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How Sweet It Is

In a former life I wanted to be a pastry chef. I believed in this so much that I went to school for this and did receive my degree in Culinary Arts. Baking is the one thing where one can really get their hands dirty and creativity can run rampant.

During my school days we got to work in many mediums and because our class was so small, just three people, we explored lots of chocolate work, flambes, sugar work. Working with chocolate is very forgiving, if something goes wrong you can always melt it down and start over, working with sugar, pastillage is an edible sugar dough that dries very hard. A baker can create flowers, people, hearts, or any number of things to place on cupcakes, cakes or candy.

I didn’t become a pastry chef, but I used the knowledge I gained as a student to become a cake decorator. Going from creativity to production was an interesting experience, but every once and a while I got flex my creative muscle.

This was the inspiration for my upcoming release, The Baker’s Touch, an erotic romance from Sugar and Spice Press. Here’s the blurb.

Valentine’s is always a busy time of year for PB and J Bakery. With love fueling the need for sweet confections, there’s always room for romance. Even the anonymous gifts left for Penelope, by a secret admirer, are a welcome distraction from the chaos of chocolate and spongecake.


Penelope Bishop has an idea who’s sending the gifts, or at least she hopes it’s her sexy mystery man who stole a kiss on New Year’s Eve. The trouble is, she’s never seen him. Her only clues are dancing skills, a great pair of lips, and a sensual voice that haunts her dreams and every waking fantasy. All that pales when her assistant, Avery, inspires those same lustful thoughts.


Avery has loved Penelope from afar, but with her recent breakup, he doubts she’ll view him beyond the current role he has in her life…seeing eye person. He has one chance to woo a woman who defines her world through touch, scent, sound, and taste–think outside the dating box. When an old flame comes courting and makes Penelope an offer she just may accept, Avery has one last opportunity to make her his Valentine…he’ll have to bare all.

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