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Leave a comment and win a copy of Bermuda Triangle.

Okay, it’s summertime and I’ve been traveling like crazy, writing like crazy, and I’m giving a book away…just because. Leave a comment with a beach story, or your favorite summer vacation spot, or hell the name of your cat…I don’t care. I’ll randomly draw a winner from all the comments and you’ll get a copy of Bermuda Triangle just for stopping by and saying hi.

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A plane crash leaves pilot Paige Williams stranded on an island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle with sexy twin brothers Dalton and Cooper Thompson. She tries to resist the advances of both, knowing it would only be a fling, but as time passes she has to face the fact they may never be rescued. Paige doesn’t want to choose one brother over the other, so Dalton and Cooper come up with a solution—they’ll take turns having Paige’s beautiful body.

Soon jealousy and tension make them rethink the arrangement. The only way to keep the peace is for all three to be involved in every sexual adventure, and it turns out to be more fulfilling than they thought possible. Who wants to be rescued when you’re living in paradise?

Sky Robinson
~Add a little sexy to your day~
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Vacation pics from Sky

I love to travel, but at this point in life, with two little boys, traveling is a lot more work than staying home. But does that slow me down? Not even a little bit. This summer I’ve spent more time on the road than at home. It’s not over yet with trips planned to Seattle, the Black Hills, and a weeklong fishing trip in Canada the next three weeks are going to be crazy busy and my head is already spinning.

I prefer adventure travel, not that I would turn down five star hotels and gourmet meals, but cooking over an open fire, sleeping under the stars and being far away from any city or other people is where I really want to be. Climbing a mountain or snowmobiling, or scuba diving, now that’s my kind of vacation.

My favorite trips involve mountains or beaches. There’s  just something amazing about sitting under the majesty of a mountain or at the edge of the vastness of an ocean that can’t be described. They have a power, an awe factor that I can’t get enough of.

Most of my books are based in one of those locations. Double Dare is set in the mountains, in the Black Hills and one of my favorite places to visit. In fact a very smexy scene takes place on this exact spot. 🙂


I also started a series set in the Caribbean, on a fictional island called Sol Cay, the perfect paradise and a place I would love to vacation if it really existed. Bermuda Triangle was the first book in the series, and Caribbean Heat will be coming soon from Ellora’s Cave. I have a third book almost completed, but I’ve stopped working on it this summer. The Caribbean is not a place I look forward to right now. It’s damn hot at my house, and I sure don’t dream of warmer places right now. In December, January and February you know I’ll be back to writing on that series, hoping for warmer weather and happy to be writing about it again.


This picture is actually from a recent trip to Mexico, but you get the idea.

The winter is what I’m dreaming about now.  Ready to be done with the heat and take on some cold and snow.

I’m working on a futuristic book, set in the cold darkness of outer space. Enjoying the cool temperatures…at least in my mind.

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Have a drink with Cooper from Bermuda Triangle

Any of you who know me well at all know I like to drink. One of my favorite summer concoctions is a mojito. I have a mint plant growing on my deck for plenty of summertime refreshments for all. Of course when having an adult beverage it’s always best to enjoy in the company of a sexy man, so I’ve sent Cooper, from Bermuda Triangle, to gather all the ingredients from his garden and mix them up for us.  Enjoy!

Mojito Recipe:
7 mint leaves

Juice from ½ of a lime

1 ½ shots white rum

2 shots soda water

1 Tbsp. powdered sugar


Cooper shoots a sexy grin this way as he throws the mint leaves on the bottom of the glass and presses them with a wooden mudder setting the mint aroma free. He squeezes the lime and tosses the juice in with the mint, and then fills the glass almost to the top with ice, adds the rum and soda water and last he stirs in the powdered sugar.

Go ahead. Have a sip:)

A short excerpt from Bermuda Triangle to enjoy while you drink:Photobucket

The view from where they stood was amazing. A brilliant blue covered the sky without interruption from a single cloud. There were a couple other small islands that dotted the horizon, but other than that only endless water in every direction.

“Dalton is disgusted by my choice I guess. ‘How can a man of your skill in medical research choose to spend time playing in the dirt and fixing wrinkles?’ That’s what he thinks of my work.”

“Doesn’t seem like a good reason to not have a relationship with your own brother.” They were both good guys, but for some reason they didn’t get along.

There had to be more to the story and she was snoopy enough to be the one to find out. It might not be any of her business, but as long as she was stuck with them, she was going to put some effort into making things more pleasant between the brothers.

“I’m not too worried about him. I’ve got more interesting things to think about.” He moved closer to Paige.

“What kind of things?” She was drawn to him, wanted to know everything about Cooper.

“Loving life, having a little fun.” His voice was deep and sexy.

“A little fun?” She sounded like a friggin’ parrot, but his nearness, his potent male sexuality caused her brain cells to frizzle.

“Sometimes a lot of fun.” His words were unnerving. Cooper tilted her face up, his full lips were close, tempting her. His arm wrapped around her waist, pulling Paige closer. Her body molded to his and she sucked in a breath.

It was now official, and so wrong. She was lusting after both brothers. Paige should move away from Cooper, but her body wanted his touch, his kiss, too badly.

He dropped his mouth down to hers, covering her lips with his heat, his passion. Her mouth parted for him instantly. Letting his tongue in to taste her, tease her. Every inch of skin on her body started to hum. Her pussy throbbed and she wanted to jump on his cock right there.

Cooper pulled away and grinned knowingly, as if he could read her thoughts, could feel her lust for him.

“That was nice. Very nice.” He grinned down at her.

She was a little bit shocked and a little bit embarrassed by her body’s strong reaction, but his hard-on jutting out in her direction let Paige know she wasn’t the only one affected.

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