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Bald Cowboy–Rhonda Lee Carver

Hi y’all. One of my dear friends married her best friend, a cowboy from Texas, a few months back. They are so happy they make me happy. One evening we were sitting around with burgers and hot dogs on the grill and we got into a discussion whether he should shave his head bald or not. Yes, he is balding, but he doesn’t do the comb-over. He has been wrangling the idea to shave or not to shave for a few months now. So, I made him a bet. If I made a shot in the hoop he would shave. If I didn’t he wouldn’t shave. He agreed. Let me just say, I’m horrible at basketball. Whether it’s because I’m only 5’2, or just don’t have the skill, I suck. He was grinning ear to ear because he believed he had this. And guess what? The ball spun around the rim twice then went in. I won!

He shaved and two days later my friend told me, “Every where my hubby goes he’s being flirted with. He was even asked out while he was at the coffee shop. Women love baldies.” LOL.

So, what do you think? Should a man shave his head or not? Or does it matter if he’s a cowboy…?

Have you heard the news? Book 6 of Cowboys of Nirvana is up for pre-order.



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Well, so be it! She walked onto the dock, the wood planks creaking under her feet.

She wouldn’t let him deter her from enjoying herself. In fact, she’d show him!

Reaching for the hem of her shirt, she dragged the tank over her head and dropped it . Next came her shorts. Her nipples budded and she wanted to believe that it was caused by the breeze, but the moisture building between her legs couldn’t be ignored–couldn’t be stopped. There was something sensual about standing there, partially naked, with a handsome stranger, a cowboy, watching her. His hand came up and scraped his jaw, and the horse pranced from foot to foot. Did the mare sense his irritation…or tension?

Was Dade growing hard?

Her core pulsated and her skin warmed. She had only meant to prove a point, but instead she’d tapped into a fiery awareness inside of her body. Her nipples were now throbbing and pressing against the lace of her bra.

Not sure what had come over her, she had no choice but to follow through, and pretty much needed cooled off. Stepping to the edge of the dock she jumped in.

A second later she surfaced, squealing. “Holy fuck!” The water was frigid. Apparently, she hadn’t thought this idea through carefully enough. Swimming to the ladder, she climbed the rungs and raced to her clothes, quickly pulling them on. Scanning the field where Dade had been, she didn’t see him. Disappointment slithered through her. He was now gone. But in time she’d see him again.

Three more days and The Lawman’s Promise (Book 2, Buttermilk Valley) is releasing!



“MOVE ONE MUSCLE and I’ll splatter your baby maker all over that fake Picasso painting hanging on the wall behind your head.”

Blake McKenzie held the shotgun steady on the naked man sprawled out on the messy bed. It was so quiet in the motel room, a pin hitting the floor would have been heard.  Empty beer bottles were scattered around the small area and the scent of smoke was strong in the air, making Blake want to gag.

The girl shifted on the bed, pink colored her cheeks as she pulled her shirt closed in order to hide her bare chest. “Blake, what are you doing here?”

“You’re a minor and your mother has been worried sick about you.” Blake didn’t take her gaze off the boy who was now sweating profusely and huddled up close to the headboard as if it was his lifeline. “So I’m asking you the same question.”

“Hey, she is here because she wants to be,” the man, Jonathon, finally muttered.

“Do the math, Einstein,” Blake said. “Twenty minus sixteen equals illegal. Not only are you lacking in brains by giving a juvenile alcohol, but messing with an underage child has serious consequences. You’re looking at some time behind bars.”

Monica shifted, making herself the wall between the shotgun and her boyfriend. “I love him. I’m going to marry him,” she wailed.

“Honey, you don’t want to marry this boy. I promise you.” Blake lowered her gun a mere inch so she could look at her best friend’s daughter. “Isn’t it time you told her the truth, Jonathon?” He sat there, his bottom lip quivering and tears rolling down his cheeks. “Let me do the honors since it seems the cat’s got your tongue. Monica, he has another girlfriend and she’s pregnant by him.”


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Enter to Win a Signed Paperback – Scary Romance from Randi Alexander

Halloween is coming, and I’m excited about ghosts and goblins and jack-o-lanterns and trick-or-treating! In the “spirit” of the holiday, I have a new paperback for you! Unforgiven Spirit, Book 2 of the Ghosts of High Paradise Ranch, is available at Createspace now, and will soon be at Amazon and other sites. I’d love to send you a signed copy, so look below to enter the giveaway.

Unfortiven Spirit Randi Alexander

It’s easy to enter the contest, just a few things I’d love to have you do.

I’ll choose a winner in a few days. Thanks for stopping by Wild and Wicked Cowboys, and good luck in the contest!

Unforgiven Spirit is available at:

CREATESPACE (paperback)

Have a fabulous day!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

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Halloween Will Be Here Before You Know It! Get Your First Scare Today! – Randi Alexander

I have three books releasing this month, all of them dealing with Halloween themes. The first one, available now, is Haunting a Cowboy.

Randi Alexander

Haunting a Cowboy, Book 1 of the Ghosts of High Paradise Ranch Series

When ranch foreman Thad McCade’s life is disrupted by something supernatural, he reluctantly allows a ghost whisperer in to try to clear his home. But Madam Ruby is not at all what he expected. She’s actually Cheyenne Redford, wears a business suit, and drives an expensive SUV. In seconds, she discerns the identity of the restless spirit, and Thad immediately ushers her out of his house. He’s not ready to face memories he has buried for years.

Despite her parent’s insistence that she work in their respectable family business, on weekends Cheyenne indulges her secret passion for communicating between worlds. This time, though, the spirit haunting the sexy cowboy is powerfully intent on making itself a nuisance, and its disturbances are escalating. Despite Thad’s resistance, Cheyenne is determined to find out why.

The hot Montana summer spurs a sensual attraction between Cheyenne and Thad, and they indulge their craving for a physical and emotional connection. When Cheyenne pushes the cowboy for more information to help her release the earthbound spirit, he walks away, leaving her heartbroken and confused. Can Thad overcome his fear and guilt before time runs out for the ghost…and before Cheyenne moves on with her life?

Haunting a Cowboy Randi Alexander

Excerpt from Haunting a Cowboy: When Cheyenne finished her beer, she stood. “Well, since there’s no one but you and me here tonight, I’d better get going.” She looked out the window. Pitch black. “Could I borrow a flashlight? I didn’t think of grabbing one before I walked down here.

Thad got to his feet. “You walked?” Leaning over, he picked up his keys out of the bowl by the door. “Let me drive you back.”

“No, please.” She stepped to the screen door. “I don’t mind the walk. It’s so beautiful here, with the stars and…” She rolled one hand around, trying to come up with something else to add.

Thad grabbed a rifle from behind the door. “And night critters that are prowling, looking for their next meal.” He checked to see that it was loaded.

“Oh, I didn’t think of that. In the city, night critters walk on two legs, and carry knives.”

“I’ll walk you.” He leaned close to her.

His scent filled her mind with warm, naughty ideas as she blinked up at him, parting her lips. Would he kiss her now?

He frowned and flipped on the porch light. “After you, ma’am.”

Turning her face away, she hid the warmth that flooded her cheeks. Crap, what an imagination she had. Stepping outside, the cool night chilled her romantic notions down to manageable proportions.

They walked along the gravel drive in silence.

A howl came from a distance. In the nearby woods, scurrying sounds startled her, making her lurch a bit, and stumble into him.

Taking her elbow in his hand, he got her straightened out, but kept his hold on her arm.

The heat racing through her, starting at her arm and running all the way up and into her bloodstream, gave her chills.

“Cold?” His voice came close to her ear.

Was he making his move now? She could see the lights of Sayde’s house ahead. Would he kiss her now, or wait until he dropped her off at the door? Oh lord, those two beers had really hit her hard. She was wanting things she probably shouldn’t even be thinking about.

But if she was reading him right, and for some reason she was able to read him a little too well, he was wanting her just as much.

They stepped from the gravel road onto the concrete driveway at Sayde’s house.

He released her. “Cheyenne.” In the low illumination from a faraway yard light, his eyes glimmered.

Her intuition told her he wanted her, but was too reserved to take what he desired.

“Thad.” She stepped close to him, ran her hands from his chest up to his neck and went up on tiptoes, pressing her lips to his.

For a second, he stiffened, then he opened his mouth, the hand not holding the rifle wrapped around her waist and pulled her tight against him.

Amazing, his lips felt so firm and hot, his breath laced with beer and sexy, pure man, mingled with his woodsy scent and forced a shiver through her.

Where their hips pressed together, she could feel a bulge. She touched her tongue to his lips.

“Goddamnit.” Thad released her, stepped back, and breathed hard.

The loss of his heat against her cooled her as much as the look in his eyes. Pure terror.

“Get inside, Cheyenne. It’s not safe out here.” He growled the words and turned, walking away.


Get your copy today!


Have a great day!
“Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”

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FREE BOOK: Rhonda Lee Carver

A friend, we’ll call her Dee, called me, saying, “I need you help!” So, I scurried over to her place, finding her on the couch, legs propped high in the air. She told me, “I waxed.”

Something you should know about my friend–she recently divorced and decided to go from hair-down-there to bare.

Apparently, as she was slathering on the wax, her doorbell rang. She grabbed a robe and rushed to find out who was outside. The UPS man. She received the shipment of something she’d been waiting on. Minutes later, she remembered she still had wax on a very important part of her body. However, the wax had gotten cold and hard. Her vagina sealed shut. She started to panic and pulled and tugged, but the wax wouldn’t give an inch.

Here’s where I come in…

I ran hot water in the tub. My assumption was that the water would melt the wax. Hahahahahaha. Boy was I wrong! She got stuck to the bottom of the tub.

In comes friend two. We’ll call her Joyce. After she helped me pull Dee from the tub, which wasn’t easy, we contemplated our next move. Joyce had worked in a salon for a few years so we figured she’d know what we should do. But, she didn’t have a solution, except giggling behind her hand and suggesting we drink a glass of wine. Dee was all for the alcohol.

In comes the third friend. We’ll call her Sandy. She is a nurse. She shook her head and was speechless. Dee was in pain, her lips were glued together and she slightly suspected she would never use those parts again. Now, she’s on her second glass of wine, muttering, ‘I needed wax for dummies.”

Finally, I grabbed a bottle of olive oil, handed it over and told Dee to apply liberally. And guess what? It worked! The hair still remained, but she decided she’d stick with a razor.

Have any horror stories with wax?

FREE book!!!!!!


Buy link: Under Pressure


Secret Pressure, Book 4 of Rhinestone Cowgirls is available for pre-order. Releasing July 29th.

Here is an excerpt:

Their bodies were close—so close his body heat warmed her. She should step back, but every feminine urge screamed for her to stay right there, accept the gift of passion. The bulge rubbing her stomach made her look down. He was naked! Awareness trickled through her and desire pooled into her loins. “Jobe…” his name fell from her lips, an invitation to put his erection to good use.

He gathered her into his arms, clutching her against the warmth of his warm, broad chest. She could stay right here forever, close to him, hearing the beat of his heart. He carried her effortlessly to the couch and placed her on the leather cushion. She kept her gaze steady on him, watching him as he stood above her, thankful that the moon offered some light so she could admire him.

All logic told her she should push him away, run like hell, but a bigger part of her liked knowing he was ready for her. She reached for his hand and kissed his knuckles, inhaling his fresh soap scent and a trace of leather. How could she ever deny herself the one man who promised such pleasure?


She looked up through the veil of her lashes, moistening her dry lips. “Please, Jobe,” she urged. “No thinking. Just feeling.”

Buy here: Secret Pressure







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Storms tweak creativity!

Spring is here. With the warm weather comes storms. I used to hide under the covers when a storm brewed, but over the last few years I’ve embraced the thunder, flashes of lightening, the torrential downpours, and the heavy winds. However, I don’t like the damages caused by bad weather. Last night we had a severe thunderstorm sweep through our area. It came through fast and furious, shaking the house and sending tree branches to the ground. The rain came down at a side angle and the animals scurried for cover. And what were we doing? Cooking dinner. The hubby was outside grilling and I was in the kitchen making sides. It took twice as long considering the electric flashed on and off a dozen times. Oh, and the kids were playing Monopoly. We have a basement and at any moment we could have slipped downstairs, but living where we do, we’ve gotten used to Mother Nature’s mood changes. This morning, everything is a bright green, flowers are blooming and a fresh rain scent lingers in the air. The sun is filtering through the clouds. Nothing is more motivating for me, which is perfect because I’m starting book 4 of Rhinestone Cowgirls, Secret Pressure. The relationship between Ruby and Jobe are as wild and crazy as last night’s storm…just as the rest of the Stone women and their cowboys.

Below is a picture from my office window. Isn’t it beautiful?


If you haven’t read this series yet, I hope you’ll check it out.baner







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Ready for Four Times the Romance? The Sons of Dusty Walker Are Waiting For You! by Randi Alexander

The four books in The Sons of Dusty Walker Series are available now, and man are they hot!

The Sons of Dusty Walker, erotic romance series

Book 1, Dylan, was written by Jodi Redford

Book 2, Jackson, I got to write!

Book 3, Killian, was written by Desiree Holt

Book 4, Rogue, is the creation of Sable Hunter

Here’s the book blurb for the series:

“Four Brothers, One Tainted Legacy, and a Wild, Wild Ride. Will They Survive It?”

When Dusty Walker’s untimely death brings his four sons to Red Creek, Kansas, they are in for more of a shock than just losing their father. None of them knew about the others. Nor did they expect to hear the strange terms of their father’s will. They might share last names, and even a special belt buckle, but they also share a lot of resentment. Dylan is struggling to follow his dream of being a country musician and dealing with yet another shock from the woman who suddenly came back into his life. Jackson’s life is on the rodeo circuit and doesn’t include any permanent arrangements, including a woman. Killian dreams of owning a ranch where he can raise Appaloosa horses, and he doesn’t plan to do it in Nowhere, USA. Rogue doesn’t know what to do with the naked woman in his bed nor the direction his life seems to be taking. He’s a loner, pure and simple. But if the brothers want their share of the half-billion dollar estate, they have to follow the terms of the will…one week in Red Creek running the business and getting to know each other. None of them can begin to predict how drastically their lives are about to change.


The hero of my story, Jackson, is based very loosely on my friend, Jackson Young. He makes up his own words, and says he’s not into computers and online stuff, but in reality, he’s very smart about those things. But I gave my character, Jackson Walker, a few of Jackson’s real-life traits…exaggerated quite a bit.

For his love interest, Ms. Rori Hughes is pretty much the opposite of Jackson. She’s a computer engineer, her parents are teachers, and you’ll never find a made-up word leaving her lips. Unfortunately, she’s got a bad taste on those lips for rodeo cowboys, and darned if Jackson Walker isn’t a bronc rider!

You can imagine the sparks flying, the heat building, and the denial of strong emotions clenching at both of them. Pick up Jackson’s story today and get yourself some hot cowboy romancetizing! (Yep, I made up that word myself!)

erotic romance, cowboys

Book Blurb for Jackson: The Sons of Dusty Walker:

When rodeo bronc rider Jackson Walker’s father passes away, he’s shocked to find he’s not the only son of Dusty Walker. His dad had three other families at compass points around the country. When a stipulation in Dusty’s will requires him to live in his dad’s house and work at his company for one week, Jackson heads to Red Creek, Kansas to get it over with, so he can get the hell back to his regularly scheduled life.

Computer engineer Rori Hughes needs to solidify her position in Dusty’s company, but the only one of his four sons available is Jackson, and Rori has a mighty low opinion of rodeo cowboys. Finding inconsistencies in the computer files, Rori and Jackson work together to solve the mystery, but their constant contact fires a red-hot desire that burns wild between them.

Spending their days at Dusty’s opulent lakeside home, and their nights together making love, they both ignore the warning signs that point to their attraction becoming more than merely sexual. Jackson’s time in Red Creek is coming to an end, but can he follow his original plan and leave town, breaking away from smart, beautiful, sexy Rori?

Excerpt From Jackson: The Sons of Dusty Walker:

Rori let go of all her restraint too, her lips taking what she wanted from Jackson, her tongue doing its own exploration of his mouth. How was it that he tasted like spices and sex all at the same time?

She pulled back and slid her fingers to the button at his chest. “I’m ready to see what I’m gettin’ myself into.” Unbuttoning each one slowly, she trailed her fingertips along his chest, loving the few hairs that curled around her fingers on her path downward.

Tugging his shirt from his jeans, she slid it back, down his big arms, and let him toss it aside. Defined pecs, nice six-pack abs, and a narrow, tight waist. “Yummy.” She leaned forward and kissed the spot next to one of his tight, flat nipples.

He growled. “My turn to unwrap my dessert.” Jackson pulled the bottom of her shirt up, she lifted her arms, and he dragged the thing off and threw it. His breath left him in a rush as he stared at the red lace demi-bra that showed more of her breasts than it covered. “Beautiful.” He cupped the sides of her breasts and ran his thumbs across the tight points of her nipples.

Rori’s eyes rolled back for a few seconds and sweet chills shimmied across her skin. Licking her lips, she looked into his eyes as she reached for his belt buckle. It took a few seconds to unhook it, then she flipped open the button on his jeans and slowly dragged his zipper down.

His eyes turned a darker blue and his breath came faster, moving his chest up and down in a primal rhythm that matched her breathing.

Pressing her fingers to the bulge at his open zipper, Rori felt a power fill her, the ability to make this strong, irresistible man desire her this much could become very addictive. “You’re hard.”

His lips curved upward as his hands slid down her sides to her waistband. “And I bet you’re soft.” Jackson poked the tip of his tongue between his front teeth. “And I bet you’re sweet and wet.”

Between her legs, she became just that, wet and hot and aching with the need to be touched by him, tasted until she came for him. “Guess you’ll just have to find out.” Wherever this uncharacteristic boldness came from, she’d make it work for her. And him.

He unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, then with the speed of a cobra, he picked her up in his arms and deposited her on the bed, catching one of her feet as she bounced up. “What’s with these shoes, darlin’?”

Her red, high-top, canvas tennies always gave guys pause. “The rubber soles.” She watched as he unlaced her. “They don’t conduct any static electricity.”

Lifting one brow, he glanced at her face, then back to her foot. “Practical, yet quirky.” He pulled off her shoe, revealing her striped socks. “I wouldn’t have expected anything less.” He peeled off her socks and gazed at the coat of pink polish she’d slapped on her toenails this afternoon before heading over to his office.

She’d been called weird before, so his assessment of her wasn’t any kind of a shock. Rori was also tall, so even cowgirl boots sometimes made her inches taller than men she wanted to flirt with. But with Jackson, she could wear stilettos and still be eye-to-eye with him.

With his gaze locked with hers, he kissed each one of her toes.

And she giggled.

He laughed, made quick work of her other shoe and sock, then got down to business, pulling off her jeans and throwing them across the room.

The matching red lace panties felt soaked and warm between her legs. They grew even wetter as his gaze traveled along her legs to fasten on the spot where she needed his lips. “You’re beautiful, Rori. Desirable, sexy, smart, funny, interesting.” His gaze shot to her eyes. “After I taste you and make you scream my name…”

Her hips jerked up and her vision flickered between darkness and light as sparks ignited in her belly.

“Then I’m going to try to figure out if you’re as perfect as you seem to be.” He slid his hands up her thighs and grasped her panties, pulling them down slowly. “Oh god, yes.” His voice quavered.

She’d spent a good hour in the shower this afternoon, buffing and shaving.

“So pretty. Bare naked and dripping honey to lure me in.” He tossed her panties in a different direction than her jeans, toed off his boots, then knelt between her legs, staring at her pussy.

Unable to stop it, her hips circled slowly, little movements that pumped up her desire, her uncontrollable need for him. Only him. Nothing, no one else, ever mattered the way he did right this second.

Jackson eased her legs open and lay between them, on his side, his soft hair brushing her thigh, his firm lips kissing his way up, slowly, staring at her, teasing as he moved closer.

“Your scent, patchouli, right?”

“Uh…” She didn’t remember which body scrub she’d used today, didn’t give a damn if she ever did, as long as he kept drawing closer, closer. Then he was there, his lips on her, touching and kissing every inch of her, down lower, lower, then up to the top of her mound where his tongue flicked inside to find her tight little bud.

She jerked and cried out.

“Easy, darlin’.” He kissed lower again, then spread her legs even further and stared at the quivering lips between her thighs. “If I thought you were beautiful before, holy hell, you’re like breath for a drowning man.”

So poetic, so sensual. She almost hated for him to stop talking, but she needed more from him. Letting out a little whine, she tipped her hips up toward him.

“Ah, let me guess. Telling me without words to get busy?”


Get your copy of all four books at Amazon:
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Cowboy 12 Pack: Twelve Smokin’ Hot Stories for only $2.99
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Doing the Count Down to Release – Deputy’s Bride


Hi, everyone,

Only five days until the next book in my Naked Bluff, Texas series will be released.


The Deputy’s Bride explores the erotic adventures of the old west.

Warning – this is one hot book.


Now available for Pre-order at Amazon –

See book in Kindle Store

 Deputy’s Bride is an erotic, historical western that is a stand-alone story with a satisfying HEA.

Texas Deputy Bo Kildare is looking for a special kind of lady, one that is willing to meet his special requirements. No sweet little virgin will do, he wants a woman who knows how to please a man, perhaps two.

Recently widowed, Sarah Elizabeth Foster-LaFever has lived in the public eye for the last few years and wants out. Her reputation as Micah LaFever’s wife has left her penniless and without many viable options until Bo comes calling.

Now, she believes she found the perfect man until her past rears its ugly head. Can murder and corrupt dealings keep these two lovers from making it to the alter?


“I have certain expectations. Some of which others might not understand.” Bo recalled his conversation with his brother. He had shot down the idea of a woman living on the ranch, claiming Bo didn’t spend enough time at home to warrant a wife.

Bo had to agree, but he also knew Chase. He never objected to having the companionship of a lady, as long as he participated in the fun of fucking her. Now, Bo intended to make sure they both approved of the arrangement so all of their needs would be satisfied.

She popped another button free and shifted her hips onto the surface of the bed. “And what would those be?”

Staring at the swell of her breasts over the top of her corset, he knocked back the rest of his water and set the glass on the floor. “I’m a demanding lover and don’t want an innocent virgin to blush every time I slap her ass.”

He dropped his gaze. “I’m looking for a woman who will spread her legs, when I tell her and show me her pussy.”

“Like this?” Sarah caught the skirt of her dress and lifted it above her knees.

He’d noticed her bare legs, after he’d arrived at the cabin. Sparking the idea of her being naked under her red, silk dressing gown, he waited impatiently to discover the answer. His gaze lit on the creamy length of her thighs, and he stared at the blonde bush between her legs. “Yes, now, put your feet on the railing of the bed and let me see your pretty cunt.”

She smiled and obeyed by settling back on the bed. The wide expand of her knees provided the perfect view of her intimate, pink folds.

He groaned hungry for a sample of her rich cream. “Did your husband ever ask you to show yourself to other men?”

With a brief nod, she slid the last button of her gown open, exposing her trim waist and off-white corset. He spotted the small dimple of her navel and envisioned dipping his tongue into the tiny divot.

“Did he let them taste you?” Bo unhooked his belt and shifted restlessly in his chair. He had to see how far he could push her, so he’d know if she’d go along with his plan.

“Yes.” She stood, pulled off her robe and walked forward in her corset alone. “Micah liked to watch other men play with me until I became so hot, I’d beg.”

Damn, that’s exactly what he longed to hear. Bo grabbed her around the waist and drew her between his legs. He breathed in her sweet scent and rubbed his face against the soft flesh of her belly. “What did you beg for?”

He pictured her with one cock in her mouth, one in her pussy, and another in her ass. A fire burned through him, igniting his lust. Blood pooled in his groin.

She tunneled her hands through his hair and tugged, drawing his head back. Her gaze met his with a wicked challenge. “I thought tonight was purely about you and me.”

Tempted beyond his endurance, Bo shifted her back enough to stand. “It is, but someday soon I plan to invite someone else to join the fun.”

“Does that mean you plan to marry me?” She worked her fingers over the buttons of his shirt, undoing them as she went.

“It’s why I’m here, and also the reason why we’re heading for my ranch tomorrow.” He dipped his head and nibbled at the corner of her mouth. So soft, he longed to dive right in and swallow her whole. Instead, he took his time, tempting, teasing, playing with her lips until she opened for his probing tongue.

He pulled her tighter against his chest, and her suppleness fed his hunger. His kiss grew more demanding with the long, wet strokes of his tongue plunging in and out. He made love to her mouth. He craved so much more and captured her waist. With a quick bend, he swept her up in his arms.

She shifted as if to break away, but he didn’t release his hold. Instead, in less than ten seconds, he had her spread out on the mattress and released her to shuck off his clothes.

His shirt hit the floor, then his pants. He glanced up to catch her green-eye gaze. A spark of concern prompted him to ask, “Am I going too fast for you?”

Release date is Oct. 31.

Anita Philmar


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Why settle for just ONE cowboy? I’m giving away FOUR!


That’s right! I’m giving away all FOUR Brooks brothers in the form of an ARC copy of Weekend Surrender!

It doesn’t even release until tomorrow, so you will have a head start on all of that hot cowboy ménage yumminess!

You can win this ebook simply by “liking” my Facebook Fanpage and leaving a comment here with your email address!

Weekend Surrender

The Surrender Trilogy Book 1: After another painful betrayal and break up, Rachael Morgan sets out to prove to herself that she can handle a good time with a man and walk away sexually satisfied and with her heart intact. She could have never imagined that she would be agreeing to the proposition of a lifetime. Every woman in Stone River, Texas would jump at this chance, but she’s afraid she’ll leave pieces of her heart behind.

Raised on their family ranch the four Brooks brothers have always shared everything. Even women.  When they find themselves face to face with the one person who could complete them all, they set out on a journey to claim her for their own.

Fate can place them all in the right place at the right time, but will Rachel be able to overcome her relationship scars, or is she destined to live her life alone believing that no man ever stays?

(M/F/M/M/M Ménage, public exhibition, consensual BDSM, bondage, spanking, HEA, There is no touching or titillation between siblings.)

It will be available TOMORROW September 24 at the JK Publishing Bookstore, Amazon,  and all major ebook sites!

Weekend Surrender

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Hot Cowboy Menage Boxed Set!

You can now get all the books in my bestselling THE BUCKLE BUNNIES SERIES in a complete Boxed Set at a fantastic price!

It’s all about hot, hunky rodeo riders and the women who can’t get enough of them! There are three books, including two m/f/m ménages and one f/f/m. They were originally released individually in ebook, and were so wildly popular, I decided to release them in a complete set. It’s available at Amazon, B&N and ARe!

Buckle Bunnies Series Volume Boxed Set


This ride lasts a lot longer than eight seconds!

Barrel rider Daisy Hollins has run into bronc riders Sawyer Jones and Beau Monroe quite a few times on the rodeo circuit. She’s flirted with both of them, but things have never gone any further than that. Before an event, they’re all too focused on the competition, and afterward, they’re usually too sore and tired to do anything but fall into bed.

When she runs into the two hot cowboys in the hotel bar at the Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas, however, there’s a different vibe in the air. When the flirting starts this time, it doesn’t stop, and Daisy goes upstairs with both of them for a completely different kind of rodeo ride.



She’s not going to sleep with either of them, unless she sleeps with both of them!

When two hot rodeo riders walk into Dallas O’Shea’s bar, she can’t help but notice them. Steer ropers Mack Carter and Ked Everett have set their sights on her, too, regardless of the fact that she’s going to be mixing drinks until closing. Any other time, she would have jumped at the chance to rope herself a hot stud like Mack or Ked – what woman didn’t like a pair of cowboy boots under her bed now and then?

When closing time comes around, both men are still there. She can’t choose between the two cowboys, so she tells them she won’t sleep with either of them, unless she sleeps with both of them. She doesn’t think they’ll take her up on the offer – they look like they’d rather shoot each other before bedding her together. But they surprise her by agreeing – on one condition. Afterward, Dallas has to honestly tell them who was better in bed. Two hunky cowboys, each motivated to please her like she’s never been pleased before? How can a woman lose in a situation like this?

For Dallas, it’s going to be a night like she’s never had, and for Mack and Ked, the night ends with the cowboys getting a chance to demonstrate two of their greatest talents – roping and riding. Yeehaw!



This night is going to change the meaning of best friends forever!

When Shawna Barton’s best friend and barrel racer Britt Miles comes to town, she can’t wait to have a girls’ night out. The two haven’t seen each other in years and the usually shy, reserved Shawna loves hearing about her friend’s exploits, especially her most recent sexual encounter with handsome bull rider Clay Winters.

Things take a sexy turn after they run into the man himself a little while later. When he asks them to go dancing, the two women can’t refuse and before Shawna knows it, she forgets about her inhibitions and is out there bumping and grinding on the floor with Britt and Clay.

The night gets even more interesting when Clay suggests they take their little threesome back to his place for the kind of ride only a cowboy knows how to give a girl – or in this case, two of them!


Read an excerpt from each book here!


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Hunky Heroes, Kickbutt Heroines, Unforgettable Romance

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You can now get all the books in my bestselling THE BUCKLE BUNNIES SERIES all in a complete set! It’s all about hot, hunky rodeo riders and the women who can’t get enough of them! There are three books in the first volume of the series, including two m/f/m ménages and one f/f/m. They were originally released individually in ebook, and were so wildly popular, I decided to release them in a complete set, which is available in ebook or print!

In the first book, RIDE OF HER LIFE, a barrel rider meets up with two hunky broc riders at the Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas. She’s crossed paths with them other times, but before an event they’d all been too focused on competition, and afterward they’d been too sore and tired to do anything but fall into bed. This time there’s a different vibe in the air. When the flirting starts it doesn’t stop and Daisy goes upstairs with both of them for a completely different kind of rodeo ride.

In TEAM ROPING, the second book in the series, a sexy bar owner has a pair of steer ropers competing for her attention. She can’t choose between the two men, so she tells them she won’t sleep with either of them, unless she sleeps with both of them—at the same time.

RIDE ‘EM HARD, the third book in the series, is also a hot cowboy ménage, only this time it’s about two friends sharing a hunky bull rider. While both women are game for a sexy threesome, neither of them expect to the night to go where it does!

Click on the link below for an excerpt from each book in the series,

Buy it at Amazon

Buy it at Barnes & Noble

Buy it at All Romance eBooks

Happy Reading!


Sexy Romantic Fiction!

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