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NSFW Excerpt from Caress of the Wolf (The Gray Pack 5) Releases TOMORROW!

The Gray Pack Book 5

The Gray Pack Book 5

I’m so excited to be bringing you the fifth book in The Gray Pack series!

This one overlaps book four – Dreams of the Wolf – and tells Whitney Gray’s

emotional story of mating with two wolves from another pack.

The Blurb…

In a time of transition, only the strongest will thrive…

Whitney Gray is less than thrilled that her werewolf pack is hosting another packs Alpha battle. She figures the Diego wolves have done enough damage to the Gray wolves to last a lifetime, but when cousins Cadence and Mateo Diego step into her life she finds herself on a new and dangerous path.

Cadence and Mateo are determined to protect their birthright, and secure their place as the leaders of the Diego Pack. They didn’t anticipate finding their mate, and now they are protecting her and her family from a threat that ends up being way to close for comfort.

The newly mated trio begin planning for a life or death battle, and end up on a journey from betrayal to forgiveness, but when you’re battling the past, someone’s bound to get hurt.

You can preorder it now at

Or back up and read the series from the beginning…

Fire of the Wolf – Book 1

Reflections of the Wolf – Book 2

Legacy of the Wolf – Book 3

Dreams of the Wolf  – Book 4


Mateo struggled to find the right description for what he had just witnessed. His body and his wolf ached to claim their woman, too, but he held himself back. It was Cadence’s right as his Alpha to claim their mate first, but the tiny flicker of doubt in his brain wasn’t soothed by that knowledge. What if now that she had mated his cousin, she decided that he was enough for her? Could she brush him off now that she had a true claiming done?

His questions and self-doubts proved to be unfounded when she slid off of Cadence’s lap and turned to face him. Her body was that of a sensual vixen as she crawled across the bed to him. She reached out a hand to fondle his oversized cock and pressed her forehead to the center of his chest.

“My God, you’re huge.”

His throat tightened. “I understand. You don’t have to—”

She lifted her head and pressed her finger to his lips. “I want to. Just let me ease into it, okay?”

When he nodded, she threw one leg over him and rose up over his straining cock. Her nipples skimmed across his chest, and he growled. Her lip curled up into a tiny smile and she did it again, looking pleased when he tensed and panted harder.

So the little wolf wants to tease, does she?

He planted his feet on the bed and rocked his hips, aligning his cock with her dripping slit and grinding against her. A gasp and a shudder was all he got before she reached down to clasp his girth in her hand and line him up with her body.

Inch by torturous inch she eased down over him, accepting him into her, molding all around him. When she flinched in pain, he wrapped his fist around the base of his cock, blocking her from dropping lower.

The flash of irritation in her eyes made him laugh. “Easy, amor. We’ll work up to that. Just take what’s comfortable. It will be enough. You already feel like heaven to me.”

His words seemed to soothe her, and with his hands guiding her she began a steady rhythm of thrusts and twists on his cock. Her breasts bounced as she moved, but his eyes were focused on her face. Every muscle twitch, every gasp, seemed to bore right into his soul, etching a permanent mark on his being as he made love to his mate for the first time.

When he felt her body begin to shudder around him, he pulled her down until she was pressed against his chest. Tightening one arm around her midsection to hold her in place, he arched his neck to give her room. The bite barely stung before a wave of heat took over, washing through him from head to toe and back to his groin. It was all he could do to twist his head and bite into her neck, matching her claim before he gave in and shot his release deep inside of her body.

When his vision cleared, the first thing he saw was his mark of claiming in the crook of her neck. That tiny ring was as important to their way of life as any wedding ring, and it sucker punched him that he was a mated wolf.

A whisper in his head, so quiet he barely heard it, echoed his shock and awe at the day’s events, but it was gone before it really registered.

“Holy smokes.” Her breath was hot against his cheek, and he could feel the sweat on their joined skin starting to cool. She shivered when he ran his hand up her spine, and he smiled at her words.

Cadence disappeared out the bedroom door, returning a moment later with a wet cloth. Whitney let out a yelp of surprise when he began to clean her body, and Mateo laughed at the blush that climbed her cheeks.

“Don’t be embarrassed, love. I just want to take care of you before you fall asleep,” Cadence told her, kissing her shoulder blade before moving his hand again.

She held still long enough for him to finish, but she refused to meet Mateo’s gaze until it was over and Cadence moved away. “I’m sorry. I’m just not used to anyone doing that.”

“Doing what, mi reina?” he asked as she shifted to lie at his side and curled her body against him. “Taking care of you?”

She shrugged and ducked her head down without answering. Her hand skimmed over his chest and her fingers played in the sprinkle of dark curls that lined the center of his body. Did she know how much that small touch of affection turned him on?

“We will always take care of you, little flower. You’re ours to protect now.” Cadence met Mateo’s eyes as he re-entered the room, and they shared a moment of silent understanding. This was their mate. Even if they never intended to share one, she was a precious gift that they would give their lives to protect.

I hope you’ll pick up Caress of the Wolf, as well as the rest of The Gray Pack! I promise they’ll keep you warm!

As always, Live, Laugh and Love like today is your only chance!~Lori

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Whip me, Cane me, Make me write a blog post…and give away an ebook!

It’s been awhile Smut lovers, and for that I’m truly sorry. As it does to most of us on a regular basis, Life keeps getting in the way of my good intentions. However, today I’ve shut the door and braced it with my sofa, so that I can get a post up on 69 Shades of Smut.

2 - Flawless SurrenderSince I last posted a lot has happened, so let me give you the short version. Flawless Surrender – released, Caress of the Wolf – accepted, Weekend Surrender – goes to PRINT, Wild Wicked Weekend – WOOT SO MUCH FUN, Primal Surrender – accepted, Dreams of the Wolf  – goes to PRINT, Caress of the Wolf – scheduled for April 9 and cover received, and I just received my cover for Primal Surrender which is releasing in May. *huge sigh of relief* And while you’re reading this lovely post, I’m on a plane flying back from Las Vegas for a JK Publishing event.4-DOTW-Large

You know, two years ago, when I wrote Fire of the Wolf (The Gray Pack Book 1), I really had no comprehension of what it meant to be a published author. In my mind (as well as in some of yours I’m sure) there was a small cabin in the woods involved, and a quill with ink on a tiny desk next to a special writing chair. There would be tea, and solitude, and lots and lots of time to write……EEEEEHHHHH WRONG!1-FOTW-Large

In all actuality, there is a TON of work that goes along with publishing a book. The writing is the easy part! No lie! Once the book is written and sent to the publisher there is still a lot to do. Creating a cover is my favorite part as it involves getting to share my ideas with someone who loves to create things as much as I do. Look at these two pretties that I have to show off!

The Gray Pack Book 5 Releasing to Siren-Bookstrand April 9! Cover created by Harris Channing.

The Gray Pack Book 5 Releasing to Siren-Bookstrand April 9! Cover created by Harris Channing.

The Surrender Trilogy III Releasing May 2014 to all sites via JK Publishing. Cover created by Jess Buffett.

The Surrender Trilogy III
Releasing May 2014 to all sites via JK Publishing. Cover created by Jess Buffett.

Yeah, they don’t get much better than that. Harris Channing and Jess Buffett both do amazing work! Anyways, other than the cover, there’s also editing, formatting, scheduling, final review, and that’s all before the book releases. On release day, most Authors watch their sales vigilantly, while sharing the link everywhere they possibly can, and thanking the people who share it for them. My favorite thing to do is give shit away on release day. People like winning prizes. I like giving prizes. Win-Win.

I’m also supposed to keep my own blog up to date, and so truthfully I’ve slacked in every category except writing. Now it’s time to reintroduce myself and say, I’m sorry for being away, but I’M BAAAAAAAACK!!!!!  *run while you still can*

I hope you’ll take a peek at the books I have out right now: Amazon, and that you’ll let me know which book you’re most looking forward to reading. One lucky commenter will win an ebook from my backlist, so leave me a note along with your email address!

As always, Live, Laugh, and Love like today is your only chance! ~Lori


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