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Bling Giveaway! Rhonda Lee Carver

I’m feeling a little sentimental this evening. Okay…I’ll admit it…I’m in tears. My daughter went to her first homecoming dance tonight. I walked her into the school, took pictures, and watched her walk away. I felt like I was reliving the first day of school  when she started kindergarten. No worries, I held my tears back on that monumental day, and today, until I reached the car. I wonder why I’m a blubbering fool? I also found myself teary-eyed when I wrote Resisting Pressure (Book 5, Rhinestone Cowgirls). I love these sisters. Each Stones is loosely created based on my dearest friends–minus details here and there. I wouldn’t give away any secrets. Resisting Pressure, Violet and Keefer, is an amazing story of life and love after baggage–or with baggage.  I hope you’ll love their story as much as I did writing it.


Who doesn’t love bling? In celebration of the release of Resisting Pressure, I’m having a 3-day bling giveaway. I want to adorn you with these beauties, so here’s what you must do…

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Here’s a treat for you. A short excerpt:

He turned and watched Violet slip from the cowboy boots. “So again, tell me how you ended up with boots. What happened to the heels?” He thought this should be good.

She grinned. “I ran into Edie in the bathroom and she said she liked my heels. So I exchanged them for her boots.”

He rubbed his jaw, his beard rasped loudly. “Do you do this often? Exchange something if someone likes what you have on?”

“Never before with a stranger, except for my sisters of course. Growing up was pretty cool having three sisters with awesome style. We traded all of the time. So tell me, did you know that Edie is…”

“With Buck? I thought it was pretty obvious. You didn’t?”

“Totally missed it. Until she told me.”

“You didn’t see the looks they shared?”

“No. I was oblivious. She was very appreciative for the heels and I was glad I made her smile. She even kissed me.”

“Yeah—huh?” He turned rock solid in a  flash. “She kissed you?”

“She did. In the bathroom. On the cheek. As a thank you for the heels.”

Innocent kiss or not, his cock responded like a jackhammer. He needed to take a breather or he was going to spew even before he got his jeans off. He was going to have sex with Violet Stone. Granted, it wasn’t what he was expecting, a one night rumble, but she had a sinful body with curves that deserved a man’s attention. Hair that hung long, he could only imagine how the silken curtain would feel against his bare skin. Goosebumps popped out over his flesh with the mere thought.

Tonight he would sink his body deep into hers and find a release that had been building since the first time he’d laid eyes on her.

He’d have to wrap his brain around the fact that their acquaintance went no further than tonight. He could handle that, he had no choice. He knew all too well how women like Violet could be, or what they needed. She didn’t want a man that was on a new path, finding his way. She wanted someone who was established, had money to buy her things. Hell, he couldn’t deny that she deserved a man that treated her like a princess, but he was juggling a lot at the moment.

He pushed the dismal thoughts from his brain. Now was not the time for thinking. He had a beautiful woman standing before him.

She sashayed across the room until they were close, her tongue sweeping out along her lips, making his gut tighten.  “I’ve been wanting your kiss.” Her voice had a tiny quake in it and he could see by the trembling in her bottom lip how nervous she was. They both knew they were on the precipice of something great that was about to happen.

“You can have as many as you want,” he told her in a voice that expressed the unsettling of his nerves. “I have to admit I’m feeling guilty.”

“For what?”

“For the first time in my life, I’m feeling guilty for having a one night stand.” He admitted easily. “Are you sure—”

She touched his mouth with the tip of her fingers and then slid them to his jaw. “No words are needed. I know you aren’t a womanizer and you should know that I don’t normally jump into things. Tonight, I want us to enjoy each other, enjoy this unexplained lure drawing us together.”




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