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Dirty Boxers and Musical Inspiration

You’ll probably be relieved to note that this post isn’t about dirty underwear. Although I can totally see how that might be confusing given the title up there. Nope, today it’s all about sharing a little of what inspired me for the current book I’m working on, Triple Knockout. For those familiar with The Naughty List and Checking It Twice, this is the 3rd book set in that world. Unlike those two, this one isn’t a Christmas book. But it does feature a wicked hot menage featuring two VERY sexy and dirty boxers who enjoy playing with ropes in and out of the ring. 😉 This book will be coming out the first part of next year from Samhain Publishing, but in the meantime, here’s an insider peek at my naughty inspiration:

muscle boxer shaped man with fist bandage

Finding the right music to set the stage for my dirty boxers was a pivotal part of the inspiration process. Here are just a couple of songs that ended up in the book soundtrack:

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