Resisting Pressure

Sweet Revenge Cowgirl Style–Rhonda Lee Carver

Friends, family and I decided to say farewell to summer in a BIG way. We rented a cabin by the lake for the weekend. Girls got the cabin and boys popped up tents. After an evening of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, the girls went back to the cabin. As we all started to drift to sleep, I heard footsteps and the bathroom light came on. Ten seconds later a loud scream came with someone running through the cabin. We all jumped up, scared and wondering what in the hell just happened. My cousin was screaming, “Snake! Snake! There’s a snake in the bathroom!” A few of us, the braver ones, tiptoed to the bathroom door (as if the snake was an intruder of the human sort). Sure enough, there was a snake by the toilet. However, this was of the rubber kind and not real. We knew immediately this was the doing of mischief men. We stayed up half the night plotting and planning revenge…especially for my cousin who had peed herself when she jumped off the toilet.

Early in the morning, the men were heading down to the lake with their fishing poles. They were chatting quietly about the weather, coffee, and of course, the joke they’d played on the ladies. There were five of them, big, brawny men who had no clue they were about to face revenge. Up ahead on the trail one of them spotted something in the weeds. As they got closer they stumbled upon a dead body. Screams were heard (yes, screams), shouts and cursing. I stumbled out of the woods, my clothes covered in blood (ketchup) with my butcher knife held high in the air, yelling, “Who’s next!” Three ran and the other two, pale-faced, were up against the tree clinging like molasses.

Once the “dead body” rose up, laughing, and I joined her in hysterics, they realized what had happened. Trust me, we have it recorded so they’ll never forget how we got the best of them.

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Blurb: After one memorable night with a cowboy, Violet Stone has tried her best to forget rodeo star, Keefer Lane. His chiseled jaw, strong arms and sex appeal remain in her dreams, but some things aren’t meant to be. They’re both from different worlds—wanting different things. As a nurse, she’s dedicated her life to helping people survive and he’s a bull-riding, adrenaline junkie who puts his life on the line every time he steps into the arena.

Months later, she runs into him and the tension remains. His arrogance hasn’t curtailed. He believes he can flash a dimpled smile and the world falls at his feet, but she isn’t one of his buckle bunnies. In regular Stone fashion, she angrily teaches him a lesson with a flash of her own ‘assets’, but eventually the tables turn and she gets a large dose of her own medicine…cowboy-style.

As Keefer embarks on a new life outside of the rodeo circuit, he isn’t sure about much except for one thing—Violet. He has a hankering to touch, taste, feel her again, but she’s playing hard to get. His charm might catch her attention, but that doesn’t mean she’ll land back in his bed, although he’s waiting with open arms.

He’s heard tales about the Stone women. They’re nothin’ but trouble, but he’s always enjoyed a challenge. He’s stayed atop a bucking bull for eight seconds, but nothing has prepared him for the ride he’s in for with Violet. He’s ready for the most dangerous ‘ride’ of his life. This time he’s holding onto the rope and never letting go.


He reached around her, dragging her off her feet. She gave a slight squeal and then laughed. He carried her into the other room and laid her in the middle of the comforter. He stood at the edge, his body hard, wrapping his fingers around his sex and pumping the length. Her belly quivered and she couldn’t keep her legs still or her toes from curling. She wanted him…now!

“Lift your arms, sweetheart, high above your head.”

Not sure where this headed, she did as requested, lifting her arms, stretching them until the tips of her fingers touched the headboard. Her breasts thrusts forward, her nipples tight and tingly. “You’re so damn sexy,” he said on a rough exhale of breath.

“Come here, cowboy.”

He lowered himself next to her and droplets of water from his damp hair splashed onto her sensitive breast. He kissed her neck, licking a heated trail over her flesh. She lifted her chin to the side, giving him better access to the spots where she craved his touch.

“Mmm…taste like sugar too.” He murmured against her skin while extending each nipple, tugging and rolling the pearl. “I bet you could almost come with me sucking these.” He blew on one nipple.

She arched her back, wanting more of this magical pleasure. “Yes.”

“How much do you like this, sweetheart?”


“Tell me, baby. I need to hear.” He continued sweet torture with his fingers on her breasts.

“I can’t get enough of your touch.”

“I could do this all  night,” his voice quaked.

“I think I would melt away.”

He chuckled. “And I’d lap you up.”




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