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Mmmmm…Warm Apple Pie

Happy Monday 69ers! It’s that time again…Mia time. Now before you get the wrong impression, I’m not going to take a page out of MC Hammer’s book. Funny as it may seem, I won’t be doing the Running Man, and I certainly won’t be wearing Hammer Pants. Actually, Mia time involves warm apple pie. Yum. But it’s not just any apple pie. It’s American Pie.


(Yep, it’s a shameless ploy to get a good laugh.)

This month’s theme here at 69 Shades is ‘going back to school.’ Well, as a teen during the late ’90s, nothing shouts school to me more than American Pie. Why is that? Well, it could be that this particular movie was infamous while I was in my junior year. Or it could be the fact that this movie was funny, naughty, and totally relate-able.  But nope, those aren’t the reason why.

My reason comes in the form of my favorite movie line of all time. So you might be asking what line it is? Well, I’m sure you can imagine. But if not, check out the clip below.

(I might have chosen to use this clip for nefarious purpose. It was a fabulous excuse to giggle like a loon.)

Why in the world would I find, “And this one time at band camp, I stuck a flute up my pussy,” funny? Well, first of all, that line is just flipping hilarious. But more than that, I have a confession to make, a confession I’m quite proud of. So, I’m just going to get on with it. No beating around the bushes, no foreplay. Just the cold, hard facts. I, Mia Ashlinn, was a complete and total band geek in high school!

Now be nice. I can hear you guys whispering already.



“Holy smokes!”

“I cannot believe it.”

“That Mia chick was a what?!?

Okay, okay. I might be getting a bit dramatic. Shoot, there’s no okay to it. I’m totally being dramatic. But hey, it’s me. If I’m not being dramatic, something or someone has invaded my body, and you should call for back up. Hmmm…I’m thinking firefighters. No, police men. No, doctors. Ah, who cares? Just get hot help. I mean good help. (wink, wink)

Oopsie, I’m getting side tracked. American Pie to Band Camp to Pussies to Men in Uniform? Well, I’m not quite as blog ADD as I usually am. Go me!

But anyway, I was a band geek in high school. I spent all my time with the other band geeks. We worked together. By work, I mean practiced. We played together. By play, I mean instruments…and other things. (snickers) That is my story, and I’m sticking to it. I was the good girl, but I know plenty of people who were naughty enough for me!

During those beautiful band days, I was at the happiest point of my school years. So whenever August rolls around, I think of band camp which leads me to this movie…and warm apple pie.

So now’s your turn, what is the happiest point of your school years?

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