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Happy Halloween!! Here south of the Mexican border the American holiday I grew up with isn’t so much celebrated as much as Day of the Dead. There’s a wonderful tradition of remembering those who have passed on to the beyond. What that ‘beyond’ might be is up for debate, but not today. 🙂 Come November 2nd graveyards will be filled with families bringing food for their relatives to help appease their spirits. Banners and streamers will decorate the iron gates and headstones. It’s a colorful, peaceful time steeped in a deep tradition for the Latin communities and wonderful to witness.

But for us, all the fun happens today! While the kiddos get ready to do their trick-or-treating I have some goodies for you. I’m throwing a giveaway on my FB fan page with multiple book and gift card prizes. Swing by real quick and get your name in the witch’s hat ‘cuz winners will be picked tomorrow morning!


Also, I have a FREE book for you! For one day only pick up HEXING THE ALPHA on ARe! Just click the image below and get your treat. 🙂


Wherever you are in the world, have a wonderful Saturday and be safe if you’re going out with the little gremlins later this evening.

Spooky wishes!

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Until next time, keep it sexy!

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It’s inevitable, really. With time things change. From Texas styled 90’s hair-dos to fashion and, of course, what we find visibly attractive in a book cover. When I published the first book in my military romance series, Sexy Siesta, I had one vision. Over the course of the last year and a half though, the world I set for the characters has grown into something I wish I had foreseen, yet all the same am very excited about. After talking with my editor about the changes and discussing the need for a grittier and ‘dirtier’ tone that would convey the story through the cover, I set to work creating a new look for the series. And if you’ve read the books, you know that there’s a lot of hot sex and just as much action and adventure!

Even though change is sometimes hard to embrace, that is exactly what I did with you, my lovely readers, in mind. So without further ado, here are the new covers to the Sexy Siesta series!




What do you think? Leave a comment with your favorite thing about a cover and one commenter will win their choice of either His By Sunrise, Tequila Sunset, or Sunrise for Three. I’ll pick the winner this Friday, Sept. 18th. 🙂

Thank you for stopping in today! Have a wonderful Wednesday filled with lots of sexy reading! 😉

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Bewitching the Alpha Teaser & DOUBLE GIVEAWAY: Talina Perkins

Hello dear friends! ♥ Summer is in full swing and I’ve been caught in a whirlwind (literally with all the hurricanes hitting the western seaboard!) of writing and plotting! I’m planning two new paranormal romance series for the coming year and wrapping up the Hex My Heart series with two more releases. For all my readers that love my sexy shifters I can’t wait to share more on the new PNR series with you. And for all my readers that love my sexy and strong military heroes, I’ll have more news about the first full-length military romance book for my Sexy Siesta series in my next post.

WHEW! What a busy time of year! No complaints, but still, whoever said being a romance author was a piece of cake hasn’t met my characters yet. They’re a headstrong bunch that requires more wrangling than a ball-busting bronco! 😉

In between all the writing I’m also preparing for my next release to hit digital shelves on July 28th! Bewitching the Alpha follows second-in-command alpha shifter Julian and the next coven sister, Ember. If you thought her sister, Honor, had a penchant for trouble… well, let’s just say Ember’s all fired up and ready to take on the entire Royal High Council of Magick no matter the laws she’ll have to break to get what she wants.

Being raised as a witch and a member of the Royal High Council has a way of teaching a girl a thing or two about how to handle certain situations. Especially when it involves sneaky missions like breaking and entering in an alpha shifters cabin without getting caught.

Tricky, but Ember has been around the cauldron from birth and has a plan in place that will solve all her problems, but first she’ll have to charm her mate with an illegal truth spell and get to the bottom of their issues without the High Council of Magick finding out.


I’d love to hear what you’re most excited about— my paranormal romance or military romance releases. Or, are you like me and love it all? 🙂  In celebration of my coming release, leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner to receive a Kindle copy of winner’s choice of either Hexing the Alpha or Jinxing the Alphas. Also, after leaving a comment here, skip over to ⇒ my blog to enter another giveaway I have running through Saturday.

Here’s a sexy excerpt from Bewitching the Alpha. Ember is all fired up and ready to charm her mate!

Coming July 28th!

Coming July 28th!

Heavy footstep pounded up the front stairs a millisecond before the front door slammed open. Hades to blazes, here goes nothing.

Time froze. Ice blue eyes bored into her and everything ground to a full stop. Oh, shit.

Muscle. So much hard delicious, mouth-watering muscle. In all her hurry she’d forgotten one thing about Julian. How incredibly handsome he was. Sapphire eyes, black hair, and deeply tanned skin. If she could put words to the man that stood in front of her with the hard glint in his eye, she’d say edgy, capable and dangerous. So very dangerous. To her heart and her libido.

But her soul too, because a spot in Hades just opened for her right alongside the devil himself. Only someone evil and wicked could ever hurt this man.

Did that make her the wicked witch?

Eyes leveled on her, he pushed forward in a slow stalk. Oh goddess. She fought to keep the arousal that whipped through her hidden beneath a calm mask of indifference. Could he hear her heart beat?

Breathe Ember. She cleared her throat and stiffened, holding steady when what she wanted to do was fling herself into his arms and beg for his forgiveness. Or run. Run as if the devil was blowing fire up her ass. The old Ember would have. The new Ember straightened her shoulders and cocked a brow.

“Try and run, little girl, but the big bad wolf is home and there’s nowhere to hide now.”

A smile tilted a corner of her mouth up. Touché, wolfie.

Copyright © 2015 Talina Perkins

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Haven’t read the first two in the Hex My Heart series? Pick up Hexing the Alpha and Jinxing the Alpha today and get caught up on the series!

Thank you for stopping in today! Have a wonderful Thursday filled with lots of sexy reading! 😉

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A Dream, a Question, and a Giveaway…Oh My!

“Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.” ~Anonymous

With only a few weeks to go before my next book release, I am feeling this quote down to my very bones. I’ve worked very hard to reach author status over the past five years and every time I receive a note from a reader, I feel a multitude of emotions ranging from humility as a story-teller able to build a world readers–hopefully–enjoy, to gratitude for the opportunity readers give me and determination to do better not only for them but also myself.

It’s a wonderful feeling, yet surreal. I’ll take it! Thank you, readers! YOU have made this dream possible for me!

Speaking of releases, the second book in my Hex My Heart Series, Jinxing the Alphas, releases May 30th and it will be FREE! That’s right! I want you to have it for free as a special thank you to all! It’s a sexy hot story filled with magick, sizzling romance, and two alpha shifters with a thing for their witch. I can’t wait for you to Meet Luke, Ambrosia, and Evan!

To spread the word about Jinxing the Alphas free release I’ve created a Thundclap campaign. So many readers have already supported and for that I am forever grateful. If you’d like to join the fun, click the Thundercalp link HERE: and agree to share the pre-written post with either your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account on release day. Or all Three. 🙂



To all my fans reading this and clicking that link…thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Now how about a little eye candy. Here’s a look at the upcoming releases in my Hex My Heart Series. In answer to all the emails demanding more sexy magick and shifters, I’ve reworked my release schedule to allow each titles below to release one after another. From left to right, you’ll have a mischievous witch and her sexy roguish alpha (or two) to look forward to this May, June, and July! Ember and Julian’s story is up next and WHEW what a fun ride! Such naughty fun, to be exact! 😉


What to know more? Skip over to my website!

You can pick up the first in the series, Hexing the Alpha, on Amazon free via KindleUnlimited or snag it up for only $.99
With my dreams coming true with each release, I have to pause and wonder. What dreams do you have? No matter how big or small I would love to hear about them! I’ll pick one lucky commenter to win a copy of Sunrise for Three, my latest sexy military romance release. 😉

Connect with me on Facebook or Twitter or visit my website at Now you can also find me on TSU! I love chatting with readers, so don’t be shy!

Until next time, keep it sexy!

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Somebody’s Lover Free!

 photo SomebodysLover2_850.jpgOkay, promo first! Somebody’s Lover, Jackson Brothers Book 1 is free right now! You can find it on all the major retailers. Kindle Kindle UK Nook Kobo iBookstore iBookstore AU iBookstore UK All Romance Smashwords Coffee Time Sony. And for a limited time, you can get Somebody’s Ex and Somebody’s Wife discounted at Coffee Time.

Today I wanted to talk about books whose main characters are not likable people, yet the story is so engrossing you can’t put it down. As writers, we’re taught in our craft classes to give our characters “rooting power,” meaning we instill in them reason for the reader to root for them to win. So many times I hear people say they didn’t like a book because they just didn’t like any of those characters. We’re supposed to make our characters likable. But despite everything we’re taught, there are some characters we love to hate, they fascinate us, we can’t tear our eyes away from the page. I’m sure many of you have read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. This book is a masterpiece, and Ms. Flynn is a masterful writer. And it’s was this book that got me hooked on characters I loved to hate.

So let me tell you about another book I found fascinating despite the fact that there were no likable characters, I mean none. It is Jo Nesbø’s Headhunters. He’s a Norwegian author primarily known for his Harry Hole series. I started reading his books because of my Norwegian relatives. And one of the very fun things for me in Headhunters is that Horten is mentioned. This is the little town our family is from. It’s where my husband’s parents grew up. So I admit there was that added bonus. However, above and beyond that, the story had loads of twists and turns and the protagonist, while totally narcissistic and unlikable, was quite funny. I read the reviews on Amazon, and some people hated the book because this guy was so narcissistic. And lots of people thought the plot was contrived and impossible. Hmm, yeah, maybe, but it was still a fun read. I liked it so much, I’m going to watch the movie on streaming tonight. It’s in Norwegian so I’ll have to read subtitles (while my husband needs no translation), but it stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones. He’s totally hot, in my opinion, and well worth the watch.

To hear about another book with characters I loved to hate, drop by My Blog this week. Hope to see you there!

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My Luscious Cherry Got Popped!

 photo MiasPromoCherryRetouched1_zpsd83eb001.jpg

Hello all you naughty 69ers. It’s that crazy chick, Mia, again. And boy oh boy, do I have a treat for you. I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m letting my characters turn the tables on me. Yep, you know what that means—the three heroes of my next release are going to interview me! Why, you ask? Well, I think they deserve it. After all, they put up with my shenanigans as I popped my Luscious cherry in their book, Luscious Beginnings. So grab a bag of popcorn and a king-sized drink. And don’t forget your camera because blackmail à la Mia is coming your way…

* * * *

As I enter The Luscious Lady, I sweep my eyes around the bar in search of three sizzling hot men. It doesn’t take me a second to locate the three broad backs facing away from me at a table in the furthest corner away from the door. Grumbling, I make my way across the hardwood floor and join Brett, Sam, and Ethan at the table.

Mia: (grumbles) “You bastards would put me in the corner for this interrogation—oops, I mean interview.”

Sam: (flashes an angelic smile) “I told them not to, but Brett and Ethan insisted.” (angelic smile turns sinister) “And you know how persuasive they can be.”

Mia: “Meaning you sold me out to get laid.”

Sam: (shrugs) “I love you, Mia. Really, I do. But a man has needs…”

Brett: (snorts) “He’s full of shit, Mia.”

Mia: “I know. Boy gets laid more than anyone has a right to.”

Sam: (winks) “Jealous, much?”

Mia: (barks a laugh) “Ha! Between my hubby and writing you three, I’m perfectly satisfied. Thank you very much.”

Ethan: “Speaking of you…”

Mia: (cringes) “Yes?”

Ethan: “We have some questions for you.”

Mia: (groans) “Did you three make a list?”

Brett: (raises eyebrows) “What do you think?”

Mia: “That would be a no.

Sam: “Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.”

Mia: (chuckles) “Does that mean I get a prize?”

Brett: “Depends on what it is.”

Mia: “Spoilsport.”

Ethan: “Nah, Brett’s just smart enough to know what you’d do if we gave you a prize.”

Mia: “I’d get to watch you three have wild monkey sex?”

Brett: (shakes his head) “You would try to wiggle your way out of this interview.”

Mia: (tosses her hair over her shoulder indignantly) “I know not what you speak of.”

Sam: (cough) “Bullshit.” (cough)

Mia: “Bite me.”

Sam: “Where?”

Ethan: “Guys! We haven’t even started, and we’re off topic.”

Mia: (mumbles) “Brett’s not the only spoilsport around here.”

Ethan: “Someone has to be.”

Sam: “Normally, it’s Brett’s job to keep us corralled. But he’s got a soft spot for you. He’s likely to let you slide.”

Mia: (blushes) “Aww!”

Brett: (gives Sam the evil eye)

Ethan: (clears his throat) “So…our book is about three men.”

Mia: (nods) “Yes.”

Ethan: “What was it like writing a book without a woman in the middle of the man-sandwich?”

Sam: (chuckles) “Ooh, I want to know all about Mia popping her MMM cherry.”

Mia: (sticks her tongue out at Sam) “Pervert.”

Sam: “Hell yeah!”

Ethan: “Mia…”

Mia: “It wasn’t what I expected.”

Ethan: “How so?”

Mia: “Well, I don’t have the same equipment as you three.”

Sam: (grins crookedly) “You don’t? I never would have guessed.”

Mia: “Bite my ass.”

Brett: (groans) “You shouldn’t have said that. He totally will.”

Mia: “I’m so not scared of him.”

Sam: “You should be. Behind my good looks, I’m mean and scary.”

Mia: (chokes on her laugh)

Ethan: “Can we get into Sam’s evil twin later?”

Sam: “You want in my evil twin?”

Ethan: “Damn it, I don’t want to be the hard ass anymore. He’s just giving me too much material to play with. Brett, dear.”

Brett: (growls) “I’m not a hard ass.”

Sam: “Although, you do have a hard ass. A very hard one.”

Mia: (shakes head) “I should call you Shameless Sam.”

Ethan: “That’s only one of the things you could call him.”

Sam: (flips Ethan off)

Ethan: “You wish.”

Sam: “I will.”

Brett: “Boys! If I have to break you up one more time today…”

Mia: “Now that sounds far more interesting than little ‘ol me.”

Brett: “Mia Grace Ashlinn, you’re as bad as Dumb and Dumber.”

Mia: (bats her eyelashes innocently) “Moi?”

Sam: “She did write us, Brett. A woman has to be a bit…what’s the word?”

Ethan: “Twisted.”

Brett: “Wicked.”

Mia: “Perverted.”

Sam: “All of the above.”

Mia: (giggles) “I feel so loved.”

Brett: “You should.”

Mia: “Okay, okay. You’re making me feel guilty, Brett. I promised to give y’all free reign over the interview, and here I am distracting Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.”

Brett: “They tend to drag out a person’s inner heathen. Don’t they?”

Mia: (nods) “Now hit me with the next question before I change my mind.”

Ethan: “Technically, you didn’t answer the last question.”

Mia: “Oh yeah. I forgot.” (smiles sheepishly) “I, um, was out of my depth with the whole man on man on man action. So I did what a naughty girl does. I pulled out the porn.”

Sam: “Porn! Did you get When Harry Met Sally’s Brothers? That’s a goodie.”

Mia: “Oh, I know how you feel about When Harry Met Sally’s Brothers.

Brett: “We all know.”

Ethan: “Shut up, Brett. We all have a soft spot for that movie.”

Mia: “I remember. But sadly, I didn’t have that one. I had to settle on the stuff I found on the internet.”

Sam: “Hey, there’s some good stuff online.”

Mia: “Some being the key word.”

Sam: “Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy soaking up hours of gay porn.”

Mia: “No comment.”

Sam: “That’s what I thought.”

Ethan: “Shit, he’s thinking again. The last time that happened…”

Sam: “You got laid.”

Ethan: “This is true. Keep thinking, Sam. Think hard.

Mia: “Hard is not a problem for you three.”

Brett: “Speaking of hard, did the porn help?”

Mia: “Of course! Porn always helps.”

Sam: (wiggles eyebrows) “You’re not kidding.”

Mia: “Of course, porn wasn’t the only thing I had to do.”

Brett: “Really? What else?”

Mia: “I did some reading.”

Brett: (nods) “Anything else?”

Mia: “I talked to my PA Tina—a lot.”

Sam: (chuckles) “Tina? As in Tina?”

Mia: “Mmmhmm.”

Sam: “I like her.”

Mia: “I bet you do.”

Ethan: “Don’t get him started. Tina gave him the bed head with her obsession.”

Brett: “Hey, we owe Tina. She cracked the whip on Mia when she needed it.”

Mia: (glowers) “But she wasn’t nice about it.”

Ethan: “Did you want her to be?”

Mia: “No.”

Sam: “Why did she need to crack the whip anyway?”

Mia: “Because I like the shinies.”

Brett: “Try again.”

Mia: “Because she’s a sadist.”

Ethan: “Try again.”

Mia: “Because I’m a perfectionist, and I went overboard.” (laughs)

Brett: “Don’t you always?”

Mia: “Of course. But this was different because…” (blushes) “Luscious is my baby. I poured everything I had into this town. I mean everything. Then there’s the fact that Luscious Beginnings is about the three of you. See, you guys have been with me since day one. At least one of you has been in every story, and you guys have carried across Serenity, Kinky, and finally Luscious. That made me crazy insane about getting this story just right. I owed you guys. God knows I love you, too.”

Sam: “That’s so sweet.” (sniffs) “I think I threw up a little in my mouth.”

Ethan: “Shut up, Sam.”

Sam: “Why? She knows I’m not into all that mushy stuff.”

Ethan: “Because she’s working on our second story, Their Luscious Dream. The last thing we need is to piss her off.”

Mia: “Don’t forget that I’m tight with Athena. I would hate to bring her into it.”

Ethan: “You wouldn’t.”

Mia: “Really?”

Sam: “She wouldn’t. She loves Athena.”

Mia: “You suck.”

Sam: “I do—often.”

Mia: “Speaking of sucking, can I watch?”

Ethan: “Why don’t you write?”

Mia: “Crap, I am supposed to be writing right now. I did kind of leave Athena hanging. If you three are willing to relieve me of my interview duties, I’ll get back to work. Right now.” (hopeful grin)

Brett: “Yes!”

Sam: “Hell yeah!”

Ethan: “I guess. We wouldn’t want to leave our girl hanging. But later, you’re ours.”

Mia: “That sounds…entertaining.”

Brett: “Nah. Next time, we’re going to make you talk.”

Mia: “How are you going to do that?”

Ethan: “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

(Dum-dum-dum plays overhead)

Well, I guess that’s the end of that…for now. But since I’m in such a good mood from my visit with Brett, Sam, and Ethan, I think I’ll give away an ARC of their first book, Luscious Beginnings, in the e-book format of the winner’s choice. All you have to do is leave one (or more) question(s) you would like Brett, Ethan, and/or Sam to answer in a comment below. On Tuesday, I will draw a winner!

Love and cherries,


 photo LusciousBeginningsCover_Full_zps2ea8e7ba.jpg

Luscious Beginnings

Love in Luscious, Kansas 1

Release Date: June 17, 2013

Pre-Order Now!


Sometimes what a person wants most has been standing in front of them all along.

Four months ago, an eye-opening discovery drove Sam Carrington away from his best friends, Brett Monroe and Ethan Bartlett. Now he’s beginning his new life in Luscious, Kansas. But still, he longs for the men he loves.

Brett and Ethan were shattered when Sam vanished. Every day since his disappearance has been devoted to finding him. However, their search is in vain because two of Sam’s powerful friends made sure he was impossible to find.

After Sam is stabbed while protecting a friend, he shuts everyone around him out. Concerned for his emotional well-being, one of his protectors turns to Brett and Ethan for help. Once the men know where Sam is, they’ll do whatever it takes to get him back. Only their journey won’t be easy. And the path they must take will lead them to either a luscious beginning or a heartbreaking end.

NOTE: Luscious Beginnings is truly just the beginning for Sam, Brett, and Ethan. After finding their HEA, a new dream will come along in the form of a woman named Athena in Their Luscious Dream (MMMF), to be published later this summer.

Story Excerpt:

Wow. That was…surreal. Maybe this place is going to be my new beginning after all.

Ten minutes later, Sam guided his car into the parking lot outside of Tate’s apartment building then pulled into an open spot and switched off the ignition. He felt even more optimistic than he had just a little bit ago. His heart was lighter, his mood brighter. Yes, he’d turned on the wrong eccentrically named road and gotten lost, but he still felt more relaxed than he had in ages. Of course, he figured it was hard to be too uptight in a town like Luscious. Shit, the Summer of Love-esque places would bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Speaking of smiles, a grin crept into Sam’s cheeks when he spotted Tate Dawson sauntering toward him. His friend Ella’s younger brother was cocky as hell. And Sam liked that about him. From the first time they’d met, Tate’s personality had drawn Sam in, and they’d immediately hit it off. Since then, they’d spent a lot of time together in Her Majesty’s Pleasure where Sam used to tend bar. And they’d taken to talking on the phone at least once or twice a week after Sam had left Serenity. Now Sam was grateful they’d gotten to know each other. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so keen on moving in together, even for a brief period of time.

A knock on the car window had Sam’s grin widening. He turned and grabbed the door handle then slung it open and launched himself out of the car. As Sam shut the door behind him, Tate drawled, “Well tickle my dicklestick. I heard some sweet thing had driven his sexy ass into our weird little town, but I had no clue how bangable he would be.” He raked his laughing eyes up and down Sam’s body. “I would totally do you.Often.

Sam chuckled. “So you keep telling me.”

Winking brashly, Tate replied, “I would fuck you, Sam-I-Am. I would fuck you in a hall. And I would fuck you against the wall. I would fuck you in your car. And I would fuck you beneath the stars. I would fuck you in the tub. And I would fuck you in a club. I would fuck you here and there. I would fuck you pretty much anywhere.”

Sam couldn’t help himself. A laugh burst from his lips at Tate’s twisted perversion of Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham. That was typical Tate—wicked, fun, and outrageously flirty. God, he’d missed being around someone who wasn’t so fucking serious. Cough. Rafaello Speranza. Cough. Sam had missed moments like this, where he didn’t have to think about anything or anyone. He could just live. Yep, Luscious is looking better and better.

Feeling playful, Sam returned Tate’s banter with a wiggle of his eyebrows. “Oh, buddy, you couldn’t handle a man like me.”

“Want to find out?” Tate quipped without hesitation. “If so, I have a room upstairs. But we’ll have to hurry. My new roommate will be here any minute.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “I don’t do quickies. Sorry.”

“You’re missing out,” Tate replied. “Fast and furious is fucking hot.”

“So is soft and slow. But I bet you don’t know how to do that,” Sam teased.

Even in the dim light, Sam could see Tate’s eyes take on a sinister glow. He knew he should be worried. But he wasn’t. Quite the opposite. He was amused, and he couldn’t stop the chuckle escaping the back of his throat.

“Oh no, you didn’t go there,” his friend countered as he tapped his chin with his thick index finger. “Now I have to retaliate.” A contemplative expression settled on Tate’s features before a smirk lightened his handsome face. “I might not know how to fuck soft and slow. But you don’t know how to bang a dude.”

Sam bit the inside of his cheek to keep from howling with laughter. Most guys would be insulted. But he wasn’t, not in the least. If he and Tate weren’t friends, they wouldn’t be joshing around with each other. So Sam was more than happy to play along. Besides, he loved to give it as good as he got it. “It can’t be that much different than…” Sam let the innuendo hang in the air before taking his final punch. “Not that you would know, of course.”

Tate gave Sam a high-five. “Ooh. That’s a good one.” Merriment danced in his friend’s eyes. “I guess that means you win—this round.” His lips twitched. “Now let’s get you inside. Our first time should be in a bed, not on a car in a parking lot for all to see. Well, unless that trips your trigger. In that case, we can negotiate…”

Oh my God. Sam just shook his head indulgently. “Let me get my stuff.” After opening his Range Rover’s rear hatch, Sam removed his duffel bag and suitcase then closed the gate once again. He followed Tate through the front door of the building. Up the stairs, to the left, and down the hall they went. Before long, they were in front of D4 and Tate was letting them into the apartment.

“Welcome home, honey,” Tate drawled. His voice was silky, smooth as a fine wine, as he threw open the door.

“I—” Sam started to say something sarcastic. But when he stepped one foot across the threshold and saw the woman lounging on the couch, he stopped short. Aly Bartlett. “Fuck,” he growled, his expletive flying through the room faster than a speeding bullet.

He’d been found.

Adult Excerpt:

“Fuck.” Brett slapped his hands onto the mattress on either side of him. He fisted the comforter, his back arching off the bed. “Sam…”

Sam shook his head but didn’t release Brett from his mouth. He held still, his sensual lips encircling the base of Brett’s cock, his sweltering mouth enveloping the entire shaft. Despite the rapturous feeling of having his cock halfway down Sam’s throat, and in spite of the warmth cocooning his shaft, Brett didn’t want Sam to choke. And inevitably, he would if they stayed like this.

“Pull back,” Brett growled.

Sam did. He pulled back. But before Brett could catch his breath, Sam started to move, fucking Brett with his mouth, as he lowered himself to the bed. As soon as he seemed satisfied with his position, he raised his gaze to Brett’s once again. Their eyes met, and they exchanged looks. Some were loving. Some were lusty. And some of them were love and lust laced together. Those were Brett’s favorites.

While Sam sucked Brett’s cock, Ethan shifted to his knees. He moved forward, just enough to reach Sam’s waistband. He grasped each side of the thick fabric and started to tug. Sam shimmied his hips at all the right times then lifted up when Ethan ordered him to.

Soon, Brett saw Ethan discard Sam’s pants altogether. Then Ethan swung one of his legs over Sam’s legs and straddled them. “I love this ass,” he declared, his announcement as honest as it was succinct. He swooped his head down before kissing first one cheek then the other. “I can’t wait to fuck it.”

Brett groaned. God, he loved when Ethan talked dirty.

Sam lifted his ass off the bed wantonly, wiggling his hips close to Ethan’s face, but he continued to impale himself with Brett’s cock. Invade, retreat. Invade, retreat. Brett shook. He felt powerless, utterly out of control as raw lust flared inside him, scorching him, leaving him writhing and moaning in unparalleled pleasure. Like a drugged man in need of a fix, Brett’s eyes fell to Sam. He couldn’t help but stare as his shaft, from base to tip, disappeared into the hot cavern that was Sam’s mouth then reappeared a millisecond later. Watching his man suck his dick was sensual—the way his languid eyes drifted closed then reopened as though he were under a spell, how his cheeks were rosy with exertion, and how he inhaled and exhaled through his nose in quick, sharp breaths. It was all unbelievably erotic.

“Stop that,” Ethan growled.

Brett’s eyes snapped over to Ethan just as he brought his hand down onto the flesh of Sam’s ass. A loud thwack immediately followed behind.

Pulling back in a hurry, Sam freed Brett’s cock. “What did I do?” he asked, sounding innocent yet devilish at the same time.

“You won’t stop shaking your ass in my face.” Brett suspected Ethan was going for a firm tone, but he failed. He sounded amused. “A man can’t think when something that succulent is inches from his mouth.”

“Why are you thinking?” Sam turned his head away from Brett and peered over his left shoulder at Ethan. “Better yet, what are you thinking?”

Ethan’s face blushed a ruddy color that somehow looked sexy. “I was thinking about how snug your virgin ass is going to be, how it’s going to wrap around my dick and squeeze tight. And I was thinking about stretching your sweet hole, how good it’ll feel, how much you’re going to love me fucking you, and how loud you’re going to be when you beg for more.”

A groan erupted from Sam. “Oh God.”

Grinning wickedly, Ethan said, “I was imagining what it would feel like to press your body facedown to this bed then crawl on top of you, open your ass, and plunge inside. I was thinking about pounding into you while our favorite voyeur watched. And I was thinking about tying you up, binding you, and leaving you at our mercy.” He leaned forward, slowly slithering along Sam’s spine. “I was fantasizing about spanking you, turning your ass the sexiest shade of red.” He rained kisses up Sam’s back. “Hell, I was even considering what you would do if I took your ass now rather than being a gentleman and waiting.”

While Ethan talked, Brett grasped his cock and started stroking again, his glides steady and sure. The moisture Sam’s mouth had left behind was better than lube. And Brett’s hand moved easily over his shaft.

Sam winked up at Brett, and Brett knew trouble was heading their way. “Since when have you ever been a gentleman, angel boy? And what makes you think I’m some innocent who can’t handle a good pounding?” He grinned, a grin that made Brett squirm. “Trust me when I tell you that I can handle it. The question is, ‘Can you?’”

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Somebody’s Ex

First of all, congratulations to Tari Lynn Jewitt on winning our gift certificate in January! Hope you get everything you want, Tari!

And now, let me tell you about Book 2 in The Jackson Brothers trilogy, Somebody’s Ex. You met David Jackson in Somebody’s Lover, Book 1, (Jace and Taylor’s story). You might remember he was not a happy camper. After his eldest brother’s death, David took responsibility for holding the family together. But somehow, he seems to think he’s failed. Enter Randi Andersen. Randi’s got a story of her own. Born of Norwegian immigrant parents, she works at her family’s store. And did I mention her spectacularly unsuccessful attempt at marriage? Now she’s just somebody’s ex, at least in her own mind. My wonderful father-in-law Per helped me with the small bites of Norwegian I used. And he helped me choose Randi’s name, something Norwegian but also pronounceable for my readers. My husband and I lost Per a year ago to cancer, and somehow I feel that reissuing this story now is also a tribute to him. We miss you, Per!

So now, sit back for a blurb and an excerpt of Somebody’s Ex, The Jackson Brothers, Book 2


A family torn apart by tragedy…

Three years ago, Lou Jackson, eldest son, died in a work accident. And nothing has been the same since for the Jacksons. They lost their heart and soul the day Lou died, even as matriarch Evelyn tries to keep them together. But things are changing and the family will either find their way back to each other. Or they’ll be torn asunder.

Randi Andersen has a thing for bad boys, tall, dark, sexy, and handsome. But bad boys invariably make for bad relationships. She’s tired of being somebody’s ex, ex-girlfriend, ex-lover, or ex-wife. Now, if she could just fall in love with a nice guy.

David Jackson has lived under the crushing weight of responsibility for holding his family together since his brother’s death three years ago. Randi is too sexy to resist, but the last thing he needs now is a relationship. Too much is at stake with his family falling apart.

Can they each forgive their own past mistakes in order to take the leap of faith that love demands?

Somebody’s Ex, The Jackson Brothers, Book 2

Copyright 2013 Jasmine Haynes

Randi shoved at the truck door with both hands. It groaned but didn’t budge. The damn thing was getting harder to open every day. She threw her shoulder into it and practically fell out of the truck, the door flying wide. Saving herself by slamming her sandal on the concrete, she jerked her head up at the shriek of tires on the roadway just in time to see a three-quarter-ton pickup bearing down on her.

Amidst the sound of squealing tires, her life flashed before her eyes like the old cliché. The knee-holes in Mick’s jeans on their wedding day in that cheesy Nevada chapel. Her divorce papers with Mick’s illegible scrawl. Her mom’s fish balls sprinkled with curry powder. That day her pops stopped talking to her when she was thirteen, the day that lasted almost a year.

Her last thought before she died: I really am a loser.

Her body must have been flattened beyond pain because she didn’t feel a thing except warm sunshine heating the top of her head and the pungent aroma of burnt rubber in her nostrils.

“Lady, are you insane opening your door like that?”

No, I’m dead.

But wait, the angry drawl didn’t sound like the angel Gabriel. Or was it Peter who was supposed to meet you at the Pearly Gates? And hey, what about the tunnel of light?

Randi opened her eyes to an enormous truck bumper staring her in the face. Brilliant sunlight bouncing off the chrome blinded her. Her neck hurt from the awkward angle at which she held her head, looking back at that terrifyingly close grill. Her little truck was a mere ant compared to the monster pickup only a few inches from her rear bumper.

Hands on his hips, booted feet spread wide, and his chin jutted forward so he could stare her down, Randi decided the man was too pissed to be an angel.

He’d asked if she was insane. She had to admit that statement was a darn sight better than what Mick would have said. Are you a fucking idiot?

One foot in the truck, the other out, she was suddenly aware of the awkward spread of her legs, and the three popped snaps on her jean skirt. Only two remained holding it together.

Holy Moly! If he came any closer, he’d see her thong.

She hastily snapped the buttons on her skirt. Hopping out too quickly, she stumbled, catching herself with a hand on the top of the door.

“My door was stuck.”

One side of his mouth curled. A snarl, not a smile. “So you figured you’d just stick it out so someone could rip it off? Not to mention ripping off the top half of your body.”

He perused her top half with fiery eyes. His sunglasses swung from the fingers of his clenched fist, and the sun made his gaze burn. With her five-inch platforms, he was only an inch or so taller than her, but he seemed to tower. And glower.

He took a giant step closer.

Royal started to growl.

Randi shuffled forward and slammed the door hard. Of course, that brought her less than two feet from him, so close she could now see his eyes were the color of a Hawaiian black sand beach. Glitteringly dark with silvery flecks.

He arched a brow.

“It doesn’t like to shut,” she explained, in case he thought she’d slammed it out of pique. “The dog doesn’t bite, but I’ve never been threatened before, so I’m not sure how she’ll react.”

“This is not threatening. This is mildly pissed off.”

“Mildly?” Half joke, half fear. Her breathing had returned to normal, but her heart pulsed a beat too quickly.

“If I was really pissed, I wouldn’t have stopped. Or gone around.”

He looked up the hill at the blind spot, communicating his thought that going around her open door might have resulted in a head-on with someone coming the other way.

When she didn’t comment, freak out, or even apologize, he tipped his head. “Were you threatening to sic your dog on me?”

“If I was, I wouldn’t have closed the door.” She made a placating little moue. “I’m sorry about the door. I couldn’t open it. Then it just…” She spread her hands. “It just popped.” Like the snaps on her skirt.

Instead of answering, his gaze dropped to her skirt, and she realized she hadn’t properly snapped all her snaps. She reached down, but then his gaze rose to her breasts which were now a little too close to falling out of her low-cut spandex top.

The man was ogling her. And she liked it. She hadn’t been ogled in a long time. A look at him revealed buff thighs, chiseled abs, nicely shaped chest muscles and brown hair streaked with several shades of blond, probably from days spent working out in the sun.

“You’re leering at me,” he said. “I feel like a cheap piece of meat.” He still glowered, but the hint of a smile curved his lips. He put on his sunglasses before she could detect an answering glimmer in those intriguing eyes.

“Not cheap. Very expensive.” Her voice came out deep, husky, and way too seductive. Damn. There went her mouth again, spouting off before her brain had time to catch up. Her pops, and Mick, really hated her tendency to babble.

But Holy Moly, she’d just flirted with a man who’d almost creamed her and her truck. Not to mention squishing the dog. Of course, it wasn’t the guy’s fault. But, well, he could get the wrong impression about her with a comment like that.

“I didn’t mean that the way it sounded.”

She sure as hell had, David hoped. He’d lost his irritation the minute she’d bent down to button her skirt.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt of Somebody’s Ex. It’s available now on Kindle Kindle UK Kobo Nook Nook UK All Romance. If you’d missed Jace and Taylor’s story, you can find Somebody’s Lover on Kindle Kindle UK Kobo All Romance Smashwords. Somebody’s Wife will be out later this month (hubby is working on the proofing and formatting for me!).

I haven’t taken Revenge Sex, West Coast Book 1 off free  yet My brother’s visiting and I’ve been so busy)! Here are all the places you can find it for a short time only: Kindle Kindle UK Kobo Smashwords All Romance iBookstore US iBookstore AU iBookstore UK.

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White Christmas anyone?

Happy Holidays!

This is the time of year when they play all my favorite holiday movies, and I’ve got the TV on for every one I can find. And if one of the million cable channels (slight exaggeration) out there isn’t playing one of them, I’ll get it off Netflix. I’m traditional so a lot of my favorites are classic movies. There’s Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life. I practically know it line by line, but watching it one more time never hurts. Then there’s Bing Crosby and Danny Kay in White Christmas, with Rosemary Clooney singing Count Your Blessings. My DH is a softy and he loves that song. And what’s not to love about Miracle on 34th Street? Do you believe in Santa Claus? Another favorite that bears mentioning is A Christmas Story. It’s newer, from the 80s, and it’s hilarious, based on stories by Gene Shepherd. The lamp shaped like a lady’s leg can’t be missed, nor can the deranged Easter Bunny. Now you’re going to have to watch it to find out what I’m talking about! But I’m not the only one who knows and loves that movie. The neighbor around the corner from me actually has a lady’s leg lamp in his window! So I know he’s seen the movie!

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from my latest release, Invitation to Pleasure, Open Invitation, Book 1.


Virginia sees herself as a three-time loser in marriage, so, for her fourth trip down the aisle, she chooses stability and companionship. And it’s working. Until she begins craving seduction from her new husband. When Brett uncovers the hidden wanton beneath Virginia’s elegant business suits, he plans on sending his wife an invitation to pleasure she simply can’t refuse.


Copyright 2012 Jasmine Haynes

He was on fire, aching with an unbearable need he couldn’t quench. But he didn’t touch himself. When he came, he wanted her to be watching.

For now, all he could do was clench a fist on the window’s sill and drink in the sight of her, the scent of her sweet come, the echo of her passion ringing in his ears.

She’d touched herself in every imaginable position. Her juices on the bed, coating her thighs, shimmering on her fingers.

He’d seen a lot of things, done a lot of things, but this was new. This was an abandon he’d never before witnessed, never before worshipped. She played her body like a maestro. She knew how to bring herself to the brink and not go off, how to keep herself rising and falling until the inevitable orgasm shot her into the heavens. He’d thought about taking her, shoving his cock deep inside her as she knelt before him on the bed. She’d teased every man in the room with that ass as she’d fucked herself with her fingers. Rules be damned, he’d almost gone in there and taken her. Earlier in the evening he might have done just that without a second thought.

The last half hour had changed his strategy. There was so much more beneath her elegant business suit than he’d imagined. So much passion he’d never dreamed she possessed. He would have that woman. He would give her unimaginable pleasure.

And that would take a foolproof plan to get her to reveal her inner self completely to him.

Brett Branoff eased back from the window, fading into the shadows along the wall, and left the room. When he’d decided to follow her, it was to find out why his serene, ladylike, not particularly sexual fiancé had chosen The Sex Club as the party place for her final unmarried night, a fact he’d inadvertently stumbled upon. He wasn’t a jealous man in the main, but he had to admit to a certain inexplicable tension riding him until he realized her rendezvous was with herself. Now, he wanted to learn more about Virginia’s deepest desires. She liked to watch. More, she liked to be watched, something that appealed to his sexual nature. He’d unearthed something so much more intriguing than he’d ever expected.

Tomorrow, he would make Virginia Hansen his wife.

Then he’d find a way to release the woman he’d discovered at The Sex Club.

So there’s your introduction to Virginia’s husband-to-be! Believe me, Brett has some very erotic things in mind for his bride. You can find Invitation to Pleasure on Kindle Kobo Nook Smashwords and All Romance. I plan on having Invitation to Passion, Book 3, out by Christmas. My DH is going to proof and format it for me! What a guy!!

Leave a comment about your favorite holiday movie (maybe I’ve missed something fabulous!) and I’ll enter you in the drawing for a copy of Invitation to Seduction, Open Invitation Book 1. Check back tomorrow and I’ll announce the winner.


I also want to let everyone know that Revenge Sex, West Coast Book 1 is free for the holidays! I’m trying to price-match it on Amazon, but they haven’t dropped it to free yet. And hopefully by the end of the week, it will be up for free on Nook. In the meantime, you can find it on Kobo Smashwords All Romance and iBookstore.

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Meet Dita Parker

First things first, please join me in wishing the warmest of birthdays to my partner in smut, Em Petrova! Happy Birthday, Em, you don’t look a day over absolutely fabulous!! Still drunk on your hunk-junk, btw. That was brilliant.

So. I feel like such a rookie in this crowd, but you don’t have to go gently on me, I promise I can take a pounding. But when I looked at those backlists and imagined the giveaways we’d be doing, I realized this was going to get really embarrassing really fast.

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the States, so allow me to roam down memory lane a bit. I published my first erotic romance, Alex Rising, in the spring of 2010. It was the first Romantica I had ever submitted anywhere, so you bet I was absolutely blown away when Ellora’s Cave picked it up pronto. But the Universe likes her balance. My career victory coincided with personal catastrophe. I lost two loved ones that very same year. It messed me up. It messed up my writing. My next submission tanked and for the longest time I feared I had lost that loving feeling you need to write romance, as well. But I never stopped writing. I couldn’t.

The best way to get over rejection, or brace yourself for it, is to move on to the next book. That’s what I did, so it didn’t sting as badly as I thought it would. I was already waist-deep in my next manuscript and jotting down ideas for other stories. I had no time to dwell on the past. The people I lost are gone forever. I hurt and I long, but life goes on, and if there’s one thing that prompted me to write romance in the first place is how life-affirming love and lust are.

Love makes the world go round. All you need is love. Love lifts us up where we belong. Everything I do (I do it for you), love. I really do. Silly love songs. Sappy movies. Romance novels. Why do we love them so much? Because no matter what, we still believe. What else is there worth fighting for and believing in? Your dreams and aspirations.

I’d like to sign off by flaunting fresh-off-the-press cover art for my next release, a paranormal erotic romance titled Perpetual Pleasure. The pocket Venus is Lucie, the best-kept secret in Savannah. Not born yesterday, that one. In 1751, to be exact. That girl needed to let her hair down. As you can see, the hair has come down. Who is he? Swing by June 8th! Let’s interrogate him a bit, see how he likes that. That man takes no bull from anyone, and I developed a bit of a crush on him while writing the story. *sigh* You’ll see.


I live at Four Seasons, aka Scandinavia, where it’s the most magical time of the year, the threshold between spring and summer. When I’m not making mischief with the 69ers, I blog at Dita’s Den and some of you may have come across my Frisky Friday posts. My latest is all about physical and emotional self-love and the health benefits of masturbation. No, I don’t shy away from any topic related to sex and sexuality. So there.

Leave a comment after the beep and win one of fourteen red-hot reads given away by our authors! Every comment you leave before midnight PST, June 2 equals an entry into the contest. If your name is chosen, you’ll get your choice of an ebook from from one author’s book list! BEEP.

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Randi Alexander – A Cowgirl at Heart

Hi! I’m Randi Alexander, and I’m so excited to be part of this blog. All the other 69Shades authors are just amazing and accomplished and smutty! I have my work cut out for me keeping up with them.

Let me start by telling you some not-so smutty things about myself. I’m married to the most wonderful man in the world, Kick, and the family consists of MissFussy (10), LittleMan (8), and Pink (almost 7). We have a lot of outdoor interests, like the trampoline, the garden, the lake, and my favorite:

Does it come in purple?

I’m a Cowgirl, on a steel horse I ride. Biking! (That’s pedal, not motor.) I love to bike, and so does everyone in the family. We arrange holiday celebrations around biking and picnicking.

Snorkeling is huge for us, too. We search out clear lakes and rivers to snorkel, and if we’re at a hotel, we always bring our gear and throw in sinkable stuff so we can retrieve it. Our favorite place to snorkel is Sanibel Island, Florida, where we hope to retire some day (not too soon.)

I’m also a drummer, I used to work as an accountant in the concert industry, I’m an animal lover, and I don’t watch TV (except for the Big Bang Theory.) We do, however, have a Netflix account, and I catch up on Dexter, Downton Abbey, and Firefly whenever I have a free moment. Okay, guilty pleasure: Archer. Anyone else a fan? (So un-PC!)

So, I hope I haven’t bored you to tears yet! Here’s some smutty stuff to recapture your attention. I’m published with The Wild Rose Press – two cowboy erotic romances in the Cowboy Kink line. I have one self-published cowboy erotic romance anthology consisting of ten stories. I have a story coming out in the Cowboy Lust anthology edited by the amazing Delilah Devlin and published from Cleis Press, and that’ll be available in August. Check out my page on this blog for more info.

Here’s the extra-smutty part. My next release from Wild Rose is a F/F. Yep. A cowgirl and an Italian actress. I’ll tease you with the gorgeous cover art. I’m also writing (but am stuck right now) a ménage futuristic space travel with aliens and a cowboy. (Now you can understand why I’m not getting very far with it! Ha ha!) I’ve started a M/M trilogy and I’m busy reading man-love books to get my…bearings. So lots of smutty things in the future for me.

I truly love chatting with readers and other authors. Feel free to message me on Facebook or e-mail me at if you’d like to talk. It’s such a joy and a wonderful experience to be part of this blog, and I’m looking forward to your comments on my post today. Tell me about your smutty self, and ask me any questions that pop into your head. I’m introducing myself today, but I want to get to know you, too.

Thanks for stopping by!
Randi “Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied”
Cowboy Bad Boys is available in digital format at Smashwords
and in paperback from Createspace
Chase and Seduction and Her Cowboy Stud are available at The Wild Rose Press
Cowboy Lust is available for pre-order at

Don’t forget, leave a comment for your chance to win one of fourteen books being given away by our authors. If your name is chosen, you’ll get your choice of an ebook from one author’s book list. Every comment you leave from now through midnight, PST, June 2 is another entry into the contest, so please come back again. Thank you!

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