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Twisted by Love unveiling…

Last time I gave readers a taste of my new reincarnation series with an excerpt of Twisted by Love. This time I’m unveiling the sexy new cover for the book. If you’ll remember, I mentioned that my own personal reincarnation experience involved being bitten by snakes (yuk!), and I used that for my heroine in the book, too. What the heck, they do say write what you know!  So here’s my cover by the fabulous Rae Monet, who did the covers for my West Coast series, the Prescott Twins, and Take Your Pleasure.

Cover art is so important. That’s what we see first, what pulls us in, gets us to read the back of the book or the description on an ebook site. I wanted something very special for this cover. I wanted to give readers a sense of the setting, a creepy old house (yes, there’s a creepy old house in the book!). Now personally I think the woman and the snake are kinda sexy. I wanted to grab readers with an image of a snake entwining a woman. And lo and behold, Rae found the perfect photo. Of course, the book is the antithesis, because the snake represents something frightening, but that’s why I think the cover works, since the story is about facing fears, overcoming them, and actually embracing them.

Twisted by Love

So tell me what you think? Does it grab you, horrify you, make you want to get the book and read it!? The house in the book doesn’t look anything like the house on the cover, does that bother readers? As you can tell, I’m very curious about reactions. I hope to have Twisted By Love out in August.

I don’t want to miss telling you what my heroine’s favorite drink is! Because it’s also my favorite (go figure why I’d use it in a book!). A champagne cocktail. Drop a sugar cube in the bottom of a champagne flute, add a teaspoon of Angostura bitters, then fill the glass with champagne. Be careful, though, the sugar will make the champagne foam quickly, so pour very slowly. Another hint, no need to use a really expensive champagne. The bitters and sugar mask the flavor so it’s actually best to use something more moderately priced. LOL, can you tell I was a thrifty accountant in my former life!?

While we’re at it, I’ll unveil the cover for Kinky Neighbors: Cat and Logan’s Just Desserts (or Kinky Neighbors Two, if you like). Readers have been asking what happened to the Mitchells and the Harts after their naughty little foursome in Kinky Neighbors. Find out in this short sequel! I wanted something that typified Cat Mitchell. And I felt the sly look on this model’s face was perfect. Rae Monet did the sequel cover, and Rosemary Gunn did the original book cover. I love them both! This one should also be ready sometime in August. Hmm, which to revise first, Twisted by Love or Kinky Neighbors Two?

Kinky Neighbors TwoPhotobucket

An announcement! I’ve just signed a new two-book contract with Berkley Heat. The books will be in the same vein as The Principal’s Office, with a little bit of spanking and bondage (I call it bondage lite!). Readers can expect to see those books starting in the latter half of 2013.

And a little bit of promo! July brings us Smashwords summer/winter sale! You can try Dead to the Max and Double The Pleasure for free! Go to my Smashwords page:, and enter the code SSWIN at checkout. She’s Gotta Be Mine by Jennifer Skully (me!) is free on (until they see that it’s back to regular price on iTunes!). Beauty or the Bitch, a contemporary retelling of Beauty and the Beast (with a twist!) is also free on I always enjoyed this story because Beauty and the Beast was my favorite fairy tale. I’m blogging about the Max Starr series over at I hope you’ll stop by! I also hope you’ll drop by my radio interview with Ande Lyon of Bring Back Desire After Dark It will air Wed, 8/1, at 11 PM EST. I could blab on, but I’ll stop now!

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