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So I was asked to add my little smuttiness to the sexy new blog I was invited to participate in and all about me! Goodness, I thought everyone knew I was the wicked and wild woman. Okay, so what does that mean? It means I write sexy and highly erotic romance and erotica stories and I don’t mince words. I write m/f, m/m, BDSM, ménage, paranormal, fantasy, sci/fi, cowboy and hell – just about every other genre you can think of. What I can promise you is that the stories don’t pull any punches. They are going to tell you a story with a hell of a lot of kink and they’ll take some creative kink out for a spin. I write for Rebel Ink Press and Naughty Nights Press and love the people I work with and the authors as well, who inspire me every day. I have over fifty books out with several more under contract and I can’t seem to write fast enough! I also write articles for several national and international blogs on everything from D/s to figging, fantasies to voyeurism, and I enjoy learning my craft more and more every day.

Okay – that’s the boring part. Now let’s get to the meat of the story – no pun intended of course. People ask me two questions: where do I get all the kinky ideas for my stories and am I that kinky… Let me see. The ideas usually come in the middle of the night and I can pen a story and make it all hot and wet and delicious from any scenario. I double dare you to tempt and try me. Tease me baby with all you got. Am I that kinky? I cannot tell a lie… MUAH

So how about a few fun details about me.

MEN – You all know I LOVE men – right? Well, I just can’t help myself. So the question is what kind do I prefer? I like my men in all flavors and roughness – just as long as they’re lickable. I love chocolate laced and vanilla and rough-hewn and classy. Who doesn’t like a man in a skin tight pair of worn jeans or a suit? Then again, I prefer my men in nothing at all. What do I look at first? Their eyes – the window into the soul.

WOMEN – I think women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes and their sensuality is what draws me in. I enjoy writing about women who are both powerful and passionate and ballsy too. No bar flies in any of my books!

SEX TOYS – You had to know I’d throw something wicked in, right? Shhh… don’t tell anyone but I love sex toys and have drawers and boxes full and while a huge portion are for panel discussions and shows I do, some are just for me. Girls, you have to love the rabbit vibrator. Come on now and stop blushing!

ICE OR CHAMPAGNE? I know you must be asking why. Because both can be used for some passionate playtime. Have you ever slid a cube of ice all the way down your lover’s body and watched as it melted and then licked up the heated drops? Have you ever taken the erotic moment a step further ladies and placed several in your mouth and then used them combination of sizzling hot and ice cold to devour your man – you know what I mean. If you don’t, that’s your assignment for tonight. Men, have you used the ice on your ladies, teasing and tempting? I can tell you there isn’t a part of her body that she won’t enjoy you indulging her fantasies. Imagine champagne in replacement. Give you some snazzy thoughts? Trust me, there’s nothing better than the bubbles and they can bring you into ecstasy.

CHOCOLATE ANYONE? Well, I do indeed love chocolate, but since I’m allergic to dark chocolate I have to use white. Now imagine melted chocolate all over your body and a sexy hunk of a man is forced to lick every drop off your body? I can certainly see turning the tide on this one and slathering his body with hot warm chocolate. Can’t you? As a matter of fact I have a HOT HOT HOT little release coming up on the 3rd with just this thought in mind. Take a taste of:


Shawna Dupres was more than ready to have a steamy affair and so were the women in her erotic book club. Forming a wicked pact, each was to hunt and seduce a man. The winner would receive an all expenses paid weekend for the lucky couple. The kick was the hunk had to be much younger. Unfortunately owning Sauce and Spice, an upscale Cajun bistro and one with serious financial troubles forced long hours. She desperately needed inspiration for a spicy dessert and a way to save her livelihood. When Austin Tomlin arrived to repair a storm-damaged door, she knew the brawny man might be the tasty treat that could kick start her career and her libido. A spicy white chocolate fondue was a huge hit all the way around.

Austin craved the voluptuous woman at first sight and while she was years older, it only added to her allure and he knew Karma was giving him more than a hint or two. Engaging in a conversation, the sparks flew and they entered into a wild tryst in the middle of the kitchen, realizing they both craved more. Unfortunately Austin wasn’t who he purported himself to be and his secret could finish their relationship before it even started. Then again, if he came clean, he might be able to help her save her restaurant. But Shawna had been burned before. Could she trust this man to save not only her restaurant but also her heart?

Can you just imagine how hot it’s going to be? And you get to shower afterwards – whew baby.

LINGERIE – I am a lingerie girl. It’s funny, people honestly say I’m more like a guy from the way I drive to
the fact I can use a power tool with the best of the men, but I like being a girl. From purchasing sexy dresses to stilettos, I love the feel of being sexy. What I like the best is purchasing hot teddies and undies from Victoria’s Secret. After all, your man wants to see you in something sexy. You know he does. Then he can rip them off of you before he devours your body.

D/s RELATIONSHIP – Hmmm… I write a lot about the D/s lifestyle and I am truly exploring certain aspects. Granted, I’m a wild woman with willful ways, as I keep getting reminded. But…there is a side of me that enjoys having a man taking full control. I also write about the lifestyle more and more and in penning On Becoming His, a personal journey for more than one reason, I truly delved into my personal psyche about why I feel the way I do. I have a hard time actually getting people to believe I have a submissive side but the truth is I do. I think powerful people on the outside crave something else – whether just in the bedroom or the lifestyle. Take a taste of Jessie and Luke’s journey and the second in the trilogy is being penned with my cohort in crime, so to speak, Benjamin Russell – who I cannot thank enough for his valued input.







Jezebel Waters, Jessie to her friends, had everything in her life that she could ever want. From a successful career as a top-level executive, a hefty salary and fabulous friends, she had the world in the palm of her hand – except for the right man in her life. In the back of her mind she knew she was missing something and the realization was almost terrifying. She craved being under the command of a powerful Dom, but how the hell could she admit to anyone what she considered her kinky needs?

Resigned to living a very vanilla life, she entered into several relationships and every one of them failed miserably. Jessie gave up on love – until she met Luke Brennan. From his gorgeous chocolate-laced skin to his quiet yet powerful demeanor, Jessie was hooked on learning more. Growing close, when he admitted his own needs, she knew she’d found everything she’d been searching for her entire life. While Luke wanted nothing more than to own her, he was hesitant to enter into the agreement until she completely understood the life she would lead as a collared woman.

While she was more than eager to learn, she remained terrified of the girl inside and of her dark hungers. Join Jessie on an emotional journey as she delves deep into her psyche, not only beginning to understand her willingness to become Luke’s in every way, but also to comprehend exactly what the new beginning would entail — trust and control. Through poems and prose, this story is just the beginning for both…

Okay so enough about me already! You know more than most of my close friends do. Truthfully, my friends and family think I’m a little odd – and I take that as a compliment. You can visit my page on here and all my links where you can stalk me are on the page.

Don’t forget to comment on my blog for a chance at a give away from the 14 authors involved – going through tonight so… Hit me up with just how kinky you are and you never know what you’ll win.

Kisses   xxx


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