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A Trip Down Memory Lane by Dalton Diaz

Stud and I finally did it! We planned and took a real vacation, 12 days up and down the coast of California. The original idea was to go and stay for a week where we met, where two of our kids have happened to temporarily land, San Luis Obispo. We added days into the front end and started out about as far south as we could go – unfortunately due to a family member in ill health and the death of a close family friend. Still, we managed to squeeze in a few friends along the way. Since the added visits were to my family, and I’m the one originally from Calif, it turned out to be quite the trip down memory lane.

First stop? Really, you have to ask? The second we had our rental car, we were pulling in here. Apparently, quite a few people had the same idea. This was how busy it was at 1am!


Oh, wait. I got a 12 day vacation, Stud had to work the first 2 days. He took the car, so I couldn’t go visiting, but Dawn Daydrmz Blogg heard I was going to be around and she came all the way out for lunch and convo. We went to a really cool place that serves Shabu Shabu. It wasn’t until she left that we realized we didn’t take any pics with each other! Got one of  the food, tho. <g>


The next day, I drove Stud to work and went off to visit some relatives, then back to pick Stud up and we were off to Escondido for a day and a half. I got to meet up with author Carlene Love for coffee. Um, again, neither of us remembered to take pics. Yeah, I have to work on that!

Then it was up the 101, playing I spy In N Out Burgers before we finally stopped for (another) one. Don’t judge.


We did make a special stop in Pismo Beach, at the place Stud proposed. It has grown quite a bit over the years. That trail didn’t used to be there, and you used to be able to climb right out on that rock that juts out to the ocean. Still a beautiful place, tho.


We finally made it to our VRBO house in San Luis Obispo (SLO), and met up with our older boys. They took us out to their favorite Sushi place for dinner. The week that followed was a food fest. The whole idea of getting a VRBO was so I could cook and we could maintain our Paleo diet as much as possible for that week. We’d already eaten our hearts out for four days by the time we stepped foot in SLO! Every time we turned around, our sons wanted to take us to this fave place, or that one. How could we say no? We did have one cookout at our house, and they cooked for us once at theirs, but most of the groceries went to the boys before we left.

We did try to exercise by renting bikes and riding down a trail to the beach. Found this place there and had to take a pic.

joe momma

That night, the boys took us for fish tacos in Morro Bay.


Mid-week, Stud and I did a 200+ mile, full loop from SLO. Our first stop was in San Francisco for lunch with my cousin. It took me a sec to remember why I had snapped the pic below. No, not the one of the sex clubs – that one is self-explanatory. The pic that shows people actually waiting for the light to change to cross the street! I think I’ve been in Boston for too long. <g>



Then on to dinner in Santa Cruz with my childhood friend who I hadn’t seen in about 12 years. Um, and ate more fish tacos on the pier. Santa Cruz is a truly beautiful place.

After dinner, we went back to SLO.


Our last night in SLO was spent at the Farmer’s Market street fair. Had to take a pic of this place. Note the name. We didn’t eat at this booth, but I wish we had. The street food we got was truly some of the worst food I’ve ever had. There was a reason there was no line. Lesson learned.

(If it’s too hard to see, the name of the restaurant is, Mee Heng Low)


The next day, we headed back to Los Angeles. We did stop at one more childhood memory along the way, in Buellton. It’s a Cali road trip must.


The scenery along the coast on the way back was breathtaking.




We made it back to the valley in time to visit with a sick friend, and then have dinner with another one of my childhood friends. See what I mean about it being a trip down memory lane?

Our last night in Calif was spent at an airport hotel. They had a full-length mirror, and I kid you not, Stud and I both stopped in our tracks when we passed it and started laughing. We’d each gained about 10 lbs in 12 days! I’ve often said I would way 300 lbs if I still lived in Calif. I now have proof.

Hope you enjoyed viewing our trip up and down the coast as much as we enjoyed eating our way through it.

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