulated to create a warming, tingling effect as your penis gets massaged, Happy Penis Cream is perfect for bed, bath or shower and is deliciously edible! Get ready for an exceptional sensory experience!


Making Love Vanilla Oil is from a long line of edible massage oils. It has high ratings for both its flavor and its massage attributes. The description: Enjoy the sensual fragrance of vanilla during your next erotic massage. Making Love’s vanilla massage oil is the ultimate way to turn a regular body rub into a sensual, edible treat. Rub it on your partner’s body and let them rub it all over you – take turns rubbing it on and licking it off. Yummy!


Doc Johnson has some fantastic products, but one of my favorites is the Nipple and Clit Stimulating Gel. Strawberry isn’t usually my favorite flavor in anything, but seeing I don’t do much of the tasting, I’m good with it. Here’s the product description: Doc Johnson’s orgasmic little secret will awaken nipples and clits everywhere! The fresh strawberry scent will delight your senses and the delicious taste will leave you wanting more! Increase sensitivity and add tingle to your nipples and clitoris with one little dab. Water based and lightweight, Nipple and Clit Stimulating Gel is silky smooth and will never leave you feeling sticky. Get naughty anywhere as our clear stimulating gel won’t stain your clothes or your sheets. Pre-apply even before the party starts for that added surprise when licked off later. The bottle is small and discreet and has an easy flip top lid for one handed opening. A must have for every woman’s bedroom collection!


Okay, so I know that’s only three items, but there were many that showed up on the search. If you’re looking for something yummy and fun, take a stop on Amazon.


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