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WTF Question of the Day #3

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Hello Fellow Smut Lovers, my name is Benjamin T. Russell – Author & Provocateur and I’m your host today at 69 Shades of Smut. I want to thank you for stopping by and visiting our group Blog. I have what I hope is an interesting proposition for you today.  I’ve got another WTF question I believe will have you scratching your head and seconding guessing your answer. In addition, the WTF-Genie and a “special guest” drop by to give me some inspiration.

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All-righty then, let’s rock and roll.  About two weeks ago, right after I posted my last WTF Question #2(Click on the embedded link to read it), I found myself undecided as to how I would answer my own WTF question.  Well, that’s not entirely true, I know what I want, what my choice would be, but I couldn’t stop myself from asking why can’t I have it all.

I popped the cork on a bottle of Moscato and poured my first glass of the evening. My iPod was playing my favorite playlist, Benji’s Favorites and I was in a very reflective mood.  Music can transport you into past memories or stir visions of a future still to come. Prince, Boyz II Men, Taylor Swift and the Black Eyed Peas, to name a few, entertained me.  Benji’s Favorites is an extensive playlist and I was on my second glass of wine when one of my ALL time favorite songs began to play.

A song by the late, great Phyllis Hyman – Loving You, Losing You.  ‘Loving you, is it worth the pain of losing you? Losing you, is it worth pain of loving you?’  The words to that song are so soulful, even more so – because Ms. Hyman committed suicide not too long after its release. According to the news reports, she was heartbroken and tired of being lonely – even when she wasn’t alone.  I hope that everyone understands the difference.

I stared off into space, lost in the quagmire of my own mind, as the words to that song careened around in my head. I hit the continuous play button and sang along with Ms Hyman as I pondered my own WTF question.  Acceptance, Trust, Devotion or Sex.  If I could only have one, which one would I choose.  I’ve had varying degrees of three of the choices, but the fourth I’ve never experienced. On some levels, I’ve often questioned whether the fourth was even in the realm of possibility for someone like me.

‘Loving you, is it worth the pain of losing you? Losing you, is it worth pain of loving you?’

I don’t know when I drifted off to sleep, still sitting in my recliner. It wasn’t the first night I’d fallen asleep with my hand on my crotch.  Something warm and wet slithered into my consciousness. I didn’t want to wake up. I was dancing with an Angel in the pale moonlight and it was glorious.  ‘Loving you, is it worth the pain of losing you? Losing you, is it worth pain of loving you?’

“Benji, wake up – we need to talk,” said a silken female voice in my ear.

My eyes snapped open, but I didn’t move a muscle or a say a word. This has to be a dream, but just in case.  It was pitch-dark in the room and I couldn’t see crap.

Something bit my nipple through my shirt and this time I spoke. “WTF, that feels good – can you do it again,” I said.

“Benji, stop fooling around, we need to talk.”  Shit – I recognized her voice.

I growled. “WTF-Genie, damn – you have got to stop sneaking up on me in the middle of the night. What the hell are you doing here and what do you want this time?”

A small lamp next to my chair came on.  It took a second for my eyes to adjust and then there she stood in all her mystical glory. The last time I saw her she was buck-ass naked. Tonight she wore a silver sheath of a dress that hugged all her generous curves.  Eddies of magic swirled around her, one moment she looked like Angelina, the next moment she looked like J-Lo and when I blinked – she looked like Halle Berry.

She smiled. “Benji, I can be whoever you want me to be, after all – this is your fantasy.”

“Grrrrghr, well if this is my fantasy, why do you have clothes on for this visit?”

“Considering the gravity of the situation, I thought it would best if I were clothed, so not to distract you. Benjamin, I’m worried about you,” she said in a voice muted with worry.

Welcome to the club, I’m worried about me too. “Listen WTF-Genie, I truly love mentally masturbating when you’re in the room, but there are better ways for you to coax a wet dream out of me. Why don’t you come back in the morning when I’m awake?”

A rustle of cloth and movement in the dark corner of the room caught my attention. Out of the shadows stepped a tall, willowy figure. As she got closer, a groan tickled the back of my throat at the sight of her sheer beauty.  OMG – she was freaking gorgeous. Her hips sang when she walked – a sensual tune of wanton sexuality. Waves of pheromones wafted around her and my cock stirred in my pants.  I closed my eyes to calm my breathing and when I opened them again, she had dropped to her knees directly in front of me. Her coal black eyes locked with mine.

I sat rooted in my chair. “Who – who are you?” I croaked.  Fuck, let’s try that again. I cleared my throat and spoke louder. “There is something familiar about you, but I can’t quite place it.”

The WTG-Genie kneeled on the floor beside me and took my hand. “Look closer Benji. Don’t you recognize her?”

My eyes hurt she was so damn pretty. “Stand up and turn around so I can see your ass and legs.”

She flowed to her feet like water and took two steps backwards. She did a pirouette and presented me with a scrumptious rear view of her womanly charms.  Her long auburn hair reached halfway down her back.  She wore an ultra-short skirt, seamed hose – the seam ran down the back of her legs and a pair of four inch cum-lick-me heels.  A kernel of memory began to grown in my mind, but when she popped open a red and black parasol and perched it jauntily on her shoulder – that sealed the deal.

I shook my head in disbelief and awe. “Charisma.  WTF – now I know I’m dreaming. Savannah Chase and I conjured you up for one of our flash fiction stories in the Six Degrees of Passion Anthology.  Ok, somebody needs to tell me what’s going on.”

The WTF-Genie squeezed my hand. “Benji-Baby, as you know, since you and Savannah created her, Charisma is a witch, a very powerful witch. I felt I needed her assistance to give me a magic boost, so we could help you with your WTF Question.  I know how it important it is for you to present your WTF posts to the 69 Shades of Smut Blog readers.”

A magic needle pricked my palm and I turned to see Charisma on her knees again, clasping my other hand.  She hadn’t spoken since she stepped out of the shadows. The look of hunger in her eyes sent an adrenaline surge through my veins.

I winked at her. “So, how is your vampire Dom Victor doing, have you gotten him out of that tomb yet?’

Her eyes bled from charcoal to blood red as the blood lust reared inside her and in a blink, her inner-monster took control.  I squeezed the WTF-Fuck Genie’s hand – hard.

“Benji, I’m here as a favor to Genie and I also like you. After all, I do owe you, since it was your fertile Muse who created me. However, don’t press your luck.”

I sighed. “Ok, I love you too.  Now, what is today’s WTF question?” The single light in the room went out. Oh-Oh.

In utter darkness, the WTF-Genie and Charisma spoke in unison, two melodious voices blended as one. “Benji, close your eyes and when you wake-up.  You will have your WTF Question and maybe your readers will help you find some answers.”

I closed my eyes and the last thing I heard was – ‘Loving you, is it worth the pain of losing you? Losing you, is it worth pain of loving you?’

Wow, well Ladies and Gents here is the WTF question of the day –

For the first time, we have eliminated the multiple-choice answers; today’s WTF question requires a simple Yes or No.

The WTF-Genie and Charisma told me I could have it all. I could have Acceptance, Trust, Devotion and fantastic Sex all rolled together in a nice neat package. They promised me a life of total bliss.  Happiness and rapture would fill each day.  My life would be so complete that I would jump in the air every morning, click my heels and shout my joy to the world.  Every aspect of my life would improve – personal, business and even my health. However, there was one catch. Yeah, of course there would be a catch, that’s why it’s called a WTF Question.

This life of total nirvana would only last for one year. At the end of those 365 days, it would all crash and burn.  It would be sudden and unexpected. I’d never see it coming, because before they bestowed the happiness on me, they’d wipe my memory of their existence. I’d be flying dumb, blind and in love. I’d be devastated by the loss and my spirit crushed.  The memories of my lost happiness would haunt me for the rest of my life.

Ah, but those memories wouldn’t just haunt me, they’d warm my heart and nourish my soul forever.  What would you do, what would be your answer – Yes or No – would you do it? Would you say Yes, to have something you’d probably never experience otherwise?  Yes or No‘Loving you, is it worth the pain of losing you? Losing you, is it worth pain of loving you?’

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She’s Bold & Opinionated and Jezebel is Owned…

Cassandre Dayne


Hello fellow smutsters and I’m on today with a sexy little character interview. It’s interesting. When I thought about just how many characters and types I’ve writing about this last year and a half, I had to go WHEW. I have gay and straight men and women, aliens, cowboys, vampires, were-tigers, Master Dom’s and submissives of both sexes. So in trying to figure out who I wanted to interview, you would think that my choice would be difficult, right? In truth I have one in mind and she’s a very complex character from a very emotional piece.

I write a lot about BDSM and the D/s lifestyle and we all know 50 Shades is so HOT. For writers in the genre, the aspect of the increasing popularity of BDSM is thrilling, but for those of us who delve deeper into the research of the lifestyle for writing or living, the presentation gives us pause. Why is that? Because the D/s lifestyle isn’t about whips, chains and being locked in some dungeon. It’s about trust and control and is very, very emotional for the majority of men and women who thoughtfully engage in the practice. In other words – changing your life to either accepting becoming a Dom/Domme or a sub is life altering and must be considered thoroughly or the entire shift will not work.

On Becoming His is not a BDSM piece per say. The book started for me as an exploration with poems and prose after researching and talking with several practicing Dom’s. Many of you who know me have heard me talk about how valuable the teachings have been and I continue to learn every day. Jezebel is my heroine in On Becoming His and the single book will be turned into a trilogy. She is an extremely complex character in that she is very opinionated, highly intelligent and on the upper echelon of business, is older and in a sense set in her ways and trust me – balls to the walls. She’d just as soon tell you off for pissing her off as anything else. BUT…she has another side and one almost no one knows about.

My male hero Luke, is also highly intelligent and charismatic, has had failed relationships for various reasons and is very attracted to her verve and spirit. When they connected there were sparks and yet something else. The second in the trilogy – On Becoming Her Sir, will show the POV and the intense emotional journey from the Dom’s perspective and will be co-written by the talented writer, Benjamin T. Russell. I think the unique perspective given by an actual male will truly give the reader a broader sense of just how emotional and life altering the consideration is. Engaging in D/s changes everything you know about what you think you believe in. Notice I use the word “think”.

Certain aspects are indeed vastly different than what you see on television and movies or read in the majority of books out there. Jessie is truly realizing just how much she has to break down the walls she’s had around her all her life and while the concept is freeing, it is certainly giving her angst. Or as Luke would say – she continues to be willful and he is having a difficult time figuring out how to be the best Dom she needs. Let’s talk with her…

Cassandre:  Thank you so much for going 69 Shades of Smut today, Jessie. I hope you can feel open here – we don’t bite unless requested.

Jessie: (laughs) You are quite welcome, but I enjoy a little nipping and licking now and again.

Cassandre:  Jessie, you’re a girl after my own heart. I know you and Luke have been together for a little while and are practicing a D/s relationship. So tell me about Luke. What did you find so attractive about him?

Jessie:  I was out with some girlfriends on night and I saw him in a dark bar. He simply was the most gorgeous man in the place. I watched him for a little while, from the way he carried himself to the quiet smile he seemed to give everyone around him, and I wanted to know more. No, I had to know more. Whew. He was like a chocolate dream with midnight eyes and a gorgeous smile and long legs and… I’m sorry, I’m just a little hot and horny today.

Cassandre:  Oh that doesn’t bother me. He is a sexy man. I hope you don’t mind me saying that. Did you connect that night?

Jessie: (sighs) No worries. I know he is. We talked and danced and I cannot tell a lie. I tried to seduce him that night. I might have a wicked side of me, but I’ve never done that before. The funny thing is he refused.

Cassandre:  Hmm – I know what I would have done in that situation but… So how did you start talking and getting closer?

Jessie: Quiet dinners and long talks over glasses of wine. Getting to know him was so easy and natural. We talked for hours about anything and nothing.

Cassandre:  And when did the thought about D/s come up?

Jessie:  (brushes her hand through her hair and grabs her glass of wine, allowing crimson drops to spill out over the edge) I don’t honestly remember how we talked about it the first time but I knew he had the side of him because I’d been exploring my submissive side for so long in my mind and in some research and I could see all the characteristics within him.

Cassandre:  You don’t have to be nervous with me. Seriously. I know this is something that is very emotional for you. Care to share the characteristics?

Jessie: (Licks the wine off the rim and gives Cassandre a saucy stare) His demeanor is completely at ease but all controlling. When he looks at me I can tell in his eyes when he’s happy or disappointed. When I was first getting to know him, he simply had an air about him of confidence and I knew. It was a woman’s instinct. I noticed a post he’d done on Facebook and asked him about it. When he admitted he has written the D/s piece I knew and we went from there.

Cassandre:  Now the big question and one I realize everyone wants to know is very personal so feel free to say what you want. You’re a very confident woman and you have success on so many levels. You’re considered powerful in business and you have everything you could ever want. I also notice you are very bold and dominating yourself. Why would you want to be a submissive and why Luke?

Jessie: (nibbles in her bottom lip and looks away briefly) I asked myself that for about two years. Why? The simple answer was and still is that I’ve never been happy. I’ve had mixed relationships over the years and nothing worked. I never got any satisfaction, including in bed, from any of them. I looked hard at myself and knew I needed a man to control me, nurture me and discipline me as necessary. I honestly had no idea what I was trying to find initially and that’s why I’ve done so much research. The why Luke answer is easy and yet complicated. I trusted him from moment one in all ways and without question.

Cassandre: (grins and shakes her head) oh no. There’s more. Spill the dirty and yummy details for me about him.

Jessie: (pouts and then breaks into a giggle) Oh no you don’t. If your readers want to know just how sexy he is then they have to read the book that was written about our journey. Maybe you’ve heard of it – On Becoming His.

Cassandre:  Party pooper, but I think I know the writer so I should be able to get a copy. (winks) All right then, you also used the word complicated as well. Why?

Jessie:  Luke the man is my best friend, my mentor, my lover and my mate. His is my patient and loving disciplinarian and the man who has my best interests at heart. He can be both understanding and demanding in his wants and needs and I have had difficulty being molded into what we both know is my needed role as a submissive.

Cassandre:  Interesting. In other words you are both still learning your roles and about each other?

Jessie: (leans forward and drags a wisp of stray hair from Cassandre’s face) Yes, sexy woman. This is a life long journey for both of us. When we finally accepted that as the simple truth our relationship began to soar. One tidbit of juicy gossip – yes sexually we excel as partners and he has every part of me. I have begun exploring all aspects of my sexuality because of how uninhibited I am. We share and enjoy partners together at his choosing and the joy of giving him that aspect is exhilarating.

Cassandre:  (shudders and realizes she is wet and hot all over. Licking her lips she tries to regain her composure) You are a beautiful woman and I am certain Luke is inspired.

Jessie:  (giggles and sips her wine) You could say that. He is powerful. We’ll leave it at that.

Cassandre: Whew. It’s hot in here. Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers before you go?

Jessie:  I don’t want to make light of this. While we are a very sexual and passionate couple, he is my Sir. I am controlled and owned by him body and soul and choosing this lifestyle was my need as well as his. It is not for everyone. Choosing to become a Dom didn’t mean Luke wanted to be a sadist and whip me every day. Discipline is involved of course, and I take my punishment without question, but he is kind and loving and giving in ways no other man has been with me. This is not something to be entered into lightly. No matter what your penchant, dominant or submissive, you have to completely be honest with yourself, your partner and trust without a single question. And you must forgive yourself when you fail.

Cassandre:  Excellent advice. I have the link for your powerful book in case others want to read. Thank you so much for sharing such an intimate look at your relationship with Luke.

Jessie:  Anytime and um, Cassandre, we do enjoy a third remember…

Cassandre:  I think I need to talk with Luke.









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WTF Question of the Day

Benjamin T. Russell

Hello Fellow Smut Lovers, I’m Benjamin Russell – Author & Provocateur and I’m your host today at 69 Shades of Smut. I want to thank you for stopping by and visiting our Blog. I’ve gotta a feeling – that today is gonna be a good, good day, so let us rejoice and be glad in it. By the way, if you haven’t already done so, you can LIKE me on Facebook by clicking in the embedded link in my name.

Today I was supposed to do an interview with one of the characters from my book, but my muse Jezebel, decided she wanted to do something else. Jez and I have this very interesting relationship, when she speaks – I actually listen. You can learn more about Jezebel by clicking on the embedded link in her name. Anyway, we decided to flip the planned script for today and post a WTF Question of The Day. Have you ever had one of those WTF moments, when you just couldn’t come up with a suitable answer to an annoying question?

Well I need feedback from you our Smutty friends; to help me answer today’s WTF Question of The Day – Would you actually take back someone from your past, a former lover, significant other, whatever?

Yes, undoubtedly this happens multiple times a day, maybe even hundreds of times a day, all around the world, 365 days/year, but should it?

For real, is this true, do we all have that one person in our past – who we’d take back in a second, no matter how bad they hurt us? Oh My God – could that be true for me too? WTF – maybe?

Ok, I saw this picture/quote making the rounds on FaceBook and damn – it jumped up and smacked me in the head. I left a comment on the page of the person who shared it, but then it occurred to Jezebel and I that it might be a good blog topic. So, I’m going to throw some thoughts and/or opinions up in the air on this subject and then I invite you to shoot holes in anything I’ve said and/or just answer the question for yourself.

Well, I’ve always believed that Ex’s are Ex’s for a reason. That’s why my initial reaction to the WTF question was hell no. However, after a long talk with Jezebel and two bottles of Moscato, I’ve concluded that there ‘might’ be one someone I’d consider taking back – Suzana.

OMG, I was so crazy about Suzana I would have drank her bath water. Yep, that’s how smitten I was with her. I ‘thought’ she was my long lost Imzadi – The One. Notice the emphasis on the word ‘thought’.

Suzana and I had such great chemistry; we just clicked – in and out of bed. In bed we rocked, out of bed we rolled – it was the closest thing to heaven on Earth I could ever imagine.  So, what happened to this match made in Heaven?  Crap, that’s a damn good question and after all this time, I’m still not sure I have an answer. A dear friend told me recently that I’m multi layered, hard to love and easy to love all at the same time. I think she was trying to say I have issues. Jezebel, stop laughing.

Bottom-line, it didn’t work out for Suzana and I – she left me. She broke my heart into teeny-tiny pieces and she never looked back. She said it was too painful for her to stay in contact with me – she loved me too much. WTF? She stopped returning my calls, my emails, my texts and she even sent back the birthday card I mailed her. WTF? She cut off all communications with me as if I was a leper. *Sighs* – It hurt like hell.

However, what if the Universe gave Suzana and I a second chance; would I do it – would I take her back? WTF, I don’t know?

Well actually, I do know the answer, but I want to hear what you have to say. What would you do? How would you answer the WTF Question if The Universe gave you a second chance with someone from your past?

Ok Smut Lovers – please leave your comments and help me answer the WTF Question.

Oh, I almost forgot to promo my book. I have a book out that I co-authored with the lovely Sherry Palmer, a.k.a. Michelle Chatton. You can click on the embedded link in Sherry’s name to check out her blog.

The name of our book is – The Booty Call. The following is the book’s blurb and the buy link on Amazon –

So what is a strong-willed, Bi-BBW supposed to do when she decides she wants to have a MMF ménage to celebrate her birthday? She makes a Booty Call to her bi-sexual male co-worker and her hot Dom ex-lover. Victoria Carter has finally broken free from a destructive relationship, now she wants to explore her sensuality and her sexuality to the fullest. Ready to meet the world head on, this is just the beginning of her sexual adventures.


Ok Smut Lovers, thanks again for stopping by and As Always, We Thank You for Your Support.  Please be sure to LIKE our 69 Shades of Smut Fan page on FaceBook. Just click on the embedded link in the name 69 Shades of Smut

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Meet Benjamin Russell

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Benjamin Russell – welcome to my very first 69 Shades of Smut Blog post. I am an author of erotica and I’m a fiercely multifarious lover of life and all things naughty. I spend the daylight hours expunging my forbidden desires into bawdy stories for my readers, while I reserve the nights to service my wanton Muse and her fertile imagination. You can LIKE me on FaceBook by clicking on the embedded link in my name.

I am truly delighted to be here on a blog named for my favorite number – 69. That number follows me everywhere; it’s even part of my FetLife nickname – Benji269.  Anyway, today I’m supposed to tell you something about myself and not shock you so much that you don’t come back again. Snickers – yeah right.

Well, here we go –

It was late – or early, depending on your perspective. I lay enveloped in a cocoon of bliss, with arms and legs wrapped around Zena, my customized body pillow – sleeping like an innocent baby.

I dreamed of sugar, spice and lusty battles with me, Zena, Gabrielle and myself against hordes of half-naked Amazon women. As you might expect, I was determined to prevail and satisfy all of the glutinous shrews undulating before me, so I plowed into the Amazons again and again – I would not be denied. Zena was in the saddle and Gabrielle was riding shotgun.  Suddenly, I felt something wet and warm slither into my consciousness, followed by mystical hands stroking my imagination with urgency – Jezebel. Oh no, not again  – not NOW.

Jezebel is my Muse and she doesn’t like to share me, not even with sleep. I refused to wake up, Zena’s strong legs held me tight. Unfortunately, Jezebel knows how to get my ‘full’ attention and in minutes the marauding horde of scantily clad Amazon women, along with Zena and Gabby had vanished in a cloud of aching desperation – mine.

My eyes snapped open and the glowing hands of my alarm clock told me it was 3:00am – the ass crack of dawn.  At least she was consistent.

“Jezebel, WTF – why did you wake me up this time? I want you to know this is getting really tiresome, not to mention your timing sucks and not in a good way”

Jez purred and kept stroking my imagination. “I’ve got an idea for your 69 Shades of Smut Blog post and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it.”

“Gggggghhhr!  You couldn’t wait until I finished with Zena and the Amazons?”

In my mind, Jezebel sounds like a cross between Halle Berry and Jenna Jameson. “No Benji baby, this was too good to wait, we need to jump on this now.”

I sighed.  “Ok, what is this great idea of yours?”

“I’m going to interview you.”


“I ask the questions and you answer them,” she said slowly, as if speaking to a small child.

“Oh – ok, that will work. Let’s hurry up and do it, Zena is waiting for me.”

She snorted. “Yeah – right”

Two minutes later, I was seated at my desk –

“Benji relax, this won’t hurt, just a few questions to give the readers a little taste of what you have to offer”

I choked back a growl. “Sure Jez, no problem. I wasn’t doing anything important, except trying to sleep.”

“Stop being difficult.  Now, tell our readers when in the day/night do you write and how long per day?

“Grrrgghhrr – I write best in the morning because my wicked Muse wakes me up in the middle of the night. She likes to whisper new story ideas in my ear and those ideas are freshest in my mind early in the morning. You can find out more about Jezebel by clicking on the embedded link in her name.”

“Oh Benji, I love it when you kiss me on my ego. So, in an industry dominated by women, how do you handle the pressure? Hmm, now that I think about it, you’re the only male member of this 69 Shades of Smut blog.”

I smiled in my mind. “Yes, women dominate the industry and I must admit they’re damn good at it, but I honestly don’t feel any pressure.  I love women; they are a gift from the Universe. I believe the glory of Life is in its infinite diversity and in the ways; our differences combine to create meaning and beauty. I realize I can learn a lot from women writers about how to give my characters more depth and breath.”

“Hmm, good answer. Tell us about your latest book Naughty Hot Shots – Booty Call?”

“I co-authored the Booty Call with the talented Ms. Michelle Chatton.  It’s a story about a beautiful, full-figured woman who decides to celebrate her divorce becoming final and her birthday, by making a Booty Call to a couple of male friends. She wants to have a MMF ménage to celebrate and her two friends, Marcus and Winston are only too happy to oblige.” 

“Oh Benji, you’re doing good. Now tell us, what is one thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet?

“Ok, this is kind of a secret and I really don’t want it spread all over the internet, so I’m counting on you to keep it on the QT.  I’ve decided that I want to experience a D/s relationship – with me as the big D.  Ssshh – it’s a secret. Did I really just say that?”

Jez winked at me and her wicked smile gave me chills. “Alright Benji, one last question and this is the most important one. What would we find under your bed?”

“Hold on a minute while I take a look. Hmm, oooh, my-my. Well lookie at what I found. A jar of peanut butter( creamy ), a $100 bill( Great, she said she’d left me a tip ), a spray bottle of Swiss Navy lube( great stuff ), two pair of panties, a flogger, a pair of handcuffs and an extra large bottle of coconut oil.” *Gawd, I need a new maid*

“Benji, who uses coconut oil?”

“That’s it, interview over, I’m going back to bed – Zena and the Amazons are waiting for me. Goodnight Jez.”

“Goodnight Benji – Smooches.”

Hey 69 Shades of Smut Fans – Don’t forget, leave a comment for your chance to win one of fourteen books being given away by our authors. If your name is chosen, you’ll get your choice of an eBook from one author’s book list. Every comment you leave from now through midnight PST, June 2, is another entry into the contest, so please come back again. Thank you!


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