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One woman. Three Men. One deserted island. What’s a woman to do?

Blurb: Sheltered all her life as the daughter of an ambassador, Emma Labonte boards a small plane on a trip from Australia. One hijacking and a plane crash later, she finds herself on a deserted island and stranded with three different yet equally sexy men. With no hope for rescue, the four begin to carve a semblance of a life in their tropical setting. Closeness breeds curiosity, and naive Emma begins to wonder what it would be like to be loved by these three men. The adventurer Jack, Toby the intelligent doctor, and shy English professor Steve–each carve a special place in her heart. When her three men launch seduction in the South Seas, how can she resist?




Steve sat up higher in the water, and to her amazement, he grabbed his large penis in his hand. The tip looked every bit as soft as Jack’s. He pulled his hand up until the skin covered the tip of his cock. Emma licked her lips, wondering what he would like her to suck his cock like Jack said men enjoyed.

She glanced at Toby, who sat closest to her. The veins in his cock seemed to pulse as his hips rose from the water. This was amazing. Maybe she could get all three to take care of themselves at the same time. She stepped from behind the boulder.

“So this is where you guys go at night.” She stepped closer to the pond.

As one, the men jerked in her direction.

“Emma, what the hell?” Jack yelled, sliding down into the water, making sure to hold his cigar in the air.

Steve followed suit until the water reached his neck. Toby dropped his cigar in the sand behind him and cupped his hands over his cock before jerking into the pond.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Jack asked, giving her a glare that should have sent her scurrying back to the plane.

She smiled at the men, ignoring their shocked and dismayed looks. She came closer. If the light was better, she might get a closer glimpse of Toby and Steve’s penises—if Toby wasn’t hiding his beneath his hands.

“I found this place this afternoon and realized this is where you must be sneaking off at night to…” she looked at each man individually, “relieve yourselves.”

Steven groaned and dunked his head under the water. Toby gulped and slid to the bottom of the pool. To her surprise, Jack also slid deeper into the water. She thought that after what happened this morning he wouldn’t be embarrassed.

“Fuck it, Emma,” Jack glared at her. “You were spying on us.”


“You listened while we talked about you.”

Steve took a gulp of air when he surfaced. Emma thought he looked as if he were going to cry.

“Come on, you guys.” She stepped to the edge of the pool, picked up a can of brandy, and took a small sip. “Obviously you’ve discussed me before this, or you wouldn’t have come up with your plan to have sex with me.” She raised her eyebrows and peered into the water as she walked around the edge.

“Emma, dammit, stop staring,” Jack complained.

“It’s not anything I haven’t seen before, Jack. Remember?”

“How can I forget, but this is different.”


He jammed the cigar into his mouth and clenched his teeth around the end. “Hell, I don’t know, it just is.”

“Well, I’ve seen enough, anyway. And all I can say is…” She turned to leave and then looked over at their expectant faces. “Wow.”

For a few seconds, no one said anything but simply stared at her. Then Steve snorted, and Toby snickered. Jack yanked the cigar from his mouth and roared.

“Well, hell,” Jack said between bouts of laughter.

Emma smiled and headed back to camp, thoughts of what was to come making it difficult to think and walk at the same time.



Anita has been writing for only a few years, although she’s been an avid reader of romance since her teens. Four years ago she attended a romance convention as a reader. A deeply-planted seed she nurtured to write romance, started to grow. The second and third years, Anita went as an aspiring author. This year she will be going as a published author.

Anita has her Masters’ Degree from a Wisconsin University and works full-time in Southern Wisconsin and squeezes in her writing during breaks and after work. Because of her public job, she chooses to write under a pen name. In her spare time she likes to read, garden, hike, bike, and spend time with her family and friends. She is working on another book for The Wild Rose Press.


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Guest Author – Renee Vincent!

Award-winning and bestselling authors from Turquoise Morning Press share their favorite contemporary romance heroes – all boxed up for you in one sexy and irresistible package!


From a sexy carpenter to magnetic CEO, a rough-and-ready cowboy to a “homeless man,” a classic car buff, a starving artist, a Latin-style dancer, and an FBI agent – each unique hero has his own story to tell, and a heroine who just can’t forget him. Ever.

 With an introductory promotional price of only 99¢,

how can you resist this unforgettable boxed set, either?




Release date:  January 30, 2014 Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press

ISBN: 978-1-62237-258-4

Format: Ebook only

Available at:  Amazon | B&N | Kobo | All Romance Ebooks | Smashwords | Bookstrand


Promotional Price: $0.99

Retail Price: $4.99 (April, 2014)



Eight Contemporary Romance Novels


WILL WORK FOR LOVE by Amie Denman, EPIC Award and Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence finalist. Hurricane Destiny leaves a trail of destruction across the island of St. Thomas, jeopardizing the wedding of Whitney Oliver’s best friend. When Whitney arrives on the island, she finds a disaster only a sexy carpenter like Chris Maxwell can repair. Despite the sizzle between them, Chris has secrets that threaten his construction business and force him to work for Whitney’s love.


THIS MAGIC MOMENT by Bobbye Terry, award winning author of contemporary, historical and fantasy romanceZack Graham, CEO of Scrumbles Snack Cakes, is energetic, magnetic and forget it—no women for him, except to relieve an occasional sexual itch. He’s a workaholic who refuses to let a woman make a fool out of him again. But what about Crandall Drake, the CEO of Pretzelicious Pretzels? He tells himself all he wants is sex. His heart tells him it wants more.


HER HIRED MAN by Cat Shaffer, Golden Heart finalist and award-winning journalist.

Hot nights, a double sleeping bag and a stranger for a husband…how much can one city girl take? Lillian Osborne needs a husband for a weekend. Wesley Hatfield needs money to customize his beloved classic car before Detroit’s biggest auto show. The perfect agreement turns out to be anything but when their accommodations turn out not to be what Lillian had expected.


SINS OF THE FATHER by Janet Eaves, Amazon bestselling author of the Ladies of Legend contemporary romance series. Just like the Princess in the classic tale Sleeping Beauty, Aurora’s life doesn’t really begin until her heart is awakened by a handsome struggling artist. But with her life in danger, Aurora must hide who she really is. Unbeknownst to her, her struggling artist isn’t who he appears to be either…. Friend, lover, or foe?

HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO by Jennifer Johnson who writes comedic romances so entertaining even guys read them. Author of the TMP top-selling Rescuing RileyAbigail Benton is a bum magnet, according to her dad, so when she becomes attracted to Eli, a homeless man at the community center where she works, she wonders if what her dad says is true. But when Eli saves her life, Abigail decides she is going to return the favor and save his life by turning it around. Trouble is, Eli isn’t on board with her plan.


RAWHIDE AND ROSES by Maddie James, Amazon bestselling author of contemporary and western romance. She’s roses, he’s rough-and-ready rawhide. Kim Martin is hardly equipped for a Colorado camping trip, especially when her mountain guide is a rough-edged cowboy who is as untamed as the wilderness. Thad Winchester’s patience for city women is wearing as thin as the seat of his jeans. But there is something about Kim that puts his hard-and-fast don’t-touch rule to the test.

LONG DISTANCE LOVE by Margaret Ethridge, contemporary romance fan favorite and TMP top-selling author of Commitment. Sometimes the distance between two hearts can be measured in frequent flier miles. Love may be a many splendored thing, but it’s rarely convenient. Can FBI Agent Jack Rudolph and fiercely independent Ellie Nichols find a way to make a long distance relationship work?


SILENT PARTNER by Renee Vincent, award winning author of historical and contemporary romance.

Grayson Anders is a talented Latin-style dancer and wealthy co-owner of a happening nightclub. Chloe LaRoche is a talented artist, but failing entrepreneur with her once thriving studio now on the brink of foreclosure. When the two indulge in a passionate, out-of-control, one night stand, they awaken the next morning consumed with inspiration. Grayson finds his perfect dance partner while Chloe finally finds her muse. Will her secret destroy both their dreams?

Author Bio:

I’m an author, a dreamer, a horse owner, and a medieval history buff. I’m a fun-loving, mildly eccentric, free-spirited kind of girl with a passion for books. From an early age, I’ve always had scenes playing out in my head. Whether it was a story with a moral or a tale with a twist, those ideas have never let me sleep until I wrote them out. And considering I have an eclectic ensemble of stories swarming in my brain at any given time, I write under a couple pen names to accommodate the various genre categories.

rv logo

Renee Vincent

(Historical & Contemporary Adult Romance)

From the daunting, charismatic Vikings, to the charming, brazen Alpha male heroes of modern day, you’ll be whisked away to a world filled with fast-paced adventure, unforgettable romance, and undying love.

also writing as

Gracie Lee Rose

(Lighthearted, Fancy-free Women’s Fiction/Chick Lit)

For those who love to read fun, wholesome, and endearing romantic stories (with a smidgen of spunk) that your mother, sisters, friends, and daughters can enjoy.

Connect with me at:

And get EXCLUSIVE access to all my giveaways by signing up for my author newsletter:

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~*~*Welcome Anne Conley~*~*

GamblingonLoveSmallerSize (2)



Gambling on Love, the sixth installment of the Stories of Serendipity by Anne Conley is a Valentine’s Novella.  All of the books in the series, while revisiting some of the characters, are intended to be stand-alones, so they can be read out of order.  This book is the continuation of Kathy and Luke’s story, which began in Chef’s Delight.




Wanted: someone to donate sperm the old fashioned way to create my child without emotional attachments.  Must pass a health check.  Must pass interview.  Interested parties please meet at the McDonal Hotel at 11:00 am on March 1.  If chosen, will need to pass a STD screen.  Chosen applicant will be monetarily compensated upon positive pregnancy test.

Kathy is thirty-four years old, and her biological clock is tick-tick-ticking away.  When she breaks off her long distance relationship with Luke because of his reticence to take the relationship to the next level, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Luke didn’t mean to drive her away.  He just made a mistake.  He had a plan.  And apparently his grand Valentine’s Day proposal wasn’t going to cut it.   Luke is desperate to stop Kathy before she makes the biggest mistake of her life, but will he get to Vegas in time?

Seecondary characters from Chef’s Delight, Kathy and Luke continue their story in this new installment of Serendipity.



“Hi there…”  The sexy voice caught her attention, and Kathy’s eyes took in the tall drink of water in front of her.  He was rocking a pair of brown leather pants, and a skin tight, baby blue tee shirt, showing off a rippling torso and tattooed biceps that could melt the panties off Mother Teresa.

“Hi.”  She shook his hand, reminding herself to firm up her grip, show some assertiveness.  But the warmth in his hand traveled up her arm to her face, and she felt his gaze on her intensely.

He smiled a flirtatious grin, and she saw even, white teeth, making a mental note to ask about his dental history, whether it was natural or if he’d had a lot of expensive orthodontia to get that beautiful smile.  Luke had worn braces as a teenager, but the whiteness of his teeth was all natural.  Focus, Kathy.

She motioned for him to have a seat, and he slid into the booth across from her with the grace of an athlete, so her first question was, “Do you play any sports?  What are you good at?”  She flipped to a new page on her notebook, after making a brief note about the Jesus Freak, and waited patiently for his answer.

His eyes slowly consumed her while he composed his thoughts.  “Well, it all depends on what you’d consider sport.  But I do have incredible stamina, or so I’ve been told.”  A deliberate smile spread across his face, and Kathy looked down at her paper in an attempt to conceal the flush she knew was taking over her face.  This guy was forward.

“Okay…Any medical history?  Food or drug allergy?  History of illness?  Cancer?  Heart Disease?  Weird genetic stuff?”

He shook his head leisurely, side to side, in a hypnotic rhythm as Kathy spoke.  His hand reached for hers, and she found herself watching, trance-like, as his finger made little swirly designs on her palm.

“Ahem.  ‘Kay.  Are you clean?  As in STD’s?  Of course, we’ll be tested, if you pass the first two rounds of questioning.”

“Why all the questions?  Why not just pay me and get it done.  I can make sure it’s pleasurable for both parties.  It’s what I do.”  His finger continued tracing lines on her palm, sending little shivers up her arm.

She was prepared for some men to ask why she asked her questions, but the second part of his statement gave her pause.  “Excuse me?”

“Why do you need to know all this stuff for one amazing night?”

“So that I can know that I’ve done all I can to have a healthy child.  If you have a history of men dying in their thirties of a heart-attack in your family, you’ll drop down on the list.”  She waved her hand impatiently with her explanation, releasing his grip.  “What did you mean, it’s what you do?”

His smile was seductive.  “I do this all the time, although I’ve rarely had so many questions thrown at me on the first round.  Sure, some people are nervous, if it’s their first time, but I can make you forget your nerves.”  His knee rested against hers now, and distracted her further.  She shook her head to clear the lust fog this man was putting her under.

“You’re a prostitute?” Kathy sputtered.  She wasn’t surprised; this was Vegas after all.  She’d heard they were everywhere.  But she’d never really thought male prostitutes looked so…so…hot.

As if he could read her thoughts, his mouth curled into a smirk before he replied, “I prefer the term escort.”

Kathy thought about that.  If worse came to worse, it was a possibility, but she really didn’t want to have to tell her child that their father was someone who regularly got paid for sex.  Never mind that she was stooping to pay someone to father her child, but it was the principle of the thing.  She made a notation and looked at the man again.

“I have your number and will call you if no other suitable men are to be found.”

He nodded and stood.

“By the way, how much do you charge?”  He told her, and she nearly choked.  It was three times what she’d been planning to pay.  And she’d thought she was being generous.


Author Bio:  Anne Conley lives in a small town in East Texas not unlike Serendipity, with her husband, two kids and numerous goats.  She brazenly stole her pseudonym from her great-grandmother, a true pioneer woman who raised seven kids alone: churning butter, plucking chickens, kitting clothes, and putting coal oil on every visible wound.  Anne’s Stories of Serendipity feature real people, living life and finding love in a small town.  She also has a Paranormal Romance series, the Four Winds, about archangels “falling” in love and coping with turning into humans.  Her writing is escapist therapy, and she succumbs to it every chance she gets.




Anne Conley

Contemporary Romance Author
FREE Novel!  Amazon:
Barnes and Noble:
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Guest Author – Afton Locke!

Stripper With Spice


Thank you for hosting me today. I’m excited to talk about the spice PARSLEY, and my latest release, Stripper With Spice, a contemporary erotic romance.

Passionate Parsley

Remember parsley, the garnish you used to find on every plate when you ate out? Today, garnishes vary from restaurant to restaurant, but when I was a kid, it was a staple. I wasn’t very interested in food those days, so I used to play with the parsley, twirling it in my fingers and pretending it was a tree. I even nibbled on it, intrigued by the strange, bitter taste.

The Romans used to use it in garlands for athletes. Not a bad idea. The vivid green would be a nice visual contrast to the bloody gore of the gladiator arena. Today, I enjoy various forms of exercise and work out regularly each week to try to keep in shape. It’s a nice break from all the computer work I do. In school, however, I hated sports and dreaded gym class: the running, the ridicule at my less-than-stellar abilities, the smell of sweat, and the ugly uniforms. Need I say more? The closest I ever came to dating an athlete was in college where I got together with a former high school football player. One day, he decided I should give up dessert, so he gave me a container of “healthy” muffins. Instead of sugar, they contained various fruity globs that reminded me of a fruitcake gone wrong. Are you kidding me? Give up real dessert and, God forbid, chocolate? No, not for any man.

Now that I’m grown up, I’m much more interested in hard male bodies than parsley. Like my peers, I drool over sexy pictures on Facebook. The bigger the biceps and the deeper the contours of the six-pack abs, the more we squirm in our seats. What we may not realize is how much work and discipline goes into those bodies. Diet is key too. For instance, did you know that eating too much salt can wash out a set of abs faster than a wave over a sand castle?

In my story, Janice gets a close-up glimpse of Carlos’s dedication to being in shape. She even sweats it out with him one night at the gym. Working out isn’t so bad when the reward is a romp in the shower afterward, but sometimes physical attraction isn’t enough. Carlos and Janice have a few things to work out in their minds and hearts first.


Stripper With Spice

Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Release Date:  10 January 2014
eBook ISBN #:  978-14199-49050
Buy eBook:
tuned for reviews and more:


Watch the Book Trailer:



Getting back on her feet after unemployment, Janice treats herself to an erotic-romance convention. After winning a two-hour fantasy date with Carlos Aguilar, a young stripper, she decides to have a one-time fantasy fling.

When Carlos entices her back to the bedroom—and a few public places—for more sizzling sex, he unleashes her passions, including a secret desire to be a chef. Janice learns there’s more to this heartthrob than a hot body, but job security comes first.

To convince her he’s more than a fantasy, Carlos teaches her trust with his body. But when that trust is finally tested to the limit, she’ll be torn between clinging to safety and taking a chance on a whole new life.

Excerpt (explicit)

Stripper With Spice – Copyright © AFTON LOCKE, 2014 – All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

I chose you.

He looks and sounds so serious and honest, how can I not be completely convinced? His words echo inside my head as he grips both sides of my face and lowers his mouth to mine in slow motion. The thrill bubbles return to my bloodstream as if the elevator cable has just snapped, dropping us to the basement.

Unlike last night’s, this kiss is slow and full of promise. He samples my mouth as if we have all the time in the world. A flash of mint-flavored tongue pierces my soul, tearing a moan from my throat. With one hand still on the button, I raise my other to his shoulder. Feeling the bare, hot skin there fuels my desire, pushing me dangerously close to the edge of self-control.

“Do you want this as much as I do, Janice?”

God, yes. I need more…all of you.

I reply by sliding my hand across the tiger-striped fabric over his back. The warm satin, with muscles moving under it, is just as sexy as bare skin. His hips dance against mine—rubbing, thrusting and teasing. My fingers move to the worn waistband of his jeans at his side, wanting to pull them off. My body throbs, needing him as I’ve never needed anything before.

When he pulls my finger off the close-door button, the door opens to reveal an annoyed looking family of five waiting to get on. The parents, obviously noticing Carlos’ wild vest and our heavy breathing, exchange a disgusted look.

Carlos takes my hand and leads me off the elevator. My heart races as we walk down the corridor. Luckily, the carpet absorbs the trembling in my legs so it doesn’t make a sound.

He stops at one of the doors. I fixate on the way he slides his keycard from his back pocket and inserts it into the door reader. It’s something I’ve done myself a million times without thinking, but this is different. This is foreplay.

The door responds with a little click and a flashing green light. I guess we just got the green light for wild, hot sex. My heart accelerates even more. If it goes any faster, he’ll have to call a paramedic. I can read the headline now.

Boring financial analyst dies from anticipating sex with a hot cover model.

I check my watch. Fifteen minutes have passed.

“We still have plenty of time.” He ushers me inside and closes the door behind me.

The room is completely dark because the drapes are drawn. It’s as if we’ve entered a private cave, hidden from the world. This is it, I think as Carlos flips on a dim lamp. We’re really going to do this. We’re going to have sex.

“Come in and make yourself comfortable,” he says.

I stay where I am but gaze around the room, noticing with approval how neat he is. His clothes hang in the closet and his toiletries are laid out on one corner of the sink. The smoky-brown bottle probably contains the mysterious mesquite scent. I wish he were a slob so I could tell myself it would never work between us.

It doesn’t take long for my attention to stumble across the centerpiece of the room, the large bed. Is it another stage? Is the perfectly pressed red cover the curtain? Unlike the platforms we shared for the photo shoot and lap dance, this one is completely private.

What if he doesn’t like my performance?


Coming Soon

Rock My Boat

Workaholic CEO Rhonda Simms embarks on a Caribbean cruise to create an ad campaign for a big maritime freight client. She finds it impossible to concentrate, however, when Simon Mann, a blue marlin shifter, sets his sights on her. From a private, hands-on safety briefing to a wild ride in the ocean, he rocks her ordered world.

Simon drowned years ago in a shipwreck caused by Rhonda’s client, and he’ll do anything to be a normal man again. As his mate, Rhonda is the only person who can help him.

Tired of being so responsible, Rhonda is ready to let loose with a shipboard fling. Mating with Simon could cost a lot more than her virginity, however. Will she stick to her present course or will she let this sexy alpha rock her boat?

This story will be part of the Tall, Dark & Alpha boxed set, which will release 10 March 2014.



Where readers can find me

Web site:



Newsletter – The Love Chronicle:





This post is part of the Stripper With Spice Blog Tour.

The grand prize for the tour is the winner’s choice of a wall-mountable black scroll spice rack or The Spice Lover’s Guide to Herbs and Spices book (U.S. shipping address only).

To be eligible, COMMENT on this post. The comment MUST relate to the spice I’m posting about in at least ONE of these ways:

1) How you cook with it or use it in food OR

2) How you use it as a natural remedy OR

3) How it reminds you of a particular man or intimate encounter


The tour winner will be announced at on January 18th.


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Guest Author – Afton Locke!

Under Holly’s Stockings



Thank you for hosting me today. I’m excited to talk about the sexiest holiday gift I ever received, and my latest release, Under Holly’s Stockings, a holiday erotic romance.


The Sexiest Gift

The sexiest Christmas gift I ever received was lingerie from Victoria Secret. I’ve received lingerie from men on various occasions. Often, we go to the store together so I can help pick it out. Imagine my surprise, when a man I’d being going out with for a few months gave me an entire box of lingerie that all fit perfectly!

In keeping with the holiday theme, it was red and white. White stockings, red garters and bra. You get the picture. I loved the stuff so much I became a Victoria Secret customer. Unfortunately, the lingerie outlasted the relationship, but I couldn’t look at it without remembering the person who gave it to me. Something we buy ourselves is just an inanimate object, but a gift is so much more.

Holly has her own pair of stockings in my story. They symbolize sexiness, of course, but like my gift they mean a lot more than sex. A stocking is a covering and a layer. To get to the true woman, it must eventually be peeled away. As the old saying goes, getting there is half the fun. What was your sexiest gift?


Under Holly’s Stockings

Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Release Date:  11 December 2013

eBook ISBN #:  978-14199-49340

Buy eBook:

Stay tuned for reviews and more:



After being stood up at the altar last Christmas, Michael dreads the holiday. When a woman wearing sexy red stockings on the subway propositions him with a day of sex, seems there’s no time like the present to get back into the spirit of the season!


Having just lost her mother, Holly will do anything to avoid being alone on Christmas. But when Michael arrives, nothing goes as planned. Despite the joy of exploring each other’s bodies with all the holiday trimmings, her emotions get in the way.


When Michael realizes the way to get under Holly’s stockings is through her heart, he’ll have to put the ghosts of his Christmas past to rest.


Excerpt (explicit)

Rose, Exposed – Copyright © AFTON LOCKE, 2013 – All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

When a westbound metro train on the orange line came to a screeching stop in Rosslyn, Virginia, Michael Tyler hurried inside and grabbed a seat near the window. Thank God there’s no music in here, he thought as he placed his briefcase by his feet on the orange carpet. If he heard one more tired Christmas song, he swore he’d be ill.

Everywhere around him people rattled shopping bags. Women chattered about the gifts they’d bought for their kids, or what they planned to cook for Christmas dinner. Year after year, it was the same old thing. Wasn’t anyone else tired of it by now?

Michael loosened his tie with relief when the doors closed and the train glided into motion. The sooner he got home, the sooner he could get this rotten holiday over with.

At the next stop, he blinked with surprise when a tall girl fell into the seat next to him. It was a miracle she didn’t drop all of her bags in the process. Who in their right mind did all their shopping on Christmas Eve? If he had decided to celebrate this holiday, he would have shopped online at least a month early.

“Hi! Merry Christmas!” she announced with sickening cheer.

Disgust rolled through his stomach. Why hadn’t he put his briefcase on the seat? Without looking at her, he returned the greeting in a tone of voice that warned her to mind her own business.

He noticed she had long, black hair and kissable lips coated with shiny, red lipstick. Her short, wool coat fit snugly, hinting at high, perky breasts.

Look away, damn it! But no, he had to torture himself with the reminder he hadn’t been with a woman in over a year. Her plaid skirt was so short he could hardly see it. What he did see were a pair of long, shapely legs encased in bright-red stockings. Lust, long dormant, kindled to life in his groin.

Maybe this was his Christmas gift. He could jack off in his condo tonight while he fantasized about those legs. After all, she was a complete stranger and looked nothing like Marcie…

He stared out the window, counting the lights passing by in the dark tunnel as the train pulled into the next stop, revealing an arched, honeycomb ceiling. The woman fussed with her bags, rattling them until Michael thought his head would explode.

A small, glittery Christmas ball rolled out of one of her bags, making a soft thunking sound on the carpeted floor.


The innocence of her voice aroused him more than a hand on his cock. He reminded himself she probably had a husband and five kids waiting at home. Doing his gentlemanly duty, he bent to pick up the ball for her.

At the moment, the train lurched into motion, causing him to fall across those warm, scarlet legs.

His nose filled with subtle feminine musk. Was it the soap she might have rubbed on her long legs this morning while she shaved them? Or was it the sweet aroma of her cunt, tucked inside that short skirt—a gift for him to open?

Hard and throbbing, his cock surged inside his trousers while he scrambled off her. He longed to spread those long legs and unroll the red stockings, inch by inch, down her legs. Instead, he allowed his palm to brush the back of one shapely calf.

With sweat coating his brow, he slumped against his seat. He definitely needed to jack off tonight. Repeatedly.

“Sorry,” he muttered. “Uh, did you manage to grab the ball?”

Her brown eyes glinted with mischief at his words and then saddened. “It rolled away.”

Her face, on the verge of crumpling, reminded him of a child who had just learned there was no Santa. Probably the same way his face had looked last year during the worst Christmas ever.

As if the lust weren’t enough to deal with, his chest swelled with something else. Protectiveness. For some reason, he experienced the sudden urge to turn the train car upside down to find her Christmas ball.

His stop wasn’t far away. He’d never see her again. Instead of the relief he expected, he felt regret.

“Looks like you have big holiday plans,” he found himself saying.

A brave smile battled with the sadness on her face as she nodded. “I’m going all out this year. It’s probably silly because I’ll be alone.”

He blinked with surprise. “You? Alone? I mean, that’s not so bad. I’ll be alone too…working.”

It was a half truth. He didn’t have to work tomorrow, but he’d brought home plenty of paperwork to get him through the day.

She glanced out the window as the train stopped again. “Oh! My stop is next. I have a proposition for you.”

Great. She must be a call girl. He might be horny right now but he wasn’t that horny.

With a trembling hand, she brushed back a long, silky lock of hair. “I don’t want to spend Christmas alone. Will you come to my apartment and celebrate the day with me?”

Indecision seized Michael’s throat. “I-I don’t even know you.”

She clasped his forearm. “I’ll make it worth your while.”


Coming Soon


Entrance to Ecstasy, my paranormal print anthology, will release from Ellora’s Cave on 24 December 2013.





Stripper With Spice is coming soon from Ellora’s Cave.


Getting back on her feet after unemployment, Janice Sullivan, a financial analyst, treats herself to an erotic romance convention. Winning a two-hour fantasy date with Carlos Aguilar, a young Mexican-American stripper, she decides to have a one-time fantasy fling.

When Carlos entices her back to the bedroom—and a few public places—for more sizzling sex, he unleashes her passions, including a secret desire to be a chef. Janice learns there’s more to this heartthrob than a hot body, but job security comes first.

To convince her he’s more than a fantasy, he teaches her trust with his body. But when that trust is finally tested to the limit, will she cling to safety or take a chance on a whole new life?




I’m excited to be part of the Tall, Dark & Alpha boxed set that will release in March 2014.

He makes your heart pound and melts your resistance away. He promises you a world of passion and you find it impossible to resist his dark charm. When he catches your eye across the room, you know he means business. He could be an executive, cop, shape shifter, or a bad boy looking for a little fun. Once he has you in his sights, you can’t get away—and after one sizzling night in his arms, you won’t want to. He’s Tall, Dark & Alpha. The alpha male is the ultimate indulgence…the richest dark chocolate…and we’re offering him to you in abundance.

Delve into the sensual worlds of award-winning authors: Randi Alexander, Koko Brown, Sam Cheever, Delaney Diamond, Eve Langlais, Afton Locke, Dawn Montgomery, Farrah Rochon, Paige Tyler, and Eve Vaughn. Immerse yourself in the alpha male experience.


Where readers can find me

Web site:



Newsletter – The Love Chronicle:




This post is part of the Under Holly’s Stockings Blog Tour.

The grand prize for the tour is a surprise pack of holiday stocking stuffers (U.S. shipping address only).

To be eligible, COMMENT on this post. The comment should include a memory about a holiday gift you gave or received — preferably related to the gift described in this post.

The tour winner will be announced at on December 16th.

What’s in YOUR stocking?

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Find Love in Sanctuary, Montana…

Find a little love in Sanctuary, Montana…

Sanctuary in Submission – Lara Valentine

Finding Sanctuary – Alicia White

Pleasure in Sanctuary – Melody Snow Monroe

Trust in Sanctuary – Corinne Davies

Splendor in Sanctuary – Jane Jamison

Secrets in Sanctuary – Zara Chase


The Sanctuary, Montana series is six books written by six different authors, but all six are part of one cohesive series. Similar to the Spirit, Colorado, and Sunset Point series both released by Siren Publishing, Sanctuary follows various characters of the town as they find themselves in ménage relationships. I asked the ladies of Sanctuary, how they felt about writing a group series and Melody was kind enough to share this insight…

After having had a wonderful experience working with such talented authors for our Spirit, Colorado series last year, we decided to do another collection—only this time, we wanted to have a more cohesive plot and added in a bit of more conflict. We chose to have two ranch families who’ve been at odds since the Civil War. It was great fun coordinating across all of the books.

Alicia White told it well, when she said, “Writing is generally considered solitary. Having the opportunity to write with other ménage authors has been incredible. I felt even more inspired when writing as a team.”

I speak for the rest of the team when I say it was a privilege to work with these ladies again. We added the talented Jane Jamison, and when one member had to step down, the wonderful Corinne Davies came to our rescue.

Take a moment to look at each of the six Sanctuary, Montana books and their authors. There is an enormous wealth of talent here and I for one can’t wait to read the series beginning to end!


Sanctuary - Lara ValentineSanctuary in Submission

Lara Valentine


Six  lucky women will find out that when men fight hard, they love even harder.
Aubrey Maxwell has had it with her men, Noah and Riley McLean. They’ve made promise after promise and broken every one.  She has no choice but to lay down the law and hope they toe the line.
Noah and Riley know they’ve screwed up, but they love Aubrey with all their hearts. It’s time to cowboy up and act like men. Old habits die hard, however, and soon they’re back in the dog house begging for forgiveness.
When Aubrey’s threatened by an admirer, keeping her safe becomes paramount. She’s not thrilled they’ve swept in and taken over her life, but they’re not taking no for an answer. Aubrey wants to believe her men will be there when she needs them, but she’s been burned so many times. It’s going to take a miracle to get her to trust them again.


Finding SanctuarySanctuary - Alicia White

Alicia White


Sophie Miller has lost hope.

She’s on the run from her violent ex-husband with her twelve year old daughter, Alice.  They end up heading to Sanctuary, Montana hoping that her ex won’t be able to find them. With money tight and feeling uncertain about the future, Sophie turns to the only person in town she knows and trusts… her cousin.

Mason and Alex McLean come from a wealthy family.

When Mason spots Sophie and Alice at the grocery store in town his protective instincts surface. There is just something about the sad woman that calls to him. Becoming her hero is easy, Mason does everything is his power to turn her frown into a smile, even offering her a job at his ranch.

Will Sophie be able to let go of the pain from her past? Will she ever be able to trust and love again or will her ex-husband run her out of another town.


Pleasure in SanctuarySanctuary - Melody Snow Monroe

Melody Snow Monroe

Six lucky women find out that when men fight hard, they love even harder.

When veterinarian, Dr. Hailey Hunter, takes a two-week stint in Sanctuary, Montana, she never expects to meet the men of her dreams. Ranch owner, Jackson Baldwin, not only is to die for sexy, he’s a man in control—that is until he finds out his father has cancer and his roommate, Tanner Crenshaw, has a thirteen-year-old son he just learned about.

Tanner is shocked to learn he has a son, but he’s determined to raise him and love him. Because the boy’s mother just died, the eleven-year-old attaches himself to Hailey. While she adores the boy, when her stint is up, she must find a full-time job as she has college loans to pay off. When she’s offered a job in another state, all hell breaks loose in Sanctuary, and she’s torn between earning money and being with the men she loves.


Trust in SanctuarySanctuary - Corinne Davies

Corinne Davies

As a forensic genealogist, Jocelyn Richards spends all her time delving into other family’s histories as a way to avoid dealing with her own. She’s quietly hired to find the information needed to put an end to a centuries old feud between the Baldwins and McLeans but never expected to find her future while investigating the past.

Eric and Matt Baldwin are cousins, who have grown up like brothers. Life in the fire department hasn’t been risk free. After an accident that almost claimed Eric’s life, they both moved back to their home town to build a future and train a new generation of firefighters.

Matt grew up with the firm belief in love at first sight. When they meet a woman in town to do research on a book, Eric is tempted to believe it too. But, there are more secrets to Jocelyn Richards then he first believes and when the feud flares to life again she is caught in the middle.  Will the history behind a centuries old feud drive them apart before they can create a future?


Splendor in SanctuarySanctuary - Jane Jamison

Jane Jamison

Six lucky women find out that when men fight hard, they love even harder.

Tatum Baldwin has loved Josh and Will McLean since high school. But the feud between the Baldwins and the McLeans means they’re off limits. When the McLean men come back into town, Tatum’s ready to make the move and claim them as her own. But what if her family finds out?

Will and Josh McLean are tired of sneaking around to be with Tatum. Yet family and the feud make it hard to go public. Just as they’ve finally convinced Tatum to take the risk, an unexpected discovery throws their world and their families into turmoil.

Will they keep their secret? But secrets have a way of coming out, especially when they’re buried in treasure.


Secrets in SanctuarySanctuary - Zara Chase

Zara Chase

Farah McLean is driven from Sanctuary, Montana, by the dispute that has raged for years between her family and the Baldwins, keeping her from the love of her life, Drew Baldwin.

A detective in nearby Billings, she returns home, having been shot in the line of duty, to find Drew is also back in Sanctuary, along with his buddy Isaac Kincaid. When she discovers that Drew left Sanctuary because of his feelings for her, their love for one another can no longer be suppressed.

Drew and Isaac share everything—including Farah—but their relationship can’t go anywhere without destroying their families, unless…with time and determination on her side, Farah uses her detection skills to delve into the origins of the dispute.

Will she be successful, and will the stubborn patriarchs of the two clans accept her findings, even if she is…


For a limited time, the whole series is being offered at Siren for a discount!

Purchase all six books here:

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Guest Author – Kirsten Blacketer

Please welcome guest author Kirsten Blacketer!





Lady Evelyn Montgomery, only daughter of the Baron of Rayne, detests the thought of marriage. She will never allow a man to control her.  Crushed by the constraints of propriety, she steals away from the safety of the keep and stumbles onto a plot designed to stir up trouble between England and Scotland. When a mysterious hooded man saves her, she fights her attraction to him as they join forces to hunt down a traitor and save her father. But can she save her heart?

Gabriel is a Shadow Guardian. Hiding beneath his black cowl and blending into the night, he is sworn to protect the Baron’s daughter. The spirited Lady Evelyn is far from the delicate flower he anticipated. She makes herself crystal clear, no man will possess her. Can he prove to her that love can be more than just possession? Or will the traitor they seek tear them apart forever?

The forest thinned into small, flat clearing. Gabriel dismounted and drew his sword, motioning for her to join him. Evelyn slipped from her saddle and unsheathed her own. Facing him on the field, she nodded.

Gabriel attacked, bringing his blade across to hit her left shoulder. She parried to the left to block him. He switched sides and swiped down toward her right shoulder. Evelyn countered with a parry to the right.

“Is this going to be challenging at some point?” Evelyn smirked.

Gabriel brought his blade across aiming for her left leg, which she blocked, then down to her right. She blocked again.

“Truly? You think me simple?” she asked.

He hesitated, then lunged. When she tilted her sword to parry to the right, he retracted, spinning around her to tap her bottom with the blunt of his blade. She shifted her heated gaze to him. His face was still darkened by the deep hood, but she could sense his amusement.

“That is trickery, a dirty move,” she exclaimed, tracking his movements.

“There is no such thing as a fair fight, so fight dirty,” he said. “Do you concede?”

“Nay.” Evelyn lifted her blade and charged him. He blocked her thrust, parrying to the right, pushing the momentum of the blade around to wrench it from her grasp. Throwing her weight into it, she stomped down on his foot with her heel and twisted it with all her strength.

He dropped back, slipping from her grasp and shaking his foot.

“You learn quickly, Princess.”



Buy Link:












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Guest Author: Edlyn Reynolds + A Gift Card Giveaway

Welcome author Edlyn Reynolds with her new book Ares!Edlyn Banner

Edlyn ReynoldsA trip of a lifetime, a journey to save herself led Ava to Greece. While looking through the ancient ruins there she realized a truth that so few truly grasp… That sometimes History isn’t always right, and what’s more, sometimes Myths are far more than just that. In possession of a Book that could end a Gods life she sees things that no other human could. She sees them. And of course being her, pisses one of them off.

The God of War. He’s not a warm and fuzzy kind of guy. He’s a God with an attitude, but worse, he’s a God that’s got zero sense of humor. Seeing Ava he is instantly fascinated by her, and pissed off beyond all reason the moment she opens her mouth. Too damn bad that mouth is so kissable.

Barely keeping himself from spanking Ava he leaves the young mortal to her own devices. Until a party. Dionysus is known for his lavish and over the top parties, as well as for forcing his brethren to attend and mingle with the mortals. Wouldn’t be such a bad gig, if Dion hadn’t invited the only mortal to make Ares blood heat.

Sparks fly but soon the God of War finds himself opening up to this little beauty an wanting more. That is until that Book was opened.

Now everything is in jeopardy. Will Ava get her happily ever after or will the God of War be a casualty in a War that he didn’t control?

* * *

Name:  Ares

Age:  Too old to bother counting

Job:  God of War

Interests:  Mayhem, war, danger, travel and my woman Ava

Describe yourself:  Tall, dark and dangerous. I take no shit, accept nothing at face value and am always watching for the knife coming at me from behind. I trust no one. Well, that was true until I met her. Ava, my Ava I trust with all I am and who I may come to be.

Pet Peeves:  Insolent humans and pink shirts. A real man doesn’t wear pink no matter how secure he is in his masculinity; it’s not a powerful color. Black, black is a damn fine color.

A little Q&A with the God of War

May I call you Ares?


Ares, is there anything you can tell me that no other knows?

I prefer red wine with a meal even if it is chicken or pork. White, while it has its purposes, isn’t as soothing to the soul as its darker, richer counterpart.

How did you first meet Ava?

She was taking a tour of some of the temples in Athens when I first saw her. We started to talk and then she insulted me so I left.

Uh, oh my. Well… I’m guessing the two of you reconciled since you’re both sitting here, how did that happen?

Thanks to my brother Dionysus. You may know of him, he’s a good guy. He was having a big party for the grand opening of one of his new hotels and arranged for Ava to be there. He’d invited me and, since he’s one of my few relatives I can stand for more than two seconds at a go, I agreed to come. I’ve never once regretted that decision.

Well, congratulations to you both. Any advice you can give to those looking for love?

Don’t be an idiot. If there is someone in your life who is important say so. Don’t wait for a better moment, seize it and step up or you will regret it for the rest of time.

Excellent advice, thank you.


Name:  Ava Von Maur

Age:  28

Job:  Currently between paying gigs

Interests:  Art, history and the amusing tidbits we mere mortals think we know about the Gods of Olympus

Describe yourself:  I always thought I was tall until I met Ares, but he makes me feel practically dainty. Dark hair, greenish eyes and my best feature would have to be my skin. It tans perfectly every summer and I got lucky, no blemishes. I’ve been told I’m sarcastic but I see it as just being witty and those of lesser intelligence sadly just can appreciate it.

Pet Peeves:  Candy packages that are too damn small. Really, you have to charge us an arm and a leg and then you only give us that miniscule amount, highway robbery!

A little Q&A with Ava

Anything you can share with us about Ares?

He’s a big old softie. He hates it when I say it but it’s true, at least for me. The rest of the beings in the universe aren’t so lucky to see it but I adore the fact I get to have something no one else has.

Favorite date you and he went on?

Oh, that’s a tough one. There have been a couple that have been so special. But I think the last one was pretty darn good and right near the top of the list. He took me to France and we went to this little place, off the beaten track where we had some of the best food ever. A little band was playing, soft and sweet music and he danced with me. He doesn’t do it often but every time he does its magical. The dancing I mean.

I would never have taken him for a dancer, nice tidbit to share.

He’s very light on his feet; he claims it’s from all those years of battle which I completely believe.

You said he’s light on his feet, has he ever come up behind you and scared the crap out of you?

More times than you know. It’s very irritating but he is trying to remember to make some sound, for me, even though it goes against all his instincts. How can I not love the big guy when he goes out of his way like that!


Word association game – Ares & Ava

All right, the rules are simple. I’ll give you both a word and I want each of you to say the first thing that comes to mind. Here we go…


Ava:  Romantic dinner

Ares:  Pillaging and looting


Ava:  My Ares

Ares:  Ava of course, and an instant kill shot

(Ava:  Well at least I came first.  Ares:  You always come first.)


Ava:  Any date with Ares

Ares:  A sunset, Ava and a blanket anywhere in the world

We will be back as soon as these two stop making kissy faces and cooing at one another… while you’re waiting click on one of the buy links for Ares, and get your copy!

Edlyn Reynolds Bookshelf:

JK Bookstore



All Romance Ebooks



Keep tabs on Edlyn and all of her books here:

Edlyn Reynolds


And we’re back. Thank you both so much for coming in for this, it was greatly appreciated. Any last words you’d like to share with our readers?

Ava:  You never know what is around the next corner, but always be ready for it might just be the perfect man to complete your life and make each day special and amazing.

Ares:  Keep your blades sharp, your guns oiled and always trust your gut. The instincts will always guide you best, whether in dangerous situations or in times of romance which can be equally dangerous actually.

Ava:  That isn’t true.

Ares:  Sure it is, I told you about what happened with Dion that one time right?

Ava:  Oh…right. Well, that was an isolated incident.

Ares:  Hardly

WOW! What a couple! Edlyn has been kind enough to offer up a $10 Gift (iTunes, Amazon or Bookstrand) as a prize to one random commenter, so leave your thoughts and your email!

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Welcome Guest Author: Willow Brooke!

Hey everyone! I know the 23rd is my regularly scheduled date to drive you mad with my creative meanderings, but today I’ve got a treat for you! A friend of mine is launching her publishing career with JK Publishing, so I wanted to share her with all of you! Without further ado, let me turn you over to Willow Brooke so that she can tell you how she ended up writing Rush Against Time…

Willow Brooke Banner


Hi 69 Shades readers!

When I began the Twisted Fate series, I had no intention of it going in the direction it ended up.  My ideas of creating a shifter/vampire series with a few other magical elements was soon overtaken by my muse, and ghosts and a few more darker elements were thrown into the mix.  I am usually a poonie when it comes to thriller type movies and books, which made adding more scary features a surprise!

The second book is going to incorporate a variety of paranormal and magical beings, without running away and going too far into left field.  I want to keep the characters and the setting somewhat grounded enough to allow the reader to say, “What if this really happened?”  There is nothing better than being able to fall into a world that leaves you wondering and day dreaming about the possibilities of fiction becoming facts.  Our world is full of unexplainable things, so why not make them fun?

From a fight between good and evil, there is always a grey area that is crossed into to no prevail.  Stepping too far into the dark can be catastrophic, but knowing how far to go is sometimes impossible.  Join me on a journey of heart stopping action, twitterpating love, burning desire, and an emotional ride that will keep you entertained until the last page!

Buy it on all of the major ebook retailers now!


Willow BrookeJessa Meadows is an average girl, living the average life…of a wolf shifter.  Following traditions is expected, and something she can’t bring herself to do.  Her first heat slams her into a hormonal, irrational P.M.S. hell that she fights with all of her might.  She refuses to give her virginity to the first mutt that comes along, however wrong or unheard of it is in the shifter society.  Jessa wants her first time to be special with the man she is fated to spend the rest of her life with.  The idea of falling on her back for the first horn dog that comes along makes her stomach turn.

The wolves come in herds, giving every corny and rude pickup line invented.  Fighting off the suitors and her agitated wolf proves to be more complicated than she had originally anticipated, until illness sets in and leaves her at her horny mutt’s mercy.

Logan Runningwolf has grown up with Jessa since birth.  When every man within sniffing distance overeagerly offers their services in every humorous and pathetic way possible, he moves in to chase them off and claim the girl who has held his heart since childhood.  When a single kiss awakens destiny, he vows to protect and claim his mate.

Damion Shaddow is a highly trained warrior and Beta of the wolf clan.  At the age of 29, he is a brick wall of pure muscle power and dominance.  Life has become a monotonous hell that has left a loneliness the normal, shallow quick fixes can’t fill.  He is in a rut, and needs to change something, fast.

When he catches sight of the sexy little minx stretched half-naked on the couch, his wolf lunges at his guards.  Confusion and anger well up in him at the realization the curvaceous beauty is Jessa, a silly shifter girl who used to tease and play jokes.  Desire spikes in ways he has never felt….

Gavin Blackard has waited centuries to find the one woman the universe has picked to stand by his eternal side.  When he finds Jessa in her dreams, his search is over.  He sees her growing more ill every day, and knows time is running out.

Before he can save her from the heat, his sister threatens the lives of hundreds and the balance of the universe.  He has to stop her before it’s too late, and save his one and only true love in a rush against time…..

Three chosen mates, one demonic premonition….  Can fate prevail and save the world?

Warning: MFMM

My links: add me on FB!!/willow.brooke.75/about  or visit my author page!


**Note from Lori: If you’re looking for the winner of my giveaway for Dreams of the Wolf check the comments on the post dated 8-16-13!***



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Guest blogger Rhonda Carver

Clean Sheets Are Overrated!     photo 179679_438116416207208_1496901193_n_zps9c9a19b2.jpg

Comment and enter to win an ebook copy of Second  Ride Cowboy (Book #2 of Second Chance Series). Please leave your email  address.

Sex in a bed is becoming less and less popular  in the books I write. Why confine your sex life to the bedroom when  you have the whole world to explore? Must I mention there’s something  exciting about doing the “naughty” in different places? Imagine  you and your lover getting home late one evening and as you’re both  walking down the hallway, you stop him, whisper a dirty-nothing in his  ear and there you two are…going at it like rabbits. Fast, furious  and surprising. Anything wrong with any one of those descriptions? Didn’t think so.

My characters can’t keep their hands off one another  in the kitchen. The smells are an aphrodisiac. Not every man I write  is a chef, but he knows how to work his lollipop. I like turning up  the heat and making a hot-spicy- a la-you. A little dash of steam, a  sprinkle of spice, a splash of juice–you have your own secret recipe.  How excited would you be if your partner wore a Kiss the Cook apron  and nothing else? Or, how about a “This Chef Nose His Stuff.” Imagine…a face and an inner pocket  where his “tool” fits inside and the nose grows? Yeah, a bit silly,  but I wouldn’t complain. Wouldn’t that make a great cover for a book?!?

I don’t think I’ve ever taken a shower without  a sinful thought coming to mind. The mixture of nudity, steam, water  and soap…oh my. I love sneaking off to the bathroom for a “washing  contest.” Have you ever played? Hmm…you’ll want to try. Lathering  each other’s body while pressed against the cold tiles with him behind  is a thrilling image, and feeling. Take extra time with his package–rinse  and repeat. Most men say they love the sensation of oral sex while having  the beads of water pounding their body. Sounds delish. Readers like scenes involving water, don’t they?  I’ve been known to thrust my characters into a lightning storm, thunder  in the distance and rain pouring down, soaking their bodies. Women are  sexy wearing a thin shirt, no bra, and wet. After all, wet t-shirt contests  are popular for a reason.

Tired of boring laundry? Who isn’t? Here’s an  idea–take off your clothes, throw them in the washer, then have a seat  on top. Warm things up during the rinse cycle with a little ride. Who  needs a vibrating bed?

Visit me: FB



Check out my latest release…

 photo SecondRideCowboy-eBookCover_zps032b5973.jpg

Second Ride Cowboy

Buy Link: Amazon


Riding is nice. But riding with a partner is  much more fun…    Duke McGraw learned the hard way that life can change in the blink of  an eye. Waking up from a coma, he wants nothing more than to ride back  into his life–but nothing is the same, not even Lila Sinclair. With  pride the size of Texas, Duke builds a wall of anger. Bent, not broken,  he climbs back into the saddle to see where the rocky trail leads him.     Lila loves Duke–always had, always will–but the wounds of tragedy  run deeper than physical. Confused by Duke’s emotional barriers, Lila  is at the end of her rope but refuses to lose hope. Tough and determined,  Lila’s out to lasso her cowboy. But will her nurturing heart be broken  again? A man like Duke comes with risks. When playing with fire someone  is bound to get scorched.     Some flames never die, and Duke and Lila’s connection is hotter than  hell. Temperatures rise on the ranch and horses aren’t the only thing  being ridden. When the future is at stake, choices must be made. Beyond  the scars and tragedy, will love rise again or will the second chance  be the last?


“If you don’t leave now, I won’t be held responsible  for what happens!” Every muscle in his body tensed.

“What are you talking about?”

Logical reasoning gone, he grabbed her hips and dragged  her against his body. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he whispered  as he dropped his mouth to hers. He pressed his lips against her, slipping  his tongue inside her mouth and tasting her sweetness. Every nerve ending,  every cell, charged alive. He was consumed with heat and need. If he  didn’t gather himself, he’d lose control.

He started to pull away, but her arms looped around  his neck and a moan escaped her, erasing any possibility that this would  end without fulfillment. He’d suffer the consequences later, for now  he wanted to fall into the madness and the unyielding connection that  drew them together.

Her fingers dropped to his waist and undid the button.  At the same time, he slid his hands down her slender body, to the hem  of her shorts and smoothed his palms across her silken thighs. In one  swift move, he lifted her until her legs were wrapped around his hips.  He took two steps to the bed and lowered her, keeping their bodies entwined.  He laid down on top of her.

He lifted his head and looked down into her bright  eyes. “Tell me to stop, and I will.” His words came out on a long  breath.

The tip of her tongue swept out and moistened her  bottom lip. “Stop now and I shall burn and disintegrate,” she whispered.

Lifting himself up on his knees, he unfastened her  shorts and removed them from her body, her pink panties followed. The  air left his lungs in bittersweet yearning. “Damn, you’re so beautiful.”  He ran his palm along the slight curve of her stomach and downward,  running his fingers across the apex of her thighs. Vanilla entwined  with the scent of sweet pussy enveloped his senses. His cock grew and  he thought he’d burst.

She must have read his thoughts. She unzipped his  jeans and pushed them off his hips, freeing his cock that stood full  and erect. He helped by sliding them further down his legs and gave  them a toss. Her fingers wrapped around him, pumping and milking, as  her hips churned in invitation. Urgency washed over him. It’d been long,  too long, and he searched for control. Managing his breathing and burying  his face into her chest, he counted ten. When the tightness eased some,  he buried his finger knuckle deep inside her silken opening. “You’re  fucking hot.”

“I want you, Duke!”

“Are you taking something, baby?” he asked against  her cheek. “Protection?”

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