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Three Things About the 69 Shades Authors

Welcome to the kickoff of our blog! We’re glad you decided to join us, and we hope you’ll stop by often.

We have lots of exciting things coming your way. Guest bloggers, theme months, cover model interviews, and contests.

And the first contest starts today! Each of the authors will be giving away one e-copy of winner’s choice of any book from their backlist. To be entered, all you have to do is leave a comment before midnight PST June 2, 2012. Each day, we’ll take a turn posting our introduction. Each time you leave a comment, you’re entered again in the contest.

Winners will be announced on the blog June 3, 2012.

To start you out, here are a few interesting things about each of us. Enjoy!

Jasmine Haynes

1) I also write as laugh-out-loud sexy mysteries as Jennifer Skully.

2) I’ve done a couple of past-life regressions (does that make me a weirdo?) and now I’m working on a reincarnation trilogy.

3) I have a dinosaur garden outside my office window.

Randi Alexander

1) I like to sleep a lot. Minimum 9 hours a night.

2) I’m kind of klutzy. I’ve dropped my laptop at least five times already this year. (Toshibas are klutz-proof!)

3) I used to teach country line dancing. Now, I create my own line dances and talk my friends into dancing with me.

Em Petrova

(1) Yes, I know how to fill out a bra.

(2) My idol is Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter series and if you ask nicely, I might someday show you a picture of my Bellatrix costume last Halloween.

(3) I’m known for scorching, thigh-clenching, melt-your-face menages.

Sexy SpankingPaige Tyler

1. I write stories so hot they’ll make your cheeks blush, and yet I’m innocent enough to love eveything and anything Disney!

2. I’m a total girly-girl and have over 2400 beauty-insider points at Sephora to prove it, and yet during football season I put on my team’s QB jersey and scream at the quarterback to throw the stupid football!

3. I’m an exercise fanatic, and yet I’m addicted to chocolate. Yeah, we buy those Brachs Stars by the pound. Once when the cashier rang it up wrong and said we owed two-hundred dollars for the chocolate, I didn’t bat an eye!

Mia Ashlinn

1.  I have an over-the-top obsession with cherries yet they are not my favorite fruit.  Bananas are.

2.  Laughter is my favorite past time, and I make sure to indulge as often as I can.

3.  I am a jumpy person.  If someone scares me (which is very easy, by the way), I will scream louder than the leading lady in a horror film only seconds before her untimely death.  Now that is downright scary!

Drea Becraft

1) Growing up I absolutely hated reading…it wasn’t until my early 20’s that I started my love affair with the written word.

2) While the rest of my family (Including my husband) are amazing cooks I can’t cook to save my life unless it comes from a box or can.

3) Whenever I think up a new story in my head I am always the lead woman character no matter if its male of female…Now if only I could write as well as I dream I would be a millionaire lol.

Sky Robinson

1.)    I make my own wine…and drink a lot of it.

2.)    I am terrified of tornados and sleep in the basement if there is even a chance of one coming near.

3.)    I love to cook and hate to clean.

W. Lynn Chantale

I love to bake. Chocolate chip cookies and caramel pecan sticky buns are my specialty.

I think I’m the most unromantic woman in the world.

Oh and one last thing about me my favorite color is pink. 🙂

  Dita Parker

  1. I’ve always liked my men on the dark side. Dark hair, eyes, complexion… So, obviously, I married vampire Eric’s second cousin.

  2. I’ve had sex in public places. Busted, at least on one occasion. Thank you, sir, for not stopping to take pictures.

  3. I sleep on my back or my side but never on my stomach. How do women with any breasts sleep on their stomach? That was not a rhetorical question, btw.

Savannah Chase 

1. My dream is to travel the globe and write.

2. I write erotic romance but yet I can be very shy at times.

3. I have a very kinky side to me that many don’t know about.

Benjamin Russell

1. I eat Oreo cookies the way I eat – Anyway, I spread the two cookies apart and then I slowly lick the cream off each ‘cookie’ before I pop the wet ‘cookies’ in my mouth.

2. I have no idea why these gorgeous women invited me to join them on a blog called “69” anything. That’s sort of like them walking into the tiger’s den with hamburger panties on.

3. I think Prince’s Song ‘Do Me’ – is the greatest love making song ever written. “Here we are in this big old empty room, staring each other down. U want me just as much as I want U, let’s stop fooling around. Do Me Baby, like U never done before. Give it to me till I just can’t take no more. Do Me Baby, like u never done before. I want U now, I just can’t wait no more, can’t wait…

Dawne Prochilo

I have three grown children and one grandson- 3 weeks old today.
I am legally deaf in my right ear.
I have a CDL license and can drive a school bus.
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