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A Sexy Excerpt from Skin Deep – My Short Story in the Cowboy Heat Anthology

Skin deep was so much fun to write. One of my readers suggested I write a story about a man so ugly, he rarely left his ranch, and a woman so beautiful, it had nearly ruined her life.


Book Blurb of Skin Deep: A pretty city girl and a scarred country cowboy discover love waits when you’re ready to look beneath the surface.

Layne Starwood drives all the way from Denver to a barely-there town in rural Colorado to drink away her self-pity in a watering hole aptly-named The Wrong Turn Bar. Taking a seat near one of the three customers, she orders a beer and begins her mission. Starting up a conversation with the quiet cowboy hiding in the shadow of his Stetson, she unburdens her sad story on him then is shocked to learn of his tragic history.

The scar on his face mirrors the ache in his heart, and after a long evening of talking, Layne realizes the man is as modest and kind as he is funny. She lets herself indulge in a touch, a kiss, and a wild, hot hour in his arms. Can she convince him to spend the rest of the weekend with her, or are his scars too deep for her to try to heal?

Excerpt from Skin Deep: Layne placed her hand in his and the zing of awareness rattled her. She stood and found herself almost a foot shorter than the cowboy.

Kyle set his hand on her lower back and guided her toward the door. His height and the sure way he led her caused her heartbeat to rev. As they passed the pretty boys, she could almost smell the testosterone wafting off Kyle, as if he was marking what was his.

The thought of being his made her core jitter with delight. His hand on her back warmed her through her whole body. The rain had slowed, and as he helped her up into his truck, his hands lingered on her just long enough to make her crazy for more of the cowboy.

He slid into the driver’s seat and turned the ignition. “Your bachelorette party, huh?”

“I must have forgotten to tell you that part.” She’d intentionally left it out of her story. “Guess it makes me look kind of…” She stared out the side window. “Pathetic.” Driving all this way for a canceled party. Pathetically crazy.

“Hey.” His voice came out stern.

She turned to look at him.

“I’d say you were brave to do this. Seeking closure, right?” He got the truck moving toward the motel and looked at her out of the corner of his eye. “I’m impressed. You’ve got a lot more going for you than your looks.”

She sucked in a breath. He was pretty damn amazing. Every instinct told her she could trust him, and every intuition said she shouldn’t let him slip away.

Kyle pulled up in front of room seven, jumped out, and helped her down from the high seat. He walked her to her door, opened it and flipped the switch to turn on the lamp. He leaned in and glanced around her room to make sure it was safe.

“Can I pay you for the ride?” They stood outside under the overhang as rain formed a wall, sealing them alone together.

He looked down at her, his gorgeous eyes narrowing with a sexy look. He took her wrist and tugged her close. “Yeah, you can.”

Oh hell, yes! She wanted this cowboy, every perfectly macho inch of him. Wrapping her hand around the nape of his neck, she pressed her breasts to his chest and went up on tiptoes.

He groaned and lowered his lips to hers.

Her skin flushed hot, her heart thudded, and between her legs, her pussy tingled and ached.

His kiss took everything she had, his tongue feasting on her, tasting and teasing.

The earth moved, but wait—it was him walking her backward into her room. The door slammed and he pressed her back against it.

His steaming-hot body flattened against her front as the door cooled her back. His kiss slowed while he sucked her tongue into his mouth, encouraging her to explore and sample him. Beer and spices from the burger, and a male taste all his own combined on her tongue. She ran her tongue over his lip, loving the texture of his scar.

He ground the rise in his jeans into her mound, hot and hungry.

She needed to be closer. Grabbing the front of his shirt, she pulled and buttons popped.

He tossed his hat, ripped away the rest of his shirt, then went for her T-shirt, ripping it down the front.

Animal instinct arose in her and her hips bucked forward, demanding his intrusion into her, his hard cock into her wet slit. He ripped the front of her bra in two, mumbling, “I’ll pay for it.” Her breasts spilled out and her puckered nipples prickled in the cool air, then warmed as his gaze locked on them.

“I don’t give a damn about my clothes.” She reached for his belt.


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Speed Date My Dancing Hero Danny Chambers from Breathe Easy

Speed Date My Dancing Hero Danny Chambers from Breathe Easy (Even Hotter Dads: The DILF Anthology 2)

The door closes and a handsome hunk walks in the door carrying his gym bag and sets it down at his feet as he sits down in one of the empty chairs in Savannah’s office.

SC: Danny, you know I love it when you come visit me here in my playroom…

DC: Mistress Savannah, when you said over the phone that we could do this interview here I couldn’t say no. This place is just fascinating to a man like me.

SC: Yes this room is full of wonders, and so many things that will bring out the naughtiest person from within. If you weren’t taken I know I could tempt you to have a little fun in one of my many rooms. The offer is always on the table. (Bites lower lips as she runs her heated gaze over him, from head to toe)

DC: *looks around with a devilish smile* Mistress Savannah, are you giving me an indecent proposal?

SC: Can you blame a woman like me? You are just so very delectable and I can’t help myself. There are so many naughty thoughts running through my head.

DC: I’m flattered and will say you are just a woman that exudes sexual power and can make any man including me feel…. *stops himself from finishing sentence and looks away*

SC: Mr. Chambers are you blushing?

DC: Yes, I must be.

SC: No need to blush. I would love to hear the rest of that previous thought.

DC: *clears throat and shifts in his chair* No, there isn’t, especially since you already know so much about me. I will have to tell you a little later when there are a little less people around. I don’t want to spoil everything in front of the readers. A man has to leave a little mystery. *Damn it. I came for an interview and now I’m getting flushed and turned on.*

SC: I shall keep you to that. You know me; I have ways of getting just what I want.

DC: I know you do. That is your specialty amongst other things. Maybe after this interview is done you can…give me a few tips. I’ve got a special woman I might want to try a few things on. I’m always looking to spice up the relationship.

SC: Spice is the breath of life. *Wink, wink* I would love to give you some tips.

DC: That I must agree with. I look forward to learning from you.

SC: So it’s time to get down to business. We’ve got a lot of eager readers who want to know more about you. Tell us a little about yourself.

DC: My name is Danny Chambers, I’m a professional dancer/choreographer. I love in the beautiful city of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. I’ve been dancing all my life but professionally it has been for the last ten years. I started when I was just in grade school.  Recently I got back from a tour with Simone. We finished off her tour in New York. It was unforgettable.

SC: You must have had an amazing time on the tour. I heard you guys had a packed schedule.

DC: Yes we did. Between rehearsals and everything else we spent what time we had relaxing. Simone had requested we change a few of the dances to accommodate a few of the stops when she was a bit ill. The set is pretty heavy with choreography and she didn’t want to cancel because she her fans would be disappointed. That took a lot of work. On our days off I still got up early to go sightseeing. Who knows if I’d ever be back in these countries again?

SC: What inspired you to become a dancer?


DC: I’ve always loved to dance. As a kid I had a hell of a lot of energy and my love of music made it so easy for me. I loved putting all my energy into dancing and learning the different styles. As you know I’m trained in classical, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, just to name a few. When I dance I feel free. I can express myself in every step.

SC: What’s your favorite place that you’ve had the chance to visit so far?

DC: I love all the places we’ve been to. There is so much to see and experience. So many different cultures, but I will have to say there is no place like home.

SC: So now to some of the questions our readers want to have answered.

DC: Oh boy. Shall I be worried?

SC: Don’t worry I’ll be gentle.

DC: *cocks an eyebrow* Gentle huh?

SC: What do you look for in a woman?

DC: I want a woman who is honest, caring, loving and just herself. I don’t want anyone to be fake and to pretend they are something they’re not. What’s the point? But I will say there is already someone special in my life and even though we’ve been through a lot I would never change what we have. She is the woman I’ve always wanted.

SC: She is a lucky woman to have a catch like you.

DC: I’m the lucky one to have such a gentle and beautiful soul in my life. I’m truly lucky.
SC: Where do you see yourself in five years?

DC: I would love to be still dancing and touring if possible. I really want to get into doing more choreography for music videos. That would give me the opportunity to not be away from home for so long. I’ve got more responsibility now; it’s not just me anymore.

SC: Are you willing to tell everyone who she is? I know the readers are wondering about this special lady you keep speaking about.

DC: I want to shout it at the top of my lungs but I won’t spoil our story. Mistress Savannah you did such a beautiful job telling my tale. I would love for the readers to read it and find out a little more about me and my special girl.

SC: Danny you are just too kind. It was my pleasure to tell it. I know the readers will love it.

SC: How many hours do you train? I hear dancers have impeccable bodies. So strong and toned in all the right places. You must be a marathon man in between the sheets. (Letting out a deep breath she pictures Danny naked in all his glory flash through her mind. Licking her lips she smiles seductively in his direction)

DC: Mistress Savannah I know that look. Oh you are just a very naughty woman. How am I supposed to concentrate on this interview? *running his hand through his chocolate-brown hair he lets out a sigh and smiles at her direction*

On my days off I train sometimes six to eight hours or more. I also have to stay in shape so I work out, go running. My body is in very good shape, it has to be. Our routines are intense and the shows are high energy. As for the marathon man between the sheets, all I will say is I can keep up and go all night long. *winks*

SC: *Mistress Savannah fans herself and bites back a moan. Shaking her head she takes a deep breath to try to refocus on the questions in her hand* You probably get a lot of Simone’s fans doing some crazy things to get backstage. What’s the one that stands out?

DC: Oh we get tons of groupies, both male and female. I once had a girl sneak onto the tour bus in nothing but a thong and heels. She thought by trying to seduce me she could get a backstage pass or something. It didn’t work. I don’t sleep around. I have my heart set on my special girl and nobody else.

SC: Favorite part of a woman’s body.

DC: Her lips. There is something so sexy about the lips. They are so beautiful and I love kissing and biting them.

SC: Oh you’re a biter? Danny, do tell us more.

DC: *looks away and smiles* Yes, a little. I love to run my teeth against a woman’s soft skin. I love to take her rosy red nipple in my mouth and suck as my teeth gently press down on her sensitive bud. Hearing her moan as my teeth make contact with her supple flesh just dives me insane.

SC: You are my kind of a man. I love men who bite.

DC: Why am I not surprised?

SC: I think you know me too well after all the time we’ve spent together.

SC: Boxers, briefs, or commando?

DC: Really, you’re going to ask me that?

SC: Yes, our readers want to know.

DC: Well, if you must know I like boxers and sometimes commando. *Shakes his head*I can’t believe I just said this out loud.

SC: Favourite position in bed? Yes I asked that too. See it is on the cards.*hold up set of small cue cards with questions*

DC: The drill and that’s all I’m going to say.

SC: Ohhh that is a sexy one. One of my favorites. *bites lower lip remembering the last time she’d done that position*

SC: Sex in bed or shower sex?

DC: Both, it just depends on what mood I’m in. I’m pretty sure after I’m done here I’ll be driving home like a maniac to get to my girl. How much longer will this take if you don’t mind me asking?

SC: *Smiles* That’s what I want to hear. I’ll never keep a man from his lady when he’s all ready to go. Just make sure you drive carefully.

DC: *stands up he tugs at the buckle of his jeans* I will make sure to do so. Oh and about those tips. I will be back later on, or on second thought tomorrow. I might be a little too tired to drive back after what I’ve got planned for tonight.

Walking over Danny reaches for Mistress Savannah’s hand and places a soft kiss on it before winking at her and racing out of the room.


SC: Ladies and gents, the one and only Danny Chambers. You can bet there will be a lot of rocking going on at his place. I just adore when I can bring two people together for a little spicy romance. If you’re interested in finding out more about Danny check out his story Breathe Easy which is featured in the Even Hotter Dads: The DILF Anthology. The book is now available from Ravenous Romance. 

Even Hotter Dads: The DILF Anthology 2

Nothing is sexier than a man who loves his kids. In this second volume of stories celebrating hot dads, you’ll find young dads and older dads, gay dads and straight dads, vampire dads, a father of the bride, and even, in true Ravenous Romance style, a M/F/M threesome.

Contributors include: Jon Jockel, Stacy Brown, Rebecca Leigh, Savannah Chase, Garland, KT Grant, Kilt Kilpatrick, and Trinity Blacio.

Breathe Easy by Savannah Chase


Danny Chambers worked hard at making his dreams come true. He’s now a choreographer and dancer for one of the world’s biggest pop stars. He’s also in love with Ashley, who happens to be his best friend and they’ve made the step to see where things will go. Now with the tour over he’s back home ready to continue with love but shocking allegations have rocked his world. Will Danny be able to get through the scandal and back on track with the woman who’s stolen his heart or will this derailment destroy his perfect world?

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