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One Armed Bandit

This me last December. Taken at the hospital after carpal tunnel surgery. I was awake and the procedure took 9 minutes.


It will be me again for another month. My right hand was done yesterday. Praying and hoping for positive results and no side effects.

This is a short post – nothing too crazy interesting. Sorry. But in prepartion for my surgery “tomorrow” (writing this on March 30), I have a lot to get caught up on. Check back on May 1 for updates and hopefully, a release date for She Wants It. An erotic menage coming soon from Harlequin E, their digital arm.

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Man Thoughts

How would you like to know what a guy thinks? Especially about sex. Well now’s your chance. This is a flashback post to my book Switch Me Up. A hot, quickie told from the guy’s perspective. It’s based on true events only embellished. Really embellished.

It was really fun writing this story and I hope you enjoy the excerpt.


He left her in the living room. Upstairs he tossed some clothes lying around his bedroom into the hamper, smoothed the bed that didn’t need fixing and turned on the bedside lamp.

He was about to have sex with a complete stranger.

Something so totally out of character for him it made him nervous. He might be apprehensive but he sure wasn’t dead and he wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass by. His heart started to race and his cock hardened. Sex. Tonight he was going to bang a woman ten years his junior. What did that make him?

A lucky fucking dog, that’s what. He smiled at his wit.

Once he was satisfied with the room Steve went back downstairs.

He totally expected her to be sitting on the couch waiting for him with her drink in hand. He half hoped she’d be naked or something. Instead she sat in the shadows out of the glow of the fire. She had changed clothes. Steve adjusted his balls and stiffening dick in his jeans.

What the fuck did she have on?

She stood and stepped into the light cast by the fire and lamp in the far corner. He nearly swallowed his tongue. Now he knew one thing she had in the suitcase.

“Do you like?” Clare smoothed her palms over her breasts, along her sides and ended her caress by placing her hands on her hips, tipping her shoulder forward with her hip cocked. Her voice, low and sultry, wrapped around him like hot honey.

Steve nodded.

“Speak, tell me you like it.”

His eyebrows shot up and Clare reached out a hand sheathed in elbow-length leather opera gloves and touched his shoulder.

“I like it,” he replied quickly.

Clare’s husky laugh didn’t seem to fit her tiny form. She circled and paused behind him, running her finger across his back from shoulder to shoulder before settling both palms on his hips. He craned his head to look at her and was distracted when her black, stocking-clad leg hooked around his knee. Steve’s hand dropped to her thigh and held her leg in place.

“I’m glad you like it,” she whispered in his ear.

He kept his gaze glued on her leg, rubbing his palm up her thigh to the scarlet top on the stockings and back down to her knee. It was a spectacular sight. He groaned when she thrust her hips against his ass and tightened her grip.

“Are you hard for me?”

Is she fucking kidding? “Why don’t you check for yourself?”

“Oh what a delicious invitation.”

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Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! And a pretty picture to celebrate too. Taken after the ice storm we had the weekend before Christmas. Fairey Lake ice And, coming January 8 from Ellora’s Cave, Four For The Show. Spectator Sex. Intriguing. Risqué. The idea of watching other people have sex excites Tara to distraction. She hopes Joe is as eager as she to slip into voyeur mode so they can take another step in their sexual adventures. The last thing she expects is to evolve from watching ménages to being part of the show. Or for the two hot men who join her and Joe to not be able to keep their hands off each other. Inside Scoop: In addition to being with three men, our lucky heroine gets a little foreplay of the female variety.

An Exotika® contemporary erotica story from Ellora’s Cave


I chewed my lip and read the tweet. Dare I?

I widened my eyes and read it again then sucked in a deep breath as I positioned the curser over the words. Before I could change my mind, I highlighted, right-clicked, saved and pasted it into an email for Joe.

Get hot and wet @desireafterdark Friday night w/#spectatorsex #sexclub #couples #singlewomen

My heart pounded and after just a nanosecond of hesitation I hit Send then laced my fingers together, clutching tightly, and rested my chin on them. How long would it take for a reply? Sure I had work to do, but right now I was dying to know what he’d say.

We were fairly new, a fresh couple who wasn’t really a couple. We’d met a few months ago and had jumped in the sack pretty much right away. Our chemistry was almost uncontrollable and the sex was great. No it was fucking unbelievable. We’d just clicked, both in and out of bed. But we were not a forever couple and had made it clear to each other right off the top. It wasn’t as if there were anything wrong with him. Joe was incredibly hot and knew all my buttons. He’d be a perfect forever partner, but I just wasn’t ready for that yet.

One thing we’d never discussed was going to a sex club. Hadn’t even talked fantasies or desires, or secret wants. Yet. Now was the perfect time to start. Holy shit. Well, this email would certainly separate the men from the boys.

Spectator sex. Now that was intriguing. I hadn’t really given it thought before, but a little twizzle of excitement made me catch my breath. It meant we could go without any self-imposed pressure of having to join into any groups. Sit in the back. Watch. Get hot, horny and wet. And fuck.

I sat up when a new message announced its arrival into my inbox with a ping. That was quick. It hadn’t taken Joe long to reply and if that were any indication, I knew exactly what his answer would be.

Clicking the message open, I smiled. Guess who’s going out to party tonight!

* * * * *

“Parking is a bitch here,” Joe said, without a hint of frustration. One of the things I liked about him—how he just goes with the flow. He wheeled the big truck through the cramped parking lot. I glanced around and couldn’t agree more.

“I bet I can squeeze this beast into that spot there. Hop out because the door will be up against that bush.”

I grabbed my purse and after a brief contemplation of bringing in our gym bag with our swimsuits, decided to leave it behind. We could always get it later. The chill of fall was in the air and struck me after being in the warm truck cab. The gravel parking lot was hell on my stiletto heels so I put my weight onto the toes and hurried out of Joe’s way. It was frigging cold and goose bumps rippled along my flesh. I wrapped my arms around my waist, trying to keep my body heat close.

I was definitely still in summer mode. The micro-mini and slips of fabric covering my breasts could hardly be called suitable for this brisk night. But I knew the unwritten dress code here, having been once a long time ago with friends for a pole dance night. Less is more. Skimpy is in. Exposure is key. So, with my pussy and ass almost hanging out of the mini, and my boobs pushing the limits of the top, I was set to blend in with the rest of the crowd.

Joe had the truck squeezed in and prowled to my side. The intensity in his eyes, dark and sensual, was enough to fire off all my nerve endings into a surge of awareness. I needed his arms around me, for both the chill of the night but also for the heat that flared deep in my belly.

“You’re shivering,” he stated. Always the practical one.

“Suffering for the cause.”

“When the hell did you buy that getup anyway and where have you hidden it?” He squeezed me and leaned down, taking the lobe of my ear between his lips. Gawd, I loved it when he did that. Heat bloomed in my already excited libido. “You’ll be the hottest bitch in the place.”

I moaned when his lips moved down my neck. “Hardly. Wait ’til, ahh shit…um, you see how they dress in there.” My legs wobbled when his hand swept down my back and squeezed my ass in a tight grip. “Joe, stop.”

He turned me and pushed me up against the cab of the truck. I yelped when the cold metal shocked my heated flesh.

“Do you really want me to stop?”

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Eat Pie

Rabbits! I remember to say that every now and then. You know, for good luck. At least that’s what my mom told me.

Do I have a surprise for you today. Not only do you get me 😀  but you’re also getting Lissa Matthews! I’ll let you visit with her first.  We were chatting about pies, cooking and food on FB the other day and she was on a baking frenzy. We exchanged recipes and I though hey! Come visit 69SOS with me. So here she is sharing her pie recipe with us…and I think I’ll have to make this for Meat Man since he’s such a PB lover.

Take it away Lissa.

Every year there are a couple of pies that are necessary. Yes. I said necessary. My husband’s favorite, Pecan Pie. And my favorite, Peanut Butter Pie. I’ve been making both for more than 20 years and it’s only at the holidays that I make them, so they don’t get old. But then, does having pie ever really get old?

My peanut butter pie is very easy to make, creamy, and you can make it as sinless as you want…


Peanut Butter Pie

1 refrigerated pie shell
¾ cup powdered sugar
½ cup creamy peanut butter
1 small box vanilla or French vanilla pudding/pie filling (I use instant, no cook, sometimes I even use the fat free sugar free)
8 oz. tub Cool Whip (any variety except flavored)
Bake the pie shell according to package directions for pudding/pie filling for 10 minutes. Cool.
Mix powdered sugar and peanut butter until crumbly. Put ¾ of the mixture on the bottom of cooled pie shell. Prepare pudding according to package directions for pie filling. Add to pie shell. Chill for one hour.

Top with Cool Whip and sprinkle with remaining powdered sugar/peanut butter mixture. Serve immediately or chill.
I appreciate Cristal for inviting me to tag along on her post about pie… Of course, I think instead of a refrigerated shell with this recipe, you should use Cristal’s homemade one.
Now, for a little shameless promo:
CupcakeCowboy200x300Jackson Dawson had known only one way of life: ranching. That is, until he went to college in the city. There, he was introduced to a whole new world of people, food, and way of life. He never dared to imagine that he could do or be anything other than a rancher’s son, but with his mother’s words ringing in his ears and his sister’s encouragement, he took a chance. And in the process, found himself and met the woman of his dreams.

Pastry Chef Cass Jamieson’s only desire had been to own a bakery. After a stint in pastry school, she quickly learned that trying to make your dreams come true wasn’t easy. She was dejected when her bakery closed and soon returned to the classroom as a teacher to eager young bakers with the same stars in their eyes that had once been in hers.

So, when the stubborn, determined, and hot as summer in Texas cowboy walked into Cass’s pastry kitchen, it turned her life and libido upside down. When he seeks her out for heated kisses and her thoughts on his cake bakery idea, she gives in to the lust, but gives cautious business advice born of experience, only Jackson didn’t see it that way.

Who will bend first in this battle of wills involving sugar and spice and everything naughty and nice?

Warning: Uses of frosting that frosting was never intended for. A dirt road showdown. A lesson in milking cows. A whole truck full of mouthwatering cupcakes (some that’ll even make ya tipsy). A little family drama. And dreams on their way to coming true…


Hey there! Thanks for sticking around to see what I was offering up. And since we’re kinda talking cowboys, Elemental Heat is my hot cowboy tale set in the Colorado Rockies in winter.

Jenna takes a big risk and decides to live in the moment. After months of communication by social media, she accepts an invitation to Colorado where she finally meets her cowboy. Burned by past romances, Jenna is determined to move on and goes with one goal in mind—a booty call with a tall, dark, sexy cowboy.Chet is a romantic at heart and when Jenna arrives, he knows there’s more to her than a pretty face and a hot body. A casual fling won’t do. He’s smitten and decides to woo her the old-fashioned way with time and patience. And of course, hot sex.Their chemistry is elemental and they come together with heat that sears the snowy peaks. When Mother Nature steps in, Jenna is forced to face the feelings she’s tried so hard to keep buried and Chet has to draw on his mountain skills to save the woman he has come to love

Now, how about something hot and savoury for dinner? It might be a little scary for you but it’s really not all that bad. Just take a deep breath and dive in.
Easy Beef Wellington

It really is easy and don’t let it intimidate you. Have everything ready beforehand and read the instructions first so you know what you’re supposed to do when. The puff pastry is probably the trickiest part, but don’t sweat it. Make sure surface is floured just enough to keep it from sticking and the pastry will get sticky if it gets warm, so you do have to move quickly with it.

2 tsp canola oil
2 lb centre cut beef tenderloin, trimmed and string removed
½ tsp each salt and pepper
1 pk whole bella mushrooms, or portabella finely chopped (the finer the better) in processor or with knife
1 tsp unsalted butter
1 shallot, finely chopped
1 tsp fresh thyme leaves chopped – hold one end of the stem and run your nails down the stem gently pull against the leaf so they come off in your fingers – easy way to get them off
3-4 slices prosciutto
1-2 tbsp flour
1/g package puff pastry, thaw according to pkg directions
1 egg for egg wash
1 tbs water
½ tsp kosher or coarse salt

Take a deep breath and have a glass of wine handy
• Heat 1 tsp oil skillet over med-high heat.
• Season beef with half S&P on all sides and sear in skillet, cooking 2 minutes on each side until brown. Set aside on a towel lined plate and refrigerate to cool
While beef cools
• Add 1 tsp oil and butter to used skillet – cook shallots til soft and fragrant but not browned
• Then add mushrooms, rest of S&P and sauté stirring constantly until mushroom give up their liquid and brown slightly
• Stir in thyme and put in small bowl, cool completely – put in frig if you have to and stir it around to cool
Once everything is cool…probably about half hour to 45 minutes – so have a sip of wine!
• Lay out a larger piece of plastic wrap and lay prosciutto evenly
• Spread mushroom mixture – proper term for this is duxelles (pronounced dook-SEHL )
• Dry bottom of meat with paper towel and place in centre
• Pick up one edge of plastic wrap and roll it around the meat to make a cylinder, twist ends and refrigerate
Now the tricky part: puff pastry – which really isn’t so tricky if you RELAX
• Beat egg and water together to use as a glue for the pasty ends and for a wash and set aside
• Dust work surface with flour and roll pastry into a rectangle as best you can about 1/8 inch thick
• NOTE- it has to be big enough to cover the meat completely and extra inch or two around
• Place meat in centre of pastry
• Paint ends with the egg wash and wrap around the beef, if it’s too big, trim off but make sure there is a slight overlap
• Tuck ends in
• Place seam side down on parchment paper lined baking tray.
• Cover and chill minimum 20 minutes or up to two hours – this helps to stop the pastry from getting soggy during cooking – note mine still did a bit and I think next time I would put it on a broiler type pan with holes still using the parchment paper and poke holes in the paper so the juices drip through to the catch pan
Time to cook!
• Preheat oven to 425°
• Paint chilled pasty with remaining egg wash
• Cut 3 diagonal slits across the top with a sharp knife and sprinkle with coarse salt
• Roast on 2nd rack from bottom
• 45 minutes for medium or until thermometer reads 160°
• Let meat rest for at least 10 minutes and if possible not in its juices because that means a ‘soggy bottom’
• Cut into 1 inch slices using a serrated knife. Don’t push down the pastry. Put your forefinger and middle finger on one side of pastry and thumb the other lightly and the knife between your forefingers…saw gently until cut through.
• Plate it
• Ta da!

I’ll have some exciting news for my January 1, 2014 blog. Don’t forget to come back and get the scoop.

Merry Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year!

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MOvember & Rabbits!

It’s the first of November and that is something my mom always said. Rabbits. To bring good luck. So here’s to a good month!

November or MOvember as it has come to be known is mustache month. Raising awareness to men’s health. And we all want to keep our boys healthy don’t we 🙂  I know I do. So encourage them to visit the doc and that it’s okay to do so.

So a shout out to all those sexy dudes growing a ‘stach for the cause. I for one don’t mind chest hair, mustaches…

Since I’m not on my own computer and don’t have access to smexy pics, I’m recycling a couple – one that isn’t too hard on the eyes.

John Quinlan folks and he is sporting a bit of facial hair.

2013 Official Alpha Male Underwear Image Model John Quinlan small

And in honour of our men, how about a book written for those lusty guys. My story in this Anthology is Switch Me Up


Steve wasn’t sure how finding a match on a dating site could have gone so wrong—or was it so right? Younger than him by ten years, Clare exudes confidence, sexuality and an erotic allure that leaves no room for misinterpretation. She wants him. And he wants nothing more than to bury himself in her heat. But Clare comes with some baggage. Literally. Once his predatory minx breaks open the suitcase and the toys come out, Steve knows he’s in for the wildest ride of his life.


So if you are approached to support a MOvember boy…don’t turn him away. Even if he is looking a little shaggy and all caveman like. Maybe you’d like to be grabbed by the hair and dragged to his cave. Hmm, that has possibilities doesn’t it.

For more information about MOVEMBER, take a look at the Canadian site. We are on it!

You can find me at:!/CristalRyder

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Visions of Cavemen

I’ve been so busy getting my swag ready for Romanticon that I almost forgot to do this post! So rather than blather at you I’ll post visual stimulation. How’s that 🙂

The rack cards I’m taking with me. Yes, I designed them myself too! Four of my eight covers

rack cards

The image for the poster that will be used during my game at the Carnal Carnival. Put the Junk on the Hunk. In case you don’t know him, this is John Quinlan. Hie thee on over to his web page for more!2013 Official Alpha Male Underwear Image Model John Quinlan small

and another shot of him.The Most Tattooed Male Romance Cover Model in the World John Quinlan small

The books I’ll be signing:



and now I must get some beauty sleep as visions of cavemen, readers, authors and bollywood dance in my head.

You can find me at:!/CristalRyder

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Do You Like it Messy?

A new release from four authors of the Cable of Hotness!  Fondled and Gobbled: Messier Than Ever.



His plan was to find a mate to give him offspring, not to bear the children himself! Can a centuries-old city vampire and a honky-tonk country honey accept each other’s unusual sexual needs? The perfect dream lover is definitely too good to be true, especially when you’ve been drinking in an Irish pub. What’s a male erotic dancer actually thinking during that lap dance?

If you’re looking for the perfect romance with the perfect hero and heroine, this isn’t it! This is a series of spoofs, parodies, just-for-fun lighthearted take-offs. It’s for all us longtime, hard-core romance readers who can laugh at the clichés, purple prose and “suspend your disbelief” plot devices that haunt our beloved favorite genre.

An Exotika® erotica anthology from Ellora’s Cave

My story is Midnight Dream Lover:

Midnight Dream Lover is exactly that. An erotic dream so lust filled the heroine Chyna will never want to wake up. Chyna’s dream lover is complete with dreamy eyes, a deep rich brogue, and a wickedly talented tongue. Who wouldn’t want that dream lover?

Mini Excerpt

“That’s right, my lovely. Just lie there so you can be fondled and gobbled.” His voice, muffled, came from between her thighs.

Chyna giggled. He spoke so weird and his accent made it all that much stranger. Fondled and gobbled. What a hoot. But that’s just what he was doing and she was loving every lap, suck and tug of it.

“Carry on then, my good man.” She patted the top of his head in approval.

Chyna relaxed on the comfy bed and sighed, slow, long and loud. Her body was abuzz with sensation. She embraced the feelings rushing over her, waiting and longing for the sweet building rush to start again and tip her over. This fine Irish lad was a miracle worker with his mouth—she couldn’t even imagine what the magic of his cock would be like. But good lord, she was sure as shooting going to find out.

You can find me at:

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Messier Than Ever

That’s the title of the new Fondled and Gobbled book. It came out yesterday – an anthology with Piper Trace, Amy Ruttan and Justin Whitfield, all of us proud members of the Cabal of Hotness.



Fondled and Gobbled:  Messier Than Ever – Blurb

His plan was to find a mate to give him offspring, not to bear the children himself! Can a centuries-old city vampire and a honky-tonk country honey accept each other’s unusual sexual needs? The perfect dream lover is definitely too good to be true, especially when you’ve been drinking in an Irish pub. What’s a male erotic dancer actually thinking during that lap dance?

If you’re looking for the perfect romance with the perfect hero and heroine, this isn’t it! This is a series of spoofs, parodies, just-for-fun lighthearted take-offs. It’s for all us longtime, hard-core romance readers who can laugh at the clichés, purple prose and “suspend your disbelief” plot devices that haunt our beloved favorite genre.

An Exotika® erotica anthology from Ellora’s Cave

My story is Midnight Dream Lover and here’s a little snippet for you.

Her gaze was fixed on the door and she nearly swallowed her tongue when a figure stepped between her and the light. Such a magnificent figure. Broad-shouldered, slim-hipped, his hands were propped on his hips and the silhouette of his thick, muscled arms made her gasp. It was a man! A man worthy of having her fall at his feet.
His face in shadow, all she could make out was the close-cropped hair, the powerful neck and a body she wanted to hang herself on. The sweet ache of lust scurried through her and her pussy dripped. Chyna’s nipples hardened and she felt as though her clothes fell away when the glitter of his blue eyes from his shadowed face met hers. Never had such an instant attraction for a man struck her with such force. On the heels of that notion was the feeling like she was suddenly naked. She shook her head and tried to refocus as it dawned on her she was falling again and this time she was careening into this mountain of a man.
Come to me, baby. If I’m gonna fall, it better be into your strong, waiting arms.

You can find all my books on Amazon and of course this book at Ellora’s Cave

Related books in the Fondled and Gobbled extravaganza are Someone Had To Do It, Going Back for Seconds, Back For More and Messier Than Ever. Watch for One More Slurp coming August 28.  All from the Cabal of Hotness!

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Wants and Desire

We all have them. Need them and fulfill them….right?  Or a least want to. How often do you?

I finished a story and submitted it the other day. So my fingers are crossed on getting an acceptance. I won’t say the proposed title yet, just in case it gets rejected. But, I’m going to give you a little excerpt. Let me know what you think!


Faye sighed again and caught a napkin fluttering across the counter in the tropical breeze. Absently she dabbed her perspiring forehead with  it. A sense of peace filled her, taking up the space where worry had been. She glanced over at Vance again. How long would she stay here? With him. This stop was supposed to be just a breather. But he was starting to fill her with some even better feelings than the calm she so welcomed. She had some thinking to do. Should I stay or should I go?

Heat flushed her cheeks and her nipples hardened as was often the case in his presence. He didn’t even have to touch her and her body reacted so strongly it snagged her breath away and her pussy throbbed. She nearly swallowed her tongue when he glanced at her. Had she moaned or something?

His blue eyes imprisoned her and she didn’t move. A slow, lazy smile widened his lips making her heart trip over itself. That was a bad sign wasn’t it? She couldn’t fall for him and was determined she wouldn’t. Fuck buddies, that’s all she wanted from her meat man, her hunky chef. Wanted just his amazing bod.

“Thinking about me?” His voice was just as slow and sultry as his smile, with a deep timbre that wrapped around her like hot honey.

Holy hell.

“Uhm, maybe.” Faye squeaked, and tried to clear her throat gracefully.

“Tell me. If you were thinking about me and all the things you want me to do to you later, I’d like to hear them.” Vance carried on slicing the papaya in front of him as if they hadn’t even spoken. His hands, large and tanned, touched the soft flesh with just as much care as he handled her.

She watched the movement, licked her lips and boiled inside. The Florida heat, only slightly tempered by the Gulf breeze blowing in off the sparkling waters, swept over her skin like a soft wet tongue.

His tongue.


And a visual treat of John Quinlan…since I don’t have a cover for this yet not accepted story 🙂


john quinlan


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Wild & Remote – Cowboy Country

I figured since I was heading west to cowboy country in Wyoming, I should try and do a fitting blog topic. Well, hell, the only thing that came to mind was cowboys, horses, mountains, green grass, cowboys… As you read this I will be jetting from Toronto to Denver then in a car for the 2 1/2 hour drive to Laramie. I’ll be carpooling with another women, also heading West.

We are going to the Vee Bar ranch for an writer’s retreat. Imagine, a week with your own horse, big sky, mountains, gurgling creeks. And cowboys. As I write this blog ahead of time, with my suitcase packed and probably overweight, I’m feeling the excitement build. This was as trip I wanted to do last year, but stuff got in the way. In April, I made the decision that if there was still room for me, I was heading West.

The retreat is being run by Page Lambert. I can’t wait to meet this amazing woman and the other ladies that will be coming in from around the US and me from Canada.

I’m already fantasying about cowboys, kissing under the stars, fireside snuggles, remote cabin in the woods, riding along holding hands, sex in green grass under the shade of a cottonwood tree next to a creek, mountain moonlight. Of course, this is all purely fantasy and what will find its way into another cowboy book. Inspiration should be all around me and if I’m not too swept away by the wild and remote, then maybe I’ll finish a hot cowboy book.

Be sure to check at my blog for daily updates on this amazing trip. I hope to post pictures every as long as there is no internet issues.

Now since I’m going west to cowboy country it’s only fitting I give you a snippet from Elemental Heat. Set in Colorado. City girls goes west to meet her cowboy…hmm…fantasy or reality…..



“Sounds to me like you don’t have a whole lot of patience. Remember, all good things come to those who wait.” He winked at her and stood.

Jenna watched him walk to the barbeque. He was all fluid grace. For such a big man he wasn’t awkward at all and she couldn’t wait to see him in the saddle. He’d promised they’d go riding tomorrow. But there was a lot of time between now and then. She watched him flip the steaks and take a sip of wine from his glass, then hold the spatula aloft. The image was ingrained in her mind and she swore she would never forget this moment.

Before she knew what she was doing or could change her mind, Jenna swung her legs off the lounge and stood. Chet turned and watched her approach, the dark dreaminess of his eyes drew her. She needed to taste him, to feel his lips under hers and if he wasn’t going to make the first move then she would.

The blanket slipped down her back and she clutched the edges below her breasts.

He put the spatula down without looking where he placed it and it clattered to the patio stones. She stood before him and wound her arms around his neck, holding the corners of the blanket, wrapping them in the warmth of the wool. Her fingers pressed against his neck and the strength in his muscles made her feel truly feminine.

Almost at eye level, she had to look up only slightly to meet his gaze. All her senses tuned in to him, his essence permeated her and she let it. The long-distance teasing they had done the past few months came to a head and Jenna trembled with desire. She tipped her head back and pulled him to her. The hesitation when their lips were a hairsbreadth apart was exquisite. Energy crackled between them in the moment of anticipation before fulfillment.

Chet’s vigor and arousal radiated from him in pulsing waves. The whisper of air between their bodies vanished when he snaked his arms around her waist and brought her hard against him. Jenna sucked in a breath and a little “oh” popped from between her lips.

“This is where I’ve wanted you all day, woman.”


And don’t forget the quickie wrap up to Jenna and Chet’s tale – Rock-Hard Heat


rockhardheat_msr (2)

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