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Mia Downing Is Making Santa’s Naughty List

Hi! It’s Mia Downing ::waving::. I’m also in another group with our own Randi Alexander, Em Petrova, and Anita Philmar. Erotic Cravings is celebrating 8 days on the naughty list and we all have been bad girls this year. Of course, you wouldn’t want us any other way. To ease the pain of being on the naughty list yet again we’ve pooled our efforts and we’re going to give away prizes to our equally naughty readers! We have one $50 Amazon or B&N gift card for lucky comment leavers! I’m also giving away one of my digital books for your enjoyment. We’re going to announce winners on the Erotic Cravings blog and individual blogs Dec 17. Read on for details!

Spy Games Characters Are Making Santa’s Naughty List 

There’s no way one of my Spy Games heroes would escape Santa’s Naughty List. Their penchant for sharing women teamed with the notches on their collective bedposts and Jake’s love of whiskey have pretty much grounded Chase and Jake from the Nice List for eternity. Sort of like breaking a warehouse full of mirrors and you’re out of good luck. All three men love sex and strive to take it to the next level and see how many multiple orgasms they can give their partner. With the holidays coming up, I’d hate to be the one to find them a present. They are rich men who can afford the finer things in life.

So what do you give the spy who has everything for Christmas? A Boink Box, of course!

This is a pretty cool idea for that special guy or gal who wants to experiment and likes a monthly surprise, like my Spy Games heroes. A Monthly Make Out box gives you 3-5 small fun items, like lubes or special condoms. That sounds nice but I would think they’d head straight for the Quarterly Luxury box, with 5-7 toys, lubes and other fun things to spice up an evening. The site has bondage and BDSM gear which would make all three couples very happy.

So far I’ve only mentioned that Chase and Jake are naughty… Well, Aaron may have been on the Nice List for most of his life, but he’s bent on brewing up a whole batch of naughty with Charlotte’s help. The excerpt I chose is one of my favorite scenes from the beach, at night. Aaron has decided he’s going to win a contest, with Charlotte’s help. He just has to convince her it’s going to be worth the effort.

Blurb for Spy Games: Endgame (Book 3 of the Spy Games Series) 
Sexy spy Charlotte Smith doesn’t go by the code name Dragon Queen because she’s sweet and cuddly. She’s cold, hard, and mean and has been training for the past five years to take down the men who destroyed her soul and left her burning for revenge. But when she meets her next assignment at a wedding, her body protests there’s much more to life than kicking asses and taking names. Actor Aaron James is witty, hot as hell, and he smells divine. But women with suicidal endgames don’t indulge in casual sex, and they definitely don’t fall in love.
Since meeting Charlotte at his brother’s wedding, Aaron’s life has been nothing but trouble. He’s plagued by memories of the kiss he stole from her, and he senses underneath her aloof nature and frosty glare is a woman with passion and fire. When Charlotte is assigned as his bodyguard after a botched kidnapping attempt, he’s psyched. What better way to get in her panties than have her pretend she’s his girlfriend? Until Aaron realizes too late he wants more than in her panties… he want’s Charlotte’s heart.
Contains: Explicit language, really hot sex, anal sex, toys, light bondage, very light BDSM, an actor wannabe spy and his kick-ass spy bodyguard. 

Very Naughty Excerpt from Spy Games: Endgame

“Let me fuck you with my hand. Here, on the beach.” Aaron slid his fingers inside her tight, wet pussy and pumped as much as her pants allowed. “I should have asked you to wear a skirt and no panties.”

Charlotte couldn’t believe she was letting him fingerfuck her on a beach like she was someone’s girlfriend. His girlfriend. She trembled as he slid her panties and pants down just a bit, so there was more room for his hand. Or rather, hands, because the other delved in to rub her clit and explore sensitive folds.

He removed a hand from her pussy and sucked on one finger, then two. And sighed. “They could bottle this— your taste— and men would never need erectile dysfunction aids ever again.”

“Naughty, Aaron. So naughty.”

He dipped those fingers back in, sliding, thrusting, rubbing her clit harder. “Fuck the mental baggage, Char. Why should you be horny as hell and not get something from this? You gave me bliss. I want the same for you. But if I were going for honest, I’d tell you this is definitely for me.”

“Okay, I’m intrigued. How?”

Aaron dropped his voice to a conspiratorial stage whisper. “We’re going to break a record, baby.”

Fear tangled with desire in the pit of her stomach. “I don’t want to know about this, do I?”

“Of course you do. I need you.” He sank his fingers deeper into her pussy. “We’re going to break the Anderson record.”

“Which is?”

“How many orgasms I can give you before I shoot the moon. Come.”

“Your brothers have discussed this?” Good gravy, Anderson men were pigs. Or… well, the ladies were the lucky ones. So she had no clue what to call them. “And the record is?”

“They’re all stuck at three. Chase included. He’s an honorary Anderson, I guess.”

It should worry her that she knew exactly how many multiple orgasms Kate and Tia had gotten from her two favorite men, but what bothered her more was the end result. She’d never had a multiple orgasm. Ever. She sucked in a breath. “You want to give me four.”

“I was never one to back away from a challenge. So you game? We haven’t gotten one out of the way, and you need clitoral stimulation to get there. So you come, here, we go home and practice the oral route, then…”

“And then?”

“And you let me fuck you, so you get four.”

Spy Games: Endgame is available at…
E-book and print
Amazon * B&N * Kobo

If you haven’t started the series yet, now’s the time to hook up with some sexy spies for the holidays!

Blurb for Spy Games: Trained for Seduction (Book 1) (m/f/m)
A RomCon Reader’s Crown Finalist 2013!
Emma Walters didn’t choose to be a spy, but when her crazy father was caught selling bombs to the wrong people, she was given a choice–become a spy or rot in jail. Her exciting new life as agent Kate Wells becomes more so when she discovers her new boss is the agent–undercover and investigating her father at the time–who took her to third base. Emma is already half in love with the dark and dangerous Chase Sanders. Kate wants nothing more than for him to finish what he started, but he’s the devil incarnate. And one doesn’t make deals or fall in love with the devil. 

If someone had told Chase he’d fall in love with a certain virgin when he was on his last mission, he would have shot them dead, sniper style. She was nothing more than collateral damage, damn it. But watching the sexy new spy morph into a bombshell killing machine is too much to bear. So when the powers that be command him to train her in the art of seduction for her first–and possibly last–mission, he’s scared witless. Making love to Kate means preparing her for sex with another man. Somehow, Chase has to find a way to get Kate in–and out–of her mission without dying. And without falling in love.

Contains: Explicit and graphic sex, light bondage, light BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, m/f/m, a hot, dominating spy boss and a spunky, bomb-making heroine.

Available in e-book or print

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Thanks for stopping by! 
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The End of the World

And if you’re here, I’ve just made an ass of myself with that title.

Yup, I’m back and it…apparently isn’t the end of the world. Which means the twelve men whose asses I pinched last night thinking I wouldn’t suffer repercussions will be contacting the police today and have me arrested. I hope y’all didn’t do something similar. If you did, I’ll be seeing you in the slammer.

Before that happens though, I’m going to admit a very horrible secret about Christmas and holiday stories…I don’t read them in season. I never do. I always seem to read Christmas stories in the Spring and Valentine’s Day stories around Thanksgiving and Halloween stories…well, all year-long. It’s weird. I never seem to be in sync with the publishing industry, which is fine with me. I don’t read something just because it’s about the upcoming holiday. In fact, I think I prefer not to. My holidays never turn out like heroines of the books I read.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy holiday stories. I do. But I’m not reading one at the moment. I’m actually reading this:


It’s not exactly a holiday story, but it makes me happy. I do like books that combine humor and emotional torture and zombies. You gotta have something with zombies! It’s the end of the world! Really. Okay, it isn’t.

As for the shopping and Christmas spirit…yeah, I’m not feeling the latter and exhausted from the former. Why is it we drive ourselves insane trying to get the perfect present, braving the crowds and putting a big dent in our wallets when the person getting the present will forget about it in five months? Oh, they’ll love it and adore it and hug it and squeeze it…but after about four or five months they’ll no longer wear it/use it/look at it and then it’ll be time for Christmas all over again and you’re right back where you were before.

Am I ranting? No. I swearz I’m not.

I’m going to go drown my Christmas present anxiety in eggnog and tinsel. Happy Holidays my friends and stay thirsty smutty!

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My fave Xmas specials…and a giveaway!

Hi 69ers!

Yes, we’re talking holidays, and for me at this time of year, that means Christmas. As a child, as silly and uneducational as it might sound, a big part of celebrating the holiday was catching certain Xmas specials on TV. And who among us doesn’t get all nostalgic when we hear that Charlie Brown Xmas music? Right?

Well, I watched a couple in the 70’s that still hold a special spot in my heart. Some are hard to find now. First among these is “The Christmas Messenger (1975)” starring Richard Chamberlain. In this one, Richard played a myterious man who comes to Victorian London to spread the message of Xmas to a young man. At the end, Richard turns out to be an angel. I loved this show. It made me bawl!

The Christmas Messenger Cartoon Picture


Another one I enjoyed, and that invariably made me cry into my egg nog, was “The Happy Prince (1974)”. This was a cartoon starring Christopher Plummer. It is based on an Oscar Wilde children’s story, and gets me every time. Read the book if you get the chance. The story of love and friendship between a golden statue and a swallow is about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read.

The happy prince

Did you watch any Xmas specials that no longer run on TV? Do you miss them? I know I’d love to see these ones again, or find a copy somewhere.

To help celebrate the season today, I’m doing a giveaway of one of my backlist. Simply comment and tell me which holiday specials meant the most to you!

I’ll pick a winner by end of day today.

Happy holidays!

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White Christmas anyone?

Happy Holidays!

This is the time of year when they play all my favorite holiday movies, and I’ve got the TV on for every one I can find. And if one of the million cable channels (slight exaggeration) out there isn’t playing one of them, I’ll get it off Netflix. I’m traditional so a lot of my favorites are classic movies. There’s Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life. I practically know it line by line, but watching it one more time never hurts. Then there’s Bing Crosby and Danny Kay in White Christmas, with Rosemary Clooney singing Count Your Blessings. My DH is a softy and he loves that song. And what’s not to love about Miracle on 34th Street? Do you believe in Santa Claus? Another favorite that bears mentioning is A Christmas Story. It’s newer, from the 80s, and it’s hilarious, based on stories by Gene Shepherd. The lamp shaped like a lady’s leg can’t be missed, nor can the deranged Easter Bunny. Now you’re going to have to watch it to find out what I’m talking about! But I’m not the only one who knows and loves that movie. The neighbor around the corner from me actually has a lady’s leg lamp in his window! So I know he’s seen the movie!

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from my latest release, Invitation to Pleasure, Open Invitation, Book 1.


Virginia sees herself as a three-time loser in marriage, so, for her fourth trip down the aisle, she chooses stability and companionship. And it’s working. Until she begins craving seduction from her new husband. When Brett uncovers the hidden wanton beneath Virginia’s elegant business suits, he plans on sending his wife an invitation to pleasure she simply can’t refuse.


Copyright 2012 Jasmine Haynes

He was on fire, aching with an unbearable need he couldn’t quench. But he didn’t touch himself. When he came, he wanted her to be watching.

For now, all he could do was clench a fist on the window’s sill and drink in the sight of her, the scent of her sweet come, the echo of her passion ringing in his ears.

She’d touched herself in every imaginable position. Her juices on the bed, coating her thighs, shimmering on her fingers.

He’d seen a lot of things, done a lot of things, but this was new. This was an abandon he’d never before witnessed, never before worshipped. She played her body like a maestro. She knew how to bring herself to the brink and not go off, how to keep herself rising and falling until the inevitable orgasm shot her into the heavens. He’d thought about taking her, shoving his cock deep inside her as she knelt before him on the bed. She’d teased every man in the room with that ass as she’d fucked herself with her fingers. Rules be damned, he’d almost gone in there and taken her. Earlier in the evening he might have done just that without a second thought.

The last half hour had changed his strategy. There was so much more beneath her elegant business suit than he’d imagined. So much passion he’d never dreamed she possessed. He would have that woman. He would give her unimaginable pleasure.

And that would take a foolproof plan to get her to reveal her inner self completely to him.

Brett Branoff eased back from the window, fading into the shadows along the wall, and left the room. When he’d decided to follow her, it was to find out why his serene, ladylike, not particularly sexual fiancé had chosen The Sex Club as the party place for her final unmarried night, a fact he’d inadvertently stumbled upon. He wasn’t a jealous man in the main, but he had to admit to a certain inexplicable tension riding him until he realized her rendezvous was with herself. Now, he wanted to learn more about Virginia’s deepest desires. She liked to watch. More, she liked to be watched, something that appealed to his sexual nature. He’d unearthed something so much more intriguing than he’d ever expected.

Tomorrow, he would make Virginia Hansen his wife.

Then he’d find a way to release the woman he’d discovered at The Sex Club.

So there’s your introduction to Virginia’s husband-to-be! Believe me, Brett has some very erotic things in mind for his bride. You can find Invitation to Pleasure on Kindle Kobo Nook Smashwords and All Romance. I plan on having Invitation to Passion, Book 3, out by Christmas. My DH is going to proof and format it for me! What a guy!!

Leave a comment about your favorite holiday movie (maybe I’ve missed something fabulous!) and I’ll enter you in the drawing for a copy of Invitation to Seduction, Open Invitation Book 1. Check back tomorrow and I’ll announce the winner.


I also want to let everyone know that Revenge Sex, West Coast Book 1 is free for the holidays! I’m trying to price-match it on Amazon, but they haven’t dropped it to free yet. And hopefully by the end of the week, it will be up for free on Nook. In the meantime, you can find it on Kobo Smashwords All Romance and iBookstore.

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Decadent Delights

treeOops, I did it again. Left my blog until the last minute. So that means, I’m scrambling to come up with something interesting so as not to bore you all.  December 1 means only 24 shopping days until Christmas. Glad I reminded you? My boys are older now, 22 & 24, so it’s not the same anymore. They want money, but still like their stockings filled with unique goodies.  They live in their own homes which makes mine kind of quiet and lonely now. It just seems like yesterday I was full of panic, stress, fun, laughs and late night toy assembly…all with the intention to have the silly season just perfect. The tree to the left was first bought when I was pregnant with my oldest. He and his GF have now taken it for their apartment. It’s 25 years old and survived the test of time.  (wow a quarter century!)

I would bake, and decorate and visit and host trying to get just the right atmosphere in the home. We lived in the country and it was beautiful. Horses, stood with their heads hanging over the fence waiting for their Christmas treats and birds filled the feeders hanging on the trees. Heavy snow blanketed the ground and hung on the branches. A very Christmassy feeling indeed. Most years anyway.

Don’t worry, I’ll get to the smut, after the a decadent holiday recipe for you.  I hope you enjoy.

If you like chocolate and brownies, then this decadent delight is for you!

Version of Killer Brownies


  • 2 boxes of german chocolate cake mix – or what you can find.
  • 1 medium can of evaporated milk
  • 3 sticks butter (melted) = ¾ cup
  • 2 14 oz bags of craft caramels
  • 2 cups chopped pecans or walnuts
  • 2 cups of semi sweet choc. chipsplusone_msr(1)


  • Unwrap the caramels and melt them over low heat with 2/3 cup of evaporated milk. While melting, prepare the cake mix. *** if you put the caramels in the freezer 1st the wrap comes off easier
  • Mix cake mix with butter and 2/3 C evaporated milk. Add nuts. *This mixture will be thick. Press 1/2 of the mixture into a 13 x 9 inch pan greased & lined with parchment paper.
  • Bake at 350 for 8 or 9 minutes.
  • Remove from oven and sprinkle chocolate chips over top and then pour caramel evenly over chocolate chips. Cover the entire brownie layer. Drop the remaining brownie mixture on top in pieces, covering the caramel.
  • Bake for an additional 18 – 20 minutes and let cool. When cool put brownies in the frige, still in the pan for minimum an an hour. The caramel to set. Cut into desire size pieces, sprinkle with powdered sugar. Enjoy!

So while you’re enjoying your decadent dessert…you can enjoy this excerpt from my next Ellora’s Cave release. Plus One out on January 4 from their Exotika line.

An Excerpt From: PLUS ONE

Copyright © CRISTAL RYDER, 2013

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

“So, what do you think?” Wendy leaned in to him and whispered.

“Fucking amazing.” He glanced down at her, his eyes zeroing in on her huge boobs cradled in some sheer fabric that pretended to be a bikini top. He tried not to look like a guy who had never seen tits before.

She laughed and slipped her arm through his, pressing those magnificent breasts against his biceps. “I knew you would like it. So. What do you want to do?”

How the hell did he know? He’d never been to a sex club before. This one was a little more exclusive. Upscale. Set in the heart of the city business district, in an old renovated mansion. It was the last thing one would expect to see. Wendy and her husband, Conn, were co-owners and he’d known them for years. She’d asked him to come a few times and because he was single, he had to be invited. No single guys allowed. Only couples and single ladies.

He was their plus one tonight. Not that he expected to have sex with them, but was simply their tagalong and he was okay with it.

Rob shrugged and finished the beer. Wendy signaled the cute bartender, who looked all of twenty, for another one.

“Drinks are on me tonight, Rob. Tressa will take care of you.” Wendy handed him the beer and gave him a shove to the stairs. “Put your stuff in the locker. Wrap that gorgeous ass of yours in a towel, then go forth and play.”

She went to the pole in a puff of exotic perfume and waited her turn as Ginger slipped to the floor. Rob couldn’t look away from Ginger as she rolled seductively from her belly to her back and rose with fluid grace. Her deep-red hair sparked in the lights and her black, skintight dress was only slips of fabric gathered with a ring at her bellybutton. The gold hoop held the pieces together that fanned over her breasts and pussy, barely shielding them from view. His cock ached at this visual smorgasbord.

When Ginger rose and walked off the floor, he let his gaze roam over her. Long legs, tanned and firm, he could imagine wrapped around his hips. She had on killer high heels that sparkled with gems. Glancing at all the ladies, he saw they had the same kind of shoes that showcased their legs. His gaze fell across a pair of black pumps. A complete opposite to all the rest.

He was intrigued. What kind of woman wore shoes like that to a place with an obvious shoe focus? This woman was not scantily dressed either. Quite the opposite in fact. He hadn’t noticed her before. She wore a tight gray skirt that showed a curved thigh, plump ass. Her fitted long-sleeve, dark- gray blouse had a plunging front and her breasts strained the fabric with a cleavage he could easily get lost in. She turned and his cock jumped with approval. She stood with a glass of wine in her hand, back to the wall, and watched the other ladies do their thing on the pole.

Something about her intrigued him. Was it her dress, shoes, or the chic black glasses she wore? Or the way she’d pulled her hair into a simple ponytail that swung down to the top of her back? She was out of place. And he wanted to know more about her.

Sipping the wine, she smiled behind the glass and when the stunning, naked, dark-haired woman from earlier approached her and took her hand, Button Down Girl shook her head and resisted. But the other woman wouldn’t let her off easy and took the glass from her fingers, setting it on the bar. She tugged her to the pole and lifted the other woman’s hands high until she grasped the pole three-quarters of the way up.

The movement tightened the blouse across her back, showing the lush curve of her waist that lay hidden. The hem of her shirt rose, exposing the top edge of a tramp stamp. Holy fuck this woman was a mystery. She looked as if she didn’t belong, yet was here and had a tattoo. His cock jumped when the naked woman rubbed up and along the back of the mystery girl, her breasts flattening as she hooked a leg around the calf of Button Down. The woman turned her head, ponytail swinging, and he saw a blush rush over her cheeks. The smile on her lips was wide yet looked a little nervous. Was this her first time here as well?

He watched as they swayed around the pole. The naked woman flush to the mystery woman’s back, her hips snug and tight to the skirted ass. She was all sensual moves and swaying hips, grinding her bare pussy into the other woman. He couldn’t take his eyes off Button Down Girl. The naked beauty lost her allure in the mystery of the other.

You can find me at:!/CristalRyder

Ellora’s Cave

All Romance ebooks


Barnes & Noble

Sybarite Seductions

Lyrical Press

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Monday and Mistletoe

Happy Monday. As you can guess I love the day of the week most people love to hate. Even better than a Monday is release day…well almost release day. Tomorrow will be the re-release of Mistletoe Mambo as a stand alone short story from Still Moments Publishing.

I know we haven’t celebrated Halloween, I’ve still got a ton of candy corn to eat, and haven’t had that lovely slice of pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, but with snow in the forecast I’m ready for snow angels and building forts. 🙂

Hopefully the storm won’t be as bad as they’ve predicted and if it is, keep the basics handy and download something a little steamy on October 30, then go out and scare everyone you know on Halloween.

Until next time, Indulge Your Inner Romantic

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Blurb: Only one man dances to the music of Madeline’s heart.

She was aware of the crowd parting to accommodate their slow foxtrot, but she kept her focus on Max. Her knees wobbled so badly, if she ignored the intensity of his gaze she might stumble. He held her closer than necessary. Each glide of his hips brought his erection against her thigh. Surprised, she held her breath. Was it possible the attraction wasn’t one-sided, after all?

As if sensing her thoughts, he winged a brow. When his hand drifted lower on her hip, her heart thudded harder. Maybe he was flirting with her and merely used their dance as an excuse to hold her. Or perhaps this was wishful thinking on her part. Dancing wasn’t unusual at the Christmas party, but somehow dancing with him, knowing how she felt made the experience more exhilarating. Each brush of his pelvis sent an answering tremor through her body. She wanted more than three or four minutes in his arms. For a brief second, she rested her head on his shoulder. He tapped her right arm and she rotated into a spin. She completed two turns before he clasped her hand and drew her against the heat of his body once again.

She became lost in the depths of his eyes, glimpsing a longing she never noticed before as they circled the dance floor. The strength of his arm clasped her waist. The sure grip of his hand tightened on hers and the smooth texture of his trousers met her skin when he dipped her over his leg. Every nerve ending crackled at the sensual slide of his hard, powerful thigh beneath her bare back. He pressed his lips to the hollow of her throat and she forgot to breathe.

He stood her upright and glided them around the well-worn linoleum. Amazement must have shown on her face because he smirked. She followed his lead, too unsettled to do anything else. Did his little kiss mean he was interested, or was that just part of the dance? One more twirl around the floor, and then his steps slowed. Swaying in time to the music, he held her in his arms.

All too soon the song ended and they were forced to bow when thunderous applause cascaded through the room. Madeline pressed her hands to her cheeks while she struggled to catch her breath. She cast a sidelong glance at Max, his hand resting in the small of her back.

“I love dancing with you,” he whispered, leading her to the edge of the dance floor. “The scent of your perfume, the slide of your skin against mine, and when I lift you in my arms all I can think about is the way you would taste.” He squeezed her bottom.

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