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Alice Gaines_Kiss Frog_500x750For the next few weeks, my contemporary romance, Kiss the Frog is free at Amazon, Google Play, Apple, and Smashwords.  The book is the first in my Princes of Danislova series.






Pity sex with the shyest student in the lab?

That’s what Felice Larson’s friends have blackmailed her into. Dev VonRamsberg seems nice enough, if you can see past the hair that hangs in his face, the glasses, and the corduroy slacks. It’ll be embarrassing for her and possibly humiliating for him, but if Felice doesn’t follow through, the others will let their professor know she ditched on a critical research trip. So she borrows a key and lets herself into Dev’s apartment in the middle of the night and promptly gets the surprise of her life.

Christian Devlin Philippe Pascal VonRamsberg, Crown Prince, and Heir Apparent to the Throne of Danislova, has lusted after his co-student, Felice Larson, for months but hasn’t followed through because of his obligations back home. But now that she’s literally snuck into his bed, he takes full advantage, much to their mutual delight. Dev’s been hiding out in plain sight in the United States so he can get his graduate degree and enjoy a more or less normal life before he has to return to Danislova to fulfill his duties to his country. He never expected to fall for an American woman, but now that he has, how can he give her a happy ending?



The bedroom proved as unremarkable as the living room. Illumination also snuck in through the blinds here. The room held no more than a dresser, an end table, and a huge bed. For a guy’s place, it was all pretty tidy, as was the bathroom, at least from what she could see from a night light in there. The display of an alarm clock showed Dev himself lying face down against the sheet, the covers exposing a broad expanse of naked back. He slept in the nude? Interesting.

With no rational excuse to delay, she quickly kicked out of her shoes and removed her clothing. The air cooled her skin, setting up goose bumps along her arms. She shivered, although the air wasn’t really all that cold. Across the room, Dev’s soft breathing brought home the message. She’d soon cuddle up to his body. No matter how shy, he was still a man with a man’s anatomy and a man’s needs.

After pulling the strip of condoms from the pocket of her jeans, she approached the bed.

How had she never noticed Dev’s size before? Sure, he slumped, but she couldn’t have missed the fact that he was easily as tall as Ben. Though not as beefy as Ben, Dev nevertheless had shoulders as broad. The back she’d studied from across the room now appeared like an expanse of flesh, solid muscle with a furrow down the middle.

One of his hands lay splayed hear his head, the long fingers spread against the sheet. From this close, he didn’t resemble any kind of nerdling. dork, or geek she’d ever seen before. His hair had fallen back from his face, exposing a strong jaw, high cheekbones, and a pair of lips sculpted for sin. Only his long eyelashes suggested innocence.

She shivered again, although this time she didn’t try blaming it on the temperature in the room. He suddenly seemed so male and big and, well, desirable. A physical knowledge blossomed inside her body…the sort of communication that didn’t require words. Her sex clenched, grasping for something that it hadn’t had for months.

Wicked thoughts formed in her mind. What would those fingers feel like against her breasts, her nipples? Would he have a large tool? Would it stay hard for a good, long time before he came? Would she have the courage to show him how to make her climax?

Still clutching the strip of condoms, she lifted the covers and climbed into bed with him.


Christian Devlin Philippe Pascal VonRamsberg, the Crown Prince and Heir Apparent to the Throne of Danislova slept lightly. The trait had persisted in his family from centuries ago when missing the subtlest clues from one’s surroundings could mean death by any number of gruesome means. The threat no longer persisted, but vigilance still served him well. He’d realized the moment someone came into his room. The soft footfalls and the pitch to her breathing told him the intruder was a woman. Until she neared the bed, he hadn’t fixed her identity, but the moment he caught her scent, he recognized his visitor. Felice.

Fascinating. A woman only crept into a man’s bedroom for mischief, and with any luck, she’d come here with the best sort of naughtiness in mind. He’d held himself back from approaching this particular woman for months, and now she’d come to him.

Lying perfectly still, he allowed her to crawl into his bed and press her body against his. Her naked body. More and more fascinating. The perfume that belonged only to her surrounded him. Roses, with a hint of spice and musk. Whether it came from her soap or her cologne, the scent always drew him to her. And it always produced the same reaction. An embarrassing one for a classroom or the lab. It fit much better in his bed.

He’d already been half-hard from a dream that had evaporated the moment she woke him. Now, he swelled to full length and readiness. She could have only one reason to be here, obviously. He’d have to find out later why she’d taken it into her head to seduce him. He had more pressing matters to deal with now, namely, taking full advantage of what she offered. He’d do that, certainly. He’d give her a lot more than she’d bargained for.

Though he kept his eyes closed, he’d memorized her appearance well enough to picture how she looked lying next to him. Her straight, blonde hair would hang over her shoulders to the swell of the breasts that blue sweater of hers showed off to such good effect. In the dim light, the green of her eyes wouldn’t show, but he could imagine them glowing with the heat of arousal. And her pale skin would have flushed along her cheeks and throat. She always looked and smelled like a confection, one he’d finally get to enjoy, if only for tonight.

He smiled inwardly as she began some tentative explorations. Her breast nestled against his ribs, the nipple stiffening, as her hand wandered his back. Fingertips traced a path down the center to his waist and back up to the base of his skull. Her lips pressed against his shoulder and then traveled along the top to his neck. She had to stretch to reach his ear. Once there, she nibbled on his earlobe. Her breath went into his ear, and he let out an involuntary moan. Too late to pull it back. She must realize he was awake. He’d take over now.





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