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How it Began Blog Tour Nov. 26-27 & Cover Reveal Nov. 29 (with NOOK giveaway)!

My thanks to Mayas at Reading by the Book for scheduling a 15 stop tour for me Tuesday and Wednesday (Nov. 26-27). In preparation for the December release of Somebody’s Angel (sometime before Christmas is the best I can promise!), I thought I’d do a little refresher tour with this couple’s journey to date. Stop back here Friday (after midnight Central time) for the list of trivia questions about the blog tour–and enter to win a brand new NOOK GlowLight! (Entries received thru end of day Nov. 30, and drawing on Dec. 1.)

Here are the names of the blogs and links to follow:

November 26th

Book Bellas

Shhh, Mommy’s in the Bathroom.,. Reading

Jo-Anna Walker

Hooked on Books

Sweets Books

Stories and Swag

Mommy’s Late Night Book-Up

November 27th

Twinsie Talk Book Review

The Ruthin Trilogy Romance Book Blog

Island Lovelies Book Club Blog

Once Upon a Dream Review

Bookish and Bushytailed

I Heart Books

For The Love of Books

Scandalous Book Blog


Marc and Angelina didn’t meet until Nobody’s Angel (book 2), but I’ve just combined the first two books in the series and am offering it on sale for 99 cents (saving $3 off the single Nobody’s Angel AND getting Masters at Arms in the same e-book!). It’s currently available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble (see buy links on the Books by Kallypso tab above). Coming soon to All Romance eBooks and Kobo, and by next month to Apple and Smashwords.

There’s also a new cover (different from the original paperback combo cover)! I now can have the same couple on the bed in the background of this one as will be the center of attention on the cover of Somebody’s Angel (only that one will have them in a different pose and setting).

The cover reveal for Somebody’s Angel will be here on Black Friday (Nov. 29), so be sure to check it out!

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Kallypso Masters guest post and giveaway

Some people put down Erotic Romance novels, or any kind of Romance novels, as inane trash or even refer to it as porn. All I have to do is open my daily e-mails or look at these postings and private messages to know that what I write makes a difference. I’ll proudly continue to write and share my stories about wounded (but NOT broken) people finding hope, love, and healing.


Since I wrote Masters at Arms in 2011, I have gotten so many messages from people saying how my Rescue Me series affected them–and, in some cases, changed their lives. I strive to write books that will touch readers’ hearts and be more than a temporary escape to be forgotten after each “the end,” but some of the stories from readers have gone beyond my expectations. For instance, I knew child sexual abuse survivors would find healing in Nobody’s Perfect. What I didn’t expect was to hear from three readers telling me that they asked their hubbies to read it and that, for the first time in years (or even decades), their husbands understood what they’d been trying to convey but couldn’t put into words.

Recently, I asked readers on my Facebook timeline and Facebook author page to share their stories. I welcome yours in this blog, too, so please post them in the comments below. I’m looking for even minor ways a character or story line touched you. So don’t worry what someone else says, but if you had some kind of epiphany (aka Oprah Aha Moment!) or just came to see yourself in a different way after reading them, please share! Responses here are viewable by the public. So, again, if your story is too private to share publicly, feel free to e-mail me at Those commenting (either telling their own story or commenting on someone else’s) will be eligible for a drawing. See below.


And here are some that I’d like to share with you (some from public posts and some private ones):


I wanted to thank you (like many others probably have) for writing such amazing stories! I’d heard of people saying books had helped in personal situations but never experienced that myself, until I read yours. I was sexually abused as a child and again at 19, had the counselling, suffer depression but never found an outlet that helped. Just reading your books has helped massively with my demons and for that alone… THANK YOU!


I have to say that Nobody’s Perfect affected me the most. I was molested by my uncle from the ages of 9-12. So when I read Savi’s issues about being touched and how she views her body I thought “that is me.” I’m [age-withheld for anonymity—several decades older] now but I still have issues with my body…I don’t like being touched either. For a long time I would hide under baggy t-shirts and jeans and it’s only been in the last couple of years that I have learned to show off my figure a bit more. I tend to dress tomboyish and I know I sometimes get mistaken for being gay because when I get nervous around a guy I tend to act kind of boyish. I think this is my defense mechanism going into place.

I think the most profound section of the book for me was when Damián did the breathing technique with Savi. Breathing for her… I broke down and cried and cried. I can’t adequately describe how it made me feel but it touched me in a way no other book ever has… I want to say thank you for validating what I’ve been feeling all these years. Although my experience isn’t as brutal as Savi’s we still share the same emotional scars. I’m still looking for my Damien and I’m hoping one day I find him.


Your Masters at Arms/Rescue Me series was very heartfelt. I laughed, I cried, and I felt the pain of their active duty stories. I am an Army wife for the past 27 years, and I was a Navy brat before I got married. My husband has been deployed to Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan, he made it back and alive, but we did have someone we considered family, a brother, and Uncle to our kids who was KIA in Afghanistan 9/29/2010 trying to save another soldier. He was Special Forces Medic. I enjoyed reading your books. They gripped me and I found them hard to put down, but I do have to work [on an Army base] for a family clinic, so I also see some of our patients in the clinic that have been wounded. My oldest daughter served Army for 6 years in mortuary affairs. She is out now, and the deployments affected her. She is labeled PTSD and goes to the VA. So yes, I relate in so many ways. Thank you for your books, your writings, your stories, and for the pleasure I had reading them.


I know this will sound silly in comparison to those that have found healing through your books, but for me these stories have really renewed the passion in what I want to do with my life. I have known for years now that I really want to help those with PTSD, especially veterans. I have a Masters in psychology, and am trying to go for a Ph.D., and I have worked and done research in the VA system. And it’s for these amazing veterans (like Damián) who have PTSD, or need help readjusting to civilian life after war. I think I’ve gotten bogged down in how to get there, but when reading your books, I remember thinking “This…this is why I want to help.” I remember the people at the VA and the passion I have for helping them somehow. I don’t know if I’ll ever get there or how much help I’ll be, but I really want to support those who have given so much for us.


Secondly, I’m also with a women’s center that works with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Sometimes, I can’t help but think “maybe I’m helping a Savannah or a Cassie.” Mostly, I just give information and refer to support groups and counseling or other resources, but sometimes I’m the first person that a survivor has talked to. It means so much to me that they get the support they need to leave the situation they are in or heal from what they are dealing with. Sometimes it’s hard to hear their stories and help them decide what to do. I mean, sometimes I can’t stop thinking about what someone has been though, or I have really bad dreams for quite some time. Kally, your characters are so real, and sometimes they help me remember why and how much I really want to help both populations I work(ed) with. Especially when I’m feeling a bit…lost.


When I first read this series, my husband and I were already married 24 years and have 4 kids. Obviously we were doing something right. But, it’s almost like we were missing a tiny piece of something, but didn’t know what it was.


I found your books, and our lives changed for the better! In particular, Nobody’s Angel affected me more. The struggle of Angelina wanting the lifestyle, it actually gave me the courage to express to my husband what I wanted. I became more open with him, read parts to him and was able to say “I want that!” He listened… Oh boy, did he listen!


With your resources listed, we researched techniques and safety. We joined an on-line community, and have made several new, wonderful friends! We just celebrated our Silver Wedding anniversary this past spring, and I will tell you without hesitation, this past year has been the best yet!!


I am proud to be married to a Marine. But as a side effect I am also married to a man with PTSD. After reading Nobody’s Perfect I saw my husband in Damián with nightmares and triggers. One of the main symptoms of PTSD is the need to control every situation in order to feel safe and secure. So one night I decided to try light bondage on my husband and by him letting me have control he was more relaxed and didn’t feel he always had to control every situation. That he could rely on me.


I got your books after my son Dane had taken his life after struggling with PTSD for 4 years. I saw my son in your men, so much, that it was hard to get through them without crying my eyes out. Damián reminds me of Dane. These books hold a special place in my heart, I know that Dane would have loved them too. Oh he would have blushed and flashed his handsome dimples, but he would have devoured them. When the evenings get tough and I find my heart hurting, I pick up one of your books and connect with all of them again. Your books make me smile and give me that push I need to continue to help our wounded warriors. So thank you Kally from the bottom of my heart. [For a beautiful photo of Dane Sattler, please see the dedication page of Nobody’s Perfect (also visible in the previews if you don’t have the book). Sue found my books soon after Nobody’s Hero was published and she touched my heart with hers and Dane’s story.]

Oh, and if you haven’t see my Facebook and Twitter posts, Somebody’s Angel is slated for a December release! No specific date yet. Cover reveal will be on or after Nov. 25, and I’ll post it here on the 27th of next month, as well! I should have a release date set by then, too!



To one commenter chosen by a random number generator, I’ll be giving away a swag pack (trading cards, Masters Brat button, two pens, bookmarks, promo card), “Eyes on Me” hand fan, and e-book of the winner’s choice (including the next release, Somebody’s Angel as a gift from a major bookseller that permits book giving. Prize open to international winners.

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Ask Kallypso at today’s monthly contest!

Masters ARE
Hi! Kally here! I’m on a writing/research vacation and realized too late that I needed to get a blog up here by midnight. I’m in San Francisco but my computer is in Carmel. (Obviously this is a non-working night. My mom wants to see Alcatraz, so i am taking her there tomorrow.)
Soooo, I’m turning the blog over to you. Post a comment with your question for Kally and I’ll respond to them over the next couple weeks.
BEFORE YOU ASK, no, there is no release date for Somebody’s Angel. The first part is in the hands of beta readers and I’m working on the revisions for the last half. So we are looking at at least two months before a release. But when I am satisfied it is the quality you expect and deserve, I will send it to you via Amazon, B&N, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks.
Now, back to the blog. On or after Oct. 15, we will draw a random number and select a winner from those commenters who actually asked questions ONLY. The winner gets an apron or tee from the Kally Swag Store.
So, what would you like to know? Can be about writing, the series, my characters, me, whatever. Go!



Learn more about this and my other books on my Buy Links page at Books are available at Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords, so be sure to go download Masters at Armsand Nobody’s Angel wherever you shop for books. (Angel is 99 cents at B&N, but you can get Nook versions at All Romance eBooks and Smashwords that are free.)

Each month, I’ll share a scene and give away an e-book from my series. If you already have purchasedNobody’s Hero and Nobody’s Perfect, then we’ll put winners on the list to get book five, Somebody’s Angel, when it becomes available.

If you’ve read the first four books and want to join my secret Facebook group Rescue Me Series Open Discussion, please send a friend request to Karla Montague and she will open the door for you. Must be 18 to join.

And if you’d like to find Rescue Me and Kallypso Masters merchandise, such as t-shirts and aprons inspired by a scene in Nobody’s Angel that read: “Master Marc can put me in culinary bondage anytime” OR a beaded evil stick similar to the one used in Nobody’s Perfect, as well as signed paperbacks, check out my Kally Swag Store. With each order, you will receive a bag filled with free swag items, as well, including a 3-inch pin-back button that reads “I’m a Masters Brat,” two purple pens, bookmarks, and trading cards. Kally ships internationally. To browse my shop, go to

If you want to enter to win the t-shirt or apron from Kallypso Masters all you have to do is comment below with your question. BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL so I can contact you if you win. 


culinary bondage T SHIRT  APRON with model

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Kallypso Masters Excerpt and Contest

Chance to Meet two of my BDSM Subject Experts at a Convention in October

I’ll be featured at the Indie Romance Convention in Lebanon, TN, October 4-6. You can still register through Aug. 31. The entire conference (including some meals and light refreshments) is only $125. A room with two queen beds (up to four people) is under $70 at Comfort Suites in Lebanon (but be sure to mention the convention for the discount).

On Friday, Oct. 4, from 4-6:30 p.m., for convention attendees ONLY, I’m hosting a BDSM Intro for the Curious with light refreshments followed by a BDSM demonstration (informative, informal, Q&As, safety emphasis for newbies, etc.), altho I do believe Toymaker, my Dom subject expert, hopes to get his violet wand on the plane as carry on so he can demonstrate that). Shivers He will be joined by his submissive, eirocawakening, who also provides me with input from her perspective.

Please pimp this event out! (For your vanilla friends, just don’t mention the BDSM thing. That’s optional for attendees anyway. LOL)

There also will be a Saturday signing open to the public. Sign up NOW!

I’ll also be on a Saturday morning BDSM panel with Toymaker and eirocawakening, telling how they and others have helped shape my BDSM Scenes in Nobody’s Hero and Nobody’s Perfect.

new nobody's hero cover kdp

For instance, it was Toymaker who told me about how he liked to loosen the strands of rope and turn them into a flogger to warm up the skin (and the sub!). Here’s a glimpse of that part in my Shibari scene from Chapter Five of Nobody’s Hero:

“Clasp your hands behind your lower back, just above your ass.”

The abrupt command sent her erotic nerve-endings back on full alert. She straightened her back yet again and did his bidding.

He released her and picked up a red-dyed bundle of rope, unwrapping it and finding the ends. She lifted her butt off her heels and knelt taller for him, her breasts jutting out, erect and proud. She watched in the mirror as he shook out the strands of red rope, preparing to begin binding her.

Instead, he took the strands, threading them between his fingers, and rubbed the cold rope and his warm hands over her bare breasts. The sensual feel of the rope, along with the pressure of his hands, elicited a moan from deep within her throat. This was so different from the demonstration at Marc’s house. For one, her breasts were bare this time. But he seemed to be spending so much more time preparing her.

“That’s right, Kitten. Embrace the rope.”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered. Her heartbeat fluttered. Waiting. Wanting. Needing.

“Breathe, baby.” Master Adam’s voice reminded her of the need for oxygen. She took a deep, relaxing breath. He continued to rub the rope over her breasts, abdomen, mons, even pressing it against her thong-covered clit and pussy, causing a delicious friction there that sent heat radiating throughout her body. Her breath hitched as her nipples became even more engorged. The rope and his hands moved up her arms leaving a trail of gooseflesh in their path. She fought to maintain her kneeling position, but the sensory overload left her wanting to puddle at his feet.

“Breathe, Kitten.”

Once more, she did as he commanded. His hands returned the rope to her breasts and her breath caught when he brushed the rope across her sensitive nipples. No longer able to fight gravity, she sagged against him, her head lolling to the side. His body enfolded hers. His lips kissed the curve of her neck, and then nipped at the tender flesh there. She caught her lower lip between her teeth and panted. Now. She wanted him to touch her now.


How could she do anything else?

He rose, and she knelt straighter, planting her butt against her heels for support. She watched the rope dance in his hands as he prepared it for the binding to come. Her eyelids drifted shut. All of a sudden, the rope lashed her torso, licking repeatedly at her tender nipples. She opened her mouth to scream only to realize she wasn’t experiencing pain, just surprise. He walked in a circle around her continually flogging her with the ends of the rope—touching every exposed area, shoulders, breasts, arms, thighs, hands, butt. The nerves rose to the surface to welcome the sensual lash of the rope.

Just as suddenly, the flogger ceased its stinging motion, and he knelt behind her again, separating her hair into two shanks and letting one fall over each shoulder to cover her breasts. Apparently, this time, he wasn’t going to bind it in the hair corset as he’d done at Marc’s house.

“Bend your elbows behind your lower back at ninety-degree angles and grab the opposite elbows with your hands. Your inner wrists need to be flush against your forearms.”

Karla hoped she did everything he’d ordered in his list of rapid-fire commands. Where did he want her elbows, hands, wrists? Had she done it right?

“Good girl.”

Her body warmed and relaxed at his praise. Her breasts jutted out even further in front of her, making them seem larger than they were.

“If you feel any tingling, especially in your arms, and eventually your legs, I want you to tell me immediately. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Well, it just gets hotter from there as he binds and suspends her, but the foreplay (warm-up) in this part of the scene was totally inspired by Toymaker.

Hope I’ll get to meet lots of you in Lebanon, Tennessee (just an hour or so east of Nashville) in October and you’ll get to meet two of my subject experts and can ask questions of your own!

For those wondering when Somebody’s Angel will be out, I’m told to answer, “When it’s ready.” I’m awful at guessing how long it will take me to write, of course. Definitely by the end of the year, but HOPEFULLY by this fall! Just stay tuned!

Learn more about this and my other books on my Buy Links page at Books are available at Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Smashwords, so be sure to go download Masters at Armsand Nobody’s Angel wherever you shop for books. (Angel is 99 cents at B&N, but you can get Nook versions at All Romance eBooks and Smashwords that are free.)

Each month, I’ll share a scene and give away an e-book from my series. If you already have purchased Nobody’s Hero and Nobody’s Perfect, then we’ll put winners on the list to get book five, Somebody’s Angel, when it becomes available.

If you’ve read the first four books and want to join my secret Facebook group Rescue Me Series Open Discussion, please send a friend request to Karla Montague and she will open the door for you. Must be 18 to join.

And if you’d like to find Rescue Me and Kallypso Masters merchandise, such as t-shirts and aprons inspired by a scene in Nobody’s Angel that read: “Master Marc can put me in culinary bondage anytime” OR a beaded evil stick similar to the one used in Nobody’s Perfect, as well as signed paperbacks, check out my Kally Swag Store. With each order, you will receive a bag filled with free swag items, as well, including a 3-inch pin-back button that reads “I’m a Masters Brat,” two purple pens, bookmarks, and trading cards. Kally ships internationally. To browse my shop, go to

If you want to enter to win a free ebook (past or future book) from Kallypso Masters all you have to do is comment below and tell me what you think of the above excerpt. BE SURE TO LEAVE YOUR EMAIL so I can contact you if you win. 

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Kallypso Masters – Excerpt and Monthly Contest

My uber Dom, Master Adam, is up for best dirty talker in a contest at Under the Covers blog, so I thought I’d serve up a sexy scene with him. Not the dirtiest-talking scene, but it’ll melt your panties—or thong—and give you something to fantasize about this weekend.


We’ll draw a winner for a free e-book each month, so be sure to follow the giveaway instructions below to enter! And be sure to vote for Master Adam as the Best Dirty Talker at Under the Covers.


new nobody's hero cover kdp




“Kick the covers off and remove your t-shirt.”


Her clit stood at attention. She sat up and stripped down to her thong. Adam’s intense gaze as he watched her follow his command caused her nipples to peak. She’d gone braless today and wondered if he would strip any further himself, but he kept his button-fly jeans on and walked over to the bed and reached toward the headboard bed post. She heard the jangle of chains.


Again with the chains?


Well, it was a BDSM club. Adam’s club. He’d brought her to this bed because apparently he didn’t have his own equipped with chains, which made her smile. Maybe that meant he hadn’t restrained any other slaves, subs, or bottoms in his bed. Somehow that made her feel more special and to appreciate their time in his bedroom even more.


“Give me your wrists.”


Ka-thunk! Obediently, she raised her arms toward him. He took the right wrist and wrapped it in a soft leather cuff.


“What if my arms aren’t up to strenuous contortions yet, Sir?” She really hadn’t noticed any pain since yesterday morning, so she’d probably healed already.


“Who said anything about restraining your arms?” The look in his eyes caused heat to pool in her pelvis. Her pussy grew wet. He cuffed her left wrist and laid both hands on top of her abdomen. Were the cuffs just for decoration then? His warm hands curved around her shoulders and gently massaged the muscles before his hands slipped down further and cupped her breasts. He pinched and twisted her nipples.




Her pelvis strained toward him as her nipples tightened and swelled beneath his fingers and thumbs. He released her and watched as her nipples grew bigger, straining toward him. Her breasts swelled, begging for his hands, his lips, his touch.


Adam smiled. She wasn’t quite sure she liked what that wicked smile held in store for her. He went to the nightstand and pulled out a bundle of soft-looking white string or very thin rope. How could tying her arms with that be less painful?


“Scoot toward the middle of the bed.” She did as he told her, not noticing any soreness in her muscles. The colder sheets caused her nipples to bunch even more. “Perfect.”


For what? But her body warmed quickly under his praise. Adam straddled her hips, lightly resting his denim-clad hips above her knee, then bent over and took her left nip into his mouth, between his teeth. She hissed when he bit down and pulled.


“Oh, God, Sir! Do that again!”


He growled. Damn. She was telling him what to do again. She needed to remember her place. After working so hard at being his slave last week, you’d think she could enjoy a little more freedom now, but there didn’t seem to be much difference between a slave and a sub, other than the time frame in which she had to submit. If she wanted to keep from getting gagged, she’d better keep her mouth shut.


“I’m sorry, Sir. I’ll remember myself. It just felt so good.”


He grinned at her, then took the other peak between his teeth and did the same. She clenched the sheets in her fists and bit her lip to keep from crying out. When he sat up, resting most of his weight on his knees, she watched him unravel the bundle of rope and determine the midpoint. Pulling a pocketknife from his pocket, he snipped it into two long lengths.


“In my toy bag, I have a pair of nip nooses we’ll have to play with sometime. But I’m sure we can improvise tonight, rather than postpone your fun while I go get the bag.”


Nip nooses? They sounded like a death sentence for her poor nippies. He lowered the rope to her chest, pulling it taut and teasing her nipples with the cool strands for several minutes until gooseflesh rose on her skin and her nipples grew even harder, if possible. What did he plan to do? She didn’t have to wait long to find out. Pinching one nipple between his thumb and forefinger, nearly to the point of pain, he took the rope, formed a knot, and laid it in a circle on her areola. She felt his gaze on her face, but her eyes were riveted to her breast, watching as he slowly pulled the end of the rope and the circle grew smaller and smaller until it surrounded her nipple like a lasso. Then he tightened it even more.


“Ahhh!” The exquisite pain caused her clit to throb and her knees and hips would have bucked upward if his hips weren’t obstructing them.


He did the same with the other nipple. Even though she knew what was coming this time, she still gasped when he tightened the noose. He pulled on the ropes, lifting her nipples into the air and stretching her swollen breasts.


“Oh, God!” The sensation of pulling her up by her nipples nearly made her come. They were so hypersensitive. Now she just wanted his mouth and hands on her again. But the feel of her nipples embracing the rope, as he put it, was too erotic for words.


When he lifted his leg and got off of her, she was curious as to the purpose of lassoing her nipples. Then he took the string tied around her left nipple and pulled tighter and tighter, stretching the string toward the bed post. Surely not. No way.


Yes way.


Within seconds, he’d expertly tied the string to the bedpost, restraining her by her nipple. He walked around the bed, took the other string, and performed the same maneuver. She tried to move, but that only caused the slip knots around her nipples to tighten even more. Her clit throbbed, her nipples ached. She wasn’t going anywhere.


“How do your arms feel now?”


She glared up at him, but when he grinned at her, she couldn’t stay angry. Besides, if she expended too much energy or made the wrong movements, she was going to cause some serious pain to her nips.


Adam straddled her again and bent over her to kiss her lips, his chest rubbing against her distended nipples. When she opened her mouth to invite his tongue inside, he ignored her and instead trailed whiskery kisses down her neck. He moved down her body until his tongue flicked over one of her engorged nipples. When he took it into his mouth, even his lips felt razor sharp and she strained toward him, then away. So sensitive. He gave the other bud the same attention, and then continued to scoot down the bed, blazing a trail over her abdomen and pelvis.


Her clit zinged and his hard cock throbbed against her inner calf, as if in response.


Adam reached up to cup her breast, loosening the strain of the rope. “How does that feel, Kitten?”


“Fine, Sir.” Really hot, actually. Who knew Karla Paxton would get off on being restrained to a bed by her nipples?


“Not too tight?”


“No, Sir. I’m fine.”


“Fine is not what I’m looking for here, Kitten.”


Oh, my.


“I don’t want to restrain your arms, because of the whiplash in your neck and shoulders, but I want you to find something to hold onto with your hands so I don’t have to. If they get in my way, I just might tie them to the nipple restraints and you’ll be feeling some serious pain every time you move or jerk your arms. Understood?”


“Yes, Sir.” She nibbled her lower lip. “I’m not into pain, Sir.” It wouldn’t hurt to remind him every now and then.


“You have the control over the amount of pain you feel, Kitten. This is called predicament bondage because you certainly are in a predicament, aren’t you?” He grinned. “If you move, there’s pain. If you don’t move, less pain.”


Either way, pain, but if he hadn’t restrained her like this, she’d certainly have a lot more control, wouldn’t she? Like getting him to start already. If he didn’t hurry up and do something, she’d be screaming in frustration.


Helpless. Hopeful. Horny.


“Please, Sir. Don’t make me wait any longer.”


“Is my kitten running this show, or is her Dom?”


Feeling bolder than she ever had, she couldn’t resist teasing him. After all, kittens were supposed to be mischievous, not obedient, weren’t they? “Your kitten wants her Dom to pet her pussy. Now, Sir.” Karla raised her head off the pillow to snarl at him.


“Sounds like I have a baby tiger trying to intimidate me.” The smile faded from his lips as his eyes smoldered and he covered her body with his, pressing her into the mattress. The strings holding her nipples to the bedposts pulled and her hips bucked up in response. She clutched the sheet to keep from moving her hands.


His fist grabbed a shank of her hair and he forced her head back, positioning his face mere inches above hers.


Karla’s gaze settled on his mouth and, without a thought toward the repercussions, her mouth clamped down on his full lower lip in a playful nip. Adam growled playfully and pulled her head away by the hair he still held in his fist.


“I should have warned you, baby tiger. I bite back.”


He lowered his mouth to hers, but instead of kissing her, took her lower lip between his teeth and bit down, hard. The sting of pain caused her eyes to water, but the promise of his erection poking against her mound left her breathless and wanting more.


She pressed her tongue against his teeth until he chuckled and sucked it into his mouth. Ohhhh! She could scream with the frustration at not being able to direct his mouth where she wanted him to be. He still maintained the control.


He ground his lips over hers, taking possession of her mouth. When she would have moaned in pain from her bruised lips, he forced his tongue inside smothering the sound. She pulled at the sheets, trying so hard not to wrap her arms around him, wanting to touch his hair, his face, his shoulders—to pull him even closer. He tore his lips away and moved off her to lie beside her, then bent over her breast and took one hard, captured nipple between his teeth again.


Frustrated, she tilted her pelvis toward him and he answered by trailing his hand down slowly over her other breast, her quivering abdomen, her thrusting hips, until he reached her mons, where he slid his palm inside the triangle of her thong.


At the same time, his teeth clamped onto one rigid nipple and tugged, causing her to arch her back when she thought he might not stop pulling. Oh, God! The pain! He released her nip and bent over the other, biting down again. When cold air touched the first wet nipple, it became even more painfully erect, the noose-like rope biting into her nipple.


Better to keep them lassoed as long as she could. When he removed those strings, she could only imagine the howl of pain he would hear his “baby tiger” emit.


She watched Adam’s head slowly move back and forth as his teeth tugged on the peak, making it even harder this time.


“Ahhhh!” Now the pain was delicious. How could that be? Oh, dear Lord! She wanted more.


He released her nipple. “Like that, do you, Kitten?”


She opened her eyes, panted for air, and looked down to find Adam staring up at her, smiling. “Oh, yes, Sir.”


“Well, I may just have to find some other way to discipline you for being so insubordinate until you learn to behave. Who knew my near-virgin little kitten would like it so rough?”


Who indeed?


She gasped to fill her lungs before he assaulted her senses yet again. Adam cupped her right breast and pinched her nipple. Hard.


“Thank you, Sir. May I have another?”


He chuckled. “Absolutely bratty.”


“Only for you, Sir.”


He covered her again with his body and grew serious as he lowered his mouth to her bare peak, taking it between his teeth. His teeth released her only to have his lips latch on. He sucked, flicking his tongue against the peak as he pulled his head back, taking her rope-captured nip with him.


“Oh, dear Lord!” She reached out and grabbed his head, wanting to drag him closer before he pulled too hard, only to realize her mistake too late. She tore her hands away and latched back onto the sheets, groaning in frustration.


His penis throbbed against her leg and she tilted her hips against him until he groaned with equal frustration. She smiled. Maybe he hadn’t noticed. Maybe he would take her as she wanted to be taken.


Instead, he broke contact with her mouth. The evil grin on his face didn’t bode well. What was he going to do next? Obviously not what she wanted him to do.


“I think you need to be restrained, my baby tiger.”


“I am restrained, Sir.” Her breathy words sounded sexy to her ears. When had she become such a siren? When she’d answered the call of her own siren—Adam.


“Not as completely as you need to be, it seems.” He slid off her body and knelt near the bottom of the bed, reaching for the waistband of her thong. “First, I think we need to lose this. It’ll just be in the way of where I intend to be in a few minutes.”


Karla’s clit throbbed at the promise in his words. Soon. He was going to make love to her this time, totally and completely, and in just a few minutes. She had to remind herself to breathe. Whatever had happened to get Adam to see her as a sexy woman, rather than too young for him, she hoped the spell would never break. Having him making love to her was…


Adam got off the bed and returned to the nightstand, which seemed to be equipped with everything an adventurous Dom might need. He pulled out a silk scarf and indicated with his come-hither finger gesture for her to lift her head off the pillow. Karla pleaded with him silently not to blindfold her, but within seconds the light from the room grew dim, then black. Pleading would only make him want to do it more. She needed to try harder to obey. Just because he wasn’t her Master anymore didn’t mean she wasn’t supposed to obey her Dom.


The sound of chains left her wondering if she was going to be able to withstand the strain of over-the-head restraints, but she wouldn’t displease him by complaining. If she needed to, she could safeword. She waited for him to restrain her cuffed wrists, steeling herself for the pain to come.




He didn’t touch her arms, but instead took her legs and tented them, her soles now flat on the mattress near her butt. Maybe he was going to restrain her ankles. She heard the chains again, but the sound came from above her head. What did he have in mind? She turned her head, listening, as a chain scraped against the headboard. Gee, this had looked like such a romantic little bedroom when they’d first come in here tonight. Now it was sounding like a torture chamber. Of course, Master Adam wouldn’t harm her. Anticipation of the orgasm and sex to come kept her from becoming overly frightened.


He fiddled with the chains and she heard him take a few steps away. The smell of leather permeated the room and soon he returned and wrapped something warm, almost hot, around her left thigh, then something similar around her right one. He must have warmed the leather by the fire. So considerate of you, Sir. The chains rattled once more and he placed his hand under her thigh and spread her leg toward the side of the bed and up in the air. She heard a click and he let go, but her thigh remained in the air.


She wasn’t so sure about this. “Sir…”


“Silence. You do not have permission to speak except to safeword or answer a direct question.”


He repeated the motions with her right thigh and soon she was splayed open on the bed, nipples and thighs restrained, feeling like a butterfly mounted on a specimen tray in her freshman biology class. She heard the dreaded drawer open again and the smell of leather once more. “Lift your head.” She did so, feeling a slight pull from her strained muscles, but not groaning or showing any sign of weakness.


Warm leather wrapped around her neck. Another collar.


“Good girl. Lay your head back again.” She did so and his warm fingers slipped inside the collar. “Not too tight?”


“No, Sir.” He kneaded the tensed muscles in her shoulders and she moaned in pleasure. “Be sure to tell me if you get a cramp or if your muscles get too tight.”


She nodded.


“Because you don’t know if I am looking at you, I want you to respond with a ‘Yes, Sir,’ or ‘No, Sir,’ when I ask for that kind of information. Don’t just nod or shake your head.”


“Yes, Sir.”


He took her left wrist and stretched her arm straight out on the bed. More chains and soon she was restrained. “Any pain?”


“No, Sir.”


“Good.” He quickly stretched her right arm out and the snick of another clamp to a chain told her she was fully restrained. His finger slipped inside each of the cuffs. “Any pain?”


“Not yet.”


He chuckled. “Such a pessimistic answer.” He reached out and tweaked her nipple, which apparently had relaxed a bit while her attention was focused elsewhere.


Inexperience left her confused, though. She thought men like to have women do more than just lie there when they have sex, although he certainly hadn’t complained when he’d taken her on his desk the other night. She didn’t suppose this could be misconstrued as the boring missionary position by anyone’s definition, even if she was on her back.


“Permission to speak, Sir.”




“How can I participate if I’m trussed up like this, Sir? Don’t you want me to be able to move?”


“Oh, I expect your full participation, Kitten. Your screams will let me know you are fully engaged in the scene.”


Her heart thudded against her chest and came to a stop for a moment. “Screams, Sir? Wait! I don’t think…”


“Exactly. You don’t need to be thinking anymore. You just need to focus on feeling all the things I’m about to do to your beautifully submissive body.”


Oh, dear Lord.


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Excerpt and Contest with Kallypso Masters

I’m so excited to be posting my first blog here at 69 Shades! I’d like to introduce myself to those who haven’t come across me or my books yet. I write the Rescue Me series of gritty, realistic Romance stories with a BDSM Club as a backdrop. While there is kink in the stories and very hot kink and vanilla sex scenes, the main focus for me is telling the Romances. I have a lot of fans who have never read BDSM before mine, but I’m guessing that’s not an issue at this blog.

In the Rescue Me series, which probably will continue for a decade or two, I’ve begun by telling the stories of three military men who have forged a bond on the battlefield, which I shared in Masters at Arms (Rescue Me #1), the series introduction. I also show their experience levels with BDSM and love in that book and introduce two of the men to their future lady loves. To this point in the series, all are m/f Romances. I’m fascinated with the psychological aspects of BDSM and consult with a number of experts and those in the lifestyle who help me with my research.

Adam, Marc, and Damián left the military to open a BDSM club in Denver, but that’s just an excuse for three lost men to a new family of choice with Adam Montague, their Master Sergeant, at the head.

I also write realistic Romance, where Happily Ever After is just the beginning. So I’m going to share an UNEDITED excerpt from the fifth book in the series (coming out by mid September) that shows the continuation of Marc and Angelina’s story, who were the main featured couple in Nobody’s Angel (Rescue Me #2). They only as far as a Happy For Now ending before Adam and Karla hijacked their book and I had to leave them hanging to move on in the saga to Nobody’s Hero (Rescue Me #3). Quite honestly, I had no clue what Marc’s deep-seated issues were until I was well into writing book four, so I couldn’t have told you the rest of their story until then. I don’t plot. The characters talk to me, I listen. And when they don’t talk, I don’t have anything to write.

But Marc’s definitely talking now. Somebody’s Angel (Rescue Me #5) is almost into the first round of edits (the first five chapters are in the hands of one of my editorial team members already.

To help drum up support for my series and Marc and Angelina in particular, I’ve made Nobody’s Angel book FREE for the foreseeable future at most booksellers. As my readers will tell you, you need to read the Masters at Arms introduction (also free) first. I don’t like to rehash backstory any more than my editors make me (for those who have long breaks between installments and have to be reminded of something they missed). You can find my buy links here

I’d also like to give away a copy of one of the e-books in the series.  I also want to give away a “Master Marc can put me in culinary bondage anytime” Tee (Small to 4XL sizes available) OR an apron of the same design from my Kally Swag Store. I’m having a 10% off sale at the store July 1-7, so if you don’t win here, you can get your own on sale!

Now, enjoy this sexy scene with Marc and Angelina—before things go terribly wrong during their New Year’s weekend in Aspen (the one readers saw through Damián and Savannah’s eyes in Nobody’s Perfect (Rescue me #4). Somebody’s Angel follows the same timeline beginning at New Year’s weekend, then continues to about a month later for some of the characters. This is very much an ongoing saga!

Unedited Excerpt:  

Marc cleared his throat to gain Damián’s attention. “Why don’t we all get checked into our rooms and meet down here again in about two hours?” He squeezed Angelina’s hand and grinned at her, then leaned down to whisper in her ear. “That should give us time to relieve some of your tension, Amore.

Angelina’s clit sparked to life, anxious for him to offer her a much-needed release during those two hours. She relaxed a little at the thought of being turned over his knee for an erotic spanking. She’d come to love those and he rarely spanked her as punishment. Only for…stress relief. She grinned. Just what she needed—provided she didn’t scream loudly enough to bring any family members running to the rescue.

She turned and watched Savi brush Marisol’s bangs away from her eyes. What a beautiful little girl. Savi turned her gaze toward Angelina and Marc. “Perfect. Mari’s been so wound up about this trip, she could use a little rest before we take to the slopes, or whatever it is you all want to do.” She looked at Damián who only nodded.

While Damián had said skiing wasn’t an option for him, the proud new papa insisted that Marisol take a lesson or two on the bunny slope.

Twenty minutes later, they were upstairs in their suite. Angelina released a huge sigh. Everyone in the lobby seemed to be watching her. She was uncertain which were members of Marc’s family and which were staff or guests. Apparently, the family hadn’t been alerted about their time of arrival. Odd, but it wasn’t as if they had shown up at his family’s middle-class, single-family household unannounced. This resort was huge. They could probably hide out for a week without being found.

Enough fantasizing. She’d have to face them sooner or later. Dinner tonight, Marc had said.


Angelina looked up at Marc, furrowing her eyebrows. “Enough what?”

“Enough worrying. They are going to love you as much as I do, cara. This tug-of-war in your head has to end. Now.”


“The only butt I want right now is yours over my knee. Strip.”

Her heart thudded and she let her coat puddle at her feet. “Yes, Sir.”

She pulled the heavy sweater over her head, hearing the static crackling her hair. He’d insisted she go braless this morning—and he’d copped a few feels on the drive to Aspen. So, in seconds, she was half naked. His gaze lowered to her breasts and her nipples puckered.

Marc reached out to touch one nipple and the static electricity discharged, causing her to inhale sharply and pull away from the pain. He laughed. “We’ll have to explore the violet wand in the playroom or club sometime.”

While not on her list of hard limits, she’d never liked the idea of his using electricity on her body. If that tiny spark to her nipple had hurt that much, imagine what it would feel like with currents coursing through her entire body.

Angelina shuddered and reached for her pleated skirt’s waistband, until he stayed her hand. “Leave the skirt. Lose the tights.”

Her pussy muscles tightened. Mio Dio. As she anticipated his bare hand on her equally bare butt, her breathing became rapid and shallow. She needed this so badly after stressing over meeting his family since Christmas. Well, after Christmas maybe. That day had been wonderful and they returned home to enjoy a special treat in the upstairs playroom, complete with candy canes. She’d never look at those giant candy sticks or their curved smaller counterparts the same way again.

Reaching up under the skirt, she snagged the waistband of her black tights with her thumbs and quickly shimmied them down over her butt to her knees before she sat on the bed to remove her shoes and take the tights the rest of the way off. She wore no panties, another of Marc’s commands this morning cluing her in that they would be playing at some point today. But on cold days like this one, he allowed her to wear tights if they’d be outside.

He always seemed to know how uncomfortable and unsteady she was in fuck-me stiletto heels, though, and only required them in certain playroom scenes at home that required little or no walking. A very considerate Dom.

When she dropped the tights onto the floor, his gaze roamed over her bare breasts and calves, heating her.

“Stand and present yourself.”

Angelina stood, cast her gaze to the floor in front of her, and planted her feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Her hands grasped her elbows behind her back, causing her breasts to jut out. Marc’s warm hands cupped her breasts and he pinched her nipples until she gasped.

“I love your tits.”

So I’ve noticed. “Thank you, Sir.”

He lowered his mouth to one, taking the nipple between his teeth and tugging until she nearly lost her footing.

He stood and sighed, as if regretting he didn’t have time to continue exploring her breasts, and then he went to his toy bag and unzipped it. When he pulled out one of his paddles, she almost took an involuntary step back. The paddle? Why? She hadn’t been bad.

Marc sat down on the edge of the bed and laid the wooden paddle on the bedspread beside him. The turquoise-colored bedspread enhanced the mirror image of the word “MINE.” That word soon would be imprinted in red on her butt. She hated the sting of that paddle. Damn Luke for making it, even though he had given it to Angelina so that she would be the one to present it to Marc, if she chose to. She could have withheld it, but the sentiment seemed sweet at the time. She’d get her revenge on dear, sweet Luke some day.

“Kneel.” He tossed a pillow from the bed in front of him, between his knees.

She was permitted to use her hands to get into a new position, so she released her elbows and used her hands on his knees to ease herself down onto the pillow. Once steady, her hands returned to clasp her elbows at her lower back.

“Remove my shoes.” She untied and removed the Guccis he had pulled from the back of the closet this morning. He didn’t usually wear them at home. She set them beside her discarded coat and sweater.

“You need to take your mind off dinner tonight. Please me with your mouth.”

Releasing her hands again, she eased down the zipper of his black Armani pants. Reaching inside the opening, she pulled out his penis. She’d never grow tired of the sight of him, large and stiff for her. He leaned back on his elbows and she looked up at him.

Marc grinned. “No hands.”

Angelina scooted a little closer, knowing she’d need to support her chest if she wanted to have any control over the depth he could penetrate her mouth. As if licking a melting ice-cream cone, she let the tip of her tongue trace the engorged vein along the length of him, then returned to the head. His hiss and the bobbing of his penis told her she’d pleased him. He had been a little tense about this visit, too, so perhaps he needed this time as much as she did.

Releasing all thoughts of meeting his family, Angelina leaned as far forward as she could and wrapped her lips around the head of his penis, pulling him toward her, taking him deeper. At this angle, it was difficult to take him into her throat, so she concentrated on the head, flicking her tongue around the rim and the notch on the underside. He bobbed again and she tasted his salty pre-cum. She grew wet thinking about having him inside her. Soon, she hoped.

“Your mouth is so hot, Amore.

Emboldened by his words, she sucked the head harder and he hissed again, pumping his hips up until the tip of his penis hit the roof of her mouth. She loved pleasing her Dom this way and he loved it, too.

Suddenly, he placed his hands on either side of her face and pulled her away. Puzzled, she looked up at him.

“I don’t want to come in your mouth or on your face. We don’t have a lot of time to clean up. Stand, pet.”

She maneuvered herself to her feet and took a step back before resuming her presentation position, unsure what he wanted her to do next.

Marc stood as well, kicking the pillow away, and unbuckled his belt. He released the button. “Remove my pants.”

Unclasping her hands, she reached out and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of his pants and lowered them. As usual, he went commando and his penis stood out, fierce and erect, surrounded by tufts of dark curly hair. Impulsively, she placed a kiss on the tip as she continued to pull down his pants.

“You did not have permission to do that, pet.”

Marc sat down so she could pull the pant legs the rest of the way off. She fought the urge to straddle him. They were being formal now and she needed to do as she was told. She’d learned a lot about discipline living with him these last few months. She needed to remember her training and not let her impulses get the better of her, or she probably would pay for it. She glanced at the paddle again.

“Across my lap. Now.”

Angelina swallowed hard and lay across his lap with his penis poking into her stomach and her body evenly distributed on either side of his thighs. Her hair hung loose and curtained her face—not that he could see her anyway. She felt herself grow wet, anticipating the sting of his hand on her butt.

“Hands on the floor.”

Shit. She didn’t like that position, because it left her with very little control—so open and vulnerable. However, she did as he’d ordered and placed her hands flat on the floor. His penis now pressed against her pubic bone and each swat of his hand would send a jolt to him, as well.

He lifted her short skirt and his warm hand caressed her butt. She squirmed when his fingers traced the crack to the swollen folds of her pussy.

“So damned wet for me, pet. Thank you.”

“No, thank you, Sir, for making me wet.”

His finger slid inside her opening and she squeezed him in welcome. They hadn’t made love this morning and she wanted him inside her so badly. However, it wouldn’t happen for a while at least. Perhaps not for hours—even days. Sometimes he preferred to leave her wanting and needing for long periods before he gave her the relief she so desperately needed. He pulled out his finger and she hoped he’d touch her clit now and give her some relief.


Not expecting the spanking to start so suddenly, her breath hitched in surprise.


His hand came down on her other butt cheek equally hard and she squeezed her cheeks together. Several more swats rained down on her in quick succession and she held her breath as the familiar warmth spread over her bottom.

“Open wider for me, pet.”

Oh, no. She hated when he struck directly on her pussy or clit. Knowing it would only be worse if she didn’t respond quickly, she angled her left leg toward his knee, exposing herself to him fully.


“Oh, mio Dio!” His hand struck directly on her clit and she jerked, trying to avoid the next blow. Swat! No such luck. Tears ran down her nose. The release of tension as he continued to spank her left her sobbing, then the familiar euphoria she’d come to experience left her floating. Bliss.


The paddle landed on her left cheek and surprised her, stinging her sore skin and bringing her back to the present with a vengeance. How long had she zoned out?


The pain burning in her butt from the “Mine” paddle caused her to clench her cheeks, which only made the fire burn even hotter. New tears flowed.

Cool air blew over her burning cheeks; Marc was finished with the spanking. His cool breath only caused gooseflesh to break out, increasing her pain level. He knew it, too. She jumped as the cold aloe he used after spanking her made contact with her sore ass, but soon it helped take the sting away.

His hand stroked her back in a soothing manner as he waited for the ointment to dry. She hiccupped.

“Shhh, pet.” Marc helped her off his lap and she went into his arms as he sat her on his lap and enfolded her in his arms. Her butt stung, but she only wanted to be held. He stroked her hair and she laid her head against his shoulder, accepting his gentle ministrations.

“You’re mine, pet.”


A peaceful calm came over her; she let her eyes drift shut and relaxed her body.

“No sleeping.”

“I’m sorry, Sir.” She tried to sit upright, felt the sting in her butt, and his hand held her still.

“Talk to me. How are you feeling now?”

“Better. Relaxed.”

“Good girl.”

“Just one problem left.”

He grew tense. “What’s that?”

“How am I supposed to sit down through dinner tonight? You really walloped me.”

“Brat. You know you loved every stroke.”

“Yes, Sir. I did. Thank you for taking such good care of me.”

“I can’t imagine what my life would be without you. You have given me something I didn’t even know was missing.”

“What’s that?”

He thought for several moments. “I had a need to…be needed. You need me.”

Angelina smiled. She’d never really thought of herself as being needy. She’d fought so long to gain independence from her big brothers only to let this man steal her heart away. She didn’t want to think about life without Marc.

“But it’s mutual, Angelina.” He leaned away and gazed into her eyes. “You also take excellent care of my needs, Amore. You filled a void in my soul I didn’t even know what there.”

For him to acknowledge that she’d connected with him in that way warmed her heart. She’d tried to give Marc what he needed—well, as much as she could fathom what that might be. He still remained very private and closed off emotionally. Angelina couldn’t understand how he could have grown up male in a big Italian family and felt empty and unloved. Yes, his family was very different from hers. Thoughts of his family sent another flurry of “What ifs” through her mind. What if she couldn’t impress them and…

“Why did you tense up again just now?”

Merda. She really could have no secrets from him. He read her body like someone might read a book. “I’m sorry, Sir. I let my mind wander where it shouldn’t.”

Marc sighed, stroking her cheek. “Mio angelo, please stop worrying. My family will love you.”

“Yes, Sir.” But she still had a niggling feeling of doom. If they didn’t accept her, she could lose Marc. So much was riding on this meeting with his family.

She couldn’t wait for this dreaded dinner to be over.

* * *

“Marco! Marco D’Alessio!”

Angelina turned to watch as a curvy Italian woman approached, long black hair fluttering loose over her shoulders, and enormous boobs arriving half a second before the rest of her. Something in the way she devoured Marc with her eyes caused the hackles at the back of Angelina’s neck to rise. The woman was drop-dead gorgeous, but her eyes were empty, cold, and calculating when she cast a disdainful glance Angelina’s way.

Marc tensed, causing Angelina to turn her focus to him. His nostrils flared as he narrowed his gaze. Angelina curled her fingers around Marc’s elbow, then realized she was being territorial. Not to mention more than a bit insecure. Oh, like that’s something new. She reminded herself that Marc might know this knock-out of a woman, but he wasn’t with her now. He was with Angelina.

She looked back at the woman and caught another cold glare aimed at her.


The word popped into Angelina’s head, not one she would normally use, but it was more as if the woman had telegraphed it to Angelina. However, it was this woman who exuded the bitch factor.

“Melissa. How are you?” Marc’s cold response and stiff body told Angelina all she needed to know. He didn’t like this woman, whatever their history might have been. Angelina’s gaze went to the perfect globes protruding from the woman’s chest. Definitely silicone.

Okay, now who was being the bitch?

Angelina plastered a smile on her face and squeezed Marc’s elbow. As if suddenly remembering her presence, he looked down at her, but didn’t smile as he made the introductions.

“Angelina Giardano, meet Melissa Russo, Gino’s fiancée.”

Gino’s? With the emotion sizzling between these two, this woman definitely meant something more to Marc than his dead brother’s fiancée. Would he be honest with her when they were alone? He’d lied to her once before to protect her feelings, but Angelina needed to know who this woman was and what she meant to Marc.

Wait. Did she really want to know that?

Yes. She wanted Marc all to herself. She’d already met some of the bottoms he’d played with at the Masters at Arms Club. None had indicated he had been anything more than someone to scene with. Angelina had never felt she’d been in competition for him with anyone…before this woman.

What the hell was she to Marc?

When the woman moved in to kiss Marc, he turned his face away and her red-slathered lips branded his cheek. Angelina released his arm and started to pull away, but he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

“If you’ll excuse us, Melissa, we have dinner plans.”

Melissa glared at Angelina again, then dismissed her and spoke to Marc. “Mama asked me to join the family for dinner tonight to welcome you home.”

Marc’s arm jerked reflexively against her back, before he relaxed it again. Angelina wished the floor would just open up now and swallow her whole if she was going to have to sit through this meet-the-parents meal from hell not only with Marc’s intimidating family, but with a woman who might be an old flame, too.

Ever polite, Marc held his arm out indicating that Melissa should precede them across the lobby. Angelina got the full impact of Melissa’s perfectly shaped ass and fuck-me stilettos as the woman undulated toward the elevator alcove in the luxury apartment building that adjoined the resort. Melissa didn’t wobble at all on the heels. Angelina would have fallen flat on her face.

Brass-encased, filigreed mirrors on three walls of the elevator alcove made it impossible to look anywhere without seeing Melissa’s absolutely stunning body. Tearing her gaze away from the woman’s perfection, Angelina looked up at the floor numbers above the elevator doors, watching as one of two cars made its way slowly to the first floor.

She wished she’d gone with Damián and Savi to dinner at the lodge. She did not want to be here. The red floor numbers blurred, and she blinked away the tears of frustration and trepidation. When the bell dinged and the door opened, Melissa walked into the elevator with her head held high, as if she owned the place. She turned and pushed the button for the floor she obviously knew by heart, then gave Angelina a look that clearly stated, “I belong here. You don’t.”

When Angelina would have followed her into the elevator, Marc’s arm around her waist held her back. Puzzled, she looked up at him and he grinned at Melissa.

“Tell Mama we’ve been detained a bit, but will be there shortly.”

The doors began to close on a glaring Melissa who realized too late she’d been outmaneuvered. Angelina smiled back at her, just before the doors closed.

“Come, cara. We need to talk.”

Oh, Dio. Maybe she wasn’t ready to find out what this woman had been to Marc.

It all starts here with Masters at Arms which is FREE at all your e-book retailers.

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