The birth of Wonderslut by Alice Gaines

wonderslutReaders often ask authors where their ideas come from.  The true, and not very interesting, response is “from everywhere and anywhere.”  Sometimes it can be an item in a newspaper or the content of a dream.  Even a common phrase will get a writer thinking.  Often the germ of the idea gets buried in our brains for years, and the exact stimulus for the idea is lost from memory.

In contrast, I remember the exact place where I was sitting when I thought up Wonderslut.  I can’t tell you the date, but I was sitting at my desk at my day job one afternoon in 1996 when she came to life in my brain.

We’d had a company electronic bulletin board where employees could post personal messages and other silliness.  We “old-timers” on the board were a clever and creative lot, at least in our own minds.  Literate, insightful, entertaining, our posts were everything the humdrum world was not.  We were the intelligentsia, la crème de la crème.

And then, the others arrived.

Rank newbies took over our beloved board, filling it with inanities, misspellings, and bad grammar.  Horrors!  We rallied privately and formed an organization to retake our board.  We named it something with the initials J-L-A.  (I told you we were creative.)  We all adopted superhero identities.  As I had a reputation for writing things with S-E-X in them, I took the superhero concept of Wonder and added Slut.  Wonderslut.

Then, Wonderslut needed an everyday alter-ego.  I’d always been fascinated with orchids, so I made her an orchid hybridist, and I made up the silliest name I could imagine.  Felicity Plumswindle, mild-mannered orchid hybridist, also came to life.

Fast forward about nine years.  One of the authors at Changeling Press asked why we had a category for Comic Book Heroes with no books in it.  The publisher answered that she’d always wanted to do Comic Book Heroes, but no one had submitted any.  I remembered Wonderslut and added Avenger of the Non-Orgasmic so she had a heroic mission in life.  Then, I started writing.

I can honestly say Wonderslut is one of my favorites.  Writers often say that their characters think things up and surprise them.  Actually, what we mean is that we surprise ourselves.  I imagined a crimson Maserati with a jet engine and retractable wings.  I imagined a superpower that’ll never make it into a Hollywood movie.  I imagined a young, impressionable sidekick with an agenda of his own.  What fun.

The Adventures of Wonderslut came out on Friday, June 16, 2006 – ten years after I originally thought her up.  But alas, Wonderslut didn’t sell well, and the sequels I’d imagined never came to pass.  Wonderslut seemed destined to the end up on the scrap heap of other crazy ideas that rattle around in my brain.  Until…

Fast forward again to August of 2010.  Amazon had just announced the creation of Kindle blogs.  The idea was that people would blog, and subscribers would pay $.99 per month to get an otherwise free blog delivered directly to their Kindles.  A friend of a friend started a blog called “Everything Erotic” and recruited writers to write erotic serials.  What could be more perfect for a comic book character than a serial?

Mind you, I’d never written anything in serial form, but why should that little detail hold me back?  Put in some steamy sex, the sillier the better, add a cliff-hanger, and ta-da…serial!

I guess it did all right.  Our blog became popular and actually made me some money every month.  I have no idea if Wonderslut was responsible for our success or if some of the other serials were carrying the weight.  What I do know is that my coauthors crapped out, dropped the ball, and stopped posting.  The money dried up.  Who wants to pay $.99 a month for nothing?  For months I kept posting Wonderslut and another serial I was writing until I got sick of doing it for someone else who wasn’t paying me.

I figured if I was going to write for free, I might as well do it for myself.  So, I started my own blog where I post x-rated excerpts every Friday.  Wonderslut and her sidekick, The Hard-Driving Piston of Love, aka Jason, take the fourth Friday of the month.  If you’d like to check it out, visit

http://www.alicesexcerpts.blogspot.com on Fridays.

Only, please, don’t take anything seriously.  Don’t tell me about plot holes or inconsistencies.  I’m not interested.  As long as it’s funny and sexy, I don’t care.  To borrow from Mystery Science Theatre 3000, “remember it’s Wonderslut.  You should really just relax.”

I think on some level I’m embracing my inner Wonderslut, and I couldn’t be happier.  She’s an awesome lady.

If you’d like to join my mailing list, please e-mail me at authoralicegaines@gmail.com.  In May, I’ll be raffling off this hand-crocheted stole (made by moi).DSCN0321

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