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Sable Hunter is a New York Times, USA Today bestselling author of over 60 books in 11 series. She writes sexy contemporary stories full of emotion and suspense. Her focus is mainly cowboy and novels set in Louisiana with a hint of the supernatural. Her aim is to write a story that will make you laugh, cry and swoon. If she can wring those emotions from a reader, she has done her job. Welcome to her world of magic, alpha heroes, sexy cowboys and hot, steamy to-die-for sex. Step into the shoes of her heroines and escape to places where right prevails, love conquers all and holding out for a hero is not an impossible dream.


Tomorrow is the official release day for all the RED HOT AND BOOMS – but mine and Ryan’s is out there in all of its spectacular red hot sexy glory


Lacy spends her time planning events at a country club. Her latest and greatest project is the big Fourth of July celebration. Fireworks lighting up the sky – Red Hot and Boom! She loves the excitement and the spectacular display of sparkles and heat gives her a thrill. The only problem is… Lacy has never had any fireworks of her own. Despite having to listen to her friends tell of their sexual escapades, she has never experienced the big ‘O’. According to the only man she’s ever given herself to, Lacy is frigid. Is something wrong with her or has she just not met the right man for the job

Jake is the manager of the golf course at the country club. He’s designing and overseeing a building project and the sight of him shirtless and sweating and flexing…has given Lacy ideas. Jake has a certain reputation of being able to handle almost any task he’s given. Rumors of his sexual prowess are legendary. Now, every time Lacy sees him working with his hands, doing some heavy lifting, his body gleaming with the sheen of exertion – she begins to hope that Jake can give her what no one else ever has. 

IF – she can just figure out how to ask him. But what Lacy doesn’t know is that Jake has ideas of his own. His outlook on love and life has been molded by the mistakes of his family. He doesn’t think true love exists, there’s just sex. Until he meets Lacy. This Fourth of July celebration proves to have more explosions in store than those in the sky, for Jake sets out to prove that he can give Lacy exactly what she needs. In fact, Jake intends to show Lacy that what she needs – is him. 

Break out the fireworks and get ready to kick off your summer with this HOT new collection of Stories. Come With Me is part of the Red Hot and Boom! multi-author series. 

Here’s an hot excerpt – and I’ll give 3 away to a lucky random commenter – it’s just 99 cents for a limited amount of time and will be available on all venues. – All my books have went to itunes and such lately – i’m branching out. But thank you to all of my supporters – my sales have been better in the last month than ever before. 

Sable – your friendship means the world to me


“Hey.” Jake picked her up and swung her around the room. “I have my priorities straight.”

“I can feel something else that’s straight—and hard.” She ran her hand down between them and fondled his hard as steel erection.

“Find something you want?” He growled as he pushed himself helplessly into her palm.

She leaned over and nipped him on the neck. “I found something I need.”

“Oh! I see!” Jake whooped. “I’ve created a monster.”

He set her on her feet and they began tearing at one another’s clothes. It was as if Lacy was trying to make up for lost time and he was more than happy to enable her in this quest. Hands, lips, tongues, they feverishly caressed and kissed as they shed the last few pieces of clothing and stood before one another for the first time—naked. There was no fault in her, none. “My God, you’re perfect!” Jake ran his hands down her body, learning and memorizing every delectable curve.

“I don’t even know what to do with you,” Lacy confessed as she allowed her palms to trace his pecs, his abs, then down to cup his cock and balls.

“Love me,” he said before he realized it. “Make love with me.” Jake realized at that moment, he’d never said those words to a woman before.

Lacy actually whimpered, stood up on her tiptoes and launched herself into his arms. “I want that too.”

He caught her to him, then walked her backward until she was pressed against the door. “This is going to be fast. I’m too far gone. You drive me crazy.”

Lifting her leg, he stepped between them and rubbed his cock head into the moist heat of her vagina, much as she had their first time together. But this time, he was in charge. And he liked it that way. Over and over again, he dragged the wide sensitive head of his dick up and down her slit, rubbing against her pussy lips, coating himself with cream, bumping and humping against her clit until she was mindless for him. Then he picked up her other leg, both of them draped over his forearms and he nailed her to the wall.

Lacy’s gasp of complete pleasure echoed in the room. She was hot, wet, unbelievably tight and he couldn’t slow down. He rammed into her over and over again. Sex had never been this good. Angling his head so he could latch on to a nipple, Jake suckled at her breast while he pumped his hips, thrusting in and out, over and over until they were both right there. “Come with me, baby. Come with me.” Feeling her flutter around his cock as she came was the best feeling in the whole world. One he wanted to experience again and again.

Lacy dug her fingernails into his back. She felt wild and hungry. God, how had she lived without this so long? It felt so good. He felt so good. “Jake, I’m coming!” She cried as she shattered in his arms.

“I’ve got you, baby. I’ve got you,” he groaned into the side of her neck as he gave himself over to the most mindless pleasure imaginable.

That night, they slept better than they ever had before. Lacy woke up before Jake and just basked in the feeling of being close to someone. His body was so big and strong, she could just curl herself around him, fitting her body to his. For a few moments, she just luxuriated in the reality of him. She had her head on his shoulder and one arm wrapped around his waist. His leg was bent and fit in between both of hers as she lay on her side facing him. In fact, her pussy was open and kissing the hard muscle of Jake’s thigh and it occurred to her that all she’d have to do would be to move ever so slightly and it would feel so good. Just the thought of it made her wet. Running a hand across his chest, she wished he’d wake up. The sun was rising and there was a little light filtering into the room between the curtains. As her eyes adjusted to the breaking dawn, she saw that there were parts of Jake that were alert and at attention. Biting her lower lip, to contain a giggle, she saw that he was hugely erect, hard and tenting the sheet. “Good morning,” Lacy whispered.

Dare she?

Never before had she been privileged to have someone in her bed, in her arms, at her whim and pleasure. All of those romance novels she’d read and all of the research she’d done to learn more about sex came pouring back and she couldn’t resist. Kissing his shoulder, ever so lightly, Lacy slid her hand under the sheet until she could wrap her hand around his cock. Just the feel of it in her hands made her excited. Would he mind?

Ah well, she couldn’t ask permission without waking him up…so…

Jake laid there and tried to be still. He really tried. Opening his eyes to the narrowest of slits, he marveled as Lacy began to pleasure herself, and him at the same time. With the cutest, sweetest little grunts, she flexed her hips and rubbed her pussy on his leg. At the same time, and not with the smoothest rhythm, she began to jack him off. Jake continued to let her think he was asleep, the only move he made was to push his head back into his pillow and curl his toes. His thighs involuntarily stiffened because the pleasure was un-fuckin’-believable. Jake had to steel himself to not capture her mouth, flip her over and bury himself balls deep in her tight little pussy.

Lacy’s eyes were crossing. She had this tremendous urge to bite him. Ah, what the hell, it was time for him to get up anyway.

When Jake felt her little teeth sink into him below his collar bone, he lost it. He simply lost it. “Morning, sunshine.” He smiled, grasped her by the waist, rolled her over and entered her, all in one fell swoop.

“Jake. My, God!”

“Just Jake will do,” he muttered as he captured her mouth, crashing their lips together. Rising over her, he began to fuck her. There was no other word for it. There would be plenty of times he’d make love to her, he had big plans, but right now he needed to fuck. The little wild cat had set things into motion, things that she was gonna just have to deal with. You don’t poke the bear unless you want to get bit, and this bear was ready to devour her.

A ferocious satisfaction took hold of him and he began to move inside of her, claiming, mastering, pummeling her body with stroke after stroke. She loved it, he could tell, because she clenched him tight with her internal muscles, her body raining its approval all over his cock. A delicious tension seized him as he pushed into her, pulled out, his body caught up in a primal rhythm. Sliding his hands under her ass, he raised her up, angling her body to receive him even deeper. “God, this is so good, so good,” he gritted the words out through his teeth.

Lacy lay beneath him, completely dominated, completely controlled. And there was nowhere else she’d rather be. “Jake, you’re so good, so big. I love how your cock moves inside of me.” She just wanted him to know how he made her feel.

When Jake heard her words, he lost it completely, hammering into her. Lacy was so primed, so excited, so intent on Jake that she let her hands rove over him, rubbing, caressing, letting her nails score his skin. Her lips weren’t still either. She kissed his mouth, sucking on his neck before finally giving in to her erotic curiosity and licking his nipple which was right in front of her face.

When Jake felt her soft little tongue, he went wild, thrusting and bucking, fucking her so hard the top of her head hit the bedstead. Automatically, he placed his hand between her and the head of the bed to protect her, but he didn’t let up, he couldn’t. And when she shimmered in his arms, clutching his shoulders, burying her face in his neck, he spilled himself inside of her, shaking with the most powerful orgasm of his life.

Jake held himself over Lacy, remaining inside of her, kissing her lazily. “I’m glad we got all this worked out.”

“You’re so romantic.” She was teasing. Honestly, she was just thankful to be in his arms.

“I could be, if I had the sufficient motivation.” He teased back, but in his head, he was already thinking of ways he could charm her. From what little he knew of her past, romance hadn’t played a big part. Maybe it was time for that to change. They had a lot to talk about. He suddenly wanted to know everything about her he could. Which, Jake had to admit, was not like him at all.

“What kind of motivation would that be?” Lacy couldn’t think of anything she didn’t want to do with him or for him.

Cuddling her close, he sighed. “I think I’d do just about anything for one of your smiles.”

Lacy felt all the breath rush from her lungs. Face it, she’d just fallen in love with Jake Knight.




Thank you, SABLE

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Have you ever wanted to log into one of those chat sites where people are doing sexy things? Uh- I’ve heard they can be stimulating. And I know there are chat sites that utilize the technology so you can participate…. they can see you. I’m not that brave – but sometimes it backfires. I won’t spoil the story, but in Thunderbird there’s a scene where something like this happens and the ramifications are long-lasting and hard to overcome.


This is Kyle from Thunderbird and below will be an excerpt and below that the blurb and a buy-link. I’m sorry for such an abbreviated post, but I’m between a rock and a hard place this morning. I’ll make it up to you next time. But if you’ll post comments and tell me if you’ve ever been brave enough to film you or your partner doing something risque….. you don’t have to tell what – – unless you want to. I have taken a photo once to send to someone and later denied it was me – so there you go. And I’ll pick a winner for a copy of Thunderbird – randomly of course, not by your level of kink – haha.

“Don’t go back to the party. I don’t want to come back in here and discover you’ve left me. I want us to stay up here for a while longer before we go back down there. I want some more time with you, Newman. So don’t go sneaking off while I’m away.”
“Okay,” Hannah agreed, her heart near to bursting. “Hurry back.”
“Count on it.” He gave her a hot look and a wink.
Hannah waited five minutes, then sat up on the couch. The bad tingle between her thighs had dissipated some and she was finally able to stand. Boldly, she slipped out of her dress. When Kyle came out, it was going to be different. She didn’t know how exactly, but she was determined to show him that she wanted him more than anything. Working up her courage, she wandered around the room in nothing but her underwear, running the index finger of her right hand over the spines of the leather bound books which bordered the entire circumference of the room. She went to the desk that had loomed so large when she’d first seen it. Sitting down in a high back leather chair that was more a throne than a chair, she wiggled around, making herself comfortable. “Good lord.” Hannah leaned back and was surprised when the chair tilted. She swiveled in it twice. “I need to get one of these,” she said to herself. “Who am I kidding? I don’t even have a car. But I bet I could buy one if I sold this chair and desk on eBay.”
This room was nearly as big as her family’s whole apartment and it was only a small alcove in the expanse that was the Chancellor house. Hannah pulled herself closer to the desk. “I wonder what a man like Kyle Chancellor looks up on his computer.” The temptation to investigate and find out more about Kyle was pulling at her. He’d already been gone for what must’ve been ten minutes. Surely she wouldn’t look like she was snooping if he came back and found her bathed in the glow of his laptop. “I guess I could check the news,” Hannah told herself.
Sitting there in this big, fancy room, the light from the fireplace dancing across her naked, electric skin seemed to embolden Hannah. This was so far out of her usual realm that she felt powerful. There was a rocks glass with the remnants of a drink in it beside her and Hannah wondered what scotch tasted like. The laptop sat on his desk, the lid open. She hit the enter key and the computer buzzed out of sleep mode, the Equalizer logo popping up. Hannah thought twice about opening the web browser and absentmindedly reached for the glass on the desk beside her. Tonight had already been a night of firsts for her and the liquid in the tumbler smelled awful when she held it up to her mouth, but she sipped from it anyway. She hissed and put the glass back down. “Gross.” The aftertaste burned her lips and crossed her eyes.
She looked at the screen in front of her and thought back to the websites Diana and Natalie had shown her. The rush of guilt she felt for letting Kyle down during sex filled her again and Hannah now knew what she was going to do to make it up to him. She opened the browser and tried to find the site they’d visited before. But there were so many of them and all the names sounded about the same—Live Adult Video, Live Sex Chat, Live Sex Cam. Hannah was dismayed at each turn when she was thwarted. All the sites she went to required you to sign up and activate your webcam. The first requirement, Hannah wasn’t willing to do and the second, she wasn’t even sure she knew how to do. She pressed a few buttons and clicked a few keys, then she gave up.
A warm impulse urged her to check Kyle’s browser history. She was surprised—no porn sites except the ones she’d accessed. There were a few Google searches on flowers and a lot of football articles from yesterday. The door creaked open and Hannah pushed the computer to one side, facing away from her, hitting random buttons in the process. She drew in on herself, covering her breasts with her hands. She had been sitting there, nearly naked, lost in the daze that Kyle had brought upon her. Anyone could’ve walked into that room and she was relieved when she saw Kyle’s muscular frame come through the door.
He pulled the door closed behind him and locked it. “Sorry I took so long.”
Kyle was still damp from the shower, only a small towel was wrapped around his waist and Hannah felt a surge of desire charge through her. Would she have the courage to do what she wanted to do? Guiltily, she pushed the laptop farther from her, hitting more random buttons in the process while Kyle added wood to the fire.
“What were you doing?” Kyle asked, now standing at her side.
Her face flamed. “Nothing.”
He would know if he checked his browsing history. Hannah looked to the left, the ripple of Kyle’s six-pack was close enough to kiss and the rest of the world melted away.
Kyle pulled the computer closer to him, hit the back button and smiled down at her. Tiny drips of water from his hair fell on Hannah’s stomach and evaporated immediately with the contact of her heated skin. Kyle was close enough to smell and God did he ever smell good. Hannah was in full-on heat with him this close.
“Han-nah!” He teased her when he saw the places she’d been visiting. “Dirty girl.”
She melted back into the big, comfy chair and began to tremble. “I wanted to think of some way to please you.” Her entire body was lit up, every nerve firing in succession. Suddenly she felt the cold hardness of the leather under her and she shifted in the seat. It squeaked and protested with every move and Kyle looked down at her wiggling bottom. His gaze met hers and the only thing she could do to avoid fainting from lust was to avert her stare. She looked to her left and saw the glass of scotch. That wasn’t going to do the trick. All it did was make her think of his sandpaper tongue on her clit, licking the amber concoction from her mound.
Kyle watched her vibrate in the chair for a second, drinking in her suckable, perky tits with his eyes. “Oh, you do please me. Just watching you breathe pleases me.” Her little pink nipples were rock hard and his cock twitched under his towel. “Check this out.”
When Hannah looked back at the computer she saw a woman in a small window, lying on her bed, naked from the waist down, working her clit. The screen was split and Hannah saw herself in the other window, sitting at the big desk, half her body lit up, the other half lost in shadow.
“Dios, Kyle.” Unconsciously, she squeezed her thighs together and brought a hand up to her breast, rubbing a palm over her nipple. A small whimper of excitement passed her lips.
“You’re so damn sexy.” Kyle stared at her nearly naked body, then up at the screen. “Saxon showed me this site the other day on his computer.” His eyes didn’t stay on the screen, they returned to wonder across her body, from her neck all the way down to the red silk underwear covering up her Promised Land.
The girl on the screen bucked her hips and thrust a finger between her folds. “Can she see us?” Hannah asked.
“Usually they can. But no one can see this feed but me and you, it’s not being recorded.” He pointed to the window where Hannah could be seen, her breasts rising and falling with her excitement. “That’s what they would be seeing, but I haven’t activated the webcam on my computer, so nobody can see us.” Kyle placed a hand on her left breast, rubbing a finger softly back and forth over Hannah’s erect nipple. “There are things said and done in this office that I wouldn’t want paraded around. No use giving the other side an unfair advantage.”
“I don’t know how to use a webcam,” Hannah admitted. “Do you like her?” Natalie and Diana had told her that guys love to watch, and their words rang in Hannah’s head. ‘My ex used to put on a porno clip and have sex with me while he watched it. It was kind of hot to be honest. Guys love that added stimulation.’
Kyle looked away from the now bouncy Hannah for the first time. “She’s okay.” He looked back at her and their eyes locked. “But I like you better. A lot better.”
He’d just said the magic words. Kyle’s dick was now at full-mast and the sight of it poking out the side of his towel had Hannah burning up. She stood from the chair and Kyle put his hands on her waist. He pulled her close for a kiss and his cock pressed against her middle. Hannah reached down and unwrapped the towel from around his waist, dropping it on the floor behind him.
She stroked his length with her palm turned up. “Hand me that mask.”
Kyle lifted the mask he’d been wearing off the desk and handed it to her. Hannah slipped it over her face and pushed him back into the chair she’d just been occupying. She checked him out, amazed she was here in this room with Kyle Chancellor. Bending over, she repositioned the laptop so it faced Kyle directly, giving a little wiggle of her rear as she did. Checking the window at the bottom of the screen, she saw that Kyle was almost completely lit up by the raging fire. It was perfect, the window showed his sexy form and she would still be in the frame when she got on her knees in front of him. Stepping between his legs, she took the glass of scotch off the desk and lowered herself slowly to the floor.
Guys love to watch.
Kyle smirked. “Whatchadoin’?”
Hannah slowly poured the liquid over the head of Kyle’s twitching cock. “Playing.”
She kissed the head, and Kyle jerked as she wrapped her tiny fingers as far around his girth as she could and started to work it up and down, rubbing the palm of her hand up and over the tip with each pump.
“Feels so good,” he growled.
She kissed the head of his wet cock again. The excitement of having him between her lips overrode the terrible taste of the scotch. “You just watch,” she said and pointed at the computer screen. Hannah wanted him to have that added stimulation, just in case she wasn’t enough.
Kyle looked to the side and saw the girl in the screen at the top playing with herself. But his interest in her was fleeting. He was far more interested in Hannah’s soft, moist lips sliding over the head of his dick. Was he dreaming? He looked down and saw her slowly taking him in her mouth. Inch by inch, Kyle’s pulsing erection disappeared behind Hannah’s swollen lips. Working him over, she slid her mouth up and down over his shaft as her hand led the way. “Fuck,” he moaned as she picked up her pace. Kyle placed his palm on her head and worked his fingers into her hair.
Wanting it to last, she took his cock out of her mouth and kissed his stomach, smelling for the first time the light spray of some intoxicating scent he’d misted over his abs. Hannah kissed her way down his stomach, then down the shaft of his cock and onto his thigh. There, she saw again that spot on his leg. It was dark enough to stand out against Kyle’s tanned skin. She worked her hand over the head of his cock and as he shifted in his seat, the mark came into clearer view. She’d heard rumors of his birthmark before she’d seen it the other day. The girls in the office gossiped about it, speculating what it was and where it was located. She’d smiled, secretively knowing she was the only one who had seen the Thunderbird firsthand.
Kyle groaned and gripped her hair tighter, snapping Hannah back to the moment. Her knees scraped on the warn hardwood floor, but she ignored the pain. There were other parts of her body demanding more attention. Never had she craved the touch of a man more than now. Her head was swimming from the thrill of being near him. Everything she did to his package felt so effortless, so fluid. Hannah was getting into this. She licked Kyle’s hardness up and down, kissing his balls and stroking him with her hand.
Kyle put voice to his pleasure. “You’re amazing.”
Hannah’s clit popped with his words and she ached to feel him inside of her again. Opening her eyes, she turned to face the computer, needing to see a vision of the two of them, how they looked together. The sight of her pleasing Kyle would be thrilling. But the effect was spoiled by the sight of the woman who was still there, still pleasuring herself. Hannah was sure Kyle was watching the stranger, but when she looked up at him, his eyes were locked on Hannah and what she was doing.
Unwrapping her lips from around his cock, Hannah looked up at him. “Kyle. Watch the computer.” His invading eyes had stolen some of her confidence.
“You’re all I want to watch. And right now I want to watch you on top of me.”
He pulled her up from the floor by the shoulders and spun her around. Hannah was sure he was going to bend her over the desk again and she readied herself. Instead, Kyle nipped her hip and Hannah shimmied her feet apart as he put his hand between her thighs, caressing the damp fabric of her underwear.
“Kyle, yes,” she moaned when his finger brushed over her clit and then retreated back through her legs. Her legs trembled and she fell forward, palms on the desktop. Kyle placed kisses all over her lower back to her hip, as he slipped a finger in the side of her underwear. Hannah jerked when she felt him push a finger up inside her sheathe. He worked it in and out three or four times. Hannah quaked with each invasion.
“So wet, you’re ready for me this time,” Kyle murmured as he pulled Hannah’s underwear down, peppering the back of her left leg with soft kisses as he descended.
Hannah kicked her heels up one at a time to step out of her underwear. “Yes, sir, I am.”
“Good, come here.” He kissed the base of her spine, then pulled her gently down onto his lap.
A drop of pre-cum from the head of his hard-on smeared Hannah’s thigh and as he parted her legs so he could guide himself inside of her, she felt her pussy flower in anticipation. The head of Kyle’s cock spread her wet lips slowly as he eased her down onto him. The burn felt so good, she whimpered. Hannah wiggled down onto him until he had every inch he owned in her.
Kyle tenderly kissed the side of her face, right below where the mask rested on her cheek. “Feel better than before? No pain?”
She could feel him deep inside of her and when Kyle rocked his hips, Hannah gasped. “Feels wonderful.”
“Yea, it does.” He chuckled, kissing the middle of her back as Hannah rocked back and forth on him. Her back nestled perfectly against Kyle’s broad chest. Hannah reached back to cup his cheek. Turning her head, she sought his lips for a kiss. He rewarded her, sucking on her lower lip, making Hannah tingle. “Look at us.”
She turned, ignoring the woman who was now in the throes of an orgasm, watching their image through half-closed eyes as Kyle’s hand moved to cup her breast. He rolled her tight nipple between his fingers and moved over to the other breast, repeating the process until Hannah was sure she was about to explode.
“Kyle,” Hannah purred. “Oh, God. It feels so good.”
His gripped the top of her thigh and moved her faster and faster on top of him. Hannah couldn’t have fought him off even if she’d wanted to. He was so big and powerful, he controlled her body and at this moment, he owned her soul.
“Are you okay?” Kyle asked in her ear before kissing the back of her neck.
He knew his size had caused her some discomfort earlier, and he worried she might be in pain again. The gift of her virginity was a precious thing to him. She had been with no one else, no man had ever possessed her but himself and that thought made him feel possessive and powerful.
“Yes, don’t stop, Kyle,” Hannah breathed. “Please. Don’t stop.”
He released her thigh and his hand found the pulse of her clit. He rubbed the pad of his broad finger over her as she rocked back and forth. Hot, wild shards of pleasure struck her. Hannah was on the verge of flying apart. The more he took, the more she felt, and when bright white lights flashed behind her eyelids, pulsing in time to his powerful thrusts, Hannah screamed his name. “Kyle!” Small inner muscles, fragile and at his mercy clenched rhythmically, and she writhed against him. Shamelessly she moaned, opening her thighs wider, bowing against his body as the coils deep inside of her tightened and tightened.
Kyle knew she was there and he wanted it all for her. “Come for me, Hannah. Shine for me.” He took her breasts in his palms, rubbing the nipples and at the same time, he licked her neck, nipping at the tender flesh. The added stimulation sent her crashing, pulsing, vibrating as her ravished pussy clenched and fluttered around him. It had to be the single most erotic thing he’d ever witnessed in his life. In utter rapture, Kyle’s breath heaved, his whole body quivered and with a force beyond his control, he shot off inside of her, his cock being milked by her pleasure. He cradled her, clung to her, held her back against him, rubbing his hands all over her body. Letting them come down together, sealing himself to her in mind, body and spirit. “Are you all right?”
Hannah lay back against him in the big, comfy chair, fused together by their sweat and desire for each other. She panted, trying to get her breath back. “I’m wonderful.” She sighed. “Do you want me to get up?” Hannah asked once she felt in control of her legs again.
He wrapped his arms around her waist. “Just stay here for a minute.”
Hannah crossed her hands on top of his, loving the way they looked in the screen in front of her.
Kyle kissed her shoulder. “Will you stay?” He kissed her shoulder again.
“The night?”
“The weekend.”

Here’s the blurb
Soulmates. Twin souls. Two people destined to be together. Their journey to love is never an easy one, but when they meet – their hearts beat only for one another.
Kyle Chancellor is a hero, an honest to God hero. After winning a Heisman, he turns down a lucrative career as a professional football player to fight in Afghanistan. Not many know he enlisted because his heart was broken. When his time is up, Kyle comes home to form the Equalizers with the members of former Seal Team 7, they band together to fight battles for those who cannot fight for themselves.
Hannah Montenegro is a woman who has sacrificed her life to help her family, never knowing the joys and freedom a young girl should enjoy. She lives in constant fear of being discovered in a country where she has no citizenship and no hope for the future.
But fate has a plan…the night Kyle comes back to Texas, they meet in a bar where he is drowning his sorrows and she is spreading her wings to learn how to fly. From the moment they touch, the heat between them is undeniable. But unfortunate circumstances separate them and neither dares dream they will see one another again.
Kyle is from a powerful Texas family. Because of his work with the Equalizers, his stance on stem-cell research and internet security, he is the only one surprised to find the people of the Lone Star state want him to run for Governor. Many get behind him, including the McCoys. But the one person he wants at his side eludes him.
Hannah is always on his mind. From the beginning their relationship is complicated, but when she comes back into his life, he grabs onto her with both hands. Politics, a sex tape, immigration issues and a baby complicates their pathway to happiness. But Kyle is the Thunderbird and Hannah is his soul mate in the truest sense of the word. Their journey to love is one you’ll never forget.
A modern day Cinderella story with a twist…

And the buy-link – thank you

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Instant gratification has its place. Sometimes you just can’t wait. You gotta have it, you want it, you need it. Lord, I’m turning myself on!
It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about sex or chili cheese fries, sometimes satisfying an appetite is just paramount – like scratching an itch. But if you can contain yourself, there are vast rewards. And I’m speaking of sexual teasing.
One of my favorite things to do is to get a guy in a public place, like a restaurant, and while we’re sitting there in front of God and everybody, I love to begin by rubbing his ankle with my foot, slipping it just under his pants leg. As soon as I see his eyes glaze over, I take my hand and caress his knee, then slowly move up his thigh – just teasing. A little higher. And higher. I know he’s hard as a rock before I ever get my hand in just the right – spot… Ha!
Another delicious way to tease him is in a crowded elevator when everyone is looking straight ahead. I love to lean back against him and grind my bottom into his groin. Ah, those ‘g’ words, reminds me I have a ‘g’ spot. My reward is the groan he whispers into my ear and the hard evidence against my bottom which tells me my teasing has paid off. Damn!
I guess you can tell I’m working on a new book here, cause I’m getting all dithery – and it causes my imagination to work overtime. A fun thing to do is when you’re at a party together, to occasionally send him a dirty text – or rather a suggestive text – get him all hot and bothered. Makes the idea of going home together almost unbearably sweet.
Let me show you some good teasing in FORGET ME NEVER. The teasing is the theme of this scene, along with the Superbowl  – seems like an appropriate time for this post. So, listen…. and don’t quit reading, I have more teasing farther down in the article. More excerpts and a chance at a prize.

The TV was on, the food was spread out and she had on as close to something sexy as she owned. Savannah had more on her mind than football. “Wow, this looks great!” Patrick was a big eater, so she had fixed plenty.
“Did you have a good conversation with your friend?”
“Yes, I did. We talked about you, mostly.” He settled down on the couch – just stretched out and left her a little spot in the corner. “Come here, I want to cuddle.”
“What did you say about me?” She sat on her legs and looked him in the eye.
“You’re a nosy little thing, aren’t you?” Patrick teased.
“A little bit.”
She fed him a bite of pizza. He took the bite, captured her hand and licked the remaining spot of sauce off her fingers. “I just told him how I felt about you. And we discussed some business, that’s all.” There was more to it than that, but he wasn’t ready to tell her everything – not yet. “Look, the game’s starting.”
Typical male, he got into the game. Savannah had a good time watching him. He yelled at the quarterback. He snarled at the referees, but mostly he looked disturbed because the first half was almost over and the Colts were ahead of the Saints. “It’s okay.”
Patrick knew it was okay. But this game had come to mean more to him than just his favorite team winning the big prize. It might be silly, but he had wound this all up with his chances of being with Savannah. “The game’s not over.”
“No, it’s not.” There were a few minutes left until halftime and then The Who were going to sing. Savannah was still hungry – but not for food.
“Come on Brees!” Patrick yelled at the Saints quarterback. “Do something!”
Savannah decided to make her own play. He was sitting about a foot away from her. He had been closer, but he was eating and getting into the game and somehow he’d moved away from her. That would never do. He wasn’t paying any attention to her at all, so when she let her hand inch his way – she waited to see what he would do.
Patrick knew Savannah thought he was oblivious to her advances. She was letting her fingers do the walking – literally. Her little hand was inching toward him, and he couldn’t wait to see what she was up to. He leaned forward just like he was engrossed in the game. Right now he was more interested in her, but he wasn’t going to let on.
She let her fingers touch his hard thigh – just barely. First, she pushed her hand under his legs just a little bit, like it was cold and she was trying to get warm. He just grunted – he wasn’t taking the hint. Next, she let her fingers walk up his leg, like a little spider – still, nothing. Damn! Getting a mite bolder, she curled her hand over the top of his leg and rubbed her thumb up and down on the strong muscle. He had the audacity to pat her hand and say, “Hey, Baby. How’s it going?”
Patrick bit back a smile when she huffed and muttered under her breath. It was the same little voice she’d used the day they met in the memorial when her friend had been embarrassing the heck out of her.
Before Patrick, she would never have attempted something like this. But he had given her confidence in her attraction that no one ever had. So, she let her hand – slide upward – upward toward his crotch, until she bumped into something rather large and hard.
“Uh-Oh,” She looked up at Patrick.
“I’m kinda trying to watch the game here, Baby,” he said with a smirk, trying not to laugh.
The feel of Patrick’s bulge had caused a stir in her sex which made her feel naughty. She fixed Patrick with a vexed glare, but he ignored her eyes. She huffed, and withdrew her hand from the firm bulge that she’d wanted to explore further and folded her arms defensively across her chest. Her first attempt at seduction, and Patrick had rejected her; this didn’t sit well with Savannah.
Savannah sat on the couch as halftime drew closer and the Saints marched down the field. Beside her, Patrick watched her out of the corner of his eye. The brazen way she’d grabbed for his package had turned him on, but he wanted to see how she would handle his rejection, see if she wanted him bad enough to make another move.
Savannah was doing a horrible job of masking her displeasure and when she innocently moved her hands up over her head for a stretch, something in the way her head tilted to the side filled Patrick with a need to kiss her neck.
Patrick shimmied a few inches closer to his Savannah and now it was her turn to pretend she didn’t notice what he was doing.
When Patrick shimmied a few more inches, Savannah picked up a magazine from the end table beside her; she wasn’t going to make this easy on him.
A few more inches and Patrick was close enough that his essence made her legs squirm.
“Hey,” Patrick said.
He was right beside her now, his thickly muscled arm pressed against hers, their thighs touching.
Savannah ignored him.
“Whatcha readin’?” He inquired, snatching the magazine from her hands.
Patrick held the magazine just out of Savannah’s reach. She made one grab for it, but gave up, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.
Savannah looked away from him. Not her best move if she hoped to remain cross with Patrick. That small patch of bare skin on Savannahs neck that had caused the tightness in Patrick’s jeans was now fully exposed and with Savannah looking the other way, he seized the opportunity and leaned in to kiss it softly.
Savannah flinched when she felt Patrick’s gentle lips on her neck, then her shoulder. “Pa…trick,” she said, forgetting almost all of the annoyance he’d inspired in her so recently. “Stop,” she offered weakly, but tilted her neck further to the side to grant him even greater access.
“Stop?” Patrick kissed her neck. “Stop what?”
He licked up to Savannah’s ear, nibbling on the lobe lightly before moving back down to her collarbone.
Savannah whimpered with appreciation. Gone now was any semblance of the frustration and rejection she’d felt, in its place was nothing but bliss. The skin on her neck was dimpled with goosebumps; her chest beginning to flush.
“You want me to go?” Patrick asked between kisses.
His hand had found its way around to the front of her shirt, undoing first the top button of her blouse and then the next one.
Savannah placed her hand behind Patrick’s head as he kissed her collarbone and shoulder. “I thought you wanted to watch the game?” The words barely came out of her mouth in an audible tone.
“I’d rather watch you,” Patrick whispered in her ear.
Savannah’s round bottom levitated from the couch when Patrick hit that magic spot just behind her ear. “I have to tell you, this is one of my favorite fantasies in the whole world.”
Patrick’s hand stilled. “What’s that, Baby?” If she had a fantasy, he would do his damnedest to fulfill it.

Here’s the buy link if you’re so inclined:
I loved the teasing in that scene. But right now, I want to share more teasing thoughts.
When I really want to stir things up with my guy, I like to do something provocative and then pretend it was accidental, like bending over in a short skirt when I have sexy underwear on OR leave the bathroom door cracked open to invite a bit of voyeurism as I sashay around in my underwear or towel off after a shower.
And when I really want to get down and dirty – and plan on giving him a gift he really wants – I kiss him down his chest, all the way down, then skip to his thighs, little licks and nibbles. I go everywhere but where he wants me the most – kissing, sucking little bites, all around nearer and nearer to that place that’s swollen and hard and aching – DRIVE HIM CRAZY before I end my teasing.pulled J’s shot across the tabletop  I would like to give away 2 copies of FORGET ME NEVER – just tell me your favorite memory of being teased by your man.

Thank you for letting me tease you – – now give me some inspiration for this book!


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Okay, I’m going to try and do better. Although this has been a good year for me, I want 2014 to be even better.

After you read mine – tell me your New Year’s resolution and I’ll give out some free books to 3 winners.


SEXY Resolutions

1 – Have more sex! I tend to get busy and miss opportunities and that isn’t fair to me or my current love interest.

2 – Tell my man how I really feel about things. Sometimes I don’t ask for what I want and that isn’t healthy.

3 – Pay him compliments. After all, how will he know how much I value him if I don’t tell him – – yea, actions speak louder than words. But we all like to hear the words.

4 – Be spontaneous. Planned sex is good, but spur of the moment sex is even better.

5 – Use more toys. After all, I know how and they’re fun. I especially like cock rings that vibrate. Yum.

6 – More full body massages – cause they lead to full bodied sex – and they feel good.

7 – More shared showers. There’s nothing like playing in the water – getting clean and satiated in one fell swoop.

8 – Be more generous with sex. And by that, I mean oral, he loves it and so do I. I’ll try and sneak in some surprises BJ’s – – I bet he’ll appreciate it.

9 – Hold hands more – yea, this is just romantic, but I think it will go a long way in the bonding process.

10 – Take more sex-oriented vacations. I do a lot of research trips and there is no need for me to do them alone when I can combine business with pleasure.


10 Resolutions as a Writer and Business Person

1 – Release Six more Hell Yeah! at least – here they are Texas Hold ‘Em (Lance) in the magazine, True Love’s Fire (Scott) in the Red Hot Valentine group, Thunderbird (Kyle Chancellor) with Ryan, Welcome To My World (Bowie). Always on My Mind (Revel) and several of the McCoy cousins.

2 – Write a historical romance set in Texas prior to it becoming a state – I have the plot, I just need to find the time.

3 – Get Le Bon Temps released – our magazine.

4 – Grow Beau Coup publishing – you need to check out our website and submission guidelines, its coming along.

5 – Start my own radio show – watch for it – I’m even going to have an ASK SABLE, authors reading their books, and other fun stuff in addition to author interviews.

6 – Ebook Mojo will be a place for you to find free and discounted books and it will be out ASAP. This will be good. I’m excited.

7 – Two books in the El Camino Real series to complement BREATH OF HEAVEN released at Christmas – this is about the KING family.

8 – Another ‘It’s Just Sex’ with Ryan, if I can get him in the mood.

9 – I want to try writing something out of my comfort zone – maybe a horror or suspense.

10 – Oh, and there are other books coming out in other series – – but that will be a surprise.

BONUS – Pretty Face – a book close to my heart will come out also.


10 Regular Resolutions – we all make them

1 – Try to make time for myself in the midst of the confusion. Schedule time to read, watch a movie or just stare at the wall. That’s lacking in my life.

2 – Travel more – I think I’m heading north.

3 – Eat better – I tend to not cook for myself when I’m alone, I eat ketchup and bread.

4 – Don’t despair so much when people dislike me for who I am and what I do.

5 – Try a new hair color – maybe dark auburn.

6 – Wear a little more make-up, I tend to take the country-girl look a little too far.

7 – Get more exercise – yea, I like to run – maybe I’ll chase more men.

8 –  Be kinder to my family. Oh, Lord – haha. Even if they don’t deserve it.

9 – Buy new shoes. Because I like shoes.

10 – Change purses more often – yea, I get in a rut.


Tell me some of your resolutions, I would love to know.


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Sex and Music


When I write, I need to have music, especially when writing Sex Scenes.


What is it about music that makes sex so sexy? Is it the thump of the base or the drums that makes the every thrust more erotic? More heightened? More orgasmic? What about the saxophone? Now that’s one sexy instrument that makes having sex so…..hhmmmm……yummily incredible….


Sex and rock and roll often go together, but so does sex and jazz – fusion like Soul Ballet or Four Play. It’s the languid notes that feels like silk upon skin, that raises the blood and heats it.


That makes you want to raise your hips to your lover’s every thrust.


What about you, what kind of music or instrument or both gets you in the mood? And I’m not talking about the rabbit.


I have three books out now for your reading pleasure. Love in Her Dreams, a contemporary romance set in Edinburgh; and, the two books of my paranormal romance, The Cynn Cruor Bloodline. Rapture at Midnight and Forever at Midnight. Here is an excerpt from Forever at Midnight. I hope you enjoy it.




 Soon, Roarke ended the kiss. Deanna gloried at the pleasure she felt when gold flecks materialized against his pupils. She touched the sides of his eyes.


“I missed seeing those,” she whispered before cupping his face. He turned to kiss her palm. She sighed. “If only for tonight, make love to me again, Roarke. Make love to me so I can forget.”


She saw emotion flit through his eyes before it was gone. Her heart was in her throat, afraid he would refuse. Then his head bent down.


He kissed her again, but this time it was soft and tender, even while his hand was wreaking havoc with her body. Her clit throbbed when he rolled her hardened nipples with his thumb and forefinger before palming her globes lovingly. She closed her eyes, giving in to the moment, her breath coming out in moans and gasps. Then her mouth opened in a silent cry, feeling his tongue flick and suck on her breasts again. She lost all coherent thought, holding on to his shoulders. Lust thundered through her, lighting her up like a fireball.


Roarke scooped her up and walked through the French doors and into the warmth of the loft. With her face against his neck, she inhaled deeply before flicking her tongue and sucking on the pulse at the base of his throat.


“Where?” he growled, his desire unsuppressed.


Mutely, Deanna pointed to the stairs which led to her bedroom. Instead of using the stairs, Roarke catapulted them to the open room’s landing with one jump.


There wouldn’t be any recriminations tonight. This moment would be for knowing each other’s bodies again. To make up for all the lost time.


 About Isobelle:


Isobelle Cate is a woman who wears different masks. Mother-writer, wife-professional, scholar-novelist. Currently living in Manchester, she has been drawn to the little known, the secret stories, about the people and the nations:  the English, the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh, and those who are now part of these nations whatever their origins. Her vision and passion are fuelled by her interest and background in history and paradoxically, shaped by growing up in a clan steeped in lore, loyalty, and legend.


Isobelle is intrigued by forces that simmer beneath the surface of these cultures, the hidden passions, unsaid desires, and yearnings unfulfilled.




Forever at Midnight –The Cynn Cruor Bloodline, Book 2


Roarke catches a glimpse of Deanna in Dac Valerian’s club. He is unable to believe that Deanna is alive when he buried her himself nearly five hundred years before. He searches for her in the streets of Manchester just to prove that he hasn’t lost his mind.  But when Deanna turns up on the street facing the Cynn Cruor’s headquarters, Roarke needs to know why she hid herself from him.


Knowing that her secret can only destroy whatever feelings Roarke has left for her, Deanna remains silent until circumstances force her to reveal everything.


Hearts are broken on both sides but Roarke and Deanna have to work together if they are to find a way of ending Dac and the Scatha Cruor’s power once and for all. Desire rises and passions are rekindled.


Will their pursuit of Dac lead to another chance at happiness?


Or will it forever tear them apart?




Amazon US


Amazon UK

Rapture at Midnight – The Cynn Cruor Bloodline, Book 1


There is an on-going war between two breeds of immortal warriors who carry human, vampire, and werewolf blood, the Cynn Cruor and the Scatha Cruor. The Cynn Cruor want to live in harmony with human race. The Scatha Cruor want to enslave them.


Finn Qualtrough, a Cynn Cruor warrior is on a mission to find Dac Valerian, the leader of the Scatha Cruor responsible for the deaths of many including that of his parents. When he pursues three Scatha Cruor warriors who can lead him to Dac, he happens upon a woman who awakens a desire to claim her as his own.


She is the very essence of his immortal life.


Eirene Spence is an insomniac and a computer genius who loves walking in the park at midnight. She stumbles upon the Scatha Cruor and is almost killed until a handsome stranger rescues her.  His touch ignites a hunger inside her that only he can satisfy.


He is her soul.


By some twist of fate, one of Eirene’s clients is Dac Valerian. She is able to tell Finn and the rest of the Cynn Cruor where Dac is hiding. Now Dac wants her dead.


Will Finn be able to keep Eirene alive and at the same time fulfill his mission? Will Eirene’s wish to be part of Finn’s life come true knowing that he is destined for someone else?




Amazon US


Amazon UK


Love in Her Dreams – Contemporary Romance


Alec and Tamsyn know they are meant to be together though they have never met. And yet their passion for each other consumes them when they dream.


Alec knows that Tamsyn is the woman for him, but finding her at the moment is an impossibility. Or is it?


After resigning from her job, Tamsyn takes a break in Scotland when she feels the presence of the man who haunts her dreams. He is tangibly near and in Edinburgh. The sex they have in her sleeping moments becomes more real. But how can she find him in the streets of Edinburgh when the only thing she remembers is his touch, his scent, his passion?




Secret Cravings Publishing:


Amazon US:


Amazon UK:






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Yes, there’s Halloween sex. Who knew? The guy I’m seeing right now subscribes to this men’s magazine. I tell him it’s the male version of Cosmo. He didn’t like that very much – but it is. They have all of these articles geared to guys to help them with their relationships, their clothing selections, trendy places to travel and eat… Hell, it may even be put out by the same company. Every time he comes home with a new brand name piece of clothing, I know I can check the advertisements in this publication and find out just where he learned of yet another thing he can’t seem to live without. Ha! In some ways men and women are a lot alike.

This month, there were several seasonal articles, but the one that caught his eye was the one which suggested new (not to me, after all I write smut) and inspirational positions to have sex. Well, last week – he brought me a cup of apple cider and asked me to choose which ones I’d like to try for the holiday. Now, the man knows I love Halloween. I go all out. I decorate. I dress up. I make homemade popcorn balls. I watch scary movies. When the kids come to the door, I try to scare them before I give them treats.

Not this year. This year I’m having Halloween sex. In fact, we’ve been trying out some positions to see which one might be the best one to celebrate All Hallows Eve. Of course, this is Sable we’re talking about here. So, nothing – and I mean nothing – happens without incident. Nothing goes smoothly. Nothing cums off like it should – I am cursed! And a klutz! But I do have a good time…

You should have seen me. I snatched the magazine from his hand and while he popped candy corn and swigged a yoo-hoo, I made a list. And these are the ones I chose and how it all played out! Let me share.

SEX POSITION NUMBER 1 – GHOST RIDER – What was funny was that Chris didn’t read the article, or at least not very closely. He looked at pictures, got all horny and pounced on me to make his dreams a reality. I do have a fun side, it’s not very wide, but it’s there. So, I prepared – with a grin on my face. I read the directions and set out to seduce him wearing a black shorty gown that plunged low in the front sans underwear. Oh, I went all out! I put music on the stereo, had remote in hand, set him on the couch, straddled him and went to work. He was loving it! I kissed and nibbled, stroked and petted. I pushed the gown down to my waist and let him have a Mounds treat. I played with his joy stick until he was ready to explode, then I did just as the magazine article suggested. With a flip of the switch, I put on the theme from Ghostbusters, draped my unsuspecting sweetheart in a sheet with eyeholes and proceeded to ride him till he almost fainted. All in all, it was a goodtime… except – I had forgot to shut the front door and just as soon as I desheeted him, I heard a rumble of amusement behind me. It was Chris’s friend Derek – he had caught the grand finale. Perv.

Our peeping Derek did not deter us from further experimentation.

SEX POSITION NUMBER 2 – BOBBIN FOR BOOBIES! Okay, I’m mean. I chose this one for two reasons. Number one. I have a breast fetish. Yea, I’m a girl, but I’m pretty well obsessed with breasts. I love to have my played with and sucked, so if there’s a choice and boobs are involved – you will have me enthusiastically on board. Second, I don’t have a bathtub. I have a monster shower with fourteen shower heads, but I’ve been missing a tub and he has a doozy at his place. One of those corner garden tubs with places for candles and little jets which tickle you in all the right places. Now with this one, I let my imagination run wild – all in the hopes I didn’t accidentally drown him. I filled the tub to the top, added some bubbly bath salts and spread out candles and candies all along the rim of the tub. Now, the idea was for him to bob for my bosoms sorta like for apples. So, I took one of his silk ties and bound his hands behind him and blindfolded him to boot. After helping him carefully into the tub, I settled down in front of him  – – and my God! – – I must say this suggestion was sinfully enjoyable. He might have had no hands, but his mouth had unerring accuracy. Dang! He got into it – sucking and nibbling and rasping me with that day’s growth of beard. I came twice and begged for more – then he went diving and I lost my mind. All would have been well – but he has this cat… Now, you can’t blame me, I was incoherent with pleasure and didn’t see that furry feline petering around on the back of the tub. When the moment of ecstatic release came – I screamed – scared the cat – who knocked over the candles – which fell in the tub – which burned his butt – – hahahaha – well, you get the idea.

              SEX POSITION 3 – SLEEPING BAT – Hahahahaha – just thinking about this makes me laugh. I’m going to have to write this one up in a book. The idea was supposed to be the girl hanging upside down in the shower over the bar and then mutual genital play should ensue. Now, here’s the problem – firstly, neither one of us has a shower bar. Our showers have these marble walls and glass doors and nobody is gonna hang from my glass doors on my shower cause I paid an ungodly amount of seven thousand dollars for them and I’m not going to warp them for an orgasm! However, Chris loves to work out and he has this inversion table where you stand and your feet are behind this bar, so when you are turned upside down, the bar keeps you in place and you are literally hanging there like a bat. Well, I’m shorter, so I volunteered to be ‘inverted’ for the sake of the sacred rite of 69.

Now, his workout stuff is not in the house, its in a man-cave out by his workshop, all the male chest-beating accessories are in one convenient locale. Here we go, traipsing out for the sake of yet another exotic, erotic experience. Now, remember, I’m a klutz. I don’t even try to deny it. I’m like Traveling Man, one of my cats. He can merely be walking on the bannister of my wrap-around porch and step off the side, ungracefully falling in a lump on the floor. That’s me. Well, we got nekkid. He helped me get into position and all the while he was chuckling and getting more and more aroused – danged near poked my eye out.

Well, there I hung. I will have to admit, I’ve never been upside down before – well, not on purpose anyway. And for a while, I got all excited. I mean – who wouldn’t? One of my downfalls – hahaha – in a situation like this is that I tend to lose concentration. When I’m being pleasured, I can’t keep my damn mind on my business! And the man is good! So good! Too good… I got all excited – wiggled around – moved my feet and fell off the crappin inversion table and right square on my pumpkin head! I yelped, and groaned and carried on till he helped me up, laid me across the hood of his pickup truck and gloriously finished the job! And later I returned the favor….

SEX POSITION 4 – – well, this is my choice for tomorrow night!! What do you think? Here’s the plan.  THE SCARECROW – –  Chris doesn’t know it yet. But here’s what I have. The idea is to tie the guy to the bed – hands outstretched like a scarecrow and then he isn’t supposed to react when I do wild and wicked stuff to his helpless, gorgeous body. I doubt he can remain still after I get all over him like white on rice, but we’ll see.

The kicker is, I’ve decided to take it a step further. I’ve got a black light, orange paint and I’m gonna doctor all of our good parts so I can tell where all the important stuff is supposed to go. But before that – while he’s all tied up with nowhere to go. I have this genie costume – yea, Dream of Jeanne – and I’m going to give him 3 wishes. I’ll let you know later what he picks!!

All, in all. I’d say this Halloween has already been fun. I wish you much happiness. And lots of TRICK OR TREATS!!!!        

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69 Shades of Smut
I am such a nut! This past weekend I took motorcycle riding lessons and I passed with a 98 percentile. My street team says it was because I was the ‘teacher’s pet’, but I deny that allegation. Ha! A little bit – maybe.
I admit it. I love a Harley-Davidson. There’s just something about that low thrum that makes my clit hum. No other motorcycle on the face of the earth sounds like it! The rumble makes me feel the same way a bass guitar does in a song, that’s just musical sex for me.
I have plans for my motorcycle. Cross-country plans. There are places I want to go and being on the back of a Harley will bring a whole new aspect to traveling. I was telling my girlfriend about it – who is a pervert, and she said the vibrations would keep me in a constant near orgasmic state. Well! That might be true; I used to be able to cum while riding my horse bareback. But I think I will be more concerned with traffic and keeping that heavy machine upright. For a while, anyway.
What I do plan on experiencing a lot more is riding behind this particular guy. I know I have my own bike, but I do love to ride tucked up next to him. I love to reach around and hold his manhood like a saddlehorn. It doesn’t behave like a saddlehorn – cause it expands and gets harder the longer I hold on to it. Course I squeeze a little too. He is cool. He can keep going in a straight line, but he does tend to pull over for frequent rest stops.
What I don’t plan on doing is this! Sex on a horse is one thing – but this looks entirely too dangerous.

Mansers has tackled this issue and they recommend the missionary position.
Motorcycles just equate sex with me. I have friends who attend these biker rallies. Now, I don’t go. They are just a little rough for me. They tell me of blow-job booths and pussy and cock washing booths. That’s not something I would ever want to do. I’d prefer to do stuff like that in private instead of in a booth in an open field. And I hear about motorcycles that have a little bit of extra ‘equipment’. One woman had one with a dildo attached, so she could go down the road ‘in-style’. And I heard of another especially equipped for a man with a little place to tuck his ‘credentials’. I laughed. All I could think about was – ‘what if he has a wreck!’ ‘He’s going to be neutered!’ Oh well. Motorcycle riders are a special breed.
But the really intriguing part to me is why we love the BADASS BIKER GUY! We all love tall dark and handsome, but if we put him on a Harley – that’s a whole new level of lust. I have heard that on on-line dating sites, motorcycle is one of the top most searched for terms when seeking that special connection. I have a good idea why – and you do too, if you’ll think about it. Motorcycles and the guys who ride them are seen as rebellious, strong and tough. But it’s funny, the last two times that I got to be around a motorcycle ‘gang’, when I finally learned who they were in ‘real life’ – they were doctors and lawyers and real estate owners – the motorcycle was an expression of who they wished they were – much like a tattoo. But bottom line – a guy who owns a motorcycle is expected to have a little something extra – a little more testosterone, a little more sex-drive – a little more thrusting ability. Ha!
Besides, I have a bike now – I need a guy with a Harley that’s bigger than mine. I want to be spontaneous. I want to be sexy and rebellious myself! After all, I write smut! I don’t want to be mild! I was BORN TO BE WILD!

He couldn’t find her anywhere. Isaac was pissed. It was after midnight and he was hungry, horny and hotheaded. For two hours, he had driven all over Kerrville hunting that beige little minivan Avery drove. The first place he had looked was her house, but it was as deserted as it had been the last time he checked it. Next, he had gone to every motel and hotel he could think of – but her vehicle was nowhere in sight. Isaac had always been able to recognize it because of the little crocheted cross which hung from her rear view mirror. That and the license plate, which said it all; the meaning was accidental, and he was sure she never realized it – but it read 2GO-OD4U. Its cryptic message always spoke volumes to him.
Pulling into Hardbodies, he cut the engine and just sat there on his Harley – defeated. The only other thing he could think to do was call every motel in a twenty-mile radius. As he stared at the door of his club watching people come and go, he noticed Terence coming toward him. “Hey, Boss. I know where Avery is.”
“Where? And how did you know that’s what I was doing?” Isaac wasn’t looking a gift horse in the mouth – but he was curious.
“I didn’t figure you wanted to misplace her again – not after all the trouble you’ve gone through trying to find her.” His bouncer had been paying more attention than Isaac realized. “Avery’s my friend, Isaac. When she left, I followed her, just to make sure she was safe. She took off from here riding a little Harley roadster and she’s got a room over at the Long Stay Motel just off Main.”
A Harley? No shit? Damn! “Thanks, I owe you one.” Isaac started up his bike and took off, relieved to have some idea where to find her. As he drove, he rehearsed a speech – he practiced it until the moment he slid into the parking spot. But nothing he could think of sounded right. It didn’t matter; he still had every intention of confronting her. The fact that he just wanted to see her wasn’t a factor. Yea, right. Hell! Rapping on the door, he waited.
“That was quick,” she greeted him with a smile but it only lasted a second. “Isaac! I thought you were my thin crust pepperoni. What are you doing here?”
She didn’t sound glad to see him. Still, he felt his heart being squeezed as if it were caught in a vise. There was no doubt about it – Avery was the sweetest, sexiest woman in the whole world. Standing ramrod straight before him, arms crossed over her mouth-watering chest, she was wearing some kind of flannel gown that covered every inch of her body. Isaac thought she looked absolutely adorable. “Now, this is how I expected you to look.” The sexy, seductive siren he had seen at the club might be unfamiliar to him – but this kitten he recognized. Isaac stared at her – yes, this was his woman and every molecule in his soul was chanting, ‘Mine, Mine, Mine.’
“How did you find me?” Avery ignored his comment about her gown. Drats, she was so mad she was sputtering. Why did he have to show up when she had on the drabbest, unsexiest nightclothes in existence? Why – oh, why hadn’t she kept her biker clothes on for just a few more minutes? “And why did you come looking for me? I thought the only thing you wanted from me was to get out of your sight.” He was here, in front of her. She wanted to grab him and pull him in, but she didn’t think she could stand to be rejected twice in one night. So, she decided to play it tough.
“Step in sweet-doll. The whole world doesn’t need to hear our business.” He walked toward her as she backed away from him. “We’ve got some talking to do.” About that time, the pizza guy came and Isaac infuriated her further by paying for it and setting it to one side without a word to her, one way or the other.
“I can’t think of a thing in the world we have to say to one another. I believe you’ve said it all.” She dug in her purse for money and held it out to him. He ignored the gesture, so she flung the bills toward the bed. He could tell she was torn. Her eyes flashed between warm and wary like a Walk/Don’t Walk sign.
With a predatory gleam in his eye, Isaac stalked her deeper into the motel room. “You’ve been out of town for a while. Where have you been – exactly?” He wasn’t making polite conversation, he really wanted to know.
“I’m surprised you noticed.” She waved a small hand in the air, dismissively. “But, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
He pushed on. “What were you doing at the bar tonight, Avery? I told you before – Hardbodies is no place for a girl like you. What if I hadn’t been there? Do you have any idea what could have happened to you? You could have been gang raped!” He watched her little face flush with anger; and she was getting angrier by the minute. She’d never know how much he wanted her – God, what he wouldn’t give to scoop her up and kiss that mad right out of her. And he could do it too; there wasn’t a doubt about it.
“That wouldn’t have happened, Terence Lee was there – and that nice guy called Crowbar, of all things. Besides, I wouldn’t have stayed if you hadn’t been there. I was only there to see you, as you well know.”
This time it was his turn to ignore what she said. “And what kind of clothes were you NOT wearing?” He was egging her on and for some reason – loving every second of their sparring.
“Clothes? You want to discuss my wardrobe?” Avery spit out the words – totally furious. He had driven all this way just to fuss at her some more, just because she had dared enter his precious sanctum.
“I almost didn’t recognize you in that odd get-up you had on tonight.”
“You didn’t approve of what I had on? Why not? I dressed the way you like your women to dress.” Maybe, she had looked silly to him. A shaft of pain cut through her – she had never thought of that.
“Leather and chains are not for you, baby.” He picked up a bit of the granny gown, rubbing the material between his fingers. “This is more your style.”
Avery looked affronted – majorly affronted. “This – you like me in this?”
Almost laughing, he answered. “Yea, it’s kinda cute.” Kinda? Sexy as all get-out was more like it.
“You think this is me?” A look of determination came over her features. “You’ve certainly never seen the real me.” And before he could blink, she had picked up the hem of her garment and skimmed it over her head, leaving her standing there – totally – completely – gloriously naked. “Now, what do you have to say to that?”
The breath was literally torn from Isaac’s body. “Hell baby, I say Sweet Merciful Heavens,” he stared at the most gorgeous little shape designed by a gracious God. No fantasy image he had ever conjured of her came close to the perfection which stood before him. Isaac didn’t know where to look first, so he began a thorough item-by-item inventory. Creamy magnolia hued skin, so soft looking he knew velvet would feel like burlap in comparison – an hour glass figure that made him want to spend endless minutes memorizing every square inch of her delectable body. And those tits! His hands rose itching to cup the round, high, full globes tipped by pink puffy nipples. God, they looked like cupcakes iced with fluffy strawberry cream. Isaac licked his lips. “Damn – I know it’s not right, but I’m weak, Baby. I can’t resist you.”
Her anger dissipated when she recognized hunger on his face. Miracle of miracles, Isaac wanted her. “Who wants to be resisted?” she whispered. When he reached out and cupped the back of her head, pulling her close, she didn’t wait – Avery took what she wanted – and she wanted Isaac. With a tiny whimper, she gripped his hair, closed the distance between them and placed her mouth on his.
No tentative kiss; she pushed her tongue in and tasted – sucked – Avery bit at his mouth, hiking up his level of excitement by showing him the depth of her need. Isaac got rock hard and his heart was thudding with a jackhammer beat. Shit! Holding nothing back, she kissed him wildly, framing his face and devouring his lips with deep, drugging kisses. Damn! Isaac thought his cock would bust out of his jeans. Fisting her hair, he pulled her back an inch so he could take a breath. “Sweet baby, you are so hot! I can’t believe we’re doing this.”
“I beg you, don’t stop,” she whispered, burying her head against his throat. “I want you, so much. Please don’t stop. I need you to kiss me over and over again.” Isaac couldn’t stand it another moment – he took over – his dominant nature coming to full force. Yet, Avery met his every demand with unwavering joy.
“I am so damn hard,” He licked a path from her lips to her throat – those tits were mashed up against his chest, and he couldn’t wait to get those hard little nipples in his mouth. “I need more, and I need it my way.” he growled.
“Yes, I want what you want – anyway you want it.” she agreed, straining to get as close to him as humanly possible.
Isaac knew she had no idea what she was saying, but he was too weak to be strong. “Put your hands behind your back, Avery” he directed. When she looked at him questioningly with those big purple eyes, he repeated his command, softer this time. “Hands behind your back, honey – now,” She did as he instructed and he rubbed his hands down the softness of her upper arms and across to cup those luscious tits. Avery trembled beneath his caress. Isaac’s callused thumbs stroked her nipples. “Lord, you’re pretty, baby. I love to see you like this, so beautiful. I’ve never touched softer skin.” Leaning over he nuzzled the upper swell of her breasts, pressing openmouthed kisses all over the creamy flesh. With a grunt of impatience, Isaac curled his tongue around a swollen areola. Avery leaned back, pushing her breasts closer to his face. “Oh baby, you like that, don’t you?” He laved and kissed and lapped his way all around the eager little nipple, but never closed his mouth around it to suck like he was dying to.
He cut his eyes up at Avery when she made a frustrated little grunting noise. She was holding on, trying not to beg – those pearly white teeth biting down on that suckable bottom lip. Why was he waiting? He wanted it as bad as she did. Isaac got down to business and suckled her nipples. Long Hard Pulls. Swirling his Tongue. Deep Thorough Sucks.
“Oh My Lord, I love this, Isaac…” she whispered. He left one nipple and captured the jealous twin, slowly, no rush – reveling in her unique flavor and the heavenly way she felt in his mouth. Avery gasped when he pushed the soft globes together so he could worship both nipples at the same time.
“You know what I plan to do, girl?” Isaac was past thinking – he was as turned on as he could ever remember being – and he was saying what he felt, no holding back. “I’m gonna suck these tits as I fuck you. I want you to ride me – dangle these beauties in my face and let me smother myself in your softness. I want to feel these fat, hard nipples drag across my thighs as you take me in your mouth. How does that sound? Will you do all that for me?”
“Please, yes.” She arched her hips, pressing her pussy hard against his thigh. His erection was huge and she couldn’t wait to feel him pumping inside of her. Avery’s body knew what it wanted and needed, even though she wasn’t experienced and she didn’t know how to ask for it.
Isaac sucked his way up her neck, smooching on the silky expanse – scraping his teeth, marking her with little nips and tastes. His hands couldn’t be still – he had to touch her. Running his palms down her body, he circled around and cupped that incredible heart-shaped ass, lifting her – grinding her naked pussy up against his denim clad crotch. When she would have reached up to grab him to balance herself, he stopped her. “Keep your hands behind your back,” he reminded her. Walking, he sat down on the bed and arranged her across his thighs so he could delve his fingers into her cream. Avery’s whole body went completely still. “Shhhh, it’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you.” He knew that wasn’t her concern – she was just innocent. His innocent baby. “I have to touch you, I can’t help myself.”
Avery let her head fall back and she lifted her hips slightly, canting them – offering everything she had. When his fingers finally dipped into her wet, bare pussy her eyes widened and she bucked just a little under his hand. “Easy, Avery. This is gonna feel so good.” Isaac swirled his fingers in the lush softness of her vagina. She was slick and hot, and when he looked into her face – he saw all the trust in the world. It humbled him. Pressing a kiss into her deep cleavage, he gentled her with reassuring words. “You are so wet and swollen. That means you want me. You like what I’m doing to you, don’t you?” As Avery mutely nodded her head, he pushed his middle finger just up inside her tight little cunt.
“Oh, yeah.” She moaned. He couldn’t help but smile. Who knew his good little girl would be so responsive? Her breath hitched as he pumped his finger in and out, rubbing her slit, luxuriously spreading her cream before he added a second finger. “Do you like that as much as I do?”
“Yes, Isaac…but I …” Her body gave its own answer; Isaac watched a rose red flush of excitement wash over her breasts and up her neck. What a treasure she was!
“Yes, but what?” Whatever she asked for was hers. No question about it. “Tell me, honey.”
“It feels really good. But – I…don’t know.” He held her gaze – willing her to ask him for what she wanted. “It makes me want. . . . . . more.”
“More?” He pushed his fingers up inside of her, hunting that magic hidden secret spot that would turn her world upside down. At the same time, he took his thumb and found her clit and began to strum it. “Is this want you wanted?”
“Yea, yea – I think that’s it.” Her expression was one of wonder. Isaac had never enjoyed turning on a woman this much before. To up the ante, he bent his head and closed his lips around her nipple and began to draw on it with strong pulls. All the while he finger-fucked her, massaged her clit and watched her flare like fireworks. Isaac’s dick was engorged and it was pushing against his zipper like an inflating airbag. If it had been any other woman, he would have thrown her down and buried himself balls deep. But this was the one woman he cared about most, and watching her cum was going to be the single most erotic experience of his life. Her whole little body started to shake. Sweet little moans escaped her lips. Determined to push her over the edge, he bit softly at her nipple as he kneaded her vulva with his hand. Avery lost it. “God! Isaac!” Throwing her arms around his neck, she pushed her tit further into his mouth as she squeezed her legs together trying to trap his hand right where she wanted it. Watching her fly apart was the hottest thing he’d ever seen and chastising her for moving her hands never even crossed his mind. All of his fantasies had been right on the money, touching Avery was fuckin’ unbelievable.
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